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Miley Cyrus is a Jesus Freak

Miley Cyrus is a Jesus Freak

Miley Cyrus and BFF backup dancer Mandy Jiroux have released another installment of The Miley and Mandy Show.

Viewers wrote in fan questions and Miley and Mandy took the time to answer them. The duo answered questions from boyfriends to religion. Mandy even mentioned that she’s going to be part of a girl group called The Beach Girls, which will be out this summer.

Mandy described the group as “Pussycat Dolls meets Spice Girls… but age appropriate.”

When asked if they’re Christian, Miley responded, “YES! We love Jesus! Happy Easter, by the way. He died for our sins. That’s how AWESOME he is. Jesus RAWKS. I sing, act and dance for Jesus. Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus. We do YouTube videos for Jesus. We’re all about it.”

Miley Cyrus is a Jesus Freak
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  • rea


  • v

    what a weirdo

  • lala

    she knows who to thank for all of her success, not to mention her life & salvation – love that little girl! jesus rulz!

  • lauren=]

    first!!!!!!! woah! cant wait 4 da beach girls!

  • Sarah


  • its a secret

    love it.


  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    miley and mandy rock

    jesus too of curse <3 i cant wait for the beach girls and the new album of miley and for the performance at the kid choice awards

  • MEridethx3

    first of all Miley is right the Metro Station is amazingggggg
    go download some of their stuff
    and holy crap who knew mandy was that old?!

  • nomad

    awh how sweet.
    i love jesus too miles ;D
    and cant wait for the beach girls!

  • me

    miley and mandy are awsome i love that they are both christian and that miley is so into her religion……miley and mandy deserve all the great things that have and all the great things that are going to happen to them

    ps. Jesus rocks!! lol

  • zanessa4eva!!

    miley n mandy show!!! whooo!!!

  • Sheldon

    Well atleast she’s religeous!

  • liz

    i fuckking hate this cuntt

  • iHatemileyselenaanddemirules!!

    Mandy even mentioned that she’s going to be part of a girl group called The bitch Girls!!
    miley is ugly and stupid…
    demi sing better and
    selena is best atress

  • eeeeek

    I am not watching the clip, but it sounds sorta….disingenuous…esp on Mandy Giroux’s part. See why –

  • StillOnIt

    love her !!!

  • lala_girl

    lol! I remember I was the FIRST viewer.. I mean the first one to watch the video… XD I was checking their channel and suddenly there it was… and 0 views and uploaded for like 2 seconds ago!

  • LaLaLa

    Umm… why do people fail to mention Miley and Mandy weren’t the first people to come up with a youtube show? Selena and Demi did it first and made vids which they called vlogs and did the question and answer thing. If you still don’t understand Miley COPIED yes COPIED them. This was not HER idea. That “Is my make-up too dark vid” was copying them. In a another vid they say they were only again “having fun” “everyone had a good laugh” Blah Blah but in the vid you could clearly tell they were making fun of that episode they made.

    If you still refuse to believe me then here’s the link to Demi and Selena’s vid that Miley and Mandy made fun of.

  • lala_girl

    lol! I remember I was the FIRST viewer.. I mean the first one to watch the video… XD I was checking their channel and suddenly there it was… and 0 views and uploaded for like 2 seconds ago!

  • lala_girl

    yay! first page!!!

  • http://justjared zerfonluver

    ther are so amazing!!!

    wen iwent 2 da hanah montana concert i luvd how mandy danced!
    AHH-MAZING!!! no wonder shez guna b in girl group!!!


  • Lyn


  • babysis

    another thing miley and i have in common were both Christians!

  • A Logical Person

    As a parent, I think someone needs to set this girl down and have a long talk with her. She’s WAY over the top with everything.

    Yes, I’ve seen snippets of the Hannah Montana show, and she plays a hyperactive, animated character who wrinkles her nose, shows her teeth and talks like a cartoon character. Every scene.

    From the way she interacts with the paparazzi and this video, she behaves that way in her real life, too.

    This girl is on a 24 X 7 adrenalin high. She needs some quiet time in which she can be alone, read a book, relax and just be a kid.

  • Jayne♥xx

    i totally agree wiv #26 shes over acting and over the top!and ‘miley’ is not doing any favour for jesus cause she cant sing!she cant act! nor can she dance!and dat stupid fucking mandy girl is such an ugly cunt who acts so fucking childish!miley is more childish but then dresses in slut clothings trying to look older dan she is!and a fucking wax of her in madame tausude!dats just disgraceful!wasting their wax and talents to make a fucking another replica of a cunt of a girl miley is!

  • imogen

    i think that they are both nice and all but im sure they didn’t answer all the questions they got in like they said they did! a whole bunch of 8 year olds will be crying because their question didn’t get answered! but at least they’re taking the time to interact with fans!

  • Diama

    love her!!!!!!!!!!


    LOL Miley is the NEW JESUS!!

    and mitchel musso cheated on his girlfriend with MILEY!!


  • jing

    and jesus will screw her over, just like britney. :)))

  • trini

    i can stand miley since NOW!
    oh god
    she really is very annoying!

    die bitches.

  • Ally

    I think it’s brave that she’s so open with her faith and not a closet Christian.

    So-called “Logical Person”:
    So instead of Miley, you would your kid rather have Paris, Britney, Lohan or Vanessa Hudgens as a role model? Now that’s illogical.

  • kelli

    she does know that not all of her fans are christians, right?
    getting religious isn’t such a good idea for her, since she’s already loosing her fans.

    well, actually, i’d like it if this girl just disappeared and everyone stopped talking about her. SO GOOD JOB, MILEY, TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR STUPID LIFE.

  • Blondebabe

    I love Jesus But I hate them here stupid and Miley s just saying that just to make you think shes a good girl well ig ot news for you SHES NOT

  • my little secret

    jared it seems like your just jelous of miley because un like you she isn’t afraid to tell ppl that she’s christan. if you and other stupid ppl point fingers at her if you havn’t known the fact that when you point fingers three fingers r pointing back at u. at least she loves jesus. like alot of your veiwers. so this is from on of your veiwers “V” “what a weirdo” if you havent noticst that she’s only 15. alot of 15 year olds r dorks when there with their friends. so check your self………. at least they know how to have fun with friends! :>}

  • Opinion

    WOW what loozers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is totally a Jesus FREAKO!!!!!!!!!

    If she weren’t famous no one would even look at her.
    She is so plain and boring. She’s got a weird body too and her fake hair needs to stop. She is prob. bald…haha
    Way to go Miley and Mandy!

  • tAYLOR

    Go Jesus. He rocks, saves, loves. He’s awesome! And someone pretty powerful to turn to when everything else in your life comes up short! His favorite mode of communication is PRAYER!

  • chelsea

    miley needs to not be so weird!
    if anyone saw TMZ today someone said something like ‘who really cares about here’ and she’s like ‘haaaahh someone does care about me’
    she’s such a diva!
    she need to hang out with someone her own age!

  • http://downnet@aol leftykc

    I thought she was jewish..

  • jeri

    im so sick of these girls.and what reglion,they take trier clothes off and post them on the web,and they make videos were their high ,are drunk.dont think god is happy with you at all go tell the lies to someone who believe s you.and i want to no the name of that regilion,sorry i dont but it.shes th next britt,she wants every one to think she a sweet inocent girl,but actions prove them out to be liars .nope not buying it!!!!!

  • casey

    who does she think shes fooling ,EVERY THING FOR GOD,you get high for god,put disgusting pictures on the internet for god come on stay off youtube.poor pethetic little girl

  • kimmm :)

    hah i love youu mandy and miley .
    yeahh thats true at least she’s religious .
    haha cant wait for the beach girls but i do have to admit ,
    selena is a better actress .
    but still love youu miley .

  • Jen

    JESUS FREAKS RULE! check out this amazing skit…

  • bgl

    Jared, seriously. This Miley stuff is getting extremely annoying.

  • bgl

    And she’s such a joke. Everything she does is for Jesus? So those underwear pictures were for Jesus? Please. If you really think that she believes all of this bible-thumping nonsense she preaches, you’re an idiot.

  • jonas fan

    Holy shit
    Bread is smarter than these 2 dumb@sses

    I agree with post #16 all the way
    I think Demi is a way beyond better singer
    And selena is a better actress

    And who the fuckk cares about mandy bein in a girl band she looks like she’s on crack all the time so wat makes her think we wanna see her lookin like a stripper and shit in her new band?

    And miley we know u love jesus
    U don’t have to be such a spazz!

    I love jesus too hun lots of pple do
    So don’t make it like ur the only one cherishing him

    Btw the jonas brothers started this whole youtube chain an they’re just copying it
    Miley and mandy are lame

    More jonas!

  • Suzy

    Mandy is a 20 year old, hanging out being besty-friends with a 15 year old child star…

    I find it weird… Do either of them have friends their own age? I know it’s only 5 years, but sheesh…

  • Jen

    you don’t have to be perfect to be a Jesus freak – she doesn’t claim to be perfect…. jesus freaks are just forgiven…

  • someone

    THANK you jen… I have to say it’s sad to watch people judge them based on…well…nothing at all. have any of you ever met a fifteen year old girl? they are bound to make some bad decisions once in awhile. if we were all judged based on one mistake…or even millions of mistakes…i bet we would be a little more humble. fact is, girl has a good head on her shoulders. back off.