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'Prison Break' Season 4 Picked Up

'Prison Break' Season 4 Picked Up

Nick Santora, writer and co-executive producer of Prison Break, just announced on his blog that season 4 was just officially picked up by FOX. (Yes, that is Santora to the right with Prison Break Oragami Crane earrings.)

Santora wrote, “So we got word on Wednesday that we are officially picked up by the network for Season 4. This is great news. We are all very excited. We are moving offices onto the Fox Studio Lot next week and we had to say goodbye to the offices that were our home for the past 3 years … not really that sad because, well, c’mon, it’s just a frickin’ building. But my new office is about half the size with just a tiny window which normally would suck except for one thing … I get to go to work everyday with people I love and respect and I get to be creative. So I don’t really give a rat’s *** what our new offices look like! For those of you who celebrate Easter, have a great one. I will be at my home having Easter dinner with family (visiting cousins) and friends (including Prison Break writer Kalinda Vazquez) — it should be a nice weekend leading into an even better week of diving head-first into Season 4! Best, Nick.”

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  • hyu’N'su


  • cleo

    first! :-)

  • the shiznack

    hells to the yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PB RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cecil

    On the right :)

  • ginger_babe

    It’s perfect! I want to see the first episode of season 4!!!!!

  • sally

    great news…
    i hope they can manage to give us he greatest season ever..
    i dn’t know if the 4th season will be the last..but i hope for good

    i really wannat see a( Pison Break the Movie)
    what do u guys think?

  • Coco

    Wentworth Miller…we love you and your show here in Japan! Congrats! That is great news for all the cast and crew of PB…Season IV…can’t wait. Happy Easter! Please come to Japan next time!

  • hanane


  • the shiznack

    sally @ 03/24/2008 at 7:14 am – i dont think a PB movie would be a good idea

    they could have made the first season into a movie but now they are still on the run so a movie wouldnt work

    even though the X-Files made a movie when it was still on the air – but Prison Break doesnt compare to the X-Files

  • Jennifer W

    this is the best news and im so glad. ive watched prison break every season and never missed an episode. i am so excited and cant wait to watch season 4 i know it will be awesome. wentworth is so HOT

  • summer
  • summer
  • dedaas

    YAY!! went!

  • http://catherine sarah

    went We said in ISRAEL

    BUT IS great great great great great NEW


  • Suz

    JJ – Keep up. Excommunicated girls knew about this days ago!!
    Still love your work though….. :P

  • Vanya

    Happy Easter to everyone and mostly to our hero Wentworth. Its a great news about season 4 – can’t wait :):)Do what you have to do, but do not let Michael disapear like Sarah did – that will ruin the whole season, trust me.:)Thanks guys.
    Kisses to everyoneXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • becky ♥


  • Jesssss

    Seriously? Why did FOX pick it up for another season. The ratings are low, the show has been been going downhill ever since season one. They have stretched the story too long and I’ve stopped watching it, like many others. It’s a shame, because the first season was really, really good.

  • young

    i like prison break and wentworth miller very much…
    season 4 will be good..

  • ZoeyAnn

    oh yay!! that well cool thats the best new i have heared all day whoo!!

  • me

    do you know your left and right? ;-)

  • Fiver

    Nick…you’re a

    Take some vocabulary lessons plz!

    Nice language…not!

  • RC


  • RC

    Gawd just looking at Nick’s face makes me hurl *pukes*. He needs to stop being an airhead :(

  • warda

    i think W.M said that the season 4 is the last one (i would like see him in movies,cinema with Denzel Washington or Robert de Niro…….).i hope writers will give us an awesome season that everybody in the world could remember again next years….

    Hi Sally ,i think PB is more intersting as a show than as a movie in cinema beacause you can learn more about characters and there are many stories that writers relate in a show and they have more time.Went thinks also that it’s not good idea to see PB in cinema, anyway,the show is like a movie Paul T.Scheuring said that they have a cinematographic view of the show…so a movie of PB in cinema seems to be too much and i don’t think it will happen..

  • Fiver

    Nick’s enough to make me stop watching !

    Hey RC, we have something in common
    Let’s start a Nick Santora fan club


  • RC


    Nick seems to be a little self -absorbed. Hmmmm… sometimes he can’t just lay it low that it makes me wonder if he’s a man trapt in a woman’s body LOL. Anywayz, I should stop before my love for Nick gets a little out of hand.

  • RC

    I meant a woman trapt in a man’s body. See how looking at his face makes me dumb like no other?! LOL.

  • Fiver


    I’ve already decided to stop watching because of the T-Bag character, isn’t he a pedophile or something, a killer too?

    Nick’s just another reason for us NOT to watch Prison Break, the movie or the series.

    Hey, if I want depressing, low-life, intelligence-insulting, despicable entertainment I can just read the daily news haha


    Where’s your sense of decency man?!

    RC : you rock!

  • Ralu

    What’s wrong with this Nick Santora? Is he gay? =))

  • Ralu

    WM with Denzel Washington in the same movie?… you make me laugh

  • rolling eyes

    Ralu are you gay??? =)

    Yes, this is awsome news, with the kind of ending they had 3rd season, its gonna be an awsome 4th!

    I think Wentworth could hold his own if he was given a role up against Denzel Washington or Robert De Niro, he’d certainly learn a lot.

    Hey, that guy from the OC is in a movie with Robert De Niro, and I totally didnt see THAT coming, he can’t act, so one dimensional…. soooo Wentworth could definately do it

  • anon-anon

    Who the F_ _ _ would put Wentworth Miller in the same movie with Denzel Washington?….Did Denzel suddenly get his Oscar revoked and forced to appear on a celebrity reality TV show and get put on D-List of actors…
    Wentworth appearing with David Hasselhoff from Baywatch is more likely!


    Went said it was a go but nice to know it will certainly be back. Miss the show -Monday is very boring without them.

  • lene

    WTF cares?

    Without Sara & Micheal TOGETHER the show sucks!

  • NICK SUCKS!!!!!!!

    Nick Santora SUUUUUUCKS!

    He’s a freaking LIAR! I will never believe what he says ever again!

  • Claire Ripz

    I don’t like him! He’s a liar.

    Bring Sara(H) back, and i’ll like him again!!!

    P R I S O N B R E A K SUCKS without Sara!!!!!

  • Ash

    I stopped watching Prison break when Sara was dead. Worst mistake ever! I loved Prison Break season 1 & 2, and i was looking forward to season 3 because of Sara.

    But since there’s no Sara I’M NOT WATCHING!!!!!!

  • rolling eyes

    WHO THE F**K CARES ABOUT SARAH!!!! has any network picked her up for another show…. NOOOO….does she have any movie deals…probably NOT… so for the last fu*king time the betch’s time was up and they killed her off cause there was nothing left to work with.

    You’re telling me you’re gonna stop watching a show for someone who didnt have much jobs before or after the show…wow lameness to the max..that’s all i have to say.


    YES my life will still have meaning

  • Mrs Miller

    I am thrilled that Prison Break is back for another series

  • dm

    God, I was hoping this crap feast would be canceled. The 3rd season was a complete waste of time. No character or story development.

  • Sara

    Beautiful notice!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • sunny

    I stopped watching PB Season 3 because of the horrible way they dealt with Sarah Wayne Callies and the character of Sara. IMO, she and Went together were what made the show watchable. Of course FOX, not content to follow the original storyline, had to go and jump the shark…what dummies…!

    Wentworth is a talented actor but PB S3 kept playing him on the same note. The show became too dark and violent, devoid of hope, without a soul. Guess the writers forgot to take their meds…

    I would watch Season 4 only if they brought back Dr. Sara. If they give Michael a new love interest, we fans should boycott NOT ONLY PB but ALL FOX programming!!!!!


  • musemute

    No more Sara, no more hope, no more watching for me.
    “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” (Elton John)

  • Fiver

    SUNNY: Yes, Yes,


    Read this article and then tell me if you want to continue supporting a network that has a pedophile character on Prison Break!


  • MagpieRose

    I have to that the whole head in the box idea seemed like such a freakin’ rip off!!!

    Isn’t that idea ripped off from the movie “Seven” with Brad Pitt?
    Correct me if I’m wrong please. So much for creativity and originality!

  • superfan

    i’m with you fiver! LISTEN UP prison break WRITERS, and PRODUCERS. especially you NICK!! if you’re NOT gonna give us 9 MORE EPISODES to FINISH SEASON 3 and turn around and start SEASON 4 already, then..YOU BETTER BRING BACK NIKA!!! i wanna find out if she’s gonna reunite with michael, and ANNUL that “bussiness only” in limbo “marriage of theirs. :P

  • pbfanatic

    Monday is Wentworth day and I’m really glad they’re back for season4 !!! i am such a huge fan, and never missed an episode :o)

  • crystal

    i told all of you it was going to come back!!