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Taylor Momsen: Fishnets Gone Wild

Taylor Momsen: Fishnets Gone Wild

Fashionable chic Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny Humphrey, shoots new scenes Monday morning on the NYC set of her hit CW drama Gossip Girl.

Make sure you peep Taylor‘s yellow fishnet stockings. Talk about being fashion forward for a 14-year-old!

Gossip Girl returns on April 21, when one of the male characters on the show will be revealed as gay.

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  • Sheldon
  • Helena

    She’s beautiful, but the boys can’t call her hot for another several years! She seriously doesn’t look 14. It’s crazy!

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  • [ā˜†F a m o u sā˜†]

    very cute kid.

  • t

    love her/the wardrobe stylist for gossipgirl

  • Lexi

    Probably Chuck will be gay…but you never know!

  • Mousie

    I bought that scarf a couple of weeks ago :D
    only 14 $

  • lea

    i like the scarf!!!!

  • t

    its so the little brother, they wouldnt take the risk of it being one of the main 3guys

  • Mousie

    I bought that scarf a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!!
    And the price wasn’t bad either, only 14 $

  • sharri

    i like her, just not the character she became on the GG finale

  • Acel

    She looks good but call me old-fashioned it is not a healthy thing to dress like this at a young age like hers.

    btw: i am a 23 year-old guy.

  • Laura

    Grow up. She’s not dressing slutty or anything like that, she’s just dressing fashionably. She looks amazing for her age, she’s gorgeous.

  • Marian

    where’d you get the scarf? and that coat!? it’s gorgeous!!

  • bee

    she’s so pretty.

  • rolling eyes

    The gay character is either CHUCK or BLAKE’S YOUNGER BROTHER

    you all know it too ;)

  • Mousie

    I bought it at H&M, but I don’t know if they still have it. As I said, I bought mine over a month ago. But I agree, it’s gorgeous, and I absoultely love it!

  • Dani

    have you guys seen the show?!
    yes,he is the only one that not in a relationship(well, nate to but he just broke up with blair)
    But he is like a major pimp.
    i think its serena’s younger brother.

  • diana

    Shes very pretty. i love her outfit here
    i would have NEVER guessed she was 14 though i looked her up before and i saw she was 14 i was shocked! thats how old i am!!
    She looks like 16
    but she looks good!! i don’t get why my friend doesn’t like her

  • Carol

    14??? my age! how lucky she is…

  • Jenn

    Who is the girl with her in pink? Isn’t that the girl who took the books Jenny had back to the library? What is her real name?

    Very pretty.

  • Marge

    Her outfit is awesome, I love it!1

  • Mariana

    i love her, shes the girl of the greench right

  • Amy

    I hate her character. Plus, I think the show is making her grow up too fast.

  • Halli

    I’ve never seen girls dress like this on a daily basis in New York. Very unrealistic. Its kinda annoying how after Sex and the City, all these other shows make New York look like some kind of fashion fairyland.

  • rachel

    Chuck is gay in the books and Dan also flirts with a homosexual relationship in book 8 or 9. He then realises that he is still in love with Vanessa (Dan & Serena’s relationship lasted maybe two books which equals maybe 2/3 months). The guy Dan flirted with “dumped” him for Chuck.

    Chuck is a major dumbass in the books. He is way better on the show. I really don’t think it will be him. I think it will be Serena’s brother Eric.

    Taylor does look cute but that scarf look has been done to death. That is a Autum/Winter 2007 trend. They should be introducing the Spring/Summer 2008 collections now.

    Why would you want to buy a knockoff Balenciaga scarf anyway.

  • http://lol like wtf


  • [ā˜†F a m o u sā˜†]

    why do people keep talking about the book?!? seriously… this is a TV show.

    this is a “brand new” (hit) show. how stupid do you have to be to think their going to make one of the “leading” men gay!? you know how many fans (GIRLS) they would lose if they had anyone of those guys (chuck, nate, and dan) dating and making out with other men.

  • leenydeeny

    Don’t know who she is, but good look. She has a mature presence for a 14 year old.

  • odierox

    i like everything she’s wearing.i love how all the pieces colaborate with each other.each piece compliments different parts of her body.
    the clothing department of GG has so much talent.
    they always come up with only the best combinations for the entire cast od GG.the team is so fashion forward and the clothes look really good on the cast. :D.this is one thing i like about gossip girl.

  • jjj

    i thought she’s poor in the show. why is she suddenly wearing good clothes? i hate jenny

  • Sleepy

    Who designed that coat?! It’s gorgeous!

  • amy

    She’s 14?!?!?!?!?! I didn’t belive that when I read it here! So I looked on wikipedia! I CAN’T BELIVE SHE’S ONE YEAR AND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE DAYS OLDER THAN ME! Wow! When I first saw her I thought she was like… 20! WOW! Oddly, I’m 12, and I get that too. Weird…

  • http://mm yaaaaaaa


    She doesn’t look 20. She looks 12.

  • Lisa

    She looks so cute with the yellow stockings and scarf combo. And Rachel, relax. People buy knockoffs all the time. It’s not that serious.

  • beachgirl

    Love her style.. but that’s not for a 14-year-old.

  • Erin

    Taylor Momsen is gorgeous.
    and By the way, Jenny “window shops”
    in the big stores and makes her own clothes like them,
    Look, If the only reason you go on this site is for Ashley&Vanessa& Zac.
    Which is the main reason you are a little 12 year old, who hates on anyone who is not Ashley,Vanessa or Zac.
    Let me break it to you,
    they have NO talent.
    And yes that is a little hypocritical of me, but it’s true.
    Sorry, I just don’t like people who love people like those disney stars,and then hate people with talent.

  • sarah

    It’s true, she does look older than 14. I thought she was 17.

    But I can believe she’s 14 because I’m 14 and everyone thinks I am around 18/19.

    Some people just mature really quickly, like me. Because when I was 12, I was going to see and getting into R rated movies.

    I love the whole clothing of Gossip Girl, and she looks gorgeous here. I don’t think she’s dressed inappropiately for her age, she’s got class. It’s not slaggy or anything.

    I agree with Lisa, Rachel – relax. Lots of people buy knock-offs, maybe we’re not all snobs like you.

  • tilly

    Does anyone know where the jacket and shoes are from?

  • xlili

    to know where the jacket comes from go to this website:

  • Kim

    Serena’s brother is gay. I heard that he made out with Jenny’s boyfriend, Asher. (They’re not together yet, though…) :)

  • libby

    i love her outfit…..but for a 25 year old!

    i don’t think she really looks old. Its the way she dresses. the picture of her in a short backless green dress was worrying. she was only 13 at the time. im her age and look old but i certainly don’t dress like her.

  • alexia

    i saw a clutch on one of her episodes and was obbbbsesssssed until i finally hunted it down!!
    it’s that oversized plum one on (jack rabbit) — sorta expensive for me, also found it on ageness deyn that model in a redder color.

    i lvoe her shoes too.

  • good

    pretty girls!

  • Erin

    I miss this Taylor Style, even if it was for GG, it at least was somewhat reflected in her outside life.

  • meghan

    Okay lets get something straight people, her character is 14, not her! She was 15 when this was shot and is now 16.

  • truth

    serenas younger brother

  • truth

    serenas younger brother