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Beckham & Beckinsale's Easter Sunday

Beckham & Beckinsale's Easter Sunday

Victoria Beckham (sans husband David Beckham) and her three sons check out the exhibits at the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday afternoon.

British beauty Kate Beckinsale, her director husband Len Wiseman and their daughter joined the Beckham bunch.

Lily and Brooklyn are both 9 while Romeo is 5 and Cruz is 3.

On Friday night, both couples (including David) dined at STK restaurant. (Extra pictures of the hot couples below.)

Check out Becks‘ interview on 60 Minutes with special correspondent Anderson Cooper here: Part 1 and Part 2.

15+ pictures inside of Posh and Kate‘s sunny Easter Sunday…

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victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 01
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 02
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 03
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 04
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 05
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 06
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 07
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 08
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 09
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 10
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 11
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 12
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 13
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 14
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 15
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 16
victoria beckham kate beckinsale easter sunday 17

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  • toolip

    aww so cute British people! they are so pretty

  • maria…*

    they are so cuutee!!

  • dfjkdfjkdj


  • legs


  • dicaprio lovaah

    Romeo is so cute,To bad he isn’t teenager.Then he would be all mine :) (16 years to be correct)

  • stella

    6th nice family!!

  • Duyen

    so cute!!

  • shaaaaaaaa

    i love LA
    i was at the getty a few weeks ago
    and drove past it today and made some comments to a friend about what great art they have there, suggested we go…but we prefered beverly hills cruising instead.
    too bad we missed them

  • LJ

    Nice pics. Ladies looks good, kids cute and Len is hot..

  • Arab.Aquarius

    so cute. makes me wanna get married and have a family

  • Ariana.s


  • the shiznack

    Is that a pacifier in Cruz’s mouth or am i just high on too much candy?

  • haha

    Becks is missing because he is preparing for Wednesday’s friendly game against France.

  • crazy gurl

    Awwwww they look like such a cute lil family did any one watch the beckham interview on 60 min. w/anderson cooper? it was so good & posh and the kids look really cute

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    the shiznack @ 03/24/2008 at 6:40 am

    Is that a pacifier in Cruz’s mouth or am i just high on too much candy?


    good one the shiznack, that is a pacifier AT THE AGE OF THREE!!!!

    you are a lazy mother posh! with all that money. tsk tsk.

  • LJ

    #15 what the have doing with pacifier? And it’s so ridiculous that people here are giving parething advises to people who they don’t know..pathetic..

  • the shiznack

    btw did the Cruise’s scare away the Beckhams with their $$$cientology malarky?

    ive been waiting for Tom and KatieBot 3000 to show up at the Beckhams residence with a powerpoint presentation to show the ‘magic’ of their ‘religion’/cult/lying,money stealing,murdering whorebags

  • LJ

    #17 don’t know but they were together couple of weeks ago dinner in LA

  • Helena

    I remember saying that Kate Beckinsale saying that it would be lovely to find some English friends in LA and looks like she has found it!

  • Helena

    Sorring I mean “I remember Kate Beckinsale…”

  • eddie jones

    enough of the child exploitation already.

  • the shiznack

    i also remember Beckinsale saying she would rather eat va-jay-jay than sushi – damn Kate is hot

    good thing i hate sushi too

  • LJ

    #22 lol that comment of Kate, she is like Victoria they sometimes say so weird things in their interviews and papers take those too

  • Cathy

    It’s Victoria Beckhams dreams coming true lol
    She is loving the fact she’s getting around the whole Hollywood A-list
    I don’t c Katie Holmes anymore is tht because she was only 1 person & under Toms Influence Hehehe

    She may b British but Im glad she’s over in America No1 bk eya once her Hahahaa

    ly zz x x x x

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    LJ @ 03/24/2008 at 8:40 am

    #15 what the have doing with pacifier? And it’s so ridiculous that people here are giving parething advises to people who they don’t know..pathetic..

    let me break it down for you:

    when you don’t have nannies, butlers, drivers AND when you have to work 9 to 5 with three kids, you may have the right to ignore your “kid’s” (not baby’s) passifier problem for a while.

    BUT when you are one of the richest women in the world, you don’t have that right! otherwise you are a lazy mother. (you see, I’m an extremely nice person)

    get it now?

    also a little advice for you: instead of commenting on other people’s posts and insulting them, try to come up with an original thought yourself honey.

  • LJ

    well, it wasn’t insult it was advise honey..And who you are to saying to other people how to take care of their own children?? It’s not your business, they are not doing anything harm to you, are they??

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    # 26
    LJ @ 03/24/2008 at 9:18 am

    I give advice to whomever the he ll I want! This is a hollywood blog.

    don’t you think it’s time to STFU already!

    when you’re silent people doubt your intelligence, but when you talk, they become certain. yeesh!

  • http://deleted daphne-d


    calling my thought pathetic IS an insult.

    next time think hard before you start s hi t
    with people, especially with the ones that have said nothing to you.

    now go to your room. no tv for you tonite!

  • summeri

    I only think that a pacifier is a problem in America (maybe somewhere else too).
    In my country it is advised that children stop using them around tree at least before they turn four.

  • zoe

    great looking people together….both really gorgeous women!

  • cec

    Doesn’t Victoria look healthier in this pics?

    Cruz my little boy is soooo adorable…Other Beckham boys are also cute as well

  • cec

    And Brooklyn has grown up a lot…still seems like he was born yesterday lol

  • Megan

    not this pacifier talk again — he likes the binky, then he likes the binky. it’s not bad parenting (those words are thrown around too liberally these days) and money again has nothing to do with it. besides, where in that picture do you see a nanny, driver, or bodyguard? check the pictures of victoria and the kids in other situations too — no driver, no nannies.

  • fluke

    The Beckhams are pathetic, don’t they have any friends that are not celebrities? Everything that they do is for a reason and to get maximum exposure.

  • indiesr

    fluke @ 03/24/2008 at 11:11 am

    ^^^ I totally agree with you and why is Kate walking behind the robot? Was she just following instructions. lol

  • ?

    sad though that because of becks soccer he has too miss soo many things in his kids lives. He missed brooklyn’s bday and misses something as a simple family outing.he always seems to miss their family outing though. i feel sorry for them. i guess this is the price you pay.

  • ?

    its sad though that beckham is forever missing these small things in his kids lives including their birthday. he already missed brooklyn’s bday and missed alot more of their birthdays in the past. and he never seems to be there with them in LA seeing as he travels so much around the U.S. i feel really sorry for them. Money can only get you material things. i guess this is the price you pay

  • in vitro

    YOU ARE PATHETIC,look at it like whatever you want,i don’t care!You are sad,pathetic,FART LISTENER!Take care of your own kids and life and stop ordering and judging how other people to deal with their family.And get a JOB,maybe then you will have more stuff to do and stop bitching about normal people who you don’t know,useless nagger!

  • http://deleted memorandum

    in my country the ideall way is to refraine from pacifier but if they have to at least give until 2 and stop.

    my friend tells me it’s very hard.

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    hey in vitro

    AKA LJ,

    grow some f u c k i n g balls and use your own name!

    if you are not LJ, than grow some brain cells and stop lecturing me at a GOSSIP blog.


  • ssafas

    she’s so bloody desperate, seems to get her agent to set up publicity shots with any old celebrity,

  • in vitro

    daphne-d,I have no balls since i have a female anatomy,glad we clear that,second i am writing from my sofaa somewhere in the North Europe,you can write to the site ask them to check my IP-adress and that of the girl u r saying i am and clear that too,I was just reading the comments and your made me barf,stupid,nagging bitches like you just have that effect on me.
    p.s. no one here i guess is using their REAL names but using a nick name,again check with the site that our IP’s are very different,on two continents in that matter.Stop talking crap and get a beer to coold down a bit.

  • oye

    fluke @ 03/24/2008 at 11:11 am The Beckhams are pathetic, don’t they have any friends that are not celebrities? Everything that they do is for a reason and to get maximum exposure

    They do have friend who are not celebrities expcept the papparrazzi aren’t so interested in those are they?! But you’re right, the majority of their friends are celebrities but that is only because they work in the same industry.

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    made you barf?!?!!!! THAT comment made you barf?


    tell kate and/or victoria that I said hi, and also tell them that I can find them smarter and funnier workers than you.

    I am a cool person “genetically” but you seem like a prozac type fella.


  • in vitro

    ok maybe cool but brainly-not very blessed genetically..and by the way prozac and other pills of that type is american territory,in europe we prefer sex and beer..
    and again is not your buisness to give advise to people u don’t know!how to parent their children! Is non of your dam buisness and maybe is time to start checking how good parent u r for a change,maybe somebody will benefit from it,your children for example..
    p.s. I’ll tell Kate and Victoria,ok ,the only barrier is that they are in the US,i am not in the UK and we forgot to exchange emails the last time we run to each other…wink

  • http://deleted daphne-d

    AND this is checkmate darling!

    FYI: english is my second language and I don’t live in the US.

    see ya.

    love and kisses.


  • http://deleted daphne-d


    before I go,

    I am not a mother yet, but I have common sense and I read a lot.


  • in vitro

    checkmate!?have you even play the game??i didn’t see anything that even resembles the game in your comments and after comments..but well sure..whatever you say.
    p.s. i don’t have children myself and i don’t make comments to others how to parent their children and if i have one day i will show my middle finger,without a blink,to people who try to tell me how to be a parent,especially the ones who are not themselfs yet!..
    Happy Easter by the way!

  • ulla

    Kate is cool but I don’t like Vic anymore. She’s a robot.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Victoria has been reading the blogs again. Each time she gets negative critics, the next week she does damage control. Just yesterday I wrote a comment on her thread that she rarely contributes to her children’s education and development, but has dragged them on her fashion exploits more than taking them to the parks or museum. I’d never thought I’d see the day she takes her kids to the museum. Posh is an Angelina wannabe, she was always more concerned about looking camera ready, than paying attention to her own children, then all of a sudden she started carrying Cruz when he was rarely carried around when they got to America. Girlfriend is fine tuning her image! I believe that Beckham is the sincere parent