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American Idol 7: Top 10 — CALL NOW!

American Idol 7: Top 10 — CALL NOW!

Theme of the week: Songs From Their Birth Year

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Ramiele Malubay – “Alone” (Dial 01, Watch here)

Jason Castro – “Fragile” (Dial 02, Watch here)

Syesha Mercado – “If I Were Your Woman” (Dial 03, Watch here)

Chikezie – “If Only For One Night” (Dial 04, Watch here)

Brooke White – “Every Breath You Take” (Dial 05, Watch here)

Michael Johns – “We Will Rock You/We are the Champions” (Dial 06, Watch here)

Carly Smithson – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Dial 07, Watch here)

David Archuleta – “You’re the Voice” (Dial 08, Watch here)

Kristy Lee Cook – “God Bless the U.S.A.” (Dial 09, Watch here)

David Cook – “Billie Jean (Chris Cornell arrangement)” (Dial 10, Watch here)


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Photos: Frank Micelotta/FOX
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  • Michelle


  • Suzie

    MICHAEL JOHNS!!! He has the whole package–voice, looks and charisma.
    Even though David Archuleta has a great voice, I think he’s limited to singing ballads and that’s it.

  • layla

    : D


    what time do the polss close?
    cause it’s 11:12pm and it wont let me vote..

    : /


  • Mary

    Brooke White and David Archuleta

  • hhkj

    newsflash America: THEY ALL SUCK!

  • lauren

    Come on guys David Archuleta, all the way!!!!!!!

  • Suzy

    I absolutely love David Cook, Brooke White and Michael Johns!

    I’ll be happy with either of them winning.

    They all did a decent job tonight! I was impressed.

  • Remi

    David Cook is the only one WORTHY of winning!

  • babysis

    Ramiele Malubay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She’s amazing!

  • Stacy

    Michael Johns!! Amazing he is!!


  • jack

    David Cook is vain. He’s Daughtry with hair

  • Willis!

    Arches all the way.

  • IdolFan

    I just don’t get it. Why are people still rooting for David Archuletta?

    I’m not impressed with that little piss ant — especially with that song that no one recognized. Once again, he f-up in my opinion. There were people who sang circles around him tonight. And I can’t imagine anyone with a good set of ears that are in tune can think that he was better than anyone else tonight.

    We musn’t let those teenyboppers, who don’t have any form of a trained ear, to just keep voting in on the strength of Archuletta’s so-called baby-faced charm. That’s not enough. You have to have REAL talent to win this thing this year. So I’m going with my girl Sayesha Mercado, Chickeze, David Cook, Jason Castro and that Irish chick to be the contenders in taking that prize home.

    BTW, I’m so glad that that growling Amanda Overmeyer is gone. She was way too cocky and her voice irked me. Not to mention that as Simon said, she was predictable from week to week. Besides, she seemed too old as well. Glad she’s gone. Now let’s work on getting Archuletta and Maluby out next. They need to go now — and have the real strong talen stay !!!

  • bellaazul

    Come on people! David Archuletta? What is it about that kid? He’s been bad the last two weeks.

    David Cook and Michael Johns rocked it! David Cook steps up the game every week. He should win it, hands down…..and I didn’t even like him at first.

  • Philly


  • Rachel

    The best final: MICHAELJOHNS and DAVID COOK!

  • anon

    David Archuleta won’t win Idol but he will be in the top 4 by the sheer amount of votes. His voice is paper thin and he takes too many breaths while singing. It’s not his time yet. What kind of CD would put out? He would be the male version of Hannah Montana. Give him a few years to grow as a singer.

  • Ringo

    David Cook#1 – ready for prime time right now. Reinterpretations of classic pop songs (Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson) that rock!
    Brooke#2 – earthy, sultry, and girl-next-door all at once, plus hits the emotions right on.
    Michael Johns#3 – Not Freddie Mercury, but still a great performer.

    Those were the only ones I’d pay money to see or hear

    Carly#4 – Almost makes the cut with her great voice and spot-on song choices, but lacks stage presence. Just looks uncomfortable in the spot light.
    Chikeze #5- love it when he has fun. Good voice. Obviously genuinely himself, not playing some role or image. Normally I like him enough to stay above the cutline, but hated tonights ballad….boring….snore.
    Jason C #6- mailed in a performance tonight. Sting is too damn good to imitate badly. Tsk Tsk. Normally like Jason, but he murdered a beautiful song by the best male vocal performer of a generation.
    David A #7- has a good voice and is ready for the High School the Musical crowd, but doesn’t have a 1/4 the stage presence of Brooke or David C. Nodded off during his goofy, forgettable performance. Snoozefest 2008.
    Syesha – Beautifully done. Gorgeous voice…snore just the same.
    Kristy Lee – Star quality face. hit-or-miss voice. I wanted to vomit all over her contrived play for the patriotic heartstring vote. The flatlanders and blind-nationlists will probably torture us with Kristy for the next 3-4 weeks no matter how awful she sings, just because of this week’s God and Country song choice.
    Rami – Sorry honey, you are cute and have a nice voice, but the talent at the top is making you look like an amateur. Probably that is because you are. The pack is pulling away.

  • LT

    Michael Johns or David Cook – both rock!

  • van

    in MY OPINION, i’d say david archuleta. i think that its amazing how a boy like him have a really loud and beautiful voice in such a young age. i take a look in all his video performance when he was little, and my am i impressed!

  • fan

    Archuletta seems so out of place in this competition. I don’t know if it’s his age or what…….

    HIs performances don’t live up to the hype.

    Jason Castro is so cute but he’s like a coffeehouse singer.

    Syesha is good but back to back African American female winners? It hasn’t happened yet.

    David Cook is good. I can see an CD from him being like Daughtry.
    He’s got a good voice although he fails to credit the artists who’s arrangements he uses.

  • Melissa

    I voted for Brooke, Carly and Michael :-)

  • re:Idolfan

    People are still rooting for David Archuletta because his voice is mature way beyond his years. It definitely does not hurt that he has the “cute factor” going for him, either. The younger audience may think of him as adorable; the older one respects him for his talent and skill. The tone of his voice is so pure. In addition to mastering the vocality of the songs he sings, he emotionally connects with his songs–unlike several other contestants. Sure, they may not be the best of the night, but the kid proves his spot week after week. That is why people love him.

    As for the night, Syesha was great, as was David Cook, Michael, and Carly.

  • su


  • su

    and i think david archuleta is kinda overated. nice kid, nice voice but no personality, versatility and charisma to back him up.

  • AI

    I voted for David C. He stands out from the rest of them.
    He’s ready now.

  • PJ

    Who cares. I’m over these manufactured singers.

  • lol

    I d rather see these singers in a singing competition than in some stupid youtube/myspace release. Ewwwww

    btw Jason Dreadlocks sings so laid back you start wondering if he’s smoking something during this compeition.

  • queeneetha

    I like Micheal – but he can only sing one kind of song, we are the champions is not a real song song .

    david cook is really too full of himself, he voice is really good – but he seems fake to me. I really agreed with Simon last time. I agree with the daughtry comment.

    I love brooke, she is gorgeous to listen to and to watch….very sincere.

    Is still like david archuleta. I think he has the most vocal talent.
    I really liked his song tonight. I think Simon was off on this one and I mostly agree with him.

    sayesha was good – when I played it back she was off key sometimes.


    RAMIELE YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fan

    I agree with some on other boards that Brooke is too much like a Carol King wanna be. She also comes across as a coffeehouse singer like Jason Castro.

  • Criss

    Michael and David Cook and Brook!

    Go Home Archuleta!

  • Kim

    Michael Johns … Michael Johns … Michael Johns!!!!!

  • mary

    My favorites are Jason Castro, David C, and David A…. They are my favorites they are cute and good singers. : )

    I believe Ramiele Malubay or Chikezie leave the competition tomorrow.

  • RC

    David cook just made my b@tt cheeks twitch!!! He’s so good!

  • ilovedavidcook

    david cook should win !!!

  • ilovedavidcook

    david cook should win !!! he is the best !!! im sick of the idol show brainwashing for archuleta.

  • wbane

    david cook is def one of my favorites… at first i didn’t like him, but he grew on me… i think he overtook archuleta as my favorite male. carly is by far my favorite female and contestant in the top 10… i was shocked to see her in the bottom three last week and i hope she doesn’t get stuck in there again this week.

  • david archuleta

    Go david! Please support david archuleta.

  • maria

    davidddddddddddddddd!! i lOvE!
    Please support david archuleta.
    Please support david archuleta.
    Please support david archuleta.
    Please support david archuleta.

  • britt

    ramiele is amazing all the way

  • renee

    Michael was great, David cook WOW, and Brooke is sooo sweet love her too.

  • keri

    I don’t know why, but it drives me nuts when they sing a song that has already been sung by a previous contestant. If you can do it better then sing away.
    I voted for Chikezie. I love his voice and I feel he is better then a few of the contestants.
    I like the ones that make me smile. Brooke, David A, Chikezie.


    I am in awe over Cook! Love his voice. I also like Brooke.

  • Erin

    I love David Archuleta – His vocals for Imagine and The Long and Winding Road, Heaven were awsome. He has the best voice. I like David Cook too. But I love David Archuleta. Archuleta sung very well last night, it is just noone knew the song he sung. That is the only problem with last night. Not the best song choice. I didn’t like Cook’s version of Billy Jean. It was an odd arrangement.

  • vv

    my top 4.


  • sasha


  • Troy


  • luv vanessa

    i voted for six ppl!
    David C.
    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Harper

    I totally agree with IdolFan – that kid is iritating. He has a good voice but I would never buy anything from him album wise.