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Carnie Wilson's Weight War Continues

Carnie Wilson's Weight War Continues

Singer and former talk show host Carnie Wilson tries to work off a little weight, jogging early Monday morning near her home in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old was also seen getting a manicure at Euphoria Hand & Foot Spa in Los Angeles on Saturday.

In 2000, Carnie reached over 300 pounds and received gastric bypass surgery, a procedure that reduced the size of her stomach to that of an egg. The surgery was a success and she ended up losing 150 pounds. However, after giving birth to her daughter, Lola, now 2, Carnie appears to have gained all the weight back again.

“Everyone can see that I’m bigger, but I cannot hibernate,” she tells OK!. “I’ve never lied or been dishonest about what’s going on in my life. Even all these years later, having had such a great weight-loss story, being back in this place is so familiar. And it hurts. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. It doesn’t feel good when you have to struggle to get your pants on.”

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  • Ha!

    How sad. I hope she can figure out how to be healthy.

  • danni

    oh come on, now we’re going to have to go through another campaigne about how she is determined to lose the weight. I barely made it through kirsty and valerie!?

  • mary

    that has to be depressing..

  • ln

    OMG!!! She’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I hardly recognized her.
    Is she going to have another gastric bypass surgery????
    Good luck girl!!!!!!!! I would die if I look like that. Good lord.

  • sandie

    She just eats too much. She let herself go again. It can be hard to loose weight but avoiding those fatty foods is the solution and she probably is very “weak” with those foods. Maybe the people from Nutrisystem or j Craig will hire her and make her loose weight ASAP. I wish willpower to her!

  • operaghost

    I feel so bad for her. Some people just have terrible digestive systems that work against them at every turn. And, of course, some foods are addictive, especially to those with eating disorders. I’ll bet her systems are shot. I also give her kudos for not giving up, and for not hiding.

  • lily

    You dumb bi t ches. Sometimes it’s much harder to lose the weight even if you starve and work out. Most likely since she is working out and still struggling with her weight, means that she has a thyroid problem. Especially since after having the baby (which is a hormonal process) that would have affected her.

    I wish her much luck and I hope that she just keeps at it.

  • Ha!

    “You dumb bi t ches”? No one said anything mean on here lily.

    I imagine that being as heavy as she was for much of her life, it must be incredibly difficult to change ingrained eating and lifestyle habits. Gastric bypass can only do so much, the rest is behavioral. I wish her luck – she looks and sounds miserable.

  • albus

    That’s the thing i like about her. She’s honest and open about her weight. Unlike others who go “are you kidding me, i’m size 2!” and the like. It’s hard to keep the weight down when you’ve had such a big weight problem in the past. It’s definetely possible to make it, so i wish her the best and willpower girl! willpower!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    ln @ 03/25/2008 at 11:06 am OMG!!! She’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I hardly recognized her.
    Is she going to have another gastric bypass surgery????
    Good luck girl!!!!!!!! I would die if I look like that. Good lord.

    IN: You would die if you looked like that? Those remarks are why some young girls go through eating disorders! What a dumb thing to say!

    My heart breaks for her. Hope she can figure out a good healthy way of losing weight and not resort to something as drastic as bypass again. Wishing her all the best in her fight.

  • kathy

    carnie carnie carnie. girl stop the madness she is getting bigger and bigger….wow!

  • Brandy

    PLEASE she doesn’t have a thyroid problem. That is one of the first things they checked for she said when she started putting on the weight again.

    Having the gastric by pass surgery is A TOOL to help you lose weight, its supposed to help you get started with a new way of eating, a life changing tool. She did what she was suuposed to do in the beginning, which is why she lost the weight, but she started to fall into her bad habits of eating sugars and over eating everything else. IT’S HER FAULT! I know because I had the gastric bypass surgery the same month she did, I am still a size 6. If I were to go back and start eating badly again I would put the weight back on too, but I know what to stay away from, I know my limits.

    She boosted that she would never be fat again when she was in PLAYBOY. She should have been smarter about her food choices and knew she couldn’t eat unhealthy again and still stay thin. She knew what she was doing, she’s just looking for a miricle without actually putting forth the effort into staying healthy.


  • lily

    #8 if you don’t consider #4 and #5′s comment as well as your own mean and ignorant comments, well I don’t know what is.

    NOT all fat people are fat because they ate too much but of course you missed that point.

  • benjiMON

    OMG she’s looking at her manicured fingernails like they are going to help her looks in the least!! NO THEY ARE NOT, you look horrible!

    Carnie, you’re also getting OLD! You don’t have your cute face anymore, and now, no longer your cute body. You skin is sagging under your chin and this is AFTER you’ve had all this plastic surgery to help correct it. You have RUINED your body! There is not magic cure for you, you either have to face it that you CAN NOT EAT ANYTHING YOU WANT or face the fact that you are going to die young and leave your child without a mother. What is more important to you? That bowl of icecream or your daughter having a mother!!!!!

    It’s up to you! No amount of talking about wanting to be thin, is going to do it, get off your butt and do something about it now!

  • vickifromtexas

    I know that this is not a popular thing to say, —–but, I don’t believe this slow metabolism bullshit. I believe that people get fat because they eat too much and exercise too little. End of story.

  • vickifromtexas

    And this is for you Lily: I happen to like Carnie Wilson a lot, but she does not look good like this. Sorry!

  • Cindy

    If gastric bypass surgery doesn’t work, why can’t she just get her stomach removed? If there is no stomach, then she can’t eat right and she can’t get fat then?

  • lily

    #12, then YOU should have had a baby as well and see if that wouldn’t mess up your system. If you are back to your same weight post bypass then I might consider what you said.

    #15 it’s a proven scientific/ medical fact that your thyroid controls your metabolism. There is NO debate there.

    As for #16, “this is for your lily…” hilarious. I would rather money or a ticket to europe or something thank you very much.

  • natalie

    Hmm. I kinda relate to her because even though Ive never been anywhere near that heavy, my weight has been up and down for yrs. I think ppl overeat b.c of an emotional need. Its just sad she did the gastic bypass and gained it all back… but good for her, for working out and trying to get healthier again. I have nothing but love for her and wish her well.

  • Brandy


    for your information I’ve had 4 children. 2 post surgery. So your therory doens’t have a leg to stand on. She eats too fricking much. END OF STORY! She’s getting older so yes, her matabolism is slowing down, but that’s where you start exercising and eating the right foods.

    I’m a nurse and I see this all the time. People who gained the weight back after surgery. It’s because they go back to their old ways of eating, plain and simple!

  • velvett

    The key is to not only address physical issues but emotional baggage, and work on the trigger points in ones behavior. If you don’t change habits and how you perceive things it doesn’t matter what was done physically.

    I do find it ironic that now she is trying exercise now, it probably would have been a good place to start after she healed from her surgery instead she embraced the same old ways and habits.
    Now she has end up the same way she was before surgery but with less options and more health risks.

  • S

    What is she so concerned about her weight? What is the big deal anyway? I thought being fat is pretty much accepted by the society now and no body really cares anymore. Instead, how about trying to shoot for another 15 minutes of fame, like guiness world record as the biggest person after having gastric bypass surgery? Boring story, Jared….

  • Sue

    People become obese when they eat too much, period. There are no wrong foods as much as there are limits to what we should eat. A bite or two of pasta or cake now and then won’t hurt anyone, but eating it in excess will.
    Exercise is also another key to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.
    That said, there are also many people who battle serious food addictions, and not just anorexia or bulimia, but binge eating and compulsive overeating.
    To look at an obese person and say, ‘Why don’t they just stop eating?”, is not the point. No one can stop eating. We need food to fuel our bodies and keep it healthy. People who face eating disorders spin helplessly in a vicious cycle of dieting and gaining. I would imagine living in Hollywood where a size 0 is the norm would be very challenging and extremely hard for a person like Carnie Wilson, who clearly has a food issue.

    Just going on a diet doesn’t help in the long run if the real issue isn’t addressed. Look at Kirstie Alley. She lost her weight on Jenny Craig and then gained a lot of it back and is struggling yet again!

    While there doesn’t always have to be some major trauma (abuse, death of a loved one, sickness, etc.) that happened in a persons life to fuel the eating addiction, a lot of times one small thing will set it off, or a compilation of those things and the way to cope comes out in the form of eating. Some people drink, take drugs, have sex, gamble, shop, and or cut, to ease their pain and others eat. For an alcoholic or a drug addict, removing the drug of choice from their lives can be done by not having it there. But how do you remove food when it is all around us everywhere? TV, radio, magazines, movies, on every street corner all over and in our homes?!

    Eating addictions are a disease to the people who have them. Making fun of them or telling them to stop eating and get a grip isn’t what they need. They need compassion and understanding and help. A good eating disorder therapist and a healthy diet of real food and the support and love of friends and family, are what an obese person needs. Not sarcasm and ridicule.

  • leah

    To those who whine “its so hard to lose weight” or its a “thyroid problem” get real
    I actually have a thyroid problem, I have had it for 15 years.
    in the begininng I did gain weight for no reason, however a year later I was on medication and became aware that I would have to struggle with my weight forever. I NEVER ONCE GOT THAT FREAKIN BIG!
    The heaviest I got at one point was 172 and that was the worse time of my life. The biggest problem with people like me is the actual weightloss part- it takes us about 4 times as much effort to be able to lose weight the way a normal person can-that has always been the hardest part-its a fight and it really gets you down when you don’t see the results that you should.
    Now for the past two months under my doctors supervision (with vitamins and nutrients added) I went on an extreme low calorie diet because I have injured myself and unable to be physical. The first month was no more than 850 calories, the next month no more than 1100. With no excersize at all- I lost 22 pounds in 2 months! I am only 9 pounds over my goal.
    the math is simple- Burn more than you eat, and if you are heavy you have plenty of fuel to burn-YOU WONT STARVE! – Its all about will power! Don’t keep stuffing your face.

  • Cherry

    Wow. It’s scary to think what’s she’s done to her body. This is dangerous. I knew someone who gained it all back after GB and nearly died from digestive complications. And then there’s the skin removal surgery… Her poor skin has been stretched out twice now? Eeeek. Kind of a trainwreck.

    I don’t get the whole GB thing anyway. Just don’t eat so much and get off your butt.

  • Brandy



    She has been patted on the back, told she has a disease, that it’s not her fault since she was 8 yrs old! Read her book! She said that was part of the problem was everyone was telling her it was inside her, she said she had wished people would have stopped trying to sugar coat everything and told her CARNIE STOP KILLING YOURSELF WITH FOOD!

    She went the route of diet therapists, chefs, and every thing else you could imagine. She said she didn’t have anymore demons, that she had conqured them all and learned how to deal with a crisis. She also said, she never felt like she had a mental issue when it came to food, that she just LOVED the way food tasted.

    She’s 40 yrs old. It’s really time for the gloves to come off. She needs to now put forth the effort to YES stop eating the foods that are bad for her. A few bites of a cake might be OK for you, BUT SHE CAN”T STOP after a few bites. That’s like giving a person a cigarette and saying “only 2 puffs now”….yeah RIGHT!

    YES there are wrong foods. If you eat CARBS with a high glycemic index, it turns to sugar, slows you down because of the insulin it shoots into your system, and causes you to eat more.

    She’s had EVERY SINGLE CHANCE of someone else trying to help her lose weight. IT’S NOW UP TO HER. SHE HAS TO DO IT ALL BY HERSELF! 40 yrs of support from others didn’t work, why would you think it would start working now????

  • pan

    Does they even sell running tights in that size?

  • pan

    Oh, never mind, I think it is just a pants becoming tights.

  • Scottie

    GBS is a very serious surgery and has numerous emotional, and physiological effects on the person that decides to go through with this serious operation. Since food plays such a very large and important role in a morbidly obese persons life and their emotional well-being, it isn’t long before many of those that undergone the surgery suffer from major depression in the months following the surgery and often turn to other addictions, I believe CW turned to alcohol. Many of the morbidly obese simply use food as an emotional crutch, and the new strict limitations placed on their diet by the surgery can place great emotional strain on the patient. Their battle with obesity seems to be a battle that is hard won, if ever, for those like a Carnie Wilson. We just don’t understand the psychological effects of GBS at this time and it is apparent it is not an easy fix for deep seated emotional pain that results in over eating.

  • HollyGolightly

    Good for her for putting on some running shoes and going out to exercise! It’s way better than seeing the starving little sacks of bones that dominate Hollywood.

  • eddie jones

    something tells me this is going to drive up the stock at mcdonalds. Heres something for you obese people, you know if you don’t have a medical reason as to why your the way you are, and I don’t mean a medical condition you created by eating like a hog, maybe you should stop eating so unhealthy.

  • lily’s belly


    Come on! Look at your posts. You must be a fat b i tch!

    Good luck with your weight.

    -Your belly

  • huh!

    lily @ 03/25/2008 at 11:38 am

    Most likely since she is working out and still struggling with her weight, means that she has a thyroid problem.
    Listen lily. I have hypothroidism, and I am not fat at all. Hypothyroidism is easily controlled with medication. Carnie’s problem is, she eats too damn much.

  • huh!

    Listen lily. I have hypothroidism, and I am not fat at all. Hypothyroidism is easily controlled with medication. Carnie’s problem is, SHE EATS TOO DAMN MUCH!

  • Bella

    Maybe she did gain the weight back because she ate poorly, maybe she struggled with losing the baby weight. I also think she exercise consistently after her surgery and even during her pregnancy.

    But you’re all assuming that she is unhealthy because she is fat. She could be eating right and exercising and NOT losing any weight. There are plenty of fat people who are much much healthier than thin people. I am technically underweight, my friend is very much overweight, but she is much healthier than I am. Her cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse, diet, exercise regime is all PERFECT and yet she doesn’t lose the weight. Her doctor says that she is one of the healthiest and most health conscience people he has seen in a long time.

    I’m not saying that that is the case with Carnie, but you’re all jumping to assumptions. My body doesn’t gain weight regardless of what I eat or not eat, or how much or how little, it isn’t like that with all people. Some people have to struggle with diet and exercise just to maintain their weight.

    I hope Carnie reaches a weight that she is happy with, and that if she is leading an unhealthy lifestyle, she makes some changes.

  • Chris

    As a successfully recovered bulimic, 26 years out now, I have to say that Sue hit it.

    Since when do people not need support and compassion when they are clearly struggling with a sickness just because they relapse?

    I know from personal experience that had it not been for the love and support of my now husband of 22 years, my doctor and my family and friends, I probably would have killed myself.

    Obesity and eating disorders tend to hit a nerve with people in that they just assume it’s a willpower issue and that the afflicted person should just “buck it up!”.
    How sad.

    I am so grateful that the loving, non-judgemental people in my life gave me a second and a third and fourth chance to finally help myself!

    Society also tends to have little patience for the obese person as they are usually seen as ugly, sloppy and pathetic. They don’t fit into the ideal of the Barbie-doll mentality that the media pushes on all of us.

    I hope Carnie Wilson gets the help she needs no matter how many times she falls.

    For your sake Brandy, I hope you never need anyone to give you the forgiveness, compassion, support and second and third chances, we all deserve to have.

  • nica

    I’m feel for her because she expressed how much the weight loss meant to her. I don’t believe she is at the same weight as she was before her surgery. Luckily she knows what to do.

    It can’t be as easy for her this time seeing that she has more responsibility with ther child.

    I wish her the best.

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  • Amy

    Yikes. Poor thing.

    I just don’t get it. How does one become so big? Do they sit and eat all day? Horrible. I hope she regains her health.

  • collette

    Hang in there Carney. God bless your soul. At least you are trying instead of throwing in the towel and giving up completely. Many people gain and lose weight again and again, until finally one day something CLICKS, and they are finally able to conquer it and stabilize. You’re beautiful and I wish you complete success.

  • Sheri

    I feel so badly for her. She has such a beautiful face and is so pretty. I pray she can lose the weight again. But the one thing I don’t understand is if her stomach is only the size of an egg — how could she gain this much weight? Forgive my ignorance, but I’m just not that familiar with gastric bypass. My hunch is something emotional is bothering her and that is what’s caused the weight gain. Her daughter is over two years old now – and she wasn’t this big even after her pregnancy. Bless her heart … I feel so badly for her. May God give her His strength and ability to lose this weight again. I’ve seen her on so many interviews and she is a wonderful person.

  • Ally

    Having lost a lot of weight myself, I think she’s full of it. So many excuses, so much fat.

  • Elan

    Yes, she eats too much. But why? Does she love food more than being thin? Maybe. Or, maybe she feels driven to eat. If you’ve never experienced this *constantly*, you can’t know what it’s like. It’s stupid to tell someone: just stop eating so much! If they could, they would. And yes, some get gastric bypass and keep the weight off, but many do not (many also die from it). IT’S NOT HER FAULT! She’s struggled all her life with this. She’s trying, but it’s hard to fight your body; sometimes it’s also impossible. You aren’t her, even if you’ve had your own struggles. Shut up, already. Let’s see how your weight is in five years. Maybe you’ll be fat again, too (or puking in some toilet to try to say thin…or smoking…or becoming anorexic…)


    Carney,just be fat and healthy. Skinny isn’t 4 everyone.

  • red dress

    When your body tells you that this is YOUR body type…don’t fight it…highlight it.

  • mcghee33

    I think the remarks on here are awful. Its hard to judge someone when you haven’t walked in their shoes. I watched her interview this morning and she has only gained back 50 pounds. Its not like she is as big as she used to be. She even said herself that she wasn’t falling the rules for when you have the surgery. She fell off the wagon. Food addiction is as real as any other addiction. You are recovering for the rest of your life. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge others by the way they look.

  • CAthy

    Well, I think those of you who say it’s her behavior obviously don’t really know what you are talking about. You’ve obviously never had the issues she is dealing with so, shut up!!! Unless you’ve been there put your stones back in your pocket for your own glass house.

    You should be sending her support and prayers!

  • olga

    everyone has to die eventually.. you will too. If I made the comments you made, I would die a very bad person

  • olga

    I think Carne has too much stress.. Everyone one of her family members rely on her income. If her husband worked, maybe that would relieve some of her stress. It’s apparent Carne loves her family very much but her husband does not seem to help much and when he puts more stress on her about her weight and when he doesn’t really help her by joining her exercising events, I think Carne feels stressed and sad and eats because that is her pleasure. Unfortunately, I think she has no time for herself and really think about things