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Jamie Lynn Spears: Look at My Engagement Ring!

Jamie Lynn Spears: Look at My Engagement Ring!

Mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears has been flashing a sparkly new engagement ring to friends and family around Louisiana and Mississippi, reports People.

Spears, 16, is apparently on her way to tying the knot with 18-year-old fiancé Casey Aldridge.

“She’s got an engagement ring,” a source reveals. “She’s been showing it off, talking about it.”

Jamie Lynn is expecting her baby this summer.

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  • daniel512

    shes hot, well at least she was…1st?

  • sharon

    at sixteen? not a chance.

  • Tina


  • Emily

    Im happy for her!! she seems really happy =] And thats good!

  • sancii

    Good for her!!! ;)

  • Michelle

    that’s good. She’s doing the right thing.

  • sancii

    Good for her! ;)

  • kat

    wow that is so trailer trash. get pregnant then get married at 16! who does that??

  • smallville

    omg first!!

  • http://myspace zanessfan!


  • Jonas Fan

    Hmm Well it was bad enough she got pregnant at such an early age and she’s not married

    But if she is really engaged them good for her
    i hope it’ll work out

  • vickifromtexas

    Agree #8.
    Total trailer trash. Who needs to/wants to be a parents at 16. So stupid.
    Can you say “morning after pill”.

  • Alexis

    good for her??? she is only getting married because she made a mistake and got pregnant. i’m 16 and i f i got pregnant i damn sure wouldn’t just marry the guy! hell, if i was 30 i wouldn’t just marry the guy!!!

    seriously people?! wtf? it’s fine if you support her pregnancy or feel sorry for her, but take off your rose-tinted glasses

  • lola

    trash shit

  • XXX!

    Dude it wont work out , you would think she would learn from her sister getting married wont make it better, im glad shes happy but she should stay out of the lime light,have the baby and be the best mom she can not get married at the age of 16!
    Isnt there laws against that anyway !! if not there should be haha

  • Jon

    Did anyone see her on Miss Guided? It was so funny that she was playing a slutty high school after this whole preggers scandal!

  • Stefanie

    poor kid, I am sure her mum forced her to get married..!

  • shaky

    sooooo my mom did that !!! SO SHUT UP age doesnt matter when it comes to love XD

  • janie

    The Spears family are redneck white trailer trash. A 16 year old girl getting married! It is absolutely ridiculous!

  • kat

    Wow. you think she’d learn a thing or two from the train wreck that is her sister, but clearly NOT. That’s so ridiculously stupid of her. Sorry hun, but it’s not gonna work. Total trailer trash.

  • Molly
  • The OC Fansite


    I don’t feel sorry or happy for her.

  • sandy

    I agree-they are trashy. I believe Mom Lynne has all these lies floating around to save herself being lable a bad mom. I don’t think Casey gave her a ring at all. More lies to save a busted family name.

  • shannon

    haha this made my day i mean seriously wtf!!

  • lala_girl

    I’m so happy for her! LOVE HER!

  • WTF

    omg on her official fan club website
    it said the baby isnt caseys
    she said casey cheated on her
    so she got revenge
    by having sex with romeo
    so fucking shocking

  • christine x3

    wonderful (/sarcasm)

  • Jessica

    a baby is not a reason to get married. don’t get me wrong it needs a father figure, but i doubt the baby is gonna notice whether it’s parents are married or not in infancy. they should slow things down, heck they just got pregnant!

  • Dana

    The entire family is ignorant and uneducated trash.

  • Amy

    she is a dumb, redneck hillbilly!

  • Kate

    Fake-Fake-Fake The only way that will happen is if they pay the boy.

  • Karen


  • eddie jones

    im still waiting for the rape charges to be filed. alot of young men are in jail for exactly the same thing. I guess 16 yr old pregnant girls are the norm for hollywood though. since nothing will obviously happen to the criminal in this rape case, who paid for the ring, the new k-fed? :)

  • Trish

    She is a whore!

  • Mo

    She is a PIG!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    it should be against the law for celeb blogs to post stories about minors.

  • LoL

    Oh yes look how well marriage worked for Britney Spears. This family is really ignorant. 16 years old spells big divorce but what do her mum care, she is desperately trying to save Jamie Lynn’s career to keep the money coming in.. how else will Mum Spears live.
    Good thing Jamie Lynn big brother is not being pimped out..

  • sarah

    Good for you jamie-lynn!! =)

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    shes engaged just cuz shes having the baby.

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    shes engaged just cuz shes having the baby.

  • http://justjared idk

    wow shez 6teen nd pregnant! it dont matter she still pretty nd i gess shell hav help razin her baby!!!! i still luv her but i luv vanessa hudgens way more im vanessa hudgens biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  • Jaye

    Engaged? It had better be a long engagement. Getting married at her age and compounding one wrong absolutely doesn’t make anything right.

  • sara

    Well, she has everything stacked against her by having a baby at 16, but at least the kid won’t be one more Hollywood bastard.

    There’s way too many of them in Hollywierd. Bastard city!

  • sara

    Hey, Jared ***tard is not a swear word! its what children of unmarried mothers are!

  • http://JJ.COM Blip


  • http://JJ.COM Blip


  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    who f7cking cares??????????

  • Jay

    it should be against the law for celeb blogs to post stories about minors.

    ^^^It should be against the law for a 16 year old to get pregnant. Wait it is against the law….but I forgot if you are in hollywood you don’t have to abid by the laws of the lands. So it explains why the grow man that knocked her up isn’t going to jail plus it’s a good idea to say it was Casey to make it more exceptable by the media. Now it looks better if we lie and say she is engaged to Casey-one thing the Spears better hope their fall guy Casey don’t find real love with another chick and drop this sham.

  • ****

    Look ya’ll I’m a 16 year old girl of ill repute who ain’t never heard of nun o’ dems condom type thangs. Ah yuck.

  • caved1ver

    Casey Aldridge must be dumber than a “bag of smashed a%%holes.”
    Given Ms. Spears apparent promiscuous nature, I would advise Mr. Aldridge to get a “PATERNITY TEST” before marrying this creature. Statistically, women lie about the paternity of their children at least 30% of the time when paternity is in question, e.g., when the two(2) partners aren’t married.

    Men: women lie constantly about everything, e.g., their age, weight, education, debts, etc.- don’t take anything some woman tells you at face value.