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Natalie Portman: Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Natalie Portman: Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Natalie Portman plays a bit of peek-a-boo with paparazzi as she catches a departing flight from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Nat, 26, has a new film, My Blueberry Nights, opening in limited released next Friday, April 4.

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  • cheryll

    1ST!!!! AT LAST! ;)

  • ashley


  • ashley

    man u beat me! i was so close.

  • dedaas

    love her!

  • bolishopin

    it’s ok to be shy princess ! !

  • cheryll

    Hahaha!! It is my first ever post here

  • cheryll

    It is my first ever post to be on top! :)

  • lousta

    aw she’s so cute

    she is soo stunningly beautiful!

  • celebaddict

    I love Natalie she is a wonderfully talented actress.

  • Raven

    Natalie is very talented and gorgeous. It is obvious she is not a media tipper! Adorable trying to hide. I like what she is wearing! Simple, casual and still looks very classic! :D

  • BC89

    i feel bad for her. she can’t go to the airport like other people…but thats the sacrifice that celebs have to make. even tho it shouldn’t be a sacrifice they should be able to do w/e they want to do in peace. i m actually perpetuating the cycle by visiting this site religiously. lol
    luv ya nat

  • vinny

    Natalie always wears shirt-jeans-sneakers in her daily.
    she likes simple and casual. love it.

  • Laura

    Best actress ever. She is just amazing, she knows what she is doing and I’m impressed. Go Nat !

  • SOFF


  • saluyd

    She is cute here. It’s funny to see her dressed so casually, no hairstyle etc, yet stepping out of a limo. Wonder why she needed to order a whole limo to go to the airport when she could just take a cab? She likes to travel in style, I guess lol!

  • jamila

    She is cute here. I like when celebs dress down. Tho it’s kinda funny to see her dressed so casually, yet stepping out of a limo. Wonder why she needed to order a whole limo to go to the airport when she could just take a cab? She likes to travel in style, I guess lol!

  • Anna

    Love Natalie, If I had the money I’d be using limo’s too LOL

  • meehhhlllieeser

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  • wayne geddes

    this woman is only famous because of her religious backers

  • Edgar

    Doesn’t want to be photoed, at least not with the fat ugly old man who is with her. Who is he? Anyway, she may not be rich enough to charter a plane. If she were really doing well career wise, I would think she would charter a plane instead of taking a scheduled flight. For example when Reese Witheringspoonbread and Jakey went to NYC it is pretty clear they did not fly commercial but probably had a jet chartered for them by Avon.

  • alberto fraga

    She is adorable, and she has a simple life not the way that Paris Hilton would have, she is simple and she deserved our respect. I am not an exemption when I desire for her the best I could desire. Life is not simple because she is a celebrety and the paparazzi wants all her attention, but I hope that she will act the way she acted before on her films. I love Nat not the way she looks and she is very sexy but for the way she is, a celebrety in her mind on the Earth. If she reads these email my name is manhobravo, and I send tons of email in the past years hopping in her bussy life she knows that I love her and my mind is only about her.

  • anonymoose

    i heart limousine liberals

  • cjh

    she always wears those shoes.

  • rien

    Geez, it must be very difficult to be a celebs. There is always somebody who complains.

    If I have to choose (thank God, I don’t) between Hilton and Nat, I don’t even have to think for a second. I think it is even an insult for Nat that I said that (I beg your pardon, Nat).

    When Hilton visited my city, where did she go? Night Club.
    When Nat visited my city, where did she go? Museum.

  • ****

    Suddenly not so pretty without the makeup.

  • dane

    plain without makeup
    has her own beliefs…but common she is like a little weird and strange and gets too political ect.

  • mr_blond

    I love Natalie. She is so naturally pretty even without makeup.
    The cutest eyes ever.

  • Wow

    A limo? how weird and how humanitarian lol And she is so common, not beautiful at all, you ppl need help