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Victoria Beckham is Ferosh

Victoria Beckham is Ferosh

Victoria Beckham goes head-to-toe black as squeezes in a bit of luxury shopping at Balenciaga in Mayfair, London on Tuesday.

Just last night, Posh arrived in London with her three sons. Everyone is in town to support daddy David Beckham win his 100th England cap against France later in the week.

How ferosh are those skintight leather pants??

Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

20+ pictures inside of ferosh-looking Victoria Beckham

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victoria beckham ferosh 09
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victoria beckham ferosh 11
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victoria beckham ferosh 13
victoria beckham ferosh 14
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Photos: Focus Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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47 Responses to “Victoria Beckham is Ferosh”

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  1. 26
    Nathalie Says:

    Still as ugly as usual. Agree that she looks like an empty robot, she probably has the brains of a robot too.

  2. 27
    He-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    I agree, hasn’t this woman shopped the whole of last week too? Is it that hard for Posh being Posh? And exposing her body to winter chill like that will eventually take it’s toll on her health. England is still not over the cold season yet. Believe me,i try doing what she does, but running from the car to the front door without a coat in winter, is too much for me. Super models like Heidi do not have to prove how much they can dress up, but still get acknowledge in their field, while this miserable woman spends her whole life shopping and then getting a reminder on her blackberry NOT to forget her kids home sometimes! But she still drag them on her fasion exploits instead of children friendly places.

  3. 28
    legs Says:

    i love her shoes!

  4. 29
    blah Says:

    Fix your pig nose, B I T C H!

  5. 30
    jd Says:

    I hate this ugly useless *****! She is always so robotic, stiff, and fake.

  6. 31
    beckham Says:

    this is the ugliest outfit my wife has ever worn.and she wears bad outfits all the time.

  7. 32
    bet betty Says:

    Hmmm, her and her angry look cheating meal ticket can go straight famewho*ring and shopping in the h e l l, which no one truly cares.

  8. 33
    rien Says:


    may be it is not the outfit that is ugly?


    she does look like AJ in the Beowulf premiere. And wait until you fall in love, who knows you might fall in love with a married person, then may be you will reconsider with so called homewrecker word….

  9. 34
    Lily Says:

    @ Rien and all the haters!

    What kinda sicko would fall in love with a married person? that person should ************ cos its a homewrecker.
    A person that wrecks a marriage is a heartless *****.
    Everyone knows that married people are ‘keep away property’ so if you fall for someone married you’re nothin than a *****/****.

    Victoria can be a media ***** but she’s not a homewrecker. I’d prefer to have an image as a media *****.
    So what if all she does is shop? she has the money so why not!
    Who are we to judge if she’s ever bathed her kids or not? To me she looks like a normal parent…she spends time with her kids, she even takes them shopping with her.

    She did indeed spend all of last week shopping in LA but UK fashion is far ahead than LA so she wanted to hit the shops to see what she’s been missing. Any celeb coming from US does a bit of shopping in the UK cos the fashion is just better over here.

    I think she looks great! Love her style!!! Major…

  10. 35
    singLe Says:

    for RIEN # 33

    because they wore leather pants. there are pictures of celebrities who wore leather pants in people magazine last week edition i think.. and they all look the same, with high heels and black top, because thats a good combination… so they all following AJ footsteps? not necessarily… i fell in love already.. so you are saying that falling in love with married person and became a homewrecker like angelina is a NORMAL thing and a right thing to do?

  11. 36
    duh Says:

    for single

    it’s OT – i don’t think there’s anything wrong with falling inlove with a married man especially if the man is out of love with his ex. you can’t force people to stay together if they don’t want to.

  12. 37
    rien Says:

    No, I do not saying that anybody following AJ footstep. I just said that she does looks like AJ at the premiere (if any body compares the way I look with this men’s fantasy on two legs, I would be the hell proud!)

    And no, I am not saying that it is normal. But again, what is normal?
    I am just saying that love is love. You can not choose with whom you fall in love.
    And marriage just like love itself, it needs to be taken care of. You can not stay married and do not do anything for it. Would you stay married, knowing that your partner is boring like a yesterday bread, unfortunately he or she does not want to improve her/himself?

    And just because I do not put this-never-even-finish-reading-a-book woman as my idol means that I hate her. My feelings are too precious to be directed to her (positive or negative).

  13. 38
    rien Says:

    Typo: I am not saying not “I do not saying”, sorry! English is not my mother tongue!

    And Lily,
    I do want to hear what your husband or boy-friend say when he heard you say that married man/woman is a “keep away property.”

  14. 39
    giselle Says:

    hope those leather pants dont rip as there look so tight!!

  15. 40
    hmmm Says:

    Sorry- but there is NO COMPARISON to be made between this anorexic, vain, self-absorbed VILE human being and Ange- who is undoubtedly NATURALLY beautiful inside as well as out as well as being a loving, top-notch mother- something Ms. “It’s all about me, Priss-Fug-Face Beckham” knows NOTHING about!

  16. 41
    mICHELLE Says:

    For once she looks great, (which is refreshing after that bow-wow Marc Jacobs ad we were subjected to last week) but I wonder sometimes if she has teeth. Does this chick EVER smile? If I were married to David Beckham-who according to her is VERY well endowed, who loves her so much that he tattoos himself with her name, had 3 beautiful boys, a s**tload of money to be able to buy whatever I wanted, and Hollywood at my feet, I’d be showing some JOY. She’s such a sour-puss.

  17. 42
    Ally Says:

    She is so so fug.

    And she absolutely RUINED those PVC leggings. That is NOT how you wear them. You’re supposed to COVER your ass and crotch you moron. Under a dress, skirt or tunic is ok with these leggings, not as trousers! Anyone that says she’s a “fashion icon” should be screened for Down’s and probably shops at Payless and Kmart. Every outfit I’ve seen her in is absolutely LAME. Its like she watched The Devil Wears Prada and decided thats how “fashion people” dress. It’s not. Get a clue Posh you’re ugly, stupid and can’t even dress yourself.

  18. 43
    militza Says:

    Following on from #29 blah’s comment….she should cut off some of her pig nose and stick in on her non exisistant a r s e…..fill it out a bit.

  19. 44 Says:

    love her money

  20. 45
    millers-ex Says:

    she’s too skinny and too miserable

  21. 46
    Ivor bignob Says:

    **** Me!

    She’s got an ****!

    Is she putting weight on?

    Don’t care what anyone else says, I STILL wanna **** her brains out!

  22. 47

    You do not need to give up this time because you may just need to try one more time to be successfull

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