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American Idol 7 -- Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 -- Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol

UPDATE: Video links inside!



Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado were also in the bottom three.


Group Song – “Right Back Where We Started From” (Watch here)

Carly Smithson – “I’m Not Pregnant” (Watch here)

Caller wants Ryan Seacrest‘s job (Watch here)

Kimberly Locke performs (Watch here)

Chikezie eliminated (Watch here)

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  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    thank god, i hated hearing his name. lmaooo now that white girl has to go! people need to stop voting for the worst.

  • kay


  • eira

    noooo..he was better than Kristy ..!!!!

  • pookie

    whos jason cook??
    DAVID cook?
    or JASON castro??

  • BexterzzNY

    finally! than kid can’t sing

  • BexterzzNY

    its david cook btw.
    or jason castro….

  • melissa

    jason cook?

  • dunder miffliner

    jason cook or david cook or jason castro?

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    okay…good choice.

  • Suzy

    David Cook
    Kristy Lee Cook
    David Archuleta
    Jason Castro
    Michael Johns
    Brooke White
    Carly Smithson
    Syesha Mercado
    Rameille Malubay (I can’t spell her first name)

  • Suzy

    It’s Jason Castro… Jared you wrote his name wrong!!


  • Jenn

    That’s a shame. I may be one of the only ones who liked his song last night, but I enjoyed it. I think Jason Castro was in the bottom with him.

  • Just Jared

    MAH BAD. Jason Castro. (:

  • Jenn

    It’s okay JJ – you’re super fast on all the news ;]

  • nicole

    what’s chikezie’s last name?

  • jenny

    I liked his song and his style. Sad to see him go but worst cuts have happened in past few idols.

  • Joey

    It’s Chekizie Eze, looks like he landed himself with a real performers name!
    idk if he had to go so early but there was no way he was going to win.
    1) Brooke
    2) Michael
    3) David C
    4) Carly


  • Alexa Zucky


    Ugh, I hate Kristy Lee Cook.. I wish she was out.
    I liked Chekizie better then others, and some didn’t deserve to be on the couches.


  • ZanessaFan4lYFE

    hey..i noe this has nothing to do with this subject but……..CAN U PUT UP SOME ZANESSA POSTS!!!!!!!! =P I MISS THEM!! xD

  • ZanessaFan4lYFE

    hey..i noe this has nothing to do with this subject but……..CAN U PUT UP SOME ZANESSA POSTS!!!!!!!! =P I MISS THEM!! xD

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    This has nothing to do with american idol but……….MORE ZANESSA… I MISS THEM!!! xD JJ CAN PLEASE TRY TO PUT SOME NEW ZANESSA POST UP SOON!!=D

  • david archuletta has to go!!!

    i am so sick and tired of david a and ramielle… they were good at the start… but as the others…. some of the others i should say….. are getting better and growing each week d.a and r.m are still where they started… they are appealing to the high school musical-hanna montana crowd…. bein cute an giggley wont get u far after the 1st 15 mins wear off…. i personally like brooke an david cook… on another note jason castro needs to put the bong down for a while… he was lookin all sorts of loopy these past couple weeks….

  • ytu


  • Nick J’s gf Amber J

    I love David Archuleta!! he can sing so well and he’s so cute!! But I’m upset that Chikezie went home tonight when it should have been Krisy or Jason!! They’re just terrible!!!

  • Nick J’s gf Amber J

    Imean Kristy

  • Amy

    I want Carly, David Cook and Ramielle to go. I can’t stand any of them.

    Fave guy is David Archuleta.
    Fave girl is Brooke White.

  • deegee

    too bad.. i feel sad for Chekizie Eze.. i think he’s not that bad.
    Kristy the one should out.
    And Syesha Mercado in bottom of 3…. it’s ridiculus

    David Cook… rocks!!!

  • jania

    i def agree with “david archuleta has to go!!”‘s post.
    i loveeeddddd david in the beginning, but he’s kind of losing his shine (trust me, i hate saying it, but i think its true)
    and i totally had high hopes for ramiele because i thought she was amazzzing.
    but i really love those two, and i’m giving them one last chance next week. hopefully they pull it off and neither of them are sick or anything, because they both have amazing potential.
    seriously though. they gotta step it up.

    p.s. chikeze was actually good. a lot better than that talentless blonde chick

  • mary

    It was time for CHIKEZIE to but if I have to be sincere I believe that the oriental girl should have gone first.
    David A
    David C and
    Jason Castro they are my 3 my favorites 3.
    They sing are cute and fresh. :) Yummy! :)

  • IdolFan

    I find it interesting that the two black folks on the show are consistently landing in the bottom three. And finally one got kicked off. And I’m pissed !! There was absolutely no reason for either of them to be in that position, let alone for one to get the boot. But there we have it. It’s so unfair. I think both Sayesha and Chickeze did a great job. Maybe Syesha more than Chick. However, I voted multiple times for them both. Unfortunately, it seems, I was in the minority. (pun intended)

    I think that Little Miss Malobar and Archuleta should have been in the bottom based on their performances, both which I found lackluster at best. I never heard of that stupid song David sung.

    There’s just no justice to this voting system. Maybe they’ll get the worst out and leave my Syesha alone. She definitely deserves to be in the top four, at least.

    So bye bye, David A. and Malobar !! People are already getting tired of the hype and controversies surrounding you. And they see all of the better competitors that are ahead of you. Yeah !! The day is coming !!

  • david archuleta

    David Archuleta rocks! he’s safe again!

  • izzie

    glad to hear that

  • joan

    what! jason castro was in the bottom 3??

  • Kikigirl101

    aww! I liked chikeze! He was special!!! I wish Kristy Lee Cook would just get voted off already!!!! The only reason she’s there is because she’s on vote for the worst .com

  • rani


    Chikezie’s BETTER that Kristy, everybody knows that!

  • emily☆

    Kristy Lee Cook should have left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But my fav. is……. David
    David Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omj TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and cute! :D


    Poor chiki baby ;(

  • Molly

    You have to see the hilarious comments that Sister Mary does of each contestant on CPL.

  • luv vanessa

    i liked him, he just wasnt very popular.

  • shutup#30

    shut the eff up #30 your annoying stop being such a critic! kiss your ass home cause that “little miss malobar” you call, is gonna stay! PEACE.

  • pqp

    :/ I kinda liked Chekizie. he is way better than Syesha.

  • deegee

    agree with jania.

    i used to like david archuleta, but now… it’s quite bored . Yeah He lost his shine.

    about talentless blonde chick… totally agreee!!!!!!!!

  • elle

    i can’t believe how well this show does, but i think its because its entertaining and interactive! i love the kardashian show, i wish it was more interactive too!

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  • princess

    Why is Jason in the bottom3? It should be kristy lee!
    Come to think of it, God Bless The USA is a song that is sang in a singing contest by a second grader and not by a someone who’s aspiring to be a superstar. Such an easy piece.

  • jLotiki

    brooke white is my favoritest.. hehe.. next are david archuleta & ramiele malubay.. i’m from the philippines like malubay.. we’re proud of you ramiele! JUST JARED is the best source… my “sidemate” and i made a song… it started wit zac’s belt broken… lol… keep up the good work jared!