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The Jonas Brothers Do Jimmy Kimmel

The Jonas Brothers Do Jimmy Kimmel

The Jonas Brothers film a video promo at a Los Angeles park on Wednesday.

Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick, 15, rode Vespas together, stood atop moving beds, and posed for photos.

Looks like it was really hot outside–Joe had to roll up his pants!

USAToday has two new articles about the JoBros here and here.

“(The Jonas Brothers) are Hanson: The Next Generation,” says Blender editor in chief Joe Levy. “But they’re no more your ordinary teen idols than this is the ordinary teen moment. [Hanson had its moment in the sun] when kids had less spending power and less control, and there was less of a machine than there is now. Hanson only had a record label working for them; the Jonas Brothers have not only Disney’s record label, but Disney radio and TV.”

Don’t miss the Jonases on Live with Jimmy Kimmel! tonight!

25+ pictures inside of JoBros looking pretty preppy…

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jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 18
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 19
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 20
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 21
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 22
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 23
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 24
jonas brothers jimmy kimmel 25

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  • nicole

    FIRSTTT! look at my nickyboo

  • Breanna

    2 MORE DAYS<3

  • mae




    and they boys look hott :)

    cant wait for jimmy kemmel <33

  • babysis

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • hannah


    its so cute <3

  • Kiki

    Even though i love Hanson….They are lot more talented than Hanson, I’d have to say, and a lot better looking

  • M2theJB

    they are so hot! i love nicks smile!! keep rockin boys!

  • Kiana


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    the new hansons. lmaoo 15.. 14.. 13.. 12..

    fəgs. lol

  • justluvthem

    Even though i’m more of a joe girl,im thinking… “i’ll join nick on that bed”

  • mae


    they look amazinggg as always :)

    could anyone please tell me how steph died?


  • lizzz

    The Jonas Brothers have a lot going for them…I don’t think they will fade out. Although, if it means a kabillion people don’t hound them pointlessly and we could have smaller concerts again, that’d be cool. :)

    Also…Hanson are still making good music. Better than when they were “famous”.

  • SaLi_georgian

    they r just OK!
    i like only nick :P

  • Taylor

    what’s a video promo?

    what is it for?!

    please someone tell me!!!!

  • lizzz

    Mae – I don’t think it is respectful to press the point about Steph. No one knows at this point – there are no autopsy results immediately. And it is up to her family whether or not they want to let the info out; but either way, should we be discussing it on a big site like this?

  • inahle

    as always… love Joe!!!!!

  • Erin

    a;klsdjfa i love these boys.
    kevin, looking sexy as always
    joe, blue is so your color, and way to rock those white pants.
    nick, quit making sex eyes at me on that bed, you make me think illegal thoughts.

  • Shelbylynnmarie

    Thanks Lizzz…if Steph’s family decides to let us know how she passed they will, but it really doesn’t help anyone to persistently ask about it. At this point it’s best to just let things fall where they will…

    On a happier note…the guys look fantastic in these photos! I wish it were hot enough to have to roll our pant legs up…we got snow today…arghh…I’ve pretty much decided I’m moving somewhere like L.A. or Orlando! I’m so excited for everything they have coming up in the next few months!

  • helenn


    sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy joe.

    yumm :)

  • Mariana


  • sweets

    aw jared, you’ve posted so little on them
    why must you start now?

  • babysis

    Erin lol your so funny! in a good way. lol

  • Bauergriffinonline

    EXCLUSIVE video of today’s Jonas Brothers shoot at:

  • angela

    The pics are amazing
    can’t wait for Jimmy Kimme tonight!

  • Nikka

    LOVE JB!!!

  • Nikka

    JB ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!

  • Nikka

    JOE’s HOT!

  • Nikka

    JOE’s HOT!!!

  • angeline

    Joe’s hot ;]
    Date meeeeee !
    Lmfao, just kidding .
    But if you’re interested…

    AGAIN, kidding !
    These pictures are amazing .
    Joe looks sexy with his rolled up pants !
    I love him, seriously, I do<33333333


  • Bea

    omg ppl, stop asking how steph died, no body knows!

    anyways, the boys look amazing!!!!!!!
    as always!

  • Nick J’s gf Amber J

    WOW NICK JONAS IS HOTT!!!! I loooove him so much!!! He’s sooo sexy and i love his adorable smile!! I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and they rocked!!!

  • Kanani

    Damn Nick be lookin fine!!! Joe needs to cut his hair, as well as kevin, Nick is perfect no need to change nick!! love these boiis!! :)

  • Jonas Fan


  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE

    OH MY JONAS!!!!!!!

  • Tess

    Nick Jonas’s fly is open in the last photo.

    that sucks for him!

  • michelle

    i just came back from the jimmy kimmel taping!!! my friends and i went to both the studio and the outdoor concert and AHHH!!!

    i made a sign that said “it’s my birthday on saturday can i get a hug?” and when they first sat down to get interviewed, joe looked directly at me (he’s my favorite!) and he just kept staring at me and AHHHHHHH!!!! then at one point nick was looking to and AHHH!!!

    oh my god i’ll never forget this night! haha

  • caroline

    joe looks like a girl.


    yeah. nick. marry me?

  • lovtheseboys

    they are S_E_X_Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<3333333
    i absoulutely lov them so much!
    they are amazing and they are absulutly HHOOTTTTT

  • mandy

    They look so good (:
    I love Nick’s little haircut.
    It’s really weird that they have like paparazzi taking picture of them now though.

  • Caitlin

    NICK IS THE BESSST and the jo bros are coming to aus!! wooo I get to meet them at te meet and greet because theyre not as known and popular as they r in america

    HEHE suck americans that its hard for u to meet them :)

    me <3′s nick =]

  • amy


  • Kimmy

    yayyy more jb!
    they were amazing last night:]

  • phoebe

    aww love it!
    they are my babes!!
    im marrying nick!!

  • zanessa4eva!!

    yess!! ma boyz lookin awsome as usual!!
    thx jj!

  • Ryanne;Brasil!

    LOVE they!
    they’re cute! *-* ;DD

  • Molly

    These boys are prettier than the Hills girls.

  • lovinmesomejonas

    OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH those boys look so good!!!!!!!!!!! I am SSOOOOO lovin those pics!!!!!♥ they tottaly are rockin my socks and to #41 YOU ARE SO BLESSED !!!!!!!!!!! i so wish i was you!!!!!!!!!! nick looks AmaZinG!!♥♥♥♥
    nick if you ever need someone def. call me!!!
    ♥-in some jonas’

    ***♥♥♥**klala out!!**♥♥♥***

  • MS. JB

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THey are awsome and so nice
    Hey #41 when you get back from meeting them DEF. tell us how
    they are in person. cus im one of those unlucky “americans” who
    can’t just go and meet them :( But i sure wish you would!!! =)