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Josh Duhamel is a Minnesota Man

Josh Duhamel is a Minnesota Man

The hunkalicious Josh Duhamel hands off his car keys to the valet as he arrives at the historic luxury hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday.

Duhamel, 35, wears a purple “NFL Minnesota Vikings” cap (his dad lives in Minnesota) and drives a Chrysler SRT.

Last week, there was much speculation that his fiance Fergie was pregnant.

“I’ve never been pregnant,” she told Extra!. “And this is probably the 20th time people have said that. So, no, for the record. I’m five feet four and so when I gain a few extra pounds, it shows. I think people just love to speculate.”

10+ pictures inside of Minnesota man Josh Duhamel

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  • lily


  • aubrey kate

    is that a Fergie cd I spot in his door?

  • Kimmy

    YAY for minnesota hehe!

  • amanda

    chrysler 300 not a cadillac

  • syd

    thats a Chrysler, not a Cadillac

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Amanda and syd!

  • kk

    wow can he get any more gorgeous!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    haha he’s driving the poor mans phantom.

  • kylie

    ha i live in MN!

  • faith

    He’s good looking so how come he doesn’t have a movie career. I guess it’s not all about looks in Hollywood.

  • daisy

    Well I guess he has learned how to suffer like every other Minnesota Vikings fan. LOL

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


    i luv him! hes so hot!!! AHH-MAZING!!!

  • Michigangirl

    I believe that his dad lives in Minnesota. I think he gets back to MN a lot. I think I even read a while back that Josh was looking for land there to build a place.

  • Michigangirl

    I think he doesn’t have a huge movie career because he was tied to Las Vegas but now that show has been canceled, he has more time to devote to building a movie career.

  • Tealeaf

    I take one of him, a ice tea and piece of pie….

    Damn he is HOT!


    Actually Josh is a North Dakota man.

    Since we’re a small state and have no professional teams most North Dakotans are Minnesota Twins/Vikings/Wild/Wolves fans. Or else Denver team fans.

    I do believe his father is in Minnesota now, but he’s a North Dakota hottie – not Minnesota.

  • Daniela

    i have a picture of him where hes wearing that shirt. (from a photoshoot in a magzine..i think it was glamour) cool to see them repeat outfits. it makes celebs look more real. haha

  • claire

    my favourite

  • michelle

    i’ve met him twice, i have my picture with him, and his autograph, haha. not to brag or anything!

    my brother used to work on las vegas so he was able to get me to meet him. the second time i met him he kissed me on the cheek. hehe.

    okay i’m done now!

  • Birdie

    OMG he is so hot !


    its nice to see he drives a regular car.

  • lala

    the man is so good looking, i love that he’s so laid back- ball cap, crysler- no frills= very macho- which is incredibly hot to me.

  • oh please

    he is so hot…I loved him on All My Children. Too bad his fiance is so ugly

  • Alison

    He’s a hottie, unlike his fug fiance.

  • Sophia

    I loved him on AMC too. He was good-looking and humble then. Now, he’s still good-looking but obviously he too busy to bother with his old soap friends like Rebecca Budig. According to her, he never calls her anymore and he doesn’t return her calls either. She says she’s gone down his “list of importance”. Guess Josh has gone “Hollywood” after all. It’s a shame because he seems like such a nice guy. But being rude isn’t very nice in my book.

  • Alison

    Well, he goes down my list of importance then if he is Hollywood jerk like that. Perhaps his lovely fiance has had something to do with him going that way…

  • ariel

    Sophia you are sad listening to stuff like that. Maybe he got sick of Rebecca who was crazy obsessed with him. She said he is still nice to her when he sees her. She was totally weird with him, I dont blame him for not calling back.

  • Sophia

    Ariel, it’s not like I’m spreading a rumor, Rebecca was quoted as saying this herself. Personally, I believe her. And yes, she did say that he’s nice to her when she’s seen him. But still, for her to even mention this at all, must mean that her feelings are hurt. I could see if Josh never bothered to keep in touch with her, but he used to. And I don’t believe for a second that Josh is ignoring her because she is “crazy obsessed” with him. Rebecca has been very happily married to Bob Guiney for nearly 4 years now. Anyone who has ever seen them together has said they are crazy in love with each other. I hardly think she’s obsessed with Josh. But, I do think that Josh and Rebecca, from his own admission, were “good friends”. And that’s why she’s so hurt by this. To me, I don’t care how famous someone becomes. It’s still rude to ignore the people you used to call your friends BEFORE you became famous. And for the record, I’m sure Rebecca is not the only “good friend” whom he chooses to ignore now. From what I hear, he doesn’t keep in touch with Cameron Mathison either, who also was a “good friend” of Josh’s at one time. I know celebs are human too, but I just thought Josh would never let himself get caught up in all that Hollywood crap. I guess I was wrong.

  • amaretta88

    ITA, Sophia. Rebecca is NOT obsessed with Josh. She has no reason to be. Rebecca is very happy and totally in love with her HUSBAND, Bob Guiney (I think they’re one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen)

    If anything, Rebecca’s feelings are hurt because she thought that she and Josh would remain friends. I totally understand where she’s coming from.

    And yes, I hate to hear that Josh has gone “Hollywood”; I’ve always thought of him as so down-to-earth.

  • Beautifulsoul

    ITA, Sophia and Amaretta88. I’ve heard the same thing, that Josh has gone very Hollywood, and hasn’t bothered to keep in touch with a lot of so called ‘friends’ IMO I do NOT care how famous you become — one should never neglect friendships.

    Rebecca is not crazed with Josh. At one point they were good friends, and I think her feelings are hurt by him not returning his calls. Rebecca was quoted as stating so — that he stopped returning her calls. It’s a shame. She is such a sweet, down to earth person, and I assume she figured they would remain friends because as most of us, she saw Josh as a down to earth person as well. I guess she, and the others like her who thought that, were wrong. She has no reason to be obsessed with him either, and I think stating so is hurtful. That’s a made up rumor, by someone who obviously has nothing better to do.

  • http://none legalwannabe27

    I also read that he blew off Eden Riegel too, so it’s not just Rebecca. I guess he has gone to the dark side, and to me, he’ll always be Leo and that’s when I enjoyed him the most. He’s not that big of a star that’s for sure (Transformers was all about Shia), and Vegas was just a prime time soap. I saw a few pics of them a while ago, and he looked as enchanted with Rebecca as he was on the show. I saw their scenes, and those kissing scenes were the most intimate, sexy ones that I have ever seen on a soap. If that was one-sided, he shouldn’t have gushed about Rebecca’s kissing skills and how she’d make a great wife all the time at fan events. There was something more there with those two than just the show, and it was with BOTH of them. I have seen him kiss a few times on LV, and he does not kiss those women in the same way. I think the chemistry they shared on All My Children cannot be recreated like that again.

  • http://? tARA

    Are some of you looking at the pictures with a magnifying glass? Fergie’s CD? lol. JK.

    Josh does have a huge ego. He says he’s a great actor. His words in an interview “I go home at night still depressed after those scenes, but when you see it and you know you did a great job, it’s so rewarding.”

    Even way bigger stars don’t talk like this braggart. Josh is not even a good actor, IMO. There is a reason he got close to Scott Thompson and Fergie. And casting couches.

  • Cathy

    I think Josh is just about the most handsome man I’ve seen in the past decade in Hollywood or anywhere else. He has the face of an angel, and according to those who’ve known him, the personality to match. At least he used to. Unfortunately, I do believe the stories that Hollywood has gone to his head. He and Rebecca Budig were once very close friends, no doubt about it. I’m sorry for Rebecca that he no longer keeps in touch. I find it hard to believe she was “obsessed” with him. Rebecca always had a boyfriend during the entire time she worked with Josh on AMC, and in fact, she was actually married for 4 months in 2000 to Daniel Geller. Likewise, Josh had a steady girlfriend during that time. I don’t doubt that Josh and Rebecca appreciated each other’s good looks and even had little crushes on one another. But it didn’t seem to affect their genuine friendship. Until Josh got too big for his britches. It’s too bad, really. Josh seems to have blown off all his AMC friends, including Eden Reigel and Cameron Mathison. What a shame. If he weren’t married to Fergie, not many people would even know his name. That’s the truth.