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Miley Cyrus is Hair Crazy

Miley Cyrus is Hair Crazy

Miley Cyrus sports some free-flying hair as she and momager Tish head into Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Smiley, 15, was is a good mood (as always) and flashed her signature peace sign.

DO YOU THINK Miley will ever become paparazzi shy??

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miley cyrus crazy hair 02
miley cyrus crazy hair 03
miley cyrus crazy hair 04
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miley cyrus crazy hair 06

Photos: Anthony, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • El

    yay, i’m first, i love miley, and her bangs! shes so lucky! I love her sweats and bag and sun-g’s and phone! i can’t wait for her new album and movie!
    loe, els.

  • El

    i meant love, els.
    Yay second too!

  • T

    her bangs are a little long and in her face, but shes still cute. I love her.

  • legs

    fix your hair first miley.

  • amber


  • ilovemiley

    i love miley. simple and beautiful.

    second weeheee!!

    thanks jared.

  • acki


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    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  • serena

    she is so beautiful and her hair really suits her ….
    i rekon by the next time i see her it will be different again LOL.

  • The OC Fansite


    But no hard feelings…..

  • kristineeeee

    i love herr! but i dont think the bangs look good on her. :]]

  • kristineeeee

    i love herr! but i dont think the bangs look good on her. :]]

  • http://deleted jamey

    she looks so pretty! but i liked the way her hair looked before way better….

  • cheryll

    Miley is cute! But i think she need to fix her hair nowadays

  • zanessa_1

    i love miley shes so pretti and relli good wiv the paps. I like her outfit 2dai. i like the way she had her hair b4 tho cuz this looks weird and i dnt like the bangs

  • zanessa_1

    but i still like her and shes 1 of mi idols lol :P

  • heloo

    aww. i love her! shes soo cool =P

  • lala_girl

    AWWW love her! She looks great! YAY, first page! ^^

    And no…I think she’ll NEVER be shy of the paps!! She seems to be enjoying it!

  • sali_Georgian

    ok she is all crazy, so what if she has a crazy hair?
    they match together lol

  • imogen

    she is soo funny! but i love her hair so much!
    i dont she will ever become camera shy – she has been brought up that way!

  • tisdalefanatic

    Why JustJared? Why waste your time on this little tween star chick? Her face looks chubby with her hair like that and stop with the god damn peace sign!

  • 007

    k she CLEARLY wants the attention. This is becoming disturbing…

  • super sasha

    miley you’re cute :)

  • Jay

    The hype continues!

  • anita

    noooo and she sholdnt be paparzzi shy

  • Nina

    Love her outfit.

  • **miley**

    i love her but she should fix her hair….
    it doesn`t look good =\\

  • El

    Dear amber and ilovemiley, u r not 1st and second, I was. u were 5th and 6th!

  • denise

    she looks terrible. I can’t stand her, I hate little spoiled brats who are only famous because of their family members. (Emma Roberts, Jamie Lynn Spears, Miley Cyrus etc.)

  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE

    no offence but does she own a brush??

  • El

    uh, she is famous for her talent, not her dad! so shut up, she looks fantastic!

  • Angie

    Okay Miles, The Peace signituer has got to stop! Her clothes are very causual. And I agree w/ some of you, I don’t linke the bangs. They make her hair look stringy. She’s still a cute lil tween.

  • Angie

    Okay Miles, The Peace signituer has got to stop! Her clothes are very causual. And I agree w/ some of you, I don’t linke the bangs. They make her hair look stringy. She’s still a cute lil tween.

  • nandile

    go home!

  • El

    i hate ppl who think miley’s rubbish cos she’s not! can’tu u c she rox!

  • Yvonne

    LOVE MILEY <3 Don’t think she’ll ever become shy, but this is so much better than a person who looks irritated all the time, right?

  • Lisa

    She looks kind of tall..
    How tall is she?

  • sweets

    cute outfit
    but i dont really like the bangs either…
    she needs to push them to the side

  • Rebeca


  • fann.

    she looks cute :D – i don’t understand bashers – why look at her page ?
    her hair really suits her && he outfit looks nice.
    i love the sunnies, me & my friend went shopping today && we were like ohh, we want some big sungalsses like miley =]
    soo, yeah. stop being jealous.

  • kylie

    awwi love her, shes sooo pretty.

    her bangs are just a little too long though haha

  • XXX!

    I love the way shes always in a good mood!
    She rocks :)

  • melany


  • Ingveldur

    oh I love miley!! She’s agreat rolemodel and everything… I don’t think she’ll even become paparazzi shy… unlike me, I don’t even like it when cameras are close to me[exept for if that i'm the one holding it]



  • Carol

    i think shes never will be a paparazzi shy because she likes to be on the spotlight (who doesnt??) shes cute and i love her

  • mileyfan#1

    i love her outfit and hair she looks cute!! Miley roxs

  • lena

    i love her!! hahaha. but shut up she is not famous because of her dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she tried out for the role just like everybody else did!

  • kayla

    lena @ 03/26/2008 at 6:58 pm

    Just because she tried out like everyone else did, doesn’t mean that her daddy didn’t help her get the part in some way. The fact that he’s even on the show, even though both of them can’t act, is the reason people believe she didn’t get the part fairly.

    I see a major meltdown in her future if she does not step back away from the paparazzi and this crazy star life for a little while. Too much exposure is what leads to the Spears, the Lohans and the Hiltons of Hollywood. It’d be very sad to see another one bite the dust.

  • bruna hudgens

    love miley beriful ;)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE and vanessa hudgens,
    lovee !;)