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Martha Stewart Checks Out Gabriel Aubry's Rear

Martha Stewart Checks Out Gabriel Aubry's Rear

Domestic diva Martha Stewart is featured in the new Macy’s commercial and what does she do? She checks out Gabriel Aubry buttocks! (Yes, Halle Berry‘s model boyfriend.)

Martha‘s collection includes textiles, housewares, casual dinnerware, flatware and glassware, cookware, etc…

Mariah Careyalso drools over Gabriel in same commercial. Watch the video below!

Martha Stewart Checks Out Gabriel Aubry’s Butt
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  • I saw that commercial yesterday and thought it was funny but disturbing in a way, lol.

  • lady t

    I like, like, like…Ooohhh, lalaaaaahhh!

  • Red

    that is funny. Until, Trump shows up in the end.

  • sammantha

    He’s hot!!!

  • ellie

    I love the commercial. Aubry looks so tall, elegant and handsome.

  • me!

    halle is so so so so lucky! he is so damn fine!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    i like this one better than the santana one

  • lala

    that was good, it was funny

  • Tealeaf

    He is handsome, yet he seems like a sincere guy. Him and Josh Duhamel my 2 fantasy white guys…I have 2 for ever race..

  • Helena

    LOL at Mariah!

  • HalleGabriel

    Good taste! Gabriel embodies tall, elegant, and handsome.

  • bet

    that one of hot malle!

  • alfred

    Sucks he doesn’t speak. I wonder what he sounds like. I hope he isn’t like David Beckham; good looking, but with a squeeky voice.

  • jennifer

    OMG he is SOOOOOOOOOOOoo hot!

    halle, you lucky bitch!

  • mary

    he’s so hot!

  • Georgia Lass

    He’s French-Canadian and has a sexy voice. He was on one of the entertainment shows talking about this commercial shoot just the other day. IMO he is the most handsome man I’ve seen in a very long time. Lucky Halle!

  • albus

    I thought it was him when i saw the comercial on TV!

  • Maria

    mmmmm yummy Halle is one lucky b*tch :D

  • sarah

    He has a dreamy stare. I just got a glimpse of this yesterday. I was like “wowie! If I was his kid,I’d bring him to parent teacher conferences just to get the teacher to be nice.”

  • Si

    l think she is Gay,l never see her with men!

  • rhondaf2003

    LOL, I love how they all try to pretend they weren’t lookin! He probably used to people staring at him by now.

  • JunoFirst

    hahaha!! Sooo funny video. Especially with Trump in the end. I can see Mr comb-over be so jealous of this hunk for real!! Yep, Aubrey is a real dreamboat. Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.. **sigh**

  • abc

    I saw the commerical and I thought it was weird that they did not have him talk . I saw him later on I think it was Access Hollywood he does not have a sexy voice. He sounds goofy when he talks that is why they did not have him talking in the commercial. Aubry was saying on Access Hollywood how all the people in the commercial were legends and he jokingingly said what am I(Aubry) doing in this commercial. I was thinking duh you are only there because you are Halle Berry’s baby daddy. He is good looking but there are alot of good looking male models he is getting all of this publicity because of who he got pregnant.

  • Tdani

    Gabriel is pretty attractive. As a model, what you’d expect. Halley is beautiful, too. Boy, I can’t wait to see their little girl, Nahla. What a pretty name they gave her, too.

  • lily

    I was hoping he would speak just to hear what he sounds like. Everything was going okay except when that douchebag trump, appeared and spoke.

  • marianna

    he’s not that good looking that I would follow him around.

  • Chris

    Check out my blog for the best in pop, hip-hop & r&B!

  • Sunny

    That’s a funny ad! Trump at the end was cool “so very shallow”. Ha ha.

  • HalleGabriel

    Ah, abc and Marianna, the uptight, spiteful, and stupid, have to have their ignorant say.

  • HalleGabriel

    abc, it may seem that there are many good-looking male models, but there are definitely too many decent male celebrities whom people like you fuss over just because they are celebrities, not because anyone finds them talented or attractive. But that is the sort of person whom who would want to drool over I guess.

  • abc

    HalleGabriel, I simply stated my opinion about Aubry I do not know the man, you should not take what other people think of him so personally. I also don’t fuss over celebrities but you seem to or what I said would not have bothered you.

  • thebeautifullpeople

    Stop hating….he has been modeling for YEARSSSSSSSSSS! so if getting Ms Halle with child does a little extra for his career, so be it!! he still fine as hell, and that baby, oh, that baby, will give miss shilo, and ms suri a run for there money, that skin, hair, and looks!!! OMG

  • abc

    On the contrary I agree with you I stated that he got all this publicity because of him being Halle’s boyfriend so I am not hating obviously you agree with me about him getting “a little extra”.

  • Go Halle!

    Funny! Oh, and I also really love Mr. Trump at the end.

    Yesterday, my sister finally saw the commercial and called me drooling about Halle Berry’s boyfriend who is “soooooo fine!”

  • amama

    I saw that commercial. Funny. I agree with most of my friends that Martha stewart looked kind of eerie, predatory and letch-like and out of place, but the other girls in the commerical were really funny! Halle is going to have to watch him especially as she gets on in years and her competition begins to move in.

    I love trumps sarcasm at the end. Generally women always call him shallow for preferring much younger women and so his sarcasm was funny to anybody who got it. It was like “oh I’m the shallow one yah???? ahhhahahah right right. pot and the kettle. Now do you see why I don’t listen to you when you preach to me?”.

    Of all those women, Mariah Carey would have the best chance to land him. He seems to be into black females and biracial black ladies. Martha would be the least likely.

  • krystal

    OMG! Gabriel Aubry is as fine as Fabio and that’s saying alot.

  • He’s still a fruit

    I don’t care…he’s still a fruit!