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Kate Walsh: Stand Up For Real Sex Education!

Kate Walsh: Stand Up For Real Sex Education!

Private Practice star Kate Walsh speaks to teen peer educators, health education experts, and Planned Parenthood doctors at the “Stand Up For Real Sex Education” congressional briefing on Thursday in Washington, DC.

The briefing focused on the need for comprehensive, medically accurate, commonsense sex education programs.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s mom, Blythe Danner (pictured below), was also there to lend her support.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh standing up for real sex education…

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kate walsh sex education 01
kate walsh sex education 02
kate walsh sex education 03
kate walsh sex education 04
kate walsh sex education 05
kate walsh sex education 06
kate walsh sex education 07
kate walsh sex education 08
kate walsh sex education 09
kate walsh sex education 10
kate walsh sex education 11
kate walsh sex education 12
kate walsh sex education 13
kate walsh sex education 14
kate walsh sex education 15

Photos: Joshua Roberts/Getty
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  • sarah

    thts nice..

  • katieeee

    first xD

  • jlm

    1st? shes everywhere!!!

  • Natasa

    Wow…she looks amazing…
    I love her…
    She is really a great person…beautiful inside and out…always gives her time for good causes…

    Thank you JJ!

  • jamie

    That’s my girl!

    She is sooo amazing. I have so much respect and admiration for her standing up for good causes and using her fame for good. I love Kate!

    Jared, Kate will also be in Pennsylvania on Friday speaking on behalf of Obama at a University there.

    She also is said to be starring in a new movie which will be filming soon, I wish someone could find more info on that.

  • Kate

    I love that she stands up or these causes!

  • Karla

    Kate gets more amazing by the day.
    I admire her so much & she looks gorgeous as always.
    Thanks for the pics x

  • jamie

    I was so consumed with expressing my pride that I forgot to mention how gorgeous she looks. She is beautiful.

  • Reese

    She is so amazing. I admire her for all that she does.
    I admire that she uses her fame to create more oublic awareness of certain issues. Not many celebrities do that.

  • KB

    Love this woman to pieces! Finally new pics!
    keep them coming JJ

  • ally

    I love how Kate always supports good causes!!
    and she’s always sooo beautiful!
    thanks JJ and keep kate’s pics coming!

  • Mary

    Good for her. It is great to see celebs who support good causes. She is a gorgeous woman.

  • ANNA

    Nice pics. Kate looks great ! I admire her for using her fame to promote those causes she believes in. She’s been supporting Planned Parenthood for years. Go girlfriend !

  • Hannah

    Thanks for the pics Jared.

    I love how Kate has to go all bow-legged in the 2nd pic to get down to the same height as those girls she is photographed with !!

    And a movie ? Cool. She is one busy girl.

  • Hillary

    It’s awesome to see that Kate is volunteering for so many causes!
    She’s a real role model, plus she looks gorgeous!

  • Swedish

    She looks amazing , great that she is using her fame for something good. She is stunning. Kate will always have a big place in my heart.

  • Mike

    This woman has the most beautiful brilliant blue eyes. So sexy !
    You can return the favor anytime baby ;)

  • Jen

    Great photos. I love how Kate looks very natural, very fresh & simple. She is one of the few lucky celebs who looks beautiful without make-up. Love the fact she had her hair in a sideways ponytail & then let it down !

    And I envy all those people who managed to get pics with Kate.
    She certainly does her bit for charity.

  • Natalie

    Kate looks very pretty & elegant. I bet she gives great talks – she’s eloquent & serious when need be, but also knows how to tell a great story.

    So hope we get news of that movie soon. Paul Bettany & Kate together in a movie – hell yes !

  • Marie

    Tres, tres belle.

  • Chloe

    I love the photo second on the bottom row. She is so pretty. Thanks Jared xx

    Addie’s Greys ep is airing 1 May – mark your calendars !!

    And Prp is back shooting May, hope we get some spoilers soon.

  • I

    She is SOOOO great.. I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!!

  • Lindsey

    Thank you Jared.

    Kate is my role model. She is a beautiful person with a big heart.

  • oakling

    I’m torn between being glad people are standing up for this, and annoyed as hell that they even have to!

  • nathalie

    awwww she’s so cuuuteeee!!
    love kate <3!!

  • sarah

    I love this woman !!she’s natural and hot!!


    WOW WOW WOW!!!

    OMG she looks so pretty! Thanks JJ!

    I love Kate, she is always helping!

  • Brainysmurf

    She is just fantastic. Kate is such an admirable person.

  • LoveKate

    Look at her smile! She is adorable. She is the BEST!

    Thanks JJ.

  • alicia
  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Kate is admirable, intelligent, articulate, not afraid to speak up for what she thinks is right, and so distractingly beautiful. It’s really hard to keep in mind that what she is doing is very important, young people’s futures can be saved with appropriate sex education, when we are looking at her pictures.

    Kate, Blythe Danner and Suzanne Whang will attend Planned Parenthood’s D.C. awards gala tonight.

  • eddie jones

    lol, all this from feminists that no decent guy would touch, I think what they really mean is touch each other sex education.

  • S.

    Like you could get laid, Eddie Jones. Because if you could, I would bet you would rather not get VD, or a girl pregnant.

    Only guys that can’t get it are against sex ed. They are just too jealous of everyone that is doing it, and if you are be careful, get informed, know what you are doing,

  • jamie

    Thanks S. for the news I hope we get more pics.

  • KWRocks

    I look up to Kate. She is kind, sweet, talented, gorgeous, smart, and funny.

    Kate Walsh ROCKS!

    Thx. for the pics.

  • Brainysmurf

    Great post, S!

  • Tami

    #9 many celebrities support many causes not just her, just cause you dont care to know what other causes celebs support doesn’t mean they dont.

    She doesn’t look put together as she normally does, doesn’t look like she’s brushed her hair or done her make up.

  • CJ

    She’s looking kind of rough here. She’s starting to show her age. I like her brown hair but red looks better.

  • Brainysmurf

    Tami, I don’t think number 9 was putting down other actors or insinuating that Kate is the only actor who does worthy causes.

    I think Kate looks very pretty, but I agree she does not look as if she had her hair or make-up done, but I think it’s appropriate. First of all Kate looks better without make up and second, she is not attending a fashion show or party. She is making an important speeech about a serious topic.

    I really admire what Kate and Blyth Danner are doing. Kate really seems to do her part to make the world a better place. She may have been inspired from her Private Practice castmates. I believe Tim Daly has made speeches in Washington on behalf of children and Amy Brenneman has worked for women’s rights. I think they are all awsome.

  • jamie

    The difference between Kate and some other celebs is that Kate actually gives 120% of her support.

    Showing up to a red carpet charity event is great and throwing money at a charity is great as well, but that does not take effort for a celebrity. Any celeb can have their publicist sign a check. Any celeb can put on a big fancy $10,000 dress and show up at a charity event, to pretend to support a good cause.

    Kate is apart of the intelligent and truly giving celebs, who not only give their money, support, name, but their voice. Their is very few celebs who speak on behalf of their causes, No I do not mean a red carpet interview speech I mean a speech infront of normal influential people.

    Kate goes the extra mile. She does the leg work, not just throw a check infront of their face and put on a fancy dress.

    Kate has spoken on behalf of Planned Parenthood for quite some time. She has also spoken at many different Universities in various states, including Texas, Arizona, Cali, Nevada, and tomorrow Pennsylvania, on behalf of the presidential election, Barack Obama, and encouraging the young to vote.

    Of course, Kate has always been involved, in high school, she was a member of the drama club, student counsil, yearbook, and newspaper. She is also a college graduate (unlike the high school dropout celebs), who went to Japan to teach English.

    Kate is a wonderful person. Beautiful on the inside and out.

  • Courtney

    She is incredible. I love her more and more everyday. I am proud to be a Kate Walsh fan. She is so my idol. She looks so cute. A natural beauty.


  • Mateo

    She looks damn fine to me.

  • Thank You Kate Walsh

    As a teacher and mother, I applaud her support of Sex Education. A wonderful cause. This world needs more caring and giving people.

    She will never read this but_Thank You Kate Walsh and Keep Up your Good Work.

    She is beautiful.

  • …..

    I have to comment on her amazing skin. She has the best skin I have ever seen. She looks so fresh and natural. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.

  • elle

    i think thats awesome! good for her!

  • elle

    i think thats awesome! good for her! i wonder if more celebs will join in like the kardashian sisters or something, theres 3 of them for goodness sake!

  • Tami

    #40 How do you know that other celebs dont give a, as you so call, 120%….just cause they dont publicise that fact that they want to support and do support certain charities…doesn’t mean they dont give it their all.

    I hate them, but look at Brangelina…..they give quite a lot and not just their money at appearance to certain charities….but not all of it is publicised.

    Just cause all celebs dont publicise their support doesn’t mean they dont give their all. KW isn’t special in this case many celebs give it their all to support charaities….just cause you dont care to go and check the facts.

  • jamie

    #47 You should really stop bashing people on the internet and pick up a good book specifically a Grammar and Spelling book. It would do you a world of good.

    If a celeb shows their full support to a cause, it will be out there, unless the media does not care about that celebrity. Like I said, giving a check is nothing for a celebrity, it does not prove they support a cause, it proves they have money and that is it. Often charities will call up celebs publicist and ask for a donation, of course, the celeb will give money unless the celeb is selfish. However, that is not supporting, it is just giving money.

    Giving your 120% support means speaking and leading your voice (like Kate does and some celebs do, including Brangelina) . This was a Congressional Briefing meaning people from the news will be there, not E!online.

    Making it known, means more bringing more attention and support to the cause. It brings more money, recognition, awareness, and support to the cause.

    So, you need to get your facts straight.

  • jamie

    Guess what Kate fans?

    It is OFFICAL, Kate is set to film a movie. Its a big production too. Congrats to Kate! She is on fire!

  • Tami

    Who the hell am i bashing, seriously im just saying that your precious KW isn’t the only one who supports charity a 120% when doing something for charity, get over it dude.

    U get over it, and its the internet sweetie, last time i checked my grammer and etc does not need to be perfect, especially not on this site.