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Kate Walsh: Stand Up For Real Sex Education!

Kate Walsh: Stand Up For Real Sex Education!

Private Practice star Kate Walsh speaks to teen peer educators, health education experts, and Planned Parenthood doctors at the “Stand Up For Real Sex Education” congressional briefing on Thursday in Washington, DC.

The briefing focused on the need for comprehensive, medically accurate, commonsense sex education programs.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s mom, Blythe Danner (pictured below), was also there to lend her support.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh standing up for real sex education…

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kate walsh sex education 01
kate walsh sex education 02
kate walsh sex education 03
kate walsh sex education 04
kate walsh sex education 05
kate walsh sex education 06
kate walsh sex education 07
kate walsh sex education 08
kate walsh sex education 09
kate walsh sex education 10
kate walsh sex education 11
kate walsh sex education 12
kate walsh sex education 13
kate walsh sex education 14
kate walsh sex education 15

Photos: Joshua Roberts/Getty
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  • http://justjared idk

    who tha hell iz she?

  • jamie

    Whatever Tami, and for the record I never said she was the only one.

    Im so excited about Kate filming a movie. Production starts in New Mexico on March 31st and ends May 18th. She also starts back shooting PrP in May. She is a busy girl.


    Yay!!! Kate in a movie!!
    Im so happy 4 her!
    She so deserves all the great things happening to her!

  • sabine

    kate is so inspiring to speak up for these amazing causes. i admire her for using her time to be productive, not just any kind of productive, but being so in such a way that aims to effect progress on other people’s lives. and yes, she’s gorgeous and funny just as much as she is smart enough to be in these public social events. i love her. thank you for these updates Jared, they really inspire!

    ps congrats on the movie Kate! It’s gonna be awesome!

  • Reese

    #37 I said “not many celebrities do that”. I was just acknowledging the fact that Kate Walsh does, since this is a thread about HER. I know I may be biased, since I like her, and am not informed about ALL the celebrities out there, but it is also a fact that a lot of news about her are about her supporting and speaking up for different causes as opposed to other celebrity news, where it’s all about who partied where and who forgot whose panties etc. (Again I am in no way insinuating that this concerns every other celebrity a part from Kate Walsh. BUT there are a lot of news, pics about famous celebrities like that.) So I am in no way suggesting (nor was I ever) that Kate Walsh is the only celebrity to do that. I just like that she does care about more things than her fame, her outfits etc.
    Also thanks, Brainysmurf, for defending me. You are absolutely right.

  • cĂ©line

    first of all thanks to sarah and jamie for their comment on the last pics.second of all jamie how do you know everything about kate walsh?I’m a bit jealous but thankful to you(is this how you say it”thankful”I don’t have my dictionnary).kate is the best we don’t care about your stupid comments stupid people.

  • S.

    To use one’s celebrity to help is always a good thing. Some people just sign a check, dress up and smile for the photos. Nothing wrong with that, but some go the extra mile. Kate is in the group that really cares, and goes the extra mile, does the leg work.

    Kate also serves in the Board of Advocates of Planned Parenthood, along with Blythe Danner. It’s not just the doing the stuff you see for the cameras. It’s not just choosing the causes that look nice in a Miss America speech kind of way. One of her fan sites was hacked by pro-life fanatics just prior to this event.

    So yes, Kate is one of the good guys that does more than just sign a check, or dress up for the things she believes in. She is also courageous for not shying away from a very important issue just because she might get a backlash from a fanatical fringe. She is not the only one, but this is a post about Kate Walsh, not about the other ones…

    Personally, I think this is such an important issue that it really drives me nuts that the people rather be petty, and jealous than discuss the real issues.

    Knowledge is power, whomever denies people the knowledge is infringing on their right to decide for themselves, and on their ability to decide right. You go Kate!

  • Mitch

    #49 Thanks for the movie alert :) Been waiting for her to make a movie. Wish it will do good in the cinemas.

    Any word when the shooting will start?

  • Tara

    Mitch – I believe the movie starts starting very very soon – like next week ! It’s scheduled to begin late March and finish in early May & Kate has to be back on the PrP set late May ! Busy lady.

    I love Paul Bettany so him & Kate together in a movie *sigh*

    And I concur with the comments about admiring Kate. There are few celebs who are eloquent enough to speak at events on behalf of good causes. Kate is one of them. More power to her.

  • S.

    One busy lady indeed, today she is speaking for tha Obama campaign all day in PA:

    11:30 AM Bucks County Coffee Co.
    22 North Main Street
    Doylestown, PA 18901

    12:00 PM Speaks at an event at the home of Maureen and Chris Serpico
    50 South Chapman Street
    Doylestown, PA 18901

    1:30 PM Speaks to students at Lafayette College
    Oeschle Hall 224
    Quad Drive
    Easton, PA 18042

    3:45 PM Speaks to staff and volunteers at Obama Levittown Campaign
    7500 Bristol Pike
    Levittown, PA 19057

    5:00 PM Speaks to students at Bryn Mawr College
    Marion Edwards Park Science 243
    Old Guelph Road
    Bryn Mawr, PA 1901

    She does, literally, go the extra mile.

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    FF –

    Kate Walsh, the star of “Private Practice” having a smoke break in between takes at the studio. Note the truck to the left of the picture and the sign on the hood. We know Kate smokes Parliaments and just because it’s low on tar and nicotine does not mean it’s okay for her to smoke “within 50 feet” of the truck. We’re just kidding, Kate!

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    MB board –

    Kate Walsh, the star of “Private Practice” having a smoke break in between takes at the studio. Note the truck to the left of the picture and the sign on the hood. We know Kate smokes Parliaments and just because it’s low on tar and nicotine does not mean it’s okay for her to smoke “within 50 feet” of the truck. We’re just kidding, Kate!

  • katie

    aww. she’s so nice isn’t she?! :D Barack Obama has really inspired her to continue what she’s started with Planned Parenthood, and of course to do other good deeds, too :)

    Thanks for this, JJ! You rock!

  • jackie

    Kate and Blythe, 2 of my favorite actresses.

  • Kim

    WOW, Kate is really doing her bit for Obama. As others have said, more power to her.

    Thanks for these photos Jared. I like the casual sideways ponytail.

    And looking forward to seeing her in a new movie !

  • Addie-Fan
  • Brainysmurf

    Thanks for the article link, Addie-Fan. I love reading interviews with Kate because she is always so witty and smart. Reading what she has to say about the peer educators and Planned Parenthood, I can’t help but think Kate would make an amazing teacher. I love her as an actress, but I think the education profession lost out when she stopped teaching English.

    I’m going to repeat what a poster above said: I know Kate will never read this, but as a teacher, I thank you for what you are doing.

  • katefan!

    Great interview!!
    Aww the happily married guy! Lol
    she just cant help being that hot!

  • S.

    Great interview.
    Another interview on The Early Show this morning (with video clip)

  • jamie

    Thanks for the links. The interview was great. Ihope we get some pics when she goes back to red hair.

    Kate received an Award at the Planned Parenthood Gala. Yay she deserves it.,,20186967_20431501,00.html

  • Swedish

    Thank you for all the links.

    Yay she got a price :)

  • AJ

    Planned Parenthood…sick bastards

  • Swedish
  • Swedish

    Please more pictures soon JJ.

  • Katerules

    More Kate pics PLEASE JJ!!

  • sarah

    She’s shooting grey’s and legion;

  • katiekate

    There are new Kate pics out there from yesterday, the hair is still brunette….interesting.

  • YAY
  • Swedish

    YAY, thank you for the new pictures. :=D

  • Katy

    Same pics here :-

    Kate’s car got a flat tire & the paps helped her out !

  • jamie


    She is so cute. Well there is a plus to the paps following you everywhere, they can help you out sometimes.

    Still a brunette.

  • tk

    awww what a sweetheart!! did u all know her movie “three below zero” is pasted up? go check it out! eccentric & intriguing movie

  • tk

    love the 4th photo on the top row. such gorgeous bright eyes

  • tk

    sorry, forgot to mention where three below’s pasted up at: youtube

  • tk

    she’s just soooo beautiful inside & out….how is it she has such glowing flawless skin??? she just walks into the room & brings the sunshine in with her. such a natural fresh radiant beauty with a sparkling personality

  • timtam

    Any new Kate pics Jared ?

    She must be on the Greys set now. Hope someone finds some new pics soon – I want to know if Kate is back to a redhead !

  • anouk

    Please get us new Kate pics. I’m in withdrawal…Thanks.

  • clau

    where is kate
    please JJ we can’t live without pics of kate walsh

  • S.

    The shakes, the cold sweats, the ache in the whole body, the headaches, it is all from not having new Kate pictures.

    JJ we are suffering. Help us, please.

  • Swedish

    JJ . Please more pictures am begging, please give us some new Kate pictures. Just 1 or 2 would make me incredibly happy.

    Please let go of my sufferings.

  • jamie

    I feel your pain Kate fans.

    However, Kate is working on the GA episode so there probaly wont be any. Maybe over the wkend.

  • jamie

    Wait a second, we got new pics from Flynet posted in this thread on Monday. It is only Friday…We are a spoiled bunch. LOL.

  • anouk

    But I love to be spoiled. Heh.
    And I love to be spoiled with Kate pictures. She is awesomeness personified.

  • ANNA

    We are spoiled but you can never have too much of La Walsh !

  • jamie

    #93 and #94 Total Word, never too much Kate.

  • Susie

    Any new Kate pics ?

    I’m glad to read she is shooting a movie.

    She sure is busy. So we have her Greys guest-role, the 2nd season of Private Practice & a movie !!

  • Kate is Love

    Kate = LOVE

  • jamie

    A quick Kate update:

    Kate is said to be helping host and participanting in a LA Walk for Cancer Research on May 10th.

    Here is her movie page on IMDB:

  • S.

    New pics are out. The link is over at the TWoP boards.

  • jamie


    Yay I love Kalex pics.