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Nicole Kidman's Baby Bump Loves to Jump

Nicole Kidman's Baby Bump Loves to Jump

Fit as a fiddle!

Active mom to be Nicole Kidman leaves the gym after a good morning workout on Thursday in Sydney, Australia.

Nic, 40, also spent some time on Marubra beach on Thursday taking in the sun and clean air.

Nic and dad Keith Urban expect their first baby in July.

More pictures of Nicole Kidman‘s baby bump jump inside…

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nicole kidman baby bump jump 01
nicole kidman baby bump jump 02
nicole kidman baby bump jump 03
nicole kidman baby bump jump 04
nicole kidman baby bump jump 05
nicole kidman baby bump jump 06

Photos: Ben McDonald/
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  • jen

    tiny bump, but it’s there

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jared, what bump? lol

  • just me

    Here a bump, there a bump, everywhere a bump bump! or Bump watch 2008!

  • C

    Good for her for staying fit and healthy during pregnancy, instead of sitting around doing nothing.
    Good luck to her and Keith with the baby!

  • esther

    She’ll always be the slimest girl in town. It’s in her genetics. She has such a narrow waist, even starving 20-something Polish models have more hips

  • esther

    She’ll always be the slimest girl in town. It’s in her genetics. She has such a narrow waist, even starving 20-something Polish models have more hips

  • Jennifer W

    congrats and i wish them all the best and i hope they have a healthy baby boy or girl. :)

  • mimi

    I hope they have a boy or girl, too. (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  • sali_Georgian

    i dont think she is pregnant

  • Fer

    she looks great

  • MMM

    Jared, I love your site but your post titles are really getting bad…cheesey bad.

  • daisy

    For everyone who thinks she isn’t pregnant, why in the heck would she lie about something like that??? That is just stupid. There is nothing wrong with never having a biological child. But guess what, she is!

    Thanks for the pictures.

  • mimi

    I have friend who has 3 children, all conceived while in her late 30′s. She is also very thin, not by dieting but by genetics. She eats but never gains an ounce. Yes, she is hated by all of us. LOL. She never “showed” much throughout any of her pregnancies and she had healthy babies, all around 7 pounds. She never wore maternity clothes, just regular clothes a few sizes larger. (another reason to hate her. LOL) She “carried” her babies just like Nicole, barely there. Every woman’s body is different. I wish Nic and Keith all the best and congrats!

  • tom c

    She should stop wearing such tight outfits. It isn’t good for the developing baby.

  • carol

    I don’t know…5 mos preggy..and no boobs or any other
    body part heavier.
    For her age, 2 misscarriages(she admitted to) and fertility
    man…she should ease up on heavy workouts…usually
    moms do yoga or mellower excercises. Nic spins, runs &
    God knows what else.

    I hope she’s OK…Keith has a bigger bump!

  • lucy

    #8 thanks for the laugh! Sometimes these things write themselves.

  • daisy

    You all do not know what her exact exercises are. It is best to change up your routines & not do the same things all of the time. Plus we have see pictures of her using heart rate monitors so she keeps track.

  • daisy

    Oh & I meant to add that she & Keith were seen at The Sydney Royal Easter Show this same day & guess what? She & Keith were eating! I know that would shock a few people that think she never does.

  • lucy

    With her history I think we can be sure that each and every exercise she does has be OK’d by her doc. It may seem excessive to us because all we see are the pics of her entering or leaving a gym. Exercise is not contraindicated in pregnancy. It may even help her come delivery time.

  • lilly

    No matter how much you exercise, you will gain weight because you are pregnant. I suggest she just chills out a bit and exercise this much after the baby.
    I just had a baby and trust me all you need during pregnancy is just try to be active, walking is great. Weights, spinning, pilates is all bull what are you working on, a six pack?

  • lilyanne

    Some people may think that she is not getting any bigger but just think about it; not a day goes by that there aren’t new pictures of her surfacing. You don’t get big overnight and some don’t get much bigger in a month’s time. I bet she wouldn’t have announced it so early if she didn’t have to pull out of a movie because of being pregnant. 6-7 months is a long time to have the world watch your belly. I had a hard enough time having my own friends and family watching mine! lol. I wish Nicole and Keith all the best.

  • elle

    awe shes going to be so cute pregnant!

  • lilyanne

    Being “fit’ to a certain degree does help come delivery time because they don’t call it labor for nothing. Limber is good, wonder woman ready not good.

  • lala

    She looks great.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she’s not pregnant. she’s pulling a – lily allen, all for publicity. pretty soon you can expect them to say nicole had a miscarriage.

    nicole will NOT give birth in 08. remember ~Famous~ typed that.

  • really pasty

    She is obsessed with her weight … and so, is exercising vigorously in order to stay slim. If this baby is so precious to her, why not adjust that exercise regime to something more moderate. She does spinning, up hill running and vigorous workouts in a gym. I saw pictures of her after a workout and she looked exhausted.

    She is nearly six months pregnant…and I’m sorry, but the “bump” has hardly changed since Jan.

    I certainly hope that the baby is healthy…and more than a pound at bitth. What is she gestating…thumbellina???

  • zoe

    wow she’s literally working out every second- good for her

  • ally

    She’s pregnant…look at pictures of her from the side! She’s 5’11 people, she’s not going to balloon out like Nicole Richie.

  • anon

    I don’t think she’s pregnant…I think she’s going to adopt a baby secretly or have a surrogate carry for her and then she’ll pretend she delivered.

  • random

    Does she always wear the EXACT same workout outfit?

  • Yes, you know

    that black is a very slimming color. Nicole doesn’t want to look fat!

  • begonia

    I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t think she’s going to have a healthy child. Given her history with miscarriages and her very small belly at 5 months, it doesn’t bode well. When I look at her I feel like something is very wrong.

  • jade

    I like Nicole. I hope she is alright, she is so thin. I don’t know why she
    has to exercise so much.

    Famous #25- You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • whatever

    I also believe she’s not pregnant. She probably has a surrogate mother. It’s not only the bump that’s missing. At 5 months, she should have gained weight at the breasts, hips etc. No matter how tall you are, you DO look different while pregnant. She doesn’t.

  • lana

    i don’t believe she is pregnant!

    when a woman has history of miscarige the OB-GYN does not tell them to go exercise like she is been doing all this months but to take it easy and have some rest

  • Beth

    I also don’t believe it, and the rumors in Hollywood of her not really being pregnant have been rampant. I think she will adopt or have a surrogate. Crazy and Katie had one biologically, supposedly (not too sure TC in the real dad). I guess Nicole thinks she has something to prove. Plus, she was always talking about wanting to carry a child. This shuts everyone up.

  • cricket

    I think she has a surrogate. I don’t know why she just can’t admit it.It’s not like there’s something wrong with it. But then she wouldn’t get her picture taken every single day while people look for her missing baby bump. That’s the whole reason behind this “pregnancy”. And it’s working like a charm.You’ve got pictures of her excercising in the same outfit almost every single day of the week. She might look like warmed over crap but she’s getting her picture taken so she’s happy.

  • katiee

    god people are dumb.

    Why the HELL would she life about being pregnant?

    Your the sick ones to actually THINK that.

    seriously, get some better material… your all a bore.

    Nicole is gorgeous.. and she is going to be an amazing mum.

  • lily

    As much as I love Nicole, for some reason I just AIN”T BUYING IT.
    I find it all suspicious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a surrogate but will “pretend” for the public that she can carry.
    I hope she not that wacky but I don’t know,….i am just suspicious.

  • rien

    I was pregnant myself. I can see from the pics that she is. Nicole will need a lot of power during the pregnancy, and I think it is good for her that she works out.

    Congrats, Nic & Keith!

  • Jaxon

    Some people just see conspiracies every where they look. I can tell Nic is pregnant. She has totally lost her waist. She is nearly straight up and down. Not every woman gets a basketball bump. Some women carry more barrel like. I certainly did and if I wore the right kind of blouse people didn’t even know I was pregnant when I was about to deliver.

    Also, women who gain a bunch of extra weight have a harder delivery. Nicole wants this baby more than anything in the world. You can bet she doesn’t make a move that isn’t doctor approved. Exercise is good. I went to the gym 3 times a week until I was eight months. I did 40 sits ups at every one of those work-outs. Let me tell you I pushed that kid out in about 5 good pushes because I had great stomach muscles. Exercise is good for pregnant women.

    Lots of women see pregnancy as a time they can just eat everything they want. My doctor said “Eat for two, be as big as two.” Watching your weight and staying in shape is much better for you. Nicole knows what she’s doing.

  • JIm

    Stop to say stupid things. What’s the problem with this woman?
    Of course she’s pregnant, anc I can’t belive that there are people in the world that think the contrary. She’s stunning, and pregnant. Is it so strange? She’s a normal woman with a normal life. Stop to blame her, first botox, now her pragnancy…What’s the point?! Is it so funny? Sorry but I’m a normal person and I can’t find nothing of funny to blame her because her baby bump is “tiny”!!
    Try to live you lifes, not other’s life.


    I don’t see any bump, either. Maybe the baby is going to be really small. It makes me think of the opposit of twins.

    She looks like having rashes on her face.


    Although I would give her credit for being unique in not showing off a big bump… just thinking of all the other pregnant celebs (some more than others) who show off their big bumps as if crying out to the world “look, I had sex, and now I look really sexy.”

  • Laughing at granny kidman

    She is ugly. I think she forgot to add her bump today. She looks like she smells. Daisy are you Wendy or Catherine? They should pay you the way they pay Jared and Foxy.


    … or “Look, we are so much in love, now I’m happily carrying his baby.”

  • katiee


    you sound idiotic. =)

  • katiee


    you sound idiotic. =)

  • Georgia Lass

    I think she’s pregnant. She’s not showing very much because she’s tall and thin to begin with.

    If it was fake, it would be a better job of being fake. She wouldn’t be seen in the tight workout clothes. She would be going around in those mou-mous like J-Lo wore all of the time. They have prosthetics of various sizes for acting purposes, too.