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Nicole Kidman's Marubra Beach Baby Bump

Nicole Kidman's Marubra Beach Baby Bump

Nicole Kidman shows off her teeny tiny baby bump after she takes a dip in the ocean at Marubra Beach, Australia last Thursday morning.

The Aussie expectant mommy was accompanied by her country superstar husband Keith Urban.

Nic makes sure to keep her fair skin covered from UV rays in a long-sleeved turquoise rashguard top.

The body-hugging lycra clearly showed signs of Nicole‘s burgeoning belly!

Nicole and Keith (both 40) expect their first baby together in July.

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Photos: ICON/Fame Pictures
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  • sh

    yay im first sorry i said that aneway goodluck with everythin

  • clive


  • Lilyanne

    Cute pictures. She is looking like a mommy to be now. :)

  • zoe

    cool swimsuit lol. but yeah, her bump is now a lot more obvious

  • Allie

    her butt looks bigger than her belly

  • Allie

    her butt looks bigger than her belly

  • elijia

    Does ANYONE ever see her with her kids anymore, or is she completey estranged from them?????? Honestly, I’ve not seen any pics of her with her children in like, 6 months or so….she’s always photographed, but they’re never to be seen…on the other hand, freaky deek tom cruise isn’t with them either…..

  • fannaticsydney

    its Maroubra Beach :)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    is this a joke?!? where’s the baby bump…? out of all the baby bump pictures i’ve yet to see a “baby bump”. lol

  • pete

    god these pix r at least 2 weeks old.
    wake up jared

  • Tdani

    I bet she is going to really expand by the 7th or 8th month. I’ve heard of women doing this before.

  • Tdani

    Yes Tom and Katie do spend time with his kids. They’re always at their soccer games, hence giving the Katie the nickname “soccer mom”. The kids even call Katie “mom” now.

  • Sienna

    Awwww she’s adorable! I wish them all the best.

  • daisy

    I am surprised it has taken this long for the pictures to be posted as this was a week ago.

    Byron Bay is a beautiful area.

  • Barbara

    These pictures have been posted everywhere for a couple of weeks now. I am sorry, not trying to be mean in any way, but no matter what angle she is, or what she has on, she simply does NOT appear to be pregnant. Very strange, the whole abdomen just doesn’t look pregnant. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 27 years and this just doesn’t look real or “normal” It seems she has been pregnant forever. If she was really 3 months when she announced this pregnancy at Christmas to her parents, she should be showing more. It is true taller women and first time mothers don’t show early, they do show a lot later in their pregnancy, but this is just not right. I have noticed some pictures (Oscars) she looks bigger, then the next picture she doesn’t look pregnant at all……what is going on here?


    She doesn’t see her kids much because they’re trapped in that cult scientology.

  • Helena

    She finally has an existent bump!

  • notbusy

    Nicole looks healthy and happy. You can really see the baby bump in this picture.

  • really

    Why did it take you so long to get these pics out here Jared? Do we need to prove something? Yea, why is she never with Tom’s kids?

  • really

    Oh, sorry, I forgot to add this – are you going to show the pictures that were taken that night as well? I heard that ET reported last night that she is only three months pregnant.

  • Stefanie

    awww yay! so happy for them!!!

  • notbusy

    Well, ET was wrong. And not the first time. Actually only Nicole and Keith really know when their baby is due.

  • really

    So how can you say ET is wrong – you apparently don’t know either – unless you are Keith or Nicole.

  • Emma

    “Barbara”, another VERY negative, obsessed and hostile poster who seems to know ALL about Nicole’s photos. Why bother if you hate her? These articulate and often long comments, more or less aggressive, hateful and slanderous, seem to pop up at every site as soon as new pictures are published of Nicole. I used to think they were Urban fanatics who can’t get over that he married Nicole, but now I’m not so sure. It could very well be Scientology people organizing this smear campaign. After all, that’s how they usually operate when someone who is a threat is not in the cult anymore. Whoever is behind it it’s getting really, really creepy.

  • Emma

    As for the pictures..I really like to see them so relaxed and informal, just like any ordinary couple taking a walk on the beach, very cute. And Nicole’s baby bump is clearly visible. I can’t wait to see their baby. :)

  • ace tomato

    Pffft. My first pregnancy I looked sort of chubby, but not pregnant, until I was 5-6 months. It drove me nuts – I just looked like I was getting fat.

    I actually had a shirt that said, “Yes, I’m Pregnant” on it.

    The “fake pregnancy” thing is such a weird notion. I suppose it will go on and on until we see the Kidman pregnant in a bikini pictures this summer.

  • ginny

    Finally she looks really pregnant now its about time and by the way she is due in june so she is about 6 mons.

  • daisy

    Yes, ET was wrong. Keith himself has said, “June, July or August” or “middle of the year.” it is obvious they don’t want to give an exact date for very obvious reasons.

  • Molly

    It’s not a baby bump, she probably had some fish and chips and some gelato. Let the woman eat!

  • Debbie

    Maybe you look that way after you have eaten but others don’t. Being nasty gives you gas, I guess.

  • esther

    She looks good when she’s curvier. Anyway, she’s always had a great ass (just look at Billy Bathgate, To die for, Dead Calm, Bangkok Hilton, Eyes Wide Shut, Fur…)

  • Debbie

    She’s due in July.

  • notbusy

    #23 ET got it wrong. Daisy is right about the due dates keith has mentioned, but he is not giving the exact month. Anyone with half a brain would know that if she was 3 months, she would have been 1 month pregnant or less when she announced her pregnancy. And there is no way she would have announced her pregnancy until after she was past her first trimester.

  • really

    If she is just five months – she didn’t clear her first trimester when she made the announcement. Another lie. Also, tell me one celebrity couple that said their baby was due within a three month time period. They aren’t the only celebrity couple that has ever had a baby and won’t be the first. Right now, this is the least in demand celebrity pregnancy! How often does ET need to make retractions?

  • pauline

    She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JIm


  • really is trolling

    stop trolling “really”. you’re a pain in the butt and no one wants you here. go to your troll/bash board, you know which one.

  • karen

    I love KU and NK but am I the only one that thinks that this looks like she had a pregnancy pad in there? I hate it that these pictures have put a doubt in my mind becuz I was so happy for them. Just don’t know why they would tell this story if not true.

  • Melanie

    Now you can see the baby bump! She’s so sweet and Keith is gorgeous..

  • cricket

    This just appeared on Perez today too.They have been everywhere else for a week already. Did NKU just ship them out again because she doesn’t want to put her pregnancy pad on again. The pictures of her at Icebergs yeasterday didn’t have a bump in site. She did have her Donald Trump combover working though.You could really see how bald she’s getting in those pictures.Guess that’s why they aren’t here.Just like falling asleep at Keith’s show with her dress hiked up to her as$ didn’t make it on here either.

  • really

    #37 – keep drinking the Kool-Aid if it makes you feel better!

  • natalie

    Why all the negative comments? I like Nicole and Keith.. they seem happy.

  • Lilyanne

    I am also a labor and delivery RN. Some women carry it all in front like they swallowed a basketball (I envy those) and others, even though slim pre-pregnant, initially have the weight distributed over hips, thighs, and belly (like me, ugh!). I did not show a pregnant belly until I was over 6 months and then things moved very fast. I think Nicole looks just fine.

    I read somewhere that early on someone (family member, I think)) let it slip that she was due around the time of her birthday (June 20) or shortly after. I wish them health, peace, and happiness.

  • jessica

    Natalie, there’s a group of disturbed women (probably Urban groupies) who are trolling sites like this one, writing REALLY hateful and vicious comments. They hate Nicole, and I mean hate her, and they are totally obsessed with her, and it’s really creepy.

  • PK

    It’s Maroubra

  • Sorry to say…

    #44- Get a grip. I personally don’t give a crap about Keith and I have no problem with Nicole. But I do believe something is off with this “pregnancy.” Besides no stomach, she has no weight gain anywhere. This is the most unpregnant woman I have ever seen.

    #38 – I agree, it looks a bit like a pad.

  • my 2 cents…

    Why would someone go through all the trouble to fake a pregnancy? This is not an episode of Desperate Housewives. She is pregnant and in her second trimester. Not always an easy thing to accomplish after an ectopic pregnancy. Let’s wish them well and leave them alone.

  • sorry to say..

    you’re really fake and transparent, you know that?

  • Matt

    Cute pics! Nicole is getting big.

  • samara

    I dont see a baby bumb either…i am trying to look really hard but i dont see nothing