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Paris Hilton is a Belly Dancer

Paris Hilton is a Belly Dancer

Paris Hilton belly dances (or tries to) with famous belly dancer Asena during the Miss Turkey 2008 beauty pageant in Istanbul, Turkey.

“This is my first time judging anything like this,” the 27-year-old hotel heiress told Reuters prior to yesterday’s event. “I’m going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say.”

Paris was a jury member for the pageant. Watch the video below of Paris, the belly dancer!

Paris Hilton is a Belly Dancer

20+ pictures inside of belly-dancing Paris Hilton

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paris hilton belly dancer 01
paris hilton belly dancer 02
paris hilton belly dancer 03
paris hilton belly dancer 04
paris hilton belly dancer 05
paris hilton belly dancer 06
paris hilton belly dancer 07
paris hilton belly dancer 08
paris hilton belly dancer 09
paris hilton belly dancer 10
paris hilton belly dancer 11
paris hilton belly dancer 12
paris hilton belly dancer 13
paris hilton belly dancer 14
paris hilton belly dancer 15
paris hilton belly dancer 16
paris hilton belly dancer 17
paris hilton belly dancer 18
paris hilton belly dancer 19
paris hilton belly dancer 20
paris hilton belly dancer 21
paris hilton belly dancer 22
paris hilton belly dancer 23

Photos: Seskim/WENN, Getty
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  • lala

    that’s funny! gotta give it to her though, she is such a good sport & lots of fun- love her.

  • The Shiznack

    “I’m going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say.”


    Well duh, what else are u going to look for at beauty pageant u fuck!ng skeezer

  • gabo

    she cannot shake it at all…

    poor white girl..

  • i hate paris

    i hate her

    stupid slut


  • pppppp

    that was kinda embarrassing.
    i lived in turkey for 6 years and love belly dancing.
    so much fun!! but u got have some hips n a butt n even a little belly to shake it.
    paris looked so stiff…i dont think shes a good dancer at all.
    the bellydancer was neat! she was tryin to get paris to shake her hips, but it didnt work. lol!

  • Ambrosiality


  • Kara

    This is embarassing to watch, she needs to just go away. Can you please never post her again?

  • Tugba

    belly dancing is one of the easiest dances ever.. and what is she doing.. some club-ish dance moves..
    but.. gosh Paris in Turkey lmao

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    Paris is in Istanbul. Wooww :) She is great and she looks wonderful!

    ¦== ==¦

  • Bab’s50

    I thought Just Jared didn’t post about Paris that’s why I Came to the sight in the first place. She is a complete waste of skin.


    I agree with lala.

    And, she does not try to be what she isn’t. So she’s fun to watch.

  • erika

    she looks sort of shy & nervous and insecure up there being put on the spotlight, but she carries herself off well, looking cute and sweet & good natured =) good job, Paris!

  • me


  • Lola

    Well ‘Me’ whenever you find the words, just make sure you know how to spell them!

    Of course she can’t dance, she never could! But she does look nice in these pics.

  • sARAH

    that skinny little bitch didn’t know what the hell she was doing. LOL.

  • Jaded

    MWAHAHAHA, she tried to do catwalk posing! LOL!
    The dress is stunning though. I’d love to see it on someone feminine. :)

  • lily

    she was PAINFUL to watch. It’s amazing how she is able to take her dumbness to whole new level.

    I am liking her new weave though but she needs to go into hiding.

    also she is a FORMER heiress Jared.

  • Lisa

    What exactly about a spoiled rich girl is newsworthy? next….

  • http://deleted mystify

    OK, as a Turkish girl I admit that was funny and a bit painful to watch.

    But she’s brave enough to dance with Asena. Asena is one of the best belly dancers of all time, JMHO.

    I really don’t get this kind of hate towards this woman. OK, she has an empty head, she made a sex tape, she’s extremely overrated, but when there’s a war which is still going on after five years, I save my negative energy for better causes.

  • http://JUSTJARED sarah

    one word sums it all up rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovelygirl

    I live in Istanbul and i watched the contest live yesterday.Paris was laughing and smiling al the time and after the contest they went to the nightclub Reina .The dress is specially made for PARIS by Cengiz and
    you can find more Turkish clothing in

  • metz

    well she doesn’t look like she’s dancing
    she looks like she is modeling or possing por a pic
    something like that
    i really don’t like it
    well that’s my opinion

  • http://deleted sds

    she looks happy to be there..

    as someone said “if you haven’t seen Istanbul, then you haven’t lived”

    and yes, I’m Turkish, lol.

  • legs

    she looks stupid but it seems that she had a great time.

  • http://deleted llll

    that tranny with paris is HOT!

    I want that dress :))

  • megan video

    Paris Hilton and Veronica Zemanova Naked in Scandalous Video.
    No sex tape Only Real erotic Video.


  • http://deleted wwww

    she sucks big time but she was a great sport, lol.

    that dancer must be amazing in bed, feeling a bit jealous right now…

  • http://deleted annnya

    that guy on the left is burhan ocal, he is regarded as the greatest darbuka (finger drum) player alive today.

    he’s got so much charisma. yummy!

  • http://deleted tibet

    she obeyed to wear a turkish designer’s dress, she was dragged to stage, she didn’t say no, she kept smiling, held and kissed a baby,
    it isn’t her fault if she’s not talented.

    c’mon you guys!

  • justa mia

    Paris is boring. Please make her go away. She is more or less a cartoon caricature, not a real person.

  • Pinar

    i’m horrified … not because i watched Paris “try” to belly dance… i’m horrified because we “Turks” treated her as if she is an “important person” to care about !!!! She is such a spoiled socialite – nothing to give to this world but her sex tapes & scandals… and making out with Benji for more publicity… I don’t care if she smiled during the whole show or she was nice to everyone etc. etc. She is a “NOBODY” and should have stay that way !!!!

  • http://deleted ayse.L.

    WE didn’t turn her into a SOMEBODY Pinar,

    Americans did.


  • http://deleted keten

    Enough with this Paris is a nobody bull$hit.

    We have many names like her!

    Face it, she knows how to play the game, she’s showing off her boyfriend, her legs, her dogs and the world is still drooling after her.

    That’s it! Nothing complicated.

    Wellcome to 2008.

  • cat

    She is not, and never was, an heiress. Just another disingenuous “fact” that Hilton uses to get people to buy into her “act.” 90% of Americans desperately wish she’d move somewhere else. She is such a phony and we are sooooo tired of being force fed this narcissist.

  • anon

    To Tibet;

    Hilton usually fights to get onstage where ever she is in the US. Hopefully, she will move to Turkey. People abroad just don’t know her as well as Americans — that’s for sure.

  • palvasha

    o god …what can she do? but then again she has nothing to shake… u cant mane bones shake….

  • http://deleted tibet


    this is the age of internet.

    trust me, I know what you know, PLUS I lived in the US for a long time.

    Everybody knows everything.

  • http://deleted ahmet

    this is a another turkish belly dancer, didem.. very different style, more modern than Asena but she’s also very talented and hot.

  • duygu

    i’m not her fan also i dont like her but she is so cute she tried and belly dancing is not easy and she accept that. she is not bad for the first time .

  • ayse

    she is not a belly dancer.she looks like a chump.watching paris is a waste of time.
    by the way her dress is classy (: i think the dress was made by turkish designer

  • anon

    Such a phony. Americans can’t stand this “D” lister because she exploited her grandfather’s name and sex tape notoriety; manipulates the media; and has been caught in so many lies, it’s absurd. And she has the nerve to say that she “created her empire on her own”? Truly delusional. She is ridiculed because she has become the American poster girl for narcissism and insincerity.

  • Ginger

    Her fame is getting old and I’m tired of her. Please only post her if she’s crying or screaming or being a b|tch. Other than, I don’t care what happens to this stupid person!

  • lala

    hahaha stupid b*tch

    hahahaha LMFO