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Katie Holmes is Broadway Bound

Katie Holmes is Broadway Bound

Katie Holmes is in final negotiations to make her Broadway debut!

The 29-year-old actress is slated to star in a revival of All My Sons, Arthur Miller‘s heartbreaking, post-World War II family drama. She would play a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

Katie has reportedly committed to participating in a workshop of the play in May but a rep for Katie tells People that she is in discussions but also says, “nothing is set.”

Broadway veterans John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest have already signed onto the play.

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  • elaine

    Who cares! she IS NOT ACTRESS , was never an actress! Geeeez, trying to get respectability by doing broadway is not going to work.

  • millers-ex


  • olyy

    It is nice to see that she got over the alien haircuts, maybe Katie had BOZO the clown as her stylist before. Broadway debut, that would be something worth to see, maybe jaw dropping :) . In how many movies have we seen Katie so far? in Mad Money, she was ok….. I liked Katie more in the ”Phone Boot” ( co-starring Colin Farrell). Many make fun of Katie because of Tom, me 2 :) , but I give her credit because she wants to work. On another subject, ANGELINA JOLIE, guys sit down if you are standing, so Angelina’s shock diagnosis is ”gestational diabetes”, I think that the Angelina story is the main one today. According to several newspapers Angelina has been quietly SUFFERING from diabetes. More on

  • !

    Great news and I hope we get new pics of her soon.

  • Cindy

    Good luck to Katie
    and thanks Jared.

  • love

    cool :] You are the man, JJ.

  • Go McCain

    A talented actress and beautiful.

    Best personality out there too.

  • Ken

    Katie should do Playboy and provoative roles. She is so hot and sexy but does not flaunt her assets. Make your male fans happy too,Katie.

  • surfer

    Im so relieve that she is not pregnant because I want Katie in more movies. Broadway is a lot of work because she will be working a lot.
    Too bad this is not a musical because Katie is a great singer and dancer. I miss Tom especially Suri.

  • vrb


  • WTF

    IF GMD lets her do this she will flop big time since she CAN’T act.

  • tom

    oi she cant act in movies,how much more in live!!!bwaahaha

  • Orange Clockwork

    It would be nice if you mentioned WHICH Miller play.

  • tom

    nose job first!

  • Tia

    Cant wait to see pretty photos of Holmes soon. Thanks to you Jared.
    This young lady is a promising talent, a rising fashion icon, and she is the real deal as in sweet,kind,genuine,humble,warm,classy,graceful,classy and beyond.
    Most of all a true loving and devoted woman to her family,her craft and fans.

  • tom

    she’s acting like like an -a list.

  • Nicole m

    Doesn’t that happen when actresses/actors make nothing but bad movies? They go to Broadway instead.

  • tom

    Cant wait to see pretty photos of Holmes soon. Thanks to you Jared.
    This young lady is a promising talent, a rising fashion icon, and she is the real deal as in sweet,kind,genuine,humble,warm,classy,graceful,classy and beyond.
    Most of all a true loving and devoted woman to her family,her craft and family.

    tomtom paid her to be loving and devoted.icon?nah!

  • lilyanne

    Oh no. There goes the neighborhood!

    #15 I agree with what you said about Katie but what are we going to do about her husband?

  • tom

    Nicole m @ 03/29/2008 at 4:59 pm Doesn’t that happen when actresses/actors make nothing but bad movies? they go to broadway instead.

  • lilyanne

    Don’t put down broadway, guys. You have to possess charisma and a larger than life persona to pull off broadway effectively. Katie is beautiful, but seems shy and at the moment is lacking enough confidence to carry off a connection with a live audience. I am not putting her down only speaking as a New Yorker. We’re a tough crowd to please! lol

  • amc

    And the ones that hate are Oscar winners and hotties. Not. Their weekends are spent hating and getting so jealous over this celebs.
    Live your lives happily and stop being envious and miserable.

  • mimi 2

    Who gives a rats arse about this ho? She CAN’T act. If she could everybody would believe her relationship was REAL. Tom should have known better than to get a D-list “actress” for his stunt.

    So, seriously, she gets to fu*k up an Arthur Miller piece now? Put her in a local dinner theatre or cruise ship theatre….that’s where she belongs.

  • mimi 2

    #8 she can’t do Playboy because her titties sag.

  • Debra

    Good for katie, she is such a gracious, humble & very down to earth
    young woman with a beautiful & loving family that is always by her
    side, Congrats!!!!!

  • lilyanne

    She looks so pretty in this picture. (I know the news is new and the pic is old but it is a good one). I love her hair, dress and make up in this picture. Such a fresh, natural look.

  • tom

    suri is an amazing woman!her words.huhuhuhuhu.

  • sydney

    You made my weekend JJ. Go Katie.

  • ines

    New pics…..




  • jennifer

    what next, The White House?

  • lilyanne

    #30 Too funny. Can you picture Tom being the quiet front row seat audience member? Me neither.

  • Chey

    Wow, this has bad idea written all over it. Katie doesn’t have the talent to pull off a serious Broadway play. The critics will crucify her.

  • Annie

    The Miller play is “All My Sons” as posted in the People article that Jared linked to.

    I think it could be cool. Best of luck to her if it pans out.

  • anime

    She is my favorite actress along with Cate Blanchett & Liv Tyler.

  • bigapplemama

    first Broadway then another marathon?

    or Broadway then Armani designer?

    or next movie then marathon?

    didn’t the tabloids just say Suri is soon to be a big sister like Shiloh?

    what’s going on? scientology will let her out for all this?

  • me

    Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes recently made their Broadway debuts, both of them are much better actors than Katie.

    Don’t mean to be unkind but she would be WAY over her head here. She doesnt have the acting skill.

    John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest are good though.

  • me 2

    No. 37, I agree 100%. Someone must have owed Tom a favor. That’s why she is getting a trivial part.

    Did anyone notice that after DC, she didn’t get a part unless she showed her bare chest ? That sums up what others think of her acting “skills”. She has to show her private parts to get a part. Hollywood didn’t take her seriously before Tom Cruise. Her “career” was about over anyway.

  • susie

    she doesn’t have a chest to bare. her private parts wouldn’t get her a meal ticket, maybe TC’s would.

  • tom c

    I bet there’s some Scientology connection in there somewhere. Heck, that’s the only way she gets her roles.

    (I heard her sing on Dawson’s and it strained my ears. She sounds like a little 7 yr old on “Annie”. And the hilarious thing was that it really looked like she thought she was good. So laughable. She’s a joke.)

  • bolishopin

    right… WW2 over and over…
    wake me up if there is some news

  • Sunchick116

    Some people, including me, dont see theater as an achievement. I dont see what the big deal is, I dont like it. So it’s perfectly logical that someone like Tom Cruise would think someone doing theater, is more of a last resort death sentence, than a career highlight.

  • anonymous

    She tries so hard to imitate and copy the career of Nicole Kidman-who did the Blue Room a few years back. It seems like between trying to outdress Nicole (who always looks appropriate for the occasion and not overdressed, wearing 4-5 inch heels to go to lunch or to shop) and trying to mimic her career, she has no real identity of her own other than being the “for show purposes only” “wife” of Cult member TC.

  • nicole

    The difference is that when Nicole Kidman went to Broadway , she did it by choice. She was very much in demand in Hollywood.

    Katie going to play in theatre after one movie on 3 years, Mad Money that flops, after being canned from Batman and not being able to get anything in Hollywood, it is despair.

  • nicole

    Despair as for her last hopeless fan which is reduced to have to fake comment 20 times under different nicknames to make it looks like the poor Katie has admirers. Pitiful. Katie’s popularity is in great distress.

  • yes, nicole

    Nicole, #45, it may be the “church (ha!”) trying to make it appear she has fans also. It’s always so obvious….one post after the other. 99.999999% of the world doesn’t care about “air for brains” Katie.

  • Alison

    I guess Tom gave her permission or set this up…..

  • nicole

    I would like to see what this thread would look like if Jared would check the IPs and set one name per IP. The 20-25 “fans” comments would be reduced to one pathetic insane fangirl.

    Jared did that on the Shiloe versus Suri thread yesterday and it ended up looking like the 50 “suri is the cutest” comments were from one girl (elie I think). You cracked me up Jared.

  • hag

    she obviously has no future in broadway just like in acting. lol.
    but seriously, i think she’s trying too hard. trying to fit in the A – list world by marrying tom, becoming bff with beckhams, shopping for expensive things, dressing her little child like a “woman” with designer’s clothes, designing clothes and now broadway? what’s next katie? having your own recording album?


  • celebrityfanchat rap

    good luck to her