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Miley Cyrus Performs @ Kids' Choice Awards 2008

Miley Cyrus performs at the Kids’ Choice Awards 2008 on Saturday night at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in Westwood, Calif.

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus @ Kids’ Choice Awards 2008

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miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 01
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 02
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 03
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 04
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 05
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 06
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 07
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 08
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 09
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 10
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 11
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 12
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 13
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 14
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 15
miley cyrus performs 2008 kids choice awards 16

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Alexandria


    she sounded out of breath!

  • Rhianna Jonas

    she did great!

  • kaka

    Ok hold up…she’s wearing like a catsuit! I think she needs to slow down and act her age!

  • Jennifer W

    like miley and she was very pretty in her black dress

  • Alexandria

    omg! i can’t believe i was first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you. thank you. thank you.

    she’s looked great and had alot of energy, but she needed to take deeper breathes b/c the whole time she performed, she sounded like she needed an inhaler or something.


  • Naomi


  • z+v=zanessa

    i missed it what did she sing?

  • pookie

    she SUCKED!!

  • casey

    she sounded awful and her choice of clothes were wrong.she just cant sing live

  • Samantha

    What Did She Sing??

  • lizzz

    She sang G.N.O.

    I thought she did pretty well….she did have some breathing/screaming issues, but she made up for it in other places…and she’s just a kid!

  • jerry

    she was awful she cant sing live thats for sure.and her clothes were a wrong choice

  • savannah

    it was HORRIBLE!!

    alicia keys, fergie, and beyonce are
    wayyy better performers && artists.

    one of them should’ve of won the female
    artist award…

  • luis

    she was bad,and that dress she had on was like a big black bag,and the spanex was anono,she didnt have the figure for that

  • nat


  • Jessica

    i thought it was great. her singing was a little weak but she made up for it with all of the dancing and energy. and i loved the grease theme.

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    See the car was for the performance xD…love miley!! =P

  • oh snap!

    NEXT B R I T N E Y S P E A R S !!!!!


  • Angie

    IDK why but Miley dose not have good taste with dresses. II don’t either, cuz I don’t wear them.) u I just don’t get that. And Her performance was kind of rough. She really needs sining lessons. (No Offense.) But The outfit she wore while performing was excellent! Love Her!


    she didnt sound that great ae but i totally love miley!!!!

  • Nick J’s gf Amber J

    I thought she did alright…I really like her bangs but what on eath is she wearing…

  • Sophie

    aaa… que bella ! yo solovi el show por youtube porque aca en latinoamerica no lo transmiten :( pero igual feliz que haya ganado !

  • kati

    eww she sucked

  • agirlnamedjerry

    She did so bad.

  • haley

    she did really bad.
    i like her and all but like ew she shouldn’t sing live.
    and she didnt diserve the best female singing award.
    come on she was up against beyonsay alicia keys and fergie and she won? sometings wrong here.

  • me

    im loving all the posts of miley!!! and miley was awsome on the KCA’S she sounded great and looked great!

  • Nina

    She honestly tried too hard.
    She actually had me lol-ing.
    Coulda done wayyyyy better.

  • jo

    I thought she sounded and looked amazing.

    Yeah, maybe she was a bit out of breath but thats normal when you’re running around and singing..

  • me

    Her outfit was not a catsuit.. it was like a 50′s type of costume, similar to the costumes in grease..


  • sam

    Yeah, the outfit was basically leggings and a tank.. what in the world is so bad about that!??! Have you seen costumes dancers less than half her age wear when performing??

    I think she did really well. She’s definitely an amazing performer

  • maggie

    could she SUCK any more
    she looked like a wanna be sandy from grease
    and sounded like crap!
    miley cyrus is OVER RATED.
    and how the hell did she win over ALICIA KEYS? B? AND FERGIE?
    honestly it was like five year olds voting.
    they should have had Rihanna in there insted of her.

  • kate

    wannabe sandy from grease? lmao. It was a GREASE THEMED performance. So, DUHH..

    Miley’s awesome! I think may have sounded off in parts from the running around, but did great all together! lots of energy!

  • http://none Alexis

    she looks HORRIBLE!!! what up with her outfit!? why wouldyou wear THAT shirt to the KIDS choice awards!!???? her hair lookds fried and her performance was just hoooorible. best female singer? NO.

  • ugh

    If you want my opinion…she looked like stripper && sounded horrible. && That just about sums up the whole thing.

  • jay ‘chef’ hicks

    I liked Miley until I found out she got an abortion in Mexico.

  • mileyrocks

    Miley was awesome! Didn’t really dig the extensions but that’s what everyone wears so I guess its no big deal.miley u rock!

  • sweets

    #3 she did the grease theme, from ‘youre the one that i want’ thats why she hate that on

    she looked great
    too much coreography for her though
    she was really out of breath from that
    and she sounded sick
    but shes still great

  • JANE

    Miley,Vanessa and Ashley:BFF!!!!!!!

  • sUpEr-MiLeY-fAn

    HeY gUyS>>>>> MiLeY DiD gReAt sO LeVe hEr aLoNe>>>>>>> sHe iS My iDOl…We lOvE U MiLEy…xXx…xD……= ]…….!

  • http://HOTMAIL jILL

    hey jane ^ 1 miley is 15….2 vanessa is 20….and 3…ashley is 22 so their not bffs vanessa and ashley are but mandy jiroux is mileys bff! x

  • the oc fansite

    She performed???????

    POOR KIDS!!!

  • andrea

    She sounded really great, but she did run out of breath! And everyone wore like 80′s style clothing if you saw her dancers so catsuits were famous back then. my god. it was only for a fricken preformance. Why do you guys always have to be bitching and hating! IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING AND GO TO HELL. She’s 15!!!! Give her a break people..she’s enjoying her life. being happy doing the things she loves,.. after all she dances, acts, sings and lives for jesus. and I think haters need to respect that and let it click into ur dumb heads! LMAO!

  • Christa

    I actually muted my TV within the first 30 seconds and then went around cleaning things. I really dislike that girl.

  • Ally

    cant sing live? listen to this you guys.

    miley was AMAZING. but she did sound like she needed bigger breaths! she was probably just super-excited.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    yeah. she cant sing live.

  • lala_girl


  • http://mileyworld Miley Ray cyrus

    ok listen yall probly cant sing ne better than me i was great at kca and i did better than ne of the other ones would have don and every one loved my costume and i have a great voice and great style so i dont need dressing or singing lessons but you probly do ok listen to this b4 you post ne mor bad things about me think of what better i can do than you i meen you probly think your better than me but oh no I am better than ne of you guys and if you didnt like me why did u come to my site??? think about that and god bless all my fans who loved my performace

  • http://mileyworld Miley Ray cyrus

    thanks to who ever was named “me” and jo and zanessa and amber and tayla and lizz and alexandrea and jenifer and rihanna for saying i did great ily all

  • melissa

    i LOVED her outfit on the red carpet or whatever you called it. but her performance was kind of scratchy. but it is super hard to sing live with all these dance moves (i tried yesterday…not easy) she needs to sing her most popular song, See You Again, instead of choosing other songs to get them more famous. i personally don’t like the song G.N.O. but for gods sake, cut her a break.