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Shia Labeouf @ Kids' Choice Awards 2008

Shia Labeouf attends the Kids’ Choice Awards 2008 on Saturday night at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in Westwood, California.

More pictures of Shia Labeouf @ Kids’ Choice Awards 2008 after the jump…

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shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 01
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 02
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 03
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 04
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 05
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 06
shia labeouf 2008 kids choice awards 07

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • beth

    yey first

  • beth

    yey first

  • _nika

    Now theres my man, he look hot minus the beard. dude, eagle eye is over.

  • kada


  • Arab.Aquarius

    I heard rumors of transformers 2 soon. interesting.

  • Tracy

    He should shave. I’m watching Disturbia right now. <3

  • kada

    He needs to hire a stylist

  • cici

    ehh not lookin’ so good. normally i’m a fan but he needs to shave or something & he’s lookin’ a little pedophile-creepy

  • loves him so

    so sexy….he could have trimmed the beard a bit though.

  • mary

    his face looks bloated. he still hot.


    huz he???

  • mary

    i just noticed he totally dyed his hair

  • bibbit

    first! boo yah! he looks like grizzly adams. or well on his way.

  • oh snap!


  • The Shiznack

    apparently Brangelina got married accoring to star magazine

    i call bullsh!t on this one

  • The Shiznack


  • bob

    shia did his hair dark for transformers, he will probably shave soon too

  • shaver?

    he looks so hairy, that’s horrible. please shia, shave! and don’t dye your hair…that’s bad even though he’s still kinda hot

  • http://fff Mika

    Haha, Shia I love you like a lover but what is going on with that FADE man? Fresh Prince was over like a decade ago….

    On another note, he is looking more and more like Dave Gahan these days, especially with that bird.

    (Dave Gahan is the lead singer in the best band that has come out in THE WORLD, a.k.a Depeche Mode)

  • http://fff Mika

    err.. when I typed bird I really meant -beard-. Eh, keyboard hindsight is 20/20 folks ;)

  • Maritza

    He’s such a hottie tottie. Even with the facial hair.. dammit.. I’m a sucker for The Buff, what can I say..

  • _nika

    fate needs to hook me up with him haha. I think so too bob, he dyed his his for TF 2 and will shave once the filming begins.

  • _nika

    his hair*

  • Diama

    he’s so ugly now

  • Maritza

    i need to get my shia fix sans the beard..
    ok disturbia time

  • mia

    The beard is fine but I think his hair is making him look not very attractive

  • Leesa

    The hair’s looking overdyed and a lil’ high and crunchy. I think when he’s left to style it himself, he just overloads w/ product. It’s controlled, but natural and wavy in [i]Eagle Eye[/i] pics (one featured in the new EW)–why can’t he have that look recreated for PR events?

    And once again the skinny pants. Ugh, let that hipster style go, Shia, you’re strangling your calves and other man bits, ot death.

  • ann

    what an ugly boy…sorry.

  • kidlover

    At age 21, does he still qualify as a “kid”? I don’t THINK so ! He’s always been a cutie but in this thread, his pictures make him look creepy with a pointy head. Find a barber, Shia. You’ll save your career.

  • nicole

    okay, he didnt dye his hair for transformers- he died it for Eagle Eye, but he will most DEF. shave for t2, thank the lord.
    i love you labeouf, but the greasy excuse for a beard needs to go.

    still a hotttie tho.
    do me?

  • igotyou

    he’s sooo hot !!!

    I think everytime u post pics of him that’s all i post LOL

  • Lenne

    Who care, all the younger women love a ruff guy..Such as rihanna. She like a ruff guy. There’s sources tell Rihanna And Shia chatting together behind the scene. Any Ehmm…romance going? They should act together in a film.

  • farkme he is so hot!

    I love his look and style, its what makes him….. the beard just tops off his manlyness but don’t listen 2 me I’ve had one 2 many vodkas!!!…

  • sara

    I think he looks good. he looks older…i like the facial hair and his new hair color. He does not fit in blon dor anything around that. Just look at the picture from Indiana Jones…he is so hot!!!

  • Daay


  • Penny

    A little trim on his neck, but overall I agreed with sara and I’m a year older than him.

  • Lyn

    shia is still hot.. i love him

  • Lyn

    shia is still hot.. i love him

  • gag me with pig dick

    beyotch stole kid n play’s hair

  • ssafas

    whats with the hair,

  • booyay

    He looks like crap, that look doesnt suit him. He’s not cool looking enough to pull off those clothes plus his head is out of proportion

  • jenn

    oh louis stevens!! why you so HOTT!!!!!!!!

    thanx jared.

  • tamara

    i dont think hes THAT hot butt i still lovee him so much hes just got so much talent!! LOVE SHIA

  • Kiley

    I don’t care for the facial hair either. And I agree the pants have got to go. I wish he’d wear loose fitted pants so we couldn’t tell how skinny he is. Also, the hair is too short on the sides and too dark. I liked it best in Transformers or Disturbia. Oh well, he still can act and that’s all that matters.

    ps. I heard he is with his former fling, China Brezner now.

  • aldi

    his beard. he looks like a 40 old man. Shia you must go to the barber or something . In disturbia you looked cool but now :S ………

    xoxo from argentina

  • Maritza

    i absolutely love shia.. BUT..

    the horrible facial hair which kinda looks oily (eww), the skin tight pants and sweater that’s two sizes too small.. and is it me or does his face look kinda bloated or something..

    SHIA!! what happened..? your fashion sense SUX!!!

    i still luv u but geez.. i’d be more than willing to help dress u tho, i dont mind..

    call me.

  • jen

    yeah to all the above but i still melt at the mention of his name he just makes me tingle

  • Maggie

    I like his style. Its is nice to see a young man dress nicely with a tie and such. Its appropriate for the event. The beard is a little scraggly, but I give him props for trying out a different style. The hair is cool. He’s rocking a 50′s pomp for the Indiana Jones movie. This is just a modern way of doing it. Besides, what else do you do with that ‘fro of his? He does look off. He’s not smiling. I wonder if he’s sick or something? Like the flu or a cold. I know I just had the flu this month myself… I’m not starting any Shia’s dying rumors!!!!

  • Smoesh XP

    I think he needs to trim his beard a bit, so that it looks nice. And he shouldn’t put in so much gel or whatever it is in his hair, so that way you can see his curls a bit (like in eagle eye) I think that looks veeeeeery sexy!! =) =)

  • miz em

    Is it just me, or does his hair look…tall.