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Dawson's Creek to Follow Britney Spears

Dawson's Creek to Follow Britney Spears

James Van Der Beek, aka Dawson Leery, has agreed to officially guest star on How I Met Your Mother according to E! Online. His guest appearance follows a recent one by Britney Spears.

Van Der Beek will star in the “Robin Sparkles” episode, reportedly playing the Canadian pop star’s crush.

Oh how the Dawson’s Creek cast, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson has evolved over the years.

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE Dawson‘s character? Who’s been the most successful?

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  • zanessa


  • Laura

    Awh I miss Dawson’s Creek.

  • MarieMJS

    I remember his cameo in Ugly Betty, it was pretty cool :D
    He’s a good actor, and deserves to be seen more often, or the poor guy will be Dawson forever!

  • interesting

    Michelle and Joshua were always my favorites. In turn I think both of them have been the most succesful.

  • lala

    michelle williams or katie holmes, depends on how one defines success.

  • sternenfaenger

    Most successful: Michelle

    ….marrying Tom Cruise does not mean anything, although- she (the one half of the TomKitten) actually was my fav. character, but now I feel like…bah

  • nahbois

    Favourite character = always always always Pacey.

  • molly

    joshua jackson.
    one of my favorite actors in hollywood so obviously my favorite in dawsons creek!
    loveeeeee him in the mighty duck movies <3

  • crystal

    michelle williams and joshua

  • diddy

    It’s so pathetic how these freaks try to turn everything as another chance to obsess over TomKat.

  • kay

    MICHELLE for sure! she was nominated for an Oscar. obvviii. but Joshua was always my favourite. and he’s done well for himself too

  • kay

    i miss joey potter though! SAVE KATIE. haha

  • mdelosangeles

    Definitely NOT Dawson…did anyone happen to catch his powerful portrayal of a squid hunting fisherman on Sci Fi last night???? So bad it was good.

  • jimy

    Joshua Jackson? Pleeeeeeeease. His last film was nicknamed as The Shitter by the critics.
    Michelle Williams? She needs to thanks Heath Ledger mostly, but also Jake Gyllenhaal, for her career. If it wasn’t for them, and her relationship with Heath, she would still be acting in movies nobody cared about.
    Truth is no former Creeker has a decent career.

  • Laura

    My faves were Pacey and Joey. I ADORED Katie Holmes back in the day. Want the old Katie back :(

    And Joshua is still a ledge :D

    Michelle’s done well for herself.

  • Patty

    katie holmesss

  • jo

    dude i loved that show. jen was always my favorite, but i love joey and pacey together. joey and dawson never really had chemistry like joey and pacey

  • Princessmichaela90

    Hey Jared thought i’d let you no there is a new episode of the miley and mandy show out lots of singing and gymnastic skills not alot of talking!!

  • Laura

    ^This post has nothing to do with Miley so if you’re not gonna comment on this article, don’t comment at all. There’s enough about Cyrus on here as it is, we don’t need another one of her screechy videos with her 5 years older best friend posted. Jared doesn’t have to post everytime there’s a new Miley and Mandy show.

  • ifyousayso

    michelle williams always been my favorite and shes the best actress and more successful than anyone of them. i think.

  • 24323411333332123123

    all. best teen show of all time.

  • BRI

    OH I miss dawsons creek
    one of the best shows of our time
    sweet that jvb has a spot
    love him
    love the cast
    michelles prob. most successful career wise
    katies more sucessful in other ways.

  • Zac Fan

    Always loved me some Pacey! :-)

    Agree with #4.

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    Katie and Joshua

  • ck

    Michelle was/is the best actor on the show. Next was Josh,
    Had hots for katie before she……changed

  • august


    “celebrityfanchat rap”



    Thank for you help, I going to be crazy to not find it !!!


    buuaaa snif snif I soo miss D.C =’/

    always my fav. serie ever *.*

  • Jennifer W

    Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek are my favorite and I miss the show.

  • danz

    This man will forever be referred to as Dawson. Must get annoying after a while.

  • http://none Danielle

    Oh, I was so obsessed with the Creek! I had the biggest crush on Pacey!
    It’s bizarre how monstrously famous Michelle and Katie are, and not necessarily for the best reasons.
    James has been doing quite a bit of guest-star work, also appearing on Ugly Betty. I think he’s just now starting to come back into the showbiz game. But he’s had a lot of success in his personal life. He married his high-school sweetheart and they’ve been together forever!
    Nice to see Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger seem happy. Josh didn’t really have the success everyone expected he would. But fingers-crossed his Grey’s Anatomy role goes ahead, maybe that’s a move in the right direction for him.

  • Brit4ever

    Awww Let’s bring the 90′s back please!

  • Jenoware

    Fave Creeker: Pacey

    James did not marry his high school sweatheart. She is acutally the sister of an actress that did a guest spot on The Creek. The Halloween episode where they were all at Dawson’s house and he was playing practical jokes on everyone… the crazy chick with the curly hair.
    Joshua’s role on Grey’s was scrapped due to the strike, but he is getting his own series. Fringe – JJ Abrams is involved so it is promising.

  • Nina

    It’s funny on Dawson’s Creek I loved Joey (Katie Holmes) and hated Jen (Michelle Williams), but now it’s the other way around. Katie Holmes seemed like she had a lot of potential but then she became Mrs.Cruise and all possessed and weird and boring. Marrying him doesn’t define success. But now I LOVE Michelle Williams, fantastic actress and a very interesting person.

  • Lovecat

    Joshua Jackson as Pacey. I hated Dawson so much.

  • Luu

    my favorite is definitively, PACEY! =D
    and, later, Dawson…

  • lolo

    michelle and joshua,katie is only famous now for marrying tom cruise and we hardly hear about james van der beek.actually i kind of find this similler to the o.c.we hear and see lot about adam,rachel and mischa but we hardly ever hear about the mail charecter did not gets noticed that much after the show ends.

  • lolotte

    the Most successful is Michelle Williams,she’s has nominated for the Oscars,smart and talented actress,she’s in the next martin scorsese (shutter island ) with leornardo dicaprio

    but I love Josh Jackman,good actor, I love It

    Katie is a boring actress

    josh and michelle are the best !!!!

  • ana

    pacey always my favorite

  • Justin

    KATIE HOLMES ALL THE WAY! The nicest one and better future ahead. She will be the only one we will know about in couplke of years. She’s the most talented, time will prove that. Josh Jackson and James Van der Beek are almost dead careerwise and Michelle Williams, it’s a good actress with a lack of charisma, too snnuby for my taste.

  • bubble gum

    PACEYYYYYYYYY was the best one !!!

  • Jason

    I think pacey is cool and jen is cute.

    — Pumpkin will be chatting with fans live on wednesday april 2! check her out here —

  • alexia

    I really really loved Dawson’s Creek.
    Best show ever.
    I loved Joey and Pacey.

    Katie has to be the most famous now. I don’t know about success.

  • Bettina

    It’s difficult to compare those actors because they’ve had very different careers before and after the series.

    The most successful has been Josh Jackson but only because of his work that pre-dated his Dawson’s Creek fame (the Mighty Ducks trilogy, Urban Legend, Cruel Intentions). He’s done some stuff since but nothing worth talking about.

    Michelle Williams is the one actress who has done more than all others since the series ended and she has received a well deserved Oscar nomination for it.

    Katie Holmes could’ve been a rising star and I’ve very much liked her in some movies like Go, Ice Storm, Disturbing Behavior or Teaching Mrs Tingle. But even before her marriage to Tom she hasn’t done anything worthwile – on the contrary she’s played a Batman movie character and I hated her. The marriage thing did certainly nothing to endear her to me.

    There’s only one left: James van der Beek. I liked him as Dawson and I enjoyed his two episode guest role on Criminal Minds, but he’s been a total loser both before and after DC.

  • bess

    The whole show was good & I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it! Joushua Jackson is the most under rated actor in Hollywood today! He is such a good actor but he doesn’t get the credit or the roles he deserves! I am such a Josh Jackson fan & Pacey & Joey were one of the best TV love stories ever! I can watch them forever…I love Katie Holmes no one knock her down shes gorgeous & has a great sense of style… Michelle breaks my heart but i must say she has evolved so much in her style and in her acting, shes changed so much since playing Jen…everyone loves Dawson but JVB is a good actor & im excited about his guest starring role….but seriously people Josh Jackson needs more support! TEAM JOSH lol ;)

  • liz

    My favourite will always be James Van Der Beek as Dawson..
    He grew up and I love to see him on Season 5 & 6..
    I hate the ending!!!

    But I always think Dawson/Joey will be back together, get marry & live happily ever after…