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Jessica Simpson Hospitalized

Jessica Simpson Hospitalized

Jessica Simpson has been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles due to a small kidney infection, reports In Touch.

“She checked in on Friday morning because she was feeling achy and had a fever,” a family friend confirmed.

Over the weekend, Jessica was kept for observations and is expected to be released Tuesday morning.

“She is doing fine, but she is ready to get out of there,” added the friend.

Jessica‘s beau, Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo, is currently in Dallas.

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  • katie

    hope she is ok

  • tam


  • bella

    Jeeez Jared, it’s not like she’s dying, chill out

  • small

    “a small kidney infection”

    Ha, her kidneys are small just like her brain.

  • Erin

    OMG what a baby. I have gotten a few of them and have NEVER been hospitalized for it. She must be a huge cry baby. Grow up!

  • lady77

    Same here, I had a massive kidney infection but was never hospitalized.

  • Molly
  • ihavenolife

    what’s a kidney infecton & how do u know u’ve got it?

  • Tommyboy

    She is getting an abortion! Her sleazeball father knocked her up! I read it at the supermarket in Star.

  • Gail

    A kidney infection results when a urinary tract infection is left untreated (UIT). A UTI occurs when e. coli is entered into the uretha. A woman’s risk of getting a UTI is incresed during sexual intercourse becaue the uretha and the vagina are in close proximty to one another. Symptons of a UTI include pain in the lower abdomen upon urinating, a remedy is the antibiotic macrobid. Women should always pee after sex and wipe from front to back, wiping in this manner will decrease the risk of e. coli entering the uretha.

    UTI’s are common in most women and reoccuring, if you’ve had it once, you will more than likely get it again. However, your doctor can prescribe you an on-going dupply of macrobid as a preventative measure that should be taken right after sex.

    Hope that helps, class is dismissed

  • carol

    hope she get well soon

  • 007

    Hope she’s okay soon.

  • ihavenolife

    Gail @ 03/31/2008 at 5:10 pm

    thx for the explanation! i’ve heard of it & have always wondered what it is.

  • Sara

    That is just nasty! What up, is she not smart enough to know how to care for her body or maybe she did have an abortion because I know you don’t go to the hospital for a kidney infection.

  • betty

    She is a baby and a whimp. She will do anything to get in the papers. She makes me sick. If Tony picks this loser, he deserves what he gets.

  • Lauren

    They don’t put you in the hospital for a kidney infection (major or minor) and to keep her in the hospital for 5 days is a real joke. I am sure there is more to it. Maybe she has an STD.

  • sue

    This girl is a joke. Everything she does is over the top annoying. She needs to go away. Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame over now.

  • number1kufan

    You people are 2 funny. So her dad got her pregnant? I cannot stand him, nor do I like her. I don’t see why she got put into the hospital for a Kidney Infection. I never have, and I have had a few!

  • JANE

    u notice romo was not there……mia……maybe she was trying to get his attention….and had her doc admit her…..u never know….she is probly desperate to keep this guy…….would be hard for her to live thru getting dumped yet…again!!!! publicly!!

  • Stupid Jessica

    You guys are right! She is getting an abortion, you don’t get hospitalized for a minor kidney infection let alone stay in the hospital for a few days like Mansica is many times did this whore abort already..remember she aborted John Mayer’s baby as well?

  • sue

    I love watching her get her ass dumped. She is just plain gross. No class at all.

  • sue

    maybe she gets pregnant to keep a guy (John Mayer and Tony Romo), and when they are not happy about the pregnancy, she is forced to get an abortion.

  • Rob

    maybe Tony got smart and ran for the hills.

  • m

    Guess she’s having too much dirty sex with Tony???!!!!

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    hope she’s okay now.

  • Nicole m

    Just for a kidney infection? Wow that means with my kidney problem I should be in the hospital for a couple of months!

  • just me

    I never heard of hospitalization for a kidney infection and certainly not 3 or 4 days!! Something else is definitely going on.

  • kIRA

    Be well Jessica Simpson and drink a lot of water!

  • Amanda

    I am so sick of you douchbags ragging on Jess.

    Don’t like her? No one gives a shit.
    Don’t leave comments about her.
    Common sense, faggots.

  • Sadi

    I have never heard of getting hospitalized for something simple as that. I know the Simpson’s are not very honest about all the plastic surgery they have. Maybe she had more work done. Then is could be that she is trying to get him to come back to her since he is out of town but something sure is not right about this.

  • Kay

    Jessica needs to pratice cleansing herself a little better if she is going to be super active.

  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass is shallow

    Get well soon Jess.

  • eddie jones

    kidney infection eh? didn’t britney spears go in for a knee injury and come out with bigger breasts? dunno if I believe it.

  • Jay

    Hard to believe anything coming from Jessica Simpson.
    When you active with alot of men you do have to clean yourself really good or you will end up of alot of this kind of junk. Jess does need to do a better job of cleaning down below.

  • Alyssa

    Guys seriously.
    Your practically all just being rude.
    She probably didnt know what it was so she went to the hospital to get checked out.
    There’s nothing wrong with that.
    Stop bashing on Jessica.
    If you want to be an ass and say something mean then don’t post on here.
    You can be a hater but not a public one, thats just wrong
    She never did anything to YOU

  • poshy

    too much sex is most definitely what caused it. I use to get them frequently until I got rid of the boyfriend, and now I havent had one since. Lovely!

  • ivermom

    Please stop with the speculating

  • yourmom

    5 days for a kidney infection? Somethings not right, or should I say someones not telling the truth.

  • jennifer

    yup. kidney infection you go get tests done and bloodwork and sometimes you have a cystoscopy done (a very long tube that goes into the urethra and to the bladder more painful for men then women)takes a couple hours and then you are released hmmm…..why was she hospitalized unless she wanted to be taken care of because she was scared???maybe at this point im guessing