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TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight and young love Mark Cornelsen do a bit of house hunting together in The Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

Cornelsen wore a “WE ALL HAVE AIDS” t-shirt, which is a call to end HIV/AIDS stigma. It is a powerful display of the unity and solidarity we all share with the 40 million men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS around the world.

Limited edition WE ALL HAVE AIDS T-shirts have been sold at all Barney’s, Theory, Scoop, Louis of Boston and Kenneth Cole New York stores in the U.S., Holt Renfrew in Canada and Selfridges in London.

T.R. just turned 35 this past Wednesday. HAPPY BELATED, MR. KNIGHT!

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86 Responses to “TR Knight: We All Have AIDS”

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  1. 1
    Janie Says:

    Speak for yourself. I don’t have AIDs and am thankful for it. BTW the young boyfriend is NOT very attractive. Can’t you do better than that, TR?

  2. 2
    z+v=zanessa Says:

    i love tr. he is a very good actor. U rock George

  3. 3
    becca Says:

    Omg Janie your such a freaking *****.
    I love TR he is soo amazing and cute!

  4. 4
    Arab.Aquarius Says:

    the ‘we all have aids’ tshirt has been out since 2006

  5. 5
    Tami Says:

    TR and KH really bother me for some reaon, i dunno why?? Maybe cause i think KH is annoying and because he associates with her so much i then think he is just as???

    Who knows, lol.

  6. 6
    Rob Says:

    Love TR! But the boy toy is nothing to look at.

  7. 7
    Kim Says:

    Janie thats the first thing that came to my mind. you bet me to it.
    I don’t like TR either he does seem so creepy. I don’t like watching anything with him in it.

  8. 8
    katie n Says:

    I think the younger one is taller and more handsome. But how young is he? I hope at least 25 as the partner is 35 already and showing the age.

  9. 9
    skankyHO Says:

    I would so not walk around wearing that shirt.

  10. 10
    hihi Says:

    I think that t-shirt is a bit tasteless. His boyfriend may have good intentions, but that slogan is quite immature and pointless. It isn’t a good way to provide awareness of the disease.

    That said, stop being so superficial people!What matters is that they are happy together.

  11. 11
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    um… er.. ok everyone!! Did any of you NOT read the headline at the top of this article? WTF?!?! HELLOOOO people, wake up!! They are WHAT?!?! In case you all didn’t notice, they are HOUSE HUNTING!! You have GOT to be kidding me!! That means that they’re planning on moving in together, right? This whole thing just gets crazier and crazier by the minute!
    Don’t get me wrong, I like TR and Mark Cornelsen well enough and everything, but with TR at 35, and Mark at 19, this is sooooooo rediculous! What the HELL are they thinking?!?!

  12. 12
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    ok…. here’s a copy and PASTE from the top of the article…. I REST MY CASE!

    Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight and young love Mark Cornelsen do a bit of house hunting together in The Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

  13. 13
    really Says:

    Mark is 19? I thought he looked quite young, but didnt realize he is still a teenager!

  14. 14

    I still hold the belief that this dude TR KNIGHT is only famous because of the fight Patrick Demsey & Isaiah Washington had.

    I also believe that Katherine Heigl is famous because she jumped into the action and got FREE press for herself on an unfortunate incident.

    TR Knight has no range and look and sounds the same (MONOTONE) in all of his interviews and on the show.

    I think Isaiah W. was wrong for using the “F” word, but I think that it was taken out of context, since he wasn’t even arguing with TR – but rather Patrick Demsey.

    Famous for no reason..

  15. 15
    Me Says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s just a dumb slogan to me.

    There are ways to protect yourself almost 100% from AIDS. People who take risks are just stupid. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to find a cure, but AIDS is certainly not “everyone’s” disease.

  16. 16
    rien Says:

    The slogan bothers me a lot. It shows that TR gave a **** about the most dangerous disease, or let just say, disease which for the moment can not be cured yet.

    It is ignorant beyond beliefs!

  17. 17
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    #14… I have to agree with you on alot of your points. TR is cute enough and all, but you’re right, I’ve seen better acting. The fact is that alot of us here posting on this message board never really looked at TR much before the Isaiah Washington scandal. I know I didn’t, and I was an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan before that.
    Stardom out of scandal is what we have here, and TR Knight knew that before he ever made such an issue over the whole incident. It never needed to be made public. It could have been avoided. The reality is that he saw a way of scheming this whole mess into a goldmine for himself.
    Aren’t any of you seeing a pattern here? Mediocre actor screams bigotry and people take notice. Actor comes out of closet, more people take notice. Actor starts dating 19 year old and people REALLY take notice. Are you seeing he pattern?
    And if you think through this whole thing logically, this relationship he has with Mark Cornelsen is also a scheme. Sure, they may like each other enough and all, but don’t you think that because Mark was part of the Matthew Shepard Foundation as Point Scholar, and the fact that he is an AIDS activist. etc… etc…, aren’t all reasons that only fueld this relationship for the betterment of TR and his reputation in society?
    It’s a gammit. I can see right through the whole thing, and if all of you can’t, you’re blind. I mean come on, people, the fact that Mark is 19 turns heads!! That in itself puts TR in the spotlight.
    Let me ask all of you this… and think about it before you answer. Do you really think that TR had no other options as far as dating? If the guy was 35 or 40 insted of 19, and had nothing to do with the Foundation… etc, etc… would he be as popular? Hell, under these circumstances, would TR even be interested? In the end, don’t you think that this whole relationship may damage this poor kid’s emotional well being (being so young) once this relationship fizzles. And all of us know it will… now don’t we? Once the glitter and gloss fades, the lust going on now will lose its shine as well.
    Again, I rest my case.

  18. 18
    black Says:

    That shirt is stupid———————–

  19. 19
    eddie jones Says:

    Boy this really does wonders to prevent the 100% avoidable sexual transmitted disease. Other then the rare cases that it’s given through medical treatment it’s not like cancer, you don’t just get it. You get it through unsafe sexual practices, sounds like something that really should be brought into the mainstream.

  20. 20
    eddie jones Says:

    and also, to the ones that say it hasn’t been cured yet, who says there isn’t a cure for it? What money would there be for the aids mafia or tshirts if it was cured? Think about it.

  21. 21
    bolishopin Says:

    i gonna give them sexually transmitted blood in the ass goddamit

  22. 22
    rien Says:

    eddie jones, AIDs you get not only through unsafe sexual practices. Any body liquid (the infected body liquid) can transport this disease. There are so many innocent children who have this disease only because they received blood transfusion. I do hope this disease will be cured, one day! Of course, TR’s ignorance will not be cured only by wearing that T-shirt, let alone AIDs

  23. 23
    Jessie Says:

    The t-shirt is meant to show the AIDS is pandemic and everybody’s problem, not just the gay community or the black community.

    uhh HEHM! You’re totally right. I thought the best part was when TR used his evil, gay superpowers to get Isaiah Washington to say ‘******’ in front of a room full of press. I mean, really? You think that this is a giant conspiracy?

    As for the age thing, go throw eggs at Marilyn Manson’s house or start a letter campaign to James Woods.

  24. 24
    Jay Says:

    Yeah I think TR is scheming his way through his career. I never noticed him before the scandal and his acting does seem so Mediocre. He was one of my least favorite characters on the show.
    TR seem to be taking a free ride, hope he is enjoying.

  25. 25
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    well, I’ve been following this thing for a while now, and the obvious IS the OBVIOUS… Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that I don’t like TR Knight, because I do, it’s just that this whole thing really shows it’s true colors if one opens one’s eyes wide enough to see the whole picture. If you want to see proof of it, just check his starmeter in Imdb. Before the Isaiah Washington incident his ranking was rather midline for an actor of a major television series. And before that, his meter was where MINE IS NOW! But since then, and since Mark, it has skyrocketed! Look at it!! It’s what, below 2000 now? Do any of you realize what it takes to have a ranking that high in Imdb?
    TR had his plan figured out from the moment the Isaiah Washington scandal broke out, and he’s fooling himself if he thinks the public doesn’t see it. Dating Mark Cornelsen who is only 19, only adds wood (funny anacronism huh?) to an already blazing fire… and that too, he knows. And don’t think that Mark is innocent, either. He is eating up all this publicity just as TR is. He’s smart, active in public features and events, and was/is affiliated with the Matthew Shepard Foundation. He left home after his parents disapproved (apparently) of his homosexuality, and even went as far as pretending to be TR in a popular public website many of us use to profile ourselves (think about this one, you’ll figure out which one) to get TR a following. I have spend much time in that FIASCO, as did many others. In fact, once discovered, mark came back and actually stated his name ‘Mark” as an accidental slip up in a relist where he was calling it a “fansite” by that point. Oh…. I sure could tell all of you stories about this that you would NOT believe… but who has that kind of time. The point is that BOTH of them are taking advantage of the system like many people take advantage of the welfare system… I know it, I have all the proof I need, and that’s that!

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