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TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight and young love Mark Cornelsen do a bit of house hunting together in The Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

Cornelsen wore a “WE ALL HAVE AIDS” t-shirt, which is a call to end HIV/AIDS stigma. It is a powerful display of the unity and solidarity we all share with the 40 million men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS around the world.

Limited edition WE ALL HAVE AIDS T-shirts have been sold at all Barney’s, Theory, Scoop, Louis of Boston and Kenneth Cole New York stores in the U.S., Holt Renfrew in Canada and Selfridges in London.

T.R. just turned 35 this past Wednesday. HAPPY BELATED, MR. KNIGHT!

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  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    oh really?? That being the case, April, if he is on this mission… what of this opinion does he share with you, then? I think your stance is of bitterness and not that of other situations as you claim. As I have stated before, no one sent you an invitation to be rude and ignorant in this post— so cramming it down your throat is not an excuse you can use here, or with me. Please, elighten us all with this mission you are talking about……

  • April

    I am sure you have heard of it. Enduring Freedom. You know, so that you have the freedom to practice soddomy with as many other men as you please. The kind of freedom, your kind of freedom that this counrty was not founded on or by. As for my Husbands views…He is staunch Catholic and you don’t want to know what he thinks. I am liberal compared to him. I also did not need an invitation. I simply got on this site and there it is in all it’s glory two queers holding onto each other. You can’t hardly miss that, it is so out of place, and it just blares out at you. Why would I be bitter?

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    oh, I see… and isn’t it the Catholic Faith that is under such gunfire because of all those perverted Priests who are molesting boys? Talk about soddamy!! And as far as invitation…. YOU pushed the button, sweetie…. no mysterious unknown power made your hand type the letters on your keyboard to get you in here. And as far as “ALL its Glory”….. yes, the show of affection between two people is a beautiful thing. God did say “Love of all makind”, did he not? And as far as your bitterness… It REALLY shows. Perhaps, it’s that your husband is out and about and not at home with you. And as far as the kind of freedom our country was founded on… let’s correct you about something that was written in one of our GREAT American documents. “All men are created Equal”. Good words… so how do they taste now that your are forced to eat them, April? Your third world and antique way of thinking is precisely why this nation is struggling so hard to compete in the world market. Do you realize that? And LIBERAL? YOU? Look up the defintion of that word… you’ll find that you understand nothing of it. And as far as “out of place”…. April, nothing could be more out of place than your 1900′s way of thinking about things. If you can’t deal with this, then you obviously aren’t functioning in the modern day and age. Better get used to it… the AGE and US are here to stay, lady.

  • April

    Your here for now,, I am sure your assortment of STD’s will take care of that eventually. As for the Catholic Faith as you said before MAN. In fact I am starting to see a trend here. Looks like men pretty much screw up everything.(That was meant in the literal and physical sense.) Once again, has nothing to do with being bitter. As far as my Husband goes as long as he is not up your ass, everything is fine. Also along with the Great Words that were written, where also the words that all of this was founded on Christian principles. You know back in the day that this was written someone like you would have been done away with quickly. So how does THAT taste? My so called out of date views, are only thought of that way by people like you. People that do not fit in with general society, and sometimes by the people that feel sorry for them. The latter of which I am not, you are making your bed.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    oh foolish woman…. park your horse and buggy in the barn. With your words of such distate towards men… are you sure you’re not lesbian? Not that it’s a bad thing… you might like it! And as far as your husband being up my ass? He could be up someone else’s… ever think of that? With a wife like you, an ass— in the “horse sense” or the “rectal” would be a far better home for his *beep* than at home giving you a work out!

    And as far as Chistian principles and doing away with people like me? How dare you! I suppose you feel poor Matthew Shepard got what he deserved being tied to that fence and beaten to death, right? YOU BITCH! And you bear odasity to claim yourself as Christian!

    Hell is the bed you make… and as for your husband… he married a “she devil”, and this entire post sees you as the pathetic piece of feces you truly are!

  • gmcfly

    Wasn’t this a song from “Lease,” the fictional musical in that Team America movie?

    “Everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS!”

  • April

    I’m sorry I got distracted by my Husband. He is still in Germany. We were talking about getting a camper so we can go camping. You know family stuff. Together, man and wife, you know, the way God intended. You know something else the Bible says, “Go be fruitfull and multiply.” How the hell you gonna do that?

  • Angie

    I totally adore this couple. They are so cute! More power to them!

  • April

    Alright Wayne with a d. I guess I got the last word. I am sure you are up to your neck in some kind of HBO special. I have to get my children to bed, and myself to bed. That way I can get my home ready for my Husband to get here tomorrow. I have completely enjoyed our conversation. Hopefully some day you will find yourself a nice woman and settle down. Rather than opting out for lonely one night stands with strange men, carrying diseases. Goodnight.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    Camping? Oh really?? What if I told you that I FULL TIME RV?!?! It’s true. I live for nature.. and my family OWNED a camping facility and campers, motorhomes, travel trailers, etc… are in my blood! That’s HILARIOUS! So, April, how do you like camping now? How does it feel to share a common interest with a homosexual? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Don’t preach family with me, you bigot! I’ve ARRANGED family functions within our family business. HOMOS have family too, and you know, I’ll just bet you’ll be the most UNWELCOME couple in any RV park, Keep dreaming, April… You sure stuck your foot in your mouth again, didn’t ya?

    MMMMMM… think about it April… you, your husband, the kids… alone in the woods with the FAGS!

    And me? I blend in soooo well. I do the hunting thing, the fishing thing, the tent thing… HELL I even do the BAJA thing in my Blazer from time to time and chainsaw up fallen trees… HELL, I have shaken the hand of many of men— just like your husband— all the while none of them ever knowing that the hand I use to shake their hand is the same hand I use to masterbate with!

    Your stomach churning now, April?! You wanna go camping, now?!!!

  • April

    O so your just common trailer trash. That explains alot. As for having something in common with you. The fact that we breath the same air is way too much to have in common with you. As for you shaking many a mans hand and them not knkowing a thing. Sounds like you are mighty proud (or should I say not proud) of what you are. Who is the hypocrite now. Living on the down low, isn’t that what you guys call it? Whatever it is at least I have the balls to say what I mean and mean what I say, and I don’t hide it. Of course we have already established that you don’t have any balls!

  • April

    I have tried and tried to fit in different words for what you do with your hand. Nothing I think of fits with your astericks. Can you clarify?

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    heads up, April… people like you will never have the last word— because people like me will always be around to stick up for the freedoms and rights of people… to live in a manner that was PLANNED for them. You get that? It’s something your pea sized brain had better get used to— because we’re not going away. I, and all the people of the world— wheter they are straight, gay, homeless, riddled with disease, or other, have every bit the RIGHT to live in this world.. just as you do. It’s called peaceful coexistence in case you don’t get out of your little shallow-minded world too often.

    Remember one thing though… that mouth you use to run other people down with is the same mouth you’ll plead forgiveness with at your life’s end. Better practice your speach now, because in order to convince God of your repent, you will have to give a convincing academy award winning performance!

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    sure, April… m-a-s-t-e-r-b-8

  • Andrew

    It’s about time that two men who are in love are shown together like this. Way to go JUST JARED for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s 2008 and it’s way past the time that we are able to see pictures like this. Congrats to T.R and Mark!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.R!!!!!!!! Good luck in your house hunting. You two really look good together and show a postive side for all of us! Keep up the good work ‘Just Jared’!!!!

  • April

    Thanks for clearing that up. That’s sad. I feel for you, it’s just you, your little hand, and your rv, out in the woods. You just wish you were out with your chainsaw cutting up wood. As for my speech, whatever. Your going to be holding up the line for a while ,I will have time to practice mine when I get there. I will have plenty of time while I wait on you. All the while you will be up there explaining to him how you never put the penis he gave you to proper use. As it is said you should be a good steward with the things God gives you.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    give me a break April.. if I WAS on the down low…. and was hiding my identity… you wouldn’t see my real name and homestate posted here, would ya? I think it’s you who’s the coward! Hiding behind the Bible making a mockary of the cross…. you know what you’re doing.

    Trailer trash? Wow… there’s a phrase from the 1950′s. What, you’re still driving your BelAir too?

    I live in what I choose. It’s a great life— nothing you could ever appreciate, you wouldn’t know what you were doing. Besides, RVing is for people of class— something you ALSO don’t understand. If I were you, I’d stick to the suburbs, you know, your cookie-cutter world of the fake and the phony?

    Keep talking April, you’re looking like an ass on this post… and people are laughing! Look around. And if you are such the faithful housewife and such a great mother, why are you spending all this wonderful flirt -time with a homo from Pennsylvania? Do I turn you on that much?

    Sorry…. I don’t do bigots, thanks for the interest, though…

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    and as far as being a good steward, I’d mind your own genitalia before you spend much time monitoring others… “Thout shalt not covet they neighbors belongings”, April—– SO KNOCK IT OFF!

  • April

    Yeah, you see classy queers all the time. Let me tell you when I see anything that portrays queers and class at the same time….well Idon’t know. I doubt that could ever even happen. There is just nothing classy about what you do.
    My kiddos, they are tucked into bed and sleeping.
    My life no Suburb, no cookie cutter, I don’t have to be some phony, wishy-washy, flake to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
    As for anyone laughing, if there was I wouldn’t care. I really see a bunch of nothing on this post. Not a whole lot of anyone defending it but you. Maybe a few others like you.
    As for me, I find it interesting to see where other people are comming from. What makes them tick, what makes them feel the way they do about somehting. You argue well, but you have no real point. Nothing to really back yourself up with. I would hardly call it flirting more of a probing. What makes you tick. Did something happen to you when you were a kid. Did you feel diferent from early on. Did you ever like girls. Where you just confused. I don’t know if I completely buy the whole I was just born thes way thing. Maybe that happens some, but not as often as so many people would like others to think.

  • April

    So….does your boyfriend know you have the hots for clay aiken

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    my, my, so now you’re a shrink, April? If you really cared about what made people tick, you’d listen more than you talk. You only see things the way you want to— that’s bigotry, and yeah, you are in that catagory. And that’s a label you created yourself– no one shoved it on you. You don’t see things the way they are. If you want to get a real education about this subject… reread the post I made which started your mouth running.

    Probing. Yeah, I can see you’re good at that, but yet although you claim inquiry, you speak nothing of it. And as for me, I know my identity, quite well actually, and as far as being proud of who I am, YOU BET! The way I see it, GOD HIMSELF made me this way for a reason… perhaps to send a message out to the world that it’s ok to be different, it’s not something to shun or shame. Perhaps he made me gay because he knew that I was strong enough to handle it, and that people like myself could teach people like you that tolerance and acceptance is something you should learn under his plan. Hmmm… food for thought. Guess God made me stronger than you, eh?

    There’s the point, in case you missed it thoughout the posts.

    And what’s your point, other than ranting on about the Bible you misread all the time?

    Your problem? You seem to think that we are “made” individuals— like we are run on an assembly line or something, We aren’t, you know? Every person has a purpose in this life. I have found my purpose, and I feel good about it. I know that the difference I make in my lifetime will help out somene else generations from now. But what about you? What are you contributing for the progression of mankind? From the short time I have exchanged messages with you, all I see is regression, and nothing that contributes the betterment of anything in society, let alone the society of tomorrow.

    As far as backing up my claims… MY NAME out here on this post IS my BACKBONE, lady, and until your’s shows up here, you’re the one hiding behind a veil….

    Where’s the faith behind your religion, now, April?

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    HOTS? hahaha… so typical of the small mind.. If you really want to get an education about me, check out my Imdb if you really think you’re brilliant enough to know how to find me on there. The truth is that I love LOTS of people… and there is a grave difference between “hots”, and appreciation. People like you will say anything you can to compensate and protect your bigoted beliefs… and the truth is that Clay Aiken is WONDERFUL… as is Mark, TR, and all the other wonderful people out there that I have come to appreciate.

    I am ashamed of NOTING I SAY or claim… so bring it on April, you’re only bringing more attention to this post and reiforcing the theory so many of us are calling disapproval upon.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    I mean. you are realizing that I am beating the hell out of you here on this post, right? No one is jumping to your defense… So, Miss Religion, where’s your following?

  • April

    Once again I see no one but you. Once again, your point is not really a point just an excuse to continue your lifestyle and behavior. I bet you love that psycho rosy too. As for the Bible you can say all you want, the one thing you cannot do is change it. Maybe in your head you can change it, but not what it says in the book. What you are doing is flat out called a sin, people were destroyed for it. Your not different. Different is…someone born without hair, with an abnormaltie of some kind. You…are making a clear choice, a decision. You can rant all you want about what will happen in the end. None of us knows until we die. What I do know right here, right now, is that you cannot reproduce. That, like it or not is the sole purpose for sex. It was not created for your lust. Yet lust is all you have, and nothing can be created through that. That is just pure science. Like I said argue all you want, your just making excuses for yoruself. Meanwhile there is no excuse for you. Cont. to post on here about how wonderful and life changing you are, and how you are such a part of God’s plan. While you are doing that by yourself, I am going to go check on my kids, and go peacefully to sleep. Something you won’t ever get the chance to do, because of your choice.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    there’s where your wrong again, April…. a person can adopt, a person can have a serragate. But one thing is for sure… gay, straight, or otherwise, a household like yours is no place for a child to be brought up in my opinion. It’s people like you who don’t deserve the blessing of the children you have…. children like Mark Cornelsen— a wonderful kid who is EVERYTHING GOOD YOU ARE NOT—- tossed out by his family because he was gay. That’s bigotry.

    Remember this April, one of your kids could be gay— you might not know it yet… So, tell me— TELL THE POST— would you do the same to your child that MArk’s family did to him?

    If so, you have proven my point as the worthless UNGODLY BIGOT you are showing yourself to be now.

    Talk your way out of THAT ONE, April…. and why your at it, tell all of us your real name— oh , that’s right, you’re a coward— a weekness in the human species who can’t reveal your identity becasue you’re afraid!

    Once again, I’ve spoken the truth!

    Nite, “April”

  • rien

    AIDs is indeed everyone’s problem. All of us can get infected, but it doesn’t mean that WE ALL HAVE AIDS. The slogan puts AIDS at the same level with influenza, and that is IGNORANT!!! If TR wants to have people’s attention on AIDS, then the hell he must do it better. We all must do it better!

  • jason

    No, we don’t all have AIDS. I don’t sleep around for starters. I don’t go to sleazy bath-houses or cubicles to have sex with 10 strangers in one night. I always talk to my prospective partner and make sure I do not engage in anything overly intimate on the first meeting. Common sense, really.

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    actually… yeah, we DO all have AIDS. And in the eyes of society that can be taken many various ways. Aside from the fact that AIDS itself, is a worldwide epidemic that still kills thousands each year; it also knows no prejudice… that is, in its literal form. it doesn’t know race. It doesn’t know gender or sexual orientation. It doesn’t know age. All it DOES know is that it lives and breathes… in one form or another, in almost every community throughout the world. We all talk about it, and in the last 30 years, it has been in every human’s vocabulary. It’s our problem because it EXISTS in our communities— infecting our friends, family menbers, and the global community of which we all are a part.

    But AIDS has another side too. A stigma. It’s a fear, a shame, and a denial that each of us face when we see someone who has it, or in just knowing that it’s around. And you know something? We all face “stigma” in our lives— flaws about us that not only make us individuals, but also flaws that create idiosyncrises about us that others may— or may not, like— or don’t understand becasue it’s foreign to what we know or experience.

    If all of you take the time to really look at this picture posted of Mark and TR, it’s carrying an underlined message that I really don’t think that anyone is seeing as of yet. The T-Shirt speaks for itself, and if look closely, you will see the prejudice behind what was once thought to be the CAUSE and ONLY “person” to be affected by tis deadly disease—- A GAY MAN. That’s the “stigma” behind this photo, isn’t it?

    Think about it… Many people will look at this the way they did in 1978 when the first traces of AIDS began to occur in the US— “all gay MEN have AIDS”. Others are looking at it as a blow to their personal lives— an accusation stating that YOU have AIDS (specifically YOU).

    But remember something… all of us like to claim intelligence, and if you look at all the senarios I have just given, you will see that the incorporation of all the stigmas we associate with this deadly disease can be directed at ANYONE—- ANY PERSON or group of people. It’s because NO ONE is immune.

    Remove the stigma. Face the responsibility.

  • MLW Fan

    I love TR!

    All you haters need to get a life!

  • annoyed

    dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania: you are really annoying and you should just give up and get off the message boards. Get out of your house and do something that isn’t a waste of time.

  • jake

    annoyed—- I think you should spend some time sweeping your own trash before you worry about what’s going on with mine. The truth is that some of us, unlike you, have an incredible ability to multi-task AND keep 55 hours of employment going with excellence. Annoyed? You haven’t even sampled what my abilities are, and furthermore, if you could bring yourself to the table and truthful, you would find the world is a better place than the life you lead “lurking in the shadows”. “Witch hunts” are for the faint of heart— revealing the underlined truth is the reward I seek for the public. We’ll see what Father Time discovers—- but in the meantime, check your baggage, you may want to lighten your load, you know?

    Have a great day, Sunshine!! ;-)

  • dwayne wolfe— pennsylvania

    oh yeah… and I forgot to mention. I write under various names… so you may wish to monitor thing a bit closer— since I seem to be of interest to you. :D

  • JimBeam

    LOL!! It’s funny how one guy, at the flick of a finger, can knock an entire family of bigots flat on their asses! You go, man!

  • Kimmy

    Why do people feel like they have a right to comment on their relationship just because there’s an age difference? They’re both adults, they both care about each other. Your age is just a number. If they’re happy, that’s all that matters. People need to stop being rude. Although I’m guessing it’s americans that think their relationship is ‘creepy’ so it doesn’t suprise me. You’re all just proving that most Americans are dumb.

  • miss open

    Homosexuality, to my understanding, is a hormone imbalance which cannot be controlled or changed, the choice to act upon may be controlled however to an extent. It is something you are born into, something created by god. Evidence for this is shown in nature, where, Gay animals exist and has been well documented . Gay animals are also a creation of God, and therefore natural, there is nothing synthetic about them and also have no choice in the way they are, and also no mental ability to stop it.

  • Slane


    Sure it is preventable for those that acquire it through unprotected sex or needle sharing…. but WE ALL HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX. There are enough babies born in the world every day as proof!
    Also, a number of people in the world have acquired the virus from their mothers- during childbirth.
    And HIV is not a gay disease… african american women are the fastest growing population. Many of these girls are not sluts or on drugs- they just make the mistake of falling in love with the wrong guy.
    I think an infectious disease that is affecting over 50 million people in the world is all of our problem.
    The stigma of HIV/AIDS prevents people from getting tested, from getting the medical care that they need to live, and from getting support from their family in friends- as many tend to point fingers.

    I applaud the T-shirt.

    I would like to have one myself for my next World AIDS day celebration.

    God works in mysterious ways….. if you think AIDS is not your problem…. maybe someday it will be.