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TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

TR Knight: We All Have AIDS

Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight and young love Mark Cornelsen do a bit of house hunting together in The Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

Cornelsen wore a “WE ALL HAVE AIDS” t-shirt, which is a call to end HIV/AIDS stigma. It is a powerful display of the unity and solidarity we all share with the 40 million men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS around the world.

Limited edition WE ALL HAVE AIDS T-shirts have been sold at all Barney’s, Theory, Scoop, Louis of Boston and Kenneth Cole New York stores in the U.S., Holt Renfrew in Canada and Selfridges in London.

T.R. just turned 35 this past Wednesday. HAPPY BELATED, MR. KNIGHT!

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86 Responses to “TR Knight: We All Have AIDS”

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  1. 26
    EE Says:

    35 and 19..Thats a bit creepy!! Milo and Hayden aren’t even that far apart. TR should find someone older..cause’ Mark is weird looking..and prolly a gold digger….

  2. 27
    pookey Says:

    That shirt is stupid…Their Gross

  3. 28
    rolling eyes Says:

    Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this one…

  4. 29
    don't even... Says:

    Aids never use to be “everyones” problem, and its still not, its those who decide to participate in unsafe sex and unsafe practices not taking into consideration who they are effecting…

  5. 30
    becca Says:

    wow everyone is really rude. Get a life all of you.

  6. 31
    April Says:

    No we don’t ALL have AIDS. We are not ALL gay. I also DON’T have to accept the behavior. I feel for anyone that innocently gets this disease, and I hope a cure is found. For those who act without thinking, especially men having sex with each other, they are taking that risk. If you are dumb enough to take that risk, then you are asking for trouble. For the children that get it or people that have gotten it accidently through blood transfusions or otherwise it is horrible. I wish the media and the quiers would stop shoving their gay crap down everyones throat. It is not normal and it is not ok. All it is, is one more thing I have to try and shield my little kids from. And something else I am going to have to try and explane to them when they are old enough, how the hell am I supposed to do that when there is no good explination for it?

  7. 32
    bet betty Says:

    Gross. At. Maximum.

  8. 33
    luckyL Says:


  9. 34
    luckyL Says:

    By the way, if his boyfriend really is 19, this is unlikely to last, as I am in college and know how guys that age act, and yes I have gay friends that are the same age as well. I’m pretty sure TR’s boyfriend gushes to his friends about dating a famous actor with cash and is just enjoying all the good things that come with it. I’m sure TR is enjoying the fact he has a young guy on his arm, but the immaturity his young boyfriend is most likely reeking will eventually become a problem. For the young one, it’s win/win for him so I doubt he’ll be the one ending it. TR may stay with him for the same reason’s Elton John is with his partner. so who really knows. I look on the age difference with the same distaste I look at Hayden Panetierre’s and what’s his name.

  10. 35
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    you know, LuckyL, I couldn’t agree with your post any more if I had written it myself. The truth is is that I AM TR’s age, and having been younger as well, I can now see both sides of the coin through experience. When you are older, the great age difference usually isn’t such a factor…. shall we say the difference between 35 and 50, but the truth is that this kid has not lived yet… is good looking, GAY— which is not a problem but it DOES bring out the animal in testosterone induced teens at that age (I was there as well..) And because of that, comes promicuity and exploration—- which is only a natural instinct. For TR, this may be great for his labido at the moment, but he’ll eventually want to slow down—- unfortunately at a time when Mark is wanting to speed up. If this relationship has an “open end” to it—which I am sure it does, as the distance between San Fransico and LA is several miles, and TR being an actor who travels often, what will happen is that eventually, there will be a SEVERE jealousy situation that will build up inside of Mark— NOT TR! This is where the problems will begin, and I can see them coming already. One has to bear in mind that typically, NOT NECESSARILY ALL, homosexual relationships tend to lead to multiple sex partners— which is part of the lifestyle. In today’s day and age, it is very difficult to claim monogamy— in ANY given relationship, and because of Marks age, and his apparent willingness to want a CONVENTIONAL relationship in an UNCONVENTIONAL lifestyle… it’s just never going to work. What he will have to understand, is that there WILL be other men, there WILL be multiple sex partners, and it WILL happen– WITH or WITHOUT his permission.. PERIOD. It’s just a fact of this life. So in conclusion, what he needs to know and accept is that he either better get used to it, or he’d better lean how to pick up the “swinger” lifestyle REALLY fast. He’s a 19 year old kid with alot to think about, and if he plans on keeping TR, he’d better reevaluate his position and make a change in one way or another…

  11. 36
    tominjersey Says:

    Just when you think people’s comments couldn’t be more ignorant, the majority of you top yourselves.
    You sound like a bunch of homophobic, AIDS-phobic jerks. And how anyone thinks that TR Knight somehow orchestrated a bigger career from having an insult hurled about him, is just beyond ridiculous.

  12. 37
    wetcnt Says:

    Wow. I am floored by the ignorance and shallow thinking of the posters on this thread. The slogan “We All Have AIDS” is part of a larger campaign to keep the problem of HIV/AIDS in the forefront at a time when we think of it as a ‘managable’ condition. The basic meaning is that if one of us has the disease than we should act as if we all do. It’s the same thinking as saying if one person goes hungry then it’s everyone’s problem, if one person is homeless than we should treat it as if it were us.

    It’s called compassion children. Take a minute out from thinking up your next snide remark about how ‘not cute’ someone is and go to the official site for the campaign.

  13. 38
    uhh HEHM! Says:

    actually, I am not homophobic nor do I have an adversity against the AIDS epidemic… Believe it or not, I too am gay. And I’m not ashamed of it. And for those of you posting in the contrary to my commendations, I must inform you that i am speaking from experience here, and the mere fact exists that some of us… knows a little bit more about the “inside track” of this relationship in question than you may think. Some of us, in fact, have experienced one or both of these people, first hand. Let’s just leave it at that…

  14. 39
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    Controversy is everyone right. So is voicing an opinion. I am angered by this post becasue so many people don’t understand what it’s like to live in this life. So, I’m going to paste something here that I had personally posted on TR Knight’s Imdb webpage message board. I hope all of you take the time to read it. It was suggested that I repost it in as many forums as I can. I believe I will.


    Board: T.R. Knight

    View: thread | flat | inline | nest

    Subject Posted by Date
    something I wanted to share with everyone here.
    by dennistrox 2 days ago (Fri Mar 28 2008 18:28:53)


    It’s been so nice visiting TR’s Imdb and seeing how everyone here (recently) has been in such support of him and Mark Cornelsen. It has been an inspiration to me to see the two of them so happy, and able to be open to the public with their relationship. As a gay male myself, I only wish that I wouldn’t have lived half of my life before society started making a change for the better through acceptance. On the flip side though, they say life begins at 40, so perhaps the second half of my life will reward me with the fruits of kindness and support I’ve longed for my entire life…

    I want to share with all of you a post that I had placed on in support of Mark Cornelsen, TR, and all of gay society. In my words, I hope all of you will see just what it’s like to see life through a set of “gay eyes”, and hopefully, over time, understand that we all are here on Earth for the same reasons… to live, love, prosper and be happy..

    Be well, everyone, and as always, the best to you!


    (#75 fron the post)

    I’ve been watching the messages of this post for quite awhile now. And you know, the time has come for me to say a few things about the situation. I’m 39, and like Mark, I also am gay. Even more than that is the fact that I know exactly the kind of situation he is up against with his family. It happened to me. It was 1987, and the times were different. The world was prejudice about gays then— even moreso than now, and it was holding on the the old belief that we were sick individuals who had made a concious choice to be this way. This isn’t the truth. And it isn’t a choice, but a life… not a lifestyle, we are put into from the day we are concieved. We are not “made” individuals, but are people of a predestined situation of which we did not ask for or of which we had a choice. Our lives are not multiple choice selections of sexual orientation, in the same way that we can’t choose our fates at our lives ends. This is a choice and a selection that was, in fact, chosen for us by a supreme power beyond that of ourselves or mankind. People of religion call us an abomination; society calls us sinners. And through it all, we strive to be kind to everyone– do the right things, help others in need– all the while never asking for than more than acceptance in return. All men are created equal– so a great American doocument once read, and the Bible teaches all of us that God created us in HIS own image. It’s that image that people like Mark and me are trying to measure up to. If HE indeed created us in HIS own image, and “lying” is a sin, then trying to be something that we were never intended to be would be a lie— a defiance to HIM and HIS plan for us. Another situation is a parent’s unconditional love for a child. Believe it or not, I can see both sides. I understand that this has been a difficult situation for Mark’s parents— it was for mine. Visions of carrying on the family Crest, bloodline, and grandchildren, cloud the present view a parent should have in regards to the well-being and happiness of their own children, at times. This is not a “survival-of- the- fittess” of carrying on generations of a family’s legacy or last name, or should it be a consideration factor when regarding family status in a community. The strengths of a family are measured in how well they are bound to one another by love and loyalty– not by guidlines determined by society or belief. True love of a parent comes form accepting everything about their child— and editing out the dislikes they may have is not an option on a check-off list of “accessory items”. Society plays the biggest role in all of our lives, and many times, has taught us the bigotry that has become inbred in each of us for any given situation where bias can be present. It’s up to us now—a new generation of thinkers, to individualize our beliefs, and seperate our taught prejudices from the rights all of us have in society to be just that— individuals. in fact, it’s not just a right, it’s a plan… a plan that has been mapped out for each of us by that stonger power I mentioned earlier. If we truly want the world to be a better place, and we want to follow the example so many people of religion claim is the “right” path, then we need to reevaluate ourselves in society and let the “plan” run it’s natural course as HE intended. The road is alot less bumpy for everyone when “HE” is the only one holding the steering wheel, you know?

  15. 40
    PSA Says:

    I believe the poet John Donne put it best…. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” How can you people say that AIDS is not everyone’s problem? Your callous indifference and blatant disregard for those suffering from the AIDS pandemic is nauseating. All you seem to care about is whether TRKnight’s boyfriend is “cute enough”. Come on, people, wake up and get a REAL LIFE!

  16. 41
    April Says:

    You know what you gay guys (the ones that are responsible for most of the spreading around of AIDS.) need to GET REAL. There is no Godly plan for you. Men having sex with men…there is no plan for that. That is called man taking his life in his own hands and making a choice, a decision. You are making a decision to go against all that is natural. Explaine it and rationalize it all you want. Can you have children? What the hell do you think sex is for? Sure there is pleasure in it, but the sole purpose is for procreation, even your basic animal understands that. Well except for my in-laws chihuahua, he liked it with just about anything, cats, chickens, anything that would be still long enough. Well there you go, you have about the same common sense God gave a Chihuahua. Like I said make every excuse and use the bible as your reference all you want, the bottom line is your wrong. Oh, and for the bible take a look at the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, if that doesn’t clue you in to what God thinks about it I don’t think much can. One more thing keep on thinking that people are accepting your behavior all you want. Most Christians don’t condone or accept your behavior, we are trying to say we see you as a human with feelings and emtions that need to be recognized, not necessarily accepted. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to get real tired of gays trying to push their lifestyle on everybody else as normal and responsible and moral behavior. I know I am tired of it. It was one thing to just know that it is out there, but now it is being crammed down our throats and pushed on us. I know I for one am getting a little tired of it, I am also tired of being nice and accepting.

  17. 42
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    PSA, WONDERFUL comment! I really do believe that if people have nothing better to do with their time but focus on the nonsense in these two fine young men’s lives should post elsewhere. AIDS IS everyone’s problem. No one asks for it, and no one deserves it! It’s a disheartening situation to wake up and realize that we are in 2008 and still, we find narrow minded prejudice and bigotry. YES, BIGOTRY! Why don’t all you people who have so much to say on the subject take a look at yourselves. I think you’ll find that the windows of your own glass houses are about to be shattered!

  18. 43
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    You know April, why don’t you just shut the F*** up! You know NOTHING of what you speak! If what you’re idea of religion is is to carry what you claim is GOD’S message, you’re doing a very piss poor job of it! You DEFINE bigotry which is a sin in itself! You are mortal, and even THAT you aren’t doing too well. It’s people like you who offer NOTHING postive to society or mankind. You exist, as a scar— a scab on the face of this Earth— a constant reminder to all of us as humans that evil lurks among us. YES YOU!! EVIL! God himself will be the only one who judges me, Mark, TR, ora any other person HE created, thanks; and as far as your Bible? Remember, man wrote it, NOT GOD, and with your interpretation of it, you’re making it seem like nothing more than trashy tabloid! Pull it from you nightstand, and give it to a poor unfortuante soul who can appreciate it for what it is— BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY, YOU DON’T!

    I’ll see you on “judgement day”, April—– and oh, watchout for that trap door, I hear it’s a LONG way down!

  19. 44
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    …and one more thing, April. “Cramming it down your throat?” I doubt seriously you had a special gift-wrapped invitation to post your prejudice comments here. Who’s cramming who, April? And rights? Equality and acceptance? How would you feel if you, as a woman, all of the sudden landed yourself in 1880 and had to endure the struggles to equality of men, as your ancestors did… ie: voting, equality i society, etc.? Sure, you can run your trash-mouth now, becasue your predecessors did all the work for you! You struggled for equality of NOTHING in your life—- it was handed to you on a silver platter, it’s people like myself, TR, Mark, and others who are the “blazers” of this situation— trying to make it better for those of future generations. My hope? That the recipients of our labors appreciate it more that the lack of which you have shown for those who GAVE you YOUR rights!

  20. 45
    April Says:

    Yeah, I bet you know alot about trap doors. Sure, and men wrote the Bible, The same men that supposedly are just repeating what God told them and what Jesus taught. Are you saying that’s not true? Oh, and I know I have a long list of transgressions, and I know I will be judged. At least I am NOT trying to ram my wrongs on to other people, and at least I am NOT trying to come up with excuses for them and convince people that what I have done is right. I don’t flaunt all my trangressions, or have a parade, or write a book about it, and how I am right and everyone else should just accept them. If anything, I take a long hard look at the things I have done, and I DON”T repeat them. Let me tell you something else I also offer plenty of positive to this world, and I can gaurantee I don’t offer it all the diseases that gay men tend to suffer from! I also did not give my interpretation of the Bible. I simply said look up the story, intertpret it how you will!

  21. 46
    April Says:

    My RIGHTS? When my Forfathers landed here and wrote the declaration my rights were already stated there. The only thing keeping them from being excercised was men. Too bad there were not any pansy men around back then maybe women could have roled right over them much sooner than we did. The only person here with the trash mouth wuold be you, but hey that does not really surprise me. I am sure you keep your mouth zipped about as often as you keep your fly zipped. At least that is what I here about the average gay man.

  22. 47
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    speak what you must, but know that what you speak is falling on deaf ears. You talk religion… Isn’t it funny that so many of today who ride the pulpit and pound Bibles in religous outcry find themselves being charged with crimes of molestation? Hiding behind the Bible, are we, April? Keep preaching it… today’s religion is corrupt as HELL because people like yourself speed-read the Bible to get the “jist” out of what it is that suits you of it.

    Get “Hooked on Phonics” if you want to speed read. And as far as trap doors, April… I would know about them? Would there be a sexual inuendo attached to that? See, even YOU can’t cover up your own perverse Religion ranting hypocritical way of life.

    Get an education, learn HOW to speak before you do, and perhaps when you open up your mouth, GARBAGE won’t come rolling out of it!

  23. 48
    April Says:

    Awww, look at that you can write something without cursing. Why yes, that inuendo is exactly what you think. Let it not be said that I don’t have a sense of humor. I am only angry because I get so tired of seeing something that I (meaning me) consider wrong, being told to me and at times my kids that it is ok, and right. I don’t care how you say it, Bible, no Bible, God, no God. It is not right with nature. We could argue it all day long. If you are Gay, you are going to have your platform. I, on the other hand am not, and I have my platform. I am not a Bible beater, and yeah there are some people out there who hide behind it to hide what they are. I am also not one of those people, but have had run ins with the type. I am simply pissed. You know you make it difficult. I would beat the crap out of anyone that I saw beating someone up just because they are gay, But same thing goes for if I saw someone beating up an illegal Mexican. That being said it doesn’t mean that I think it is ok that he is here illegally. It is still wrong. Sorry, in this issue I am no hypocrit. I do not say one thing yet live another. On the same token I am not one to say what I believe in yet not take a stand on it. I consider that weakness, and if I did that then I would be a hypocrit.

  24. 49
    dwayne wolfe--- pennsylvania Says:

    gee, April… “it’s 8:30 PM…. do you know where your HUSBAND is?”

  25. 50
    April Says:

    ok dumbass, it’s not 8:30 where I am. But let me tell you this. My Husband happens to be on a mission right now, that just so happens to ensure that you get the priviledge of living the lifestyle that you live.

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