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American Idol 7: Top 9 — CALL NOW!

American Idol 7: Top 9 — CALL NOW!

Theme of the week: Dolly Parton songs

CALL NOW!! 1 866 43657 ##

Brooke White – “Jolene” (Dial 01, Watch here)

David Cook – “Little Sparrow” (Dial 02, Watch here)

Ramiele Malubay – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” (Dial 03, Watch here)

Jason Castro – “Travelin’ Thru” (Dial 04, Watch here)

Carly Smithson – “Here You Come Again” (Dial 05, Watch here)

David Archuleta – “Smoky Mountain Memories” (Dial 06, Watch here)

Kristy Lee Cook – “Coat of Many Colors” (Dial 07, Watch here)

Syesha Mercado – “I Will Always Love You” (Dial 08, Watch here)

Michael Johns – “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” (Dial 09, Watch here)

Ryan Seacrest‘s April Fool’s joke (Watch here)


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Photos: Frank Micelotta/FOX
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  • mj8


  • Willis!


  • Jennifer W

    david archuleta all the way

  • k.p.Y

    David Archuletaaaaaa. :D

  • sheryl

    Michael Johns performance was HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Brooke White = talent! David Cook and Carly also seem like the real deal.
    Achuleta is so over-rated. If not for the fact that he looks pre-pubescent /cute, he would be getting near the same amount of support. I can’t deny that looks matter in the entertainment industry, but he is like a puppy, cute for a limited amount of time. Then just average.

  • lauren

    DAVID ARCHULETA! He will win for sure, he has the talent!

  • 24323411333332123123

    Syesha was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than they said. the judges are told what to say.

  • Stacy

    Michael Johns alll the way!!

    Just amazing! <3


    David Archuleta, David Cook and Carly Smithson

  • Ann

    DAVID COOK! My fellow Missourian ;) I voted for two hours straight!

  • nancy


    i hope you read this comment, because david archuleta, yes he does have that puppy-dog look, but it seems the public really likes it and he has been popular with many people. i highly doubt he will become easily forgotten, because he has an amazing voice. his performance tonight and “imagine” in the top 12 week were both amazing, and whether or not you like david archuleta, there is no doubt that those two performances show his amazing capabilities. so next time you want to bash him, think about just how capable he is, and when he does become a huge star, you’ll realize that he is nowhere near average.

  • erin

    i think carly almost cried when simon commented on her look

  • coffee time

    Michael Johns…. Oh yeah! now that was hawt

  • http://deleted regina

    david archuleta all the way! he has the best vocals in the show!

  • amy

    The April Fools Joke was funny.

  • Suzie

    MICHAEL JOHNS rocked it! He truly deserves to be the American Idol–he can sing rock, soul, blues. He was truly a star tonight.
    Although David Archuleta has a good voice, he is just a young kid who would work more on the Disney or Christian music circuit.

    On another note, I felt really bad for Carly when Simon critiqued her wardrobe!

  • insider

    i love david cook and michael johns,and my prayers go out to david cook and family i hope whatever happened is just a case of well david :)

  • idolfan

    2434, ITA.

    Syesha and Carly were the best of the girls. But I’m afraid that they have something against Syesha. And I don’t get it. I think they’re bound and determined that they won’t have another black chick win again this year. That’s what I’m beginning to believe. Clearly the girl has talent. Much more than Malobar, Kristy and dare I say Brooke in terms of actual singing. But they seem tempered when it comes to her. And it drives me nuts !!

    Tell you what, if she leaves unfairly, I’m not watching the rest of the show. They would have lost me as a fan. I believe the damn voting system is fixed anyway.

  • detrobodine

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael Johns. I cannot vote from Canada…but boy oh boy if I could it would be for him,

    I totally have a high school crush on him……..

  • MiHay

    GO CARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • britt


  • ping

    Thanks Jared for this thread. I just got home and missed the show.
    I am glad I can still vote for Ramielle.

  • Michelle

    Oh Nancy… I am glad you only cited two performances. There are plenty of average singers that are huge stars. He has indeed had some great performances, and he indeed has a great voice. However, he has definitely been outperformed most every week by other contestants. I just think people are very blinded by the youth. This show more often than not becomes a popularity contest rather than a talent one. And while popularity is necessary for a successful artist, more is needed for longevity. Some artists have been able to really capitalize on the popularity, while others really don’t have staying power. Is a kid who sings ballads really going to be successful in the modern music industry…probably not. But go ahead and project your lost hopes and dreams on this seasons youngest and most undeveloped contestant.

  • Ping

    Thanks Jared for this thread. I just got home and missed the show.
    I am glad you are here Jared. I can still vote for Ramielle.
    You are blessed Jared.

  • britt


  • Jason_143

    Go Cook! I totally agree that Achuleta is over rated!

  • SEXY


  • princess

    i don’t care who wins as long as it’s NOT kristy lee

  • casey

    Michael all the way!! Followed by david cook, carly and brooke. David Archuleta is good but too fake!

  • Vanessa

    he’s just amazing. period.
    people just hate on him clearly because he’s adorable :p
    Syesha was amazing though, judges do have something against her, racist much?

  • deegee

    Still i vote for David Cook … Always

  • odierox

    IM VOTING FOR RAMIELE!go ramiele!we love you,.:D

  • PSID


  • Michael.

    goooo ramiele!!!

  • kiki

    It’s an old news now. I’ve seen it before at myinterracialmatch.c o m There also has some hot stars profile with their photoes and blogs.

  • Nikana

    DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except that I ccant vote =(

  • yellow rose

    I totally agree with Idolfan on this one. I think Siesha and Carly are the very best singers in this competition as far as the girls go. But for some unknown and unfathomable reason, the judges keep on keeping on dissing her. She has AMAZING talent, she’s cute, I just don’t get it. The guys….mmmmmm….I think the guys are VERY deep in talent this season. I like all of them in different ways. Probably the two strongest for contention are David Cook and David Archuleta.

  • Ally


  • Ally



    Although I’m a cookfan at heart tonight goes to Micheal Johns! He was amazing.
    David Archuelta’s performance was ok, but I can’t stand the way he licks his lips throughout the entire thing. It drives me bonkers…if he could just get rid of that annoying habit I might not mind him so much.
    As for idolfan…I thought Sayesha should have known not to pick a Whitney song. I have yet to see the judges tell a singer (black or white) that they sang it well. I enjoyed her performance.
    Unfortunately we can’t vote up here in the north so no luck. I would vote for Sayesha because she needs the fan base.

  • davidarchuletaaa!

    i voted for brooke, ramiele, and my amazing david archuleta!!!! he is the best one there and michelle i wish u would shut up because david archuleta is the best one there. david cook can sing rock but when it comes to anything else he cant sing it. his voice is airy. he may be a good musician but he does not deserve to win american idol. i voted for david archuleta no less than 50 times last night. he is amazing and though he is cute that is not why i vote for him. he has amazing vocals so :P

  • Harper

    There is just no comparing Michael Johns and David Lee Cook to David Archuleta. They totally blow him away – EVRY WEEK. Archuleta sounds like he is singing the same song every week. I, personally, would not buy anything he (Archuleta) puts out – Michael Johns and David Lee Cook – I would and will.

  • davidarchuletaaa!

    there is no “lee” in david cooks name

  • jade


  • hi


  • okay

    Michael Johns was the BEST Tuesday night. Syesha sang very well too but according to the judges nobody should even attempt a Whitney song. David Cook is really good and is always consistent. He just seems a bit insecure at times and shy. My babies Brooke and Jason are falling behind :( Archuleta does have a good voice but like many ppl are saying, others are outperforming him and he comes off as fake. Poor Ramiele, she has a good voice too but have had very bad performances. Carly has an amazing voice but she does not stand out anymore. Kristy needs to go although she had a better performance last night. She is just not in the same league as the other contestants

  • OMG


    David Cook hospitalized after Tuesday’s show
    25-year-old hopeful back at his hotel after being treated and released

    Access Hollywood
    updated 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    LOS ANGELES – “American Idol” contestant David Cook was taken to the hospital following Tuesday night’s show, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

    A source close to the Fox show told Access that the “Idol” rocker was taken for medical treatment at the conclusion of the show.

    However, the source said it was nothing serious, and the producers were being cautious when the 25-year-old contestant wasn’t feeling well.

    The source confirmed Cook is now “back at the hotel and doing fine.”

    On Tuesday’s “Idol,” the contestants took on songs performed by Dolly Parton, who served as the week’s guest celebrity mentor.

    Cook earned rave reviews from the judges for his unique rendition of Parton’s “Little Sparrow.”

    “You’re a rocker, but I like how you’ve been showing you’ve got this unbelievable range,” Randy Jackson said. “You made your own arrangement which was very cool. And once again another hot, consistent performance.”

  • creativegirl

    I think Ramielle needs to go – sorry guys. She just hasn’t done anything brilliant the last several weeks. Compared to everyone else her performance was lackluster last night. Country is Kristy’s thing so she will definitely stick around after last night although she may be in the bottom three again.

    Hands down Michael Johns just was amazing last night. I just want to scoop him up and eat him with a spoon. Have you listened to the full studio recordings of his songs from the last several weeks?? They are just beyond, his voice is so smooth. I could not get through on the phone for him last night. He was sizzling with his sex appeal, he’s like a more clean cut version of a smoldering Michael Hutchins from INXS.

    I agree that Syesha is constantly getting crap from the judges, but the last several weeks she has been very good. I was thinking last night of “I will always love you” for her, but didn’t know if she would attempt it and I thought she really did excellent with it. I don’t think she will win idol, but she will be successful like Jennifer Hudson was. I think she has the it factor, she sings, dances, acts. She will do well regardless of when she goes out now.

    David Archuletta – he can sing and his voice is amazing, but I think he needs to mature some more. He will be successful no matter what, with a voice like that there is no way he can fail. He’s cute and will only get better with time. But I don’t see him as being the full package right now. Jordin Sparks was young, but she seemed a little more polished and ready to go than David is.

    I love David Cook’s new haircut – I totally agree with Paula on that. He will do well for sure – he is very commercial.

    Although Carly can sing and has a big ol voice as Randy would say – there is just something about her that bugs me. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think she has the “it” factor going for her. I did not like Simon trashing on her appearance, that was rude.

  • OMG

    Apr 2 2008 8:23 AM EDT

    ‘American Idol’ Contestant David Cook Reportedly Rushed To Hospital After Show

    Singer complained of heart palpitations.

    American Idol” contestant David Cook was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles hospital following Tuesday night’s show after experiencing heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

    TMZ reported that Cook had not been feeling well all day, and his condition got worse after his performance. Show medics examined him on set and decided that his blood pressure was “far too high,” according to the site. He was encouraged to go to the hospital during the show, but chose to stick around until the Dolly Parton-themed hour was over.

    Cook, who reportedly suffers from high blood pressure to begin with, was driven to the hospital by car, treated and released a few hours later after receiving medication to bring his blood pressure down. An unnamed “Idol” executive reportedly told TMZ that Cook has been under extra stress this week because his brother, who is battling cancer, recently had a setback. People reported that Cook was “doing fine” following the episode, which came on the same night that judges praised his slightly roughed-up take on Parton’s “Little Sparrow.”

    Though Cook seemed in fine spirits during the show, smiling shyly as judge Paula Abdul praised his new haircut, People reported that he was noticeably absent when contestants made their way to the bleachers to sit with fans and watch a live performance by 2007 winner Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown of their current single, “No Air,” which will air in a later broadcast.

    TMZ also reported that this isn’t the first time Cook has had trouble on the set, referring to a show earlier in the season when, just before his performance, he collapsed and said he could not go on, but then got it together in time to sing onstage.

    A spokesperson for “Idol” declined to comment on Cook’s hospitalization