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George Clooney @ Leatherheads Premiere

George Clooney @ Leatherheads Premiere

George Clooney and model girlfriend Sarah Larson arrive to the premiere of Universal Pictures’ Leatherheads held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday in Hollywood.

Clooney, 46, both acted in and directed Leatherheads, which opens in theaters everywhere this Friday, April 4. It’s a romantic comedy set in the world of 1920s football, where the owner (Clooney) of a professional team drafts a strait-laced college sensation (John Krasinski), only to watch his new coach fall for his fiancée (Renee Zellweger).

25+ pictures inside of George Clooney @ the Leatherheads premiere…

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george clooney leatherheads premiere 01
george clooney leatherheads premiere 02
george clooney leatherheads premiere 03
george clooney leatherheads premiere 04
george clooney leatherheads premiere 05
george clooney leatherheads premiere 06
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george clooney leatherheads premiere 08
george clooney leatherheads premiere 09
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george clooney leatherheads premiere 16
george clooney leatherheads premiere 17
george clooney leatherheads premiere 18
george clooney leatherheads premiere 19
george clooney leatherheads premiere 20
george clooney leatherheads premiere 21
george clooney leatherheads premiere 22
george clooney leatherheads premiere 23
george clooney leatherheads premiere 24
george clooney leatherheads premiere 25
george clooney leatherheads premiere 26
george clooney leatherheads premiere 27

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • anon7

    gorgeous couple , i love geroge and i can’t wait to see the movie.

  • anon7

    gorgeous couple, i love george and i can’t wait to see the movie and he directed too, wow.

  • jq

    Renee is prettier than his new GF.

  • SF

    He looks exhausted. She must be wearing him out.

  • zoe

    they look good together but honestly…its still a bit weird.

  • SF

    I do see Paul McCartney iN George Clooney as in during his heather mills time. Hopefully he is smart enough to not marry without a pre nuptial. He just gives me the vibes of an old fool. But then I suppose classy ladies never get the famous ones, so should we all just strip and act like a slut in public?

  • lolo

    i love george clooney,i am thinking of becoming a bar tender now.

  • Ruth

    Since when has his gf been a model? I thought she was a cocktail waitress when he met her?

  • legs

    love george but don’t like her.

    #8 – she got some modelling stint after hooking up with george.

  • anom

    He likes waitresses it seems his long term other one french girl was a waitress in paris. But if you are THAT famous you cannot have a girlfriend it seems that is as famous. I think it sort of works for some but in the end usually 2 really successful in LA don’t last long well I am talking long for them 5 yrs. Too many egos I imagine. She’s ok, love him though but it is funny how all of them over 40 have to go to someone 1/2 their age.

  • Ade

    George is stupid. Very stupid. She doesn’t love him.

  • anonymous

    George Clooney is so sexy!

  • cat

    Sarah isn’t sincere. She doesn’t care about George… just herself. But, George and Renee… they have heart for each other!

  • Dorothy

    He is looking pretty good. MARRY ME =D

  • Dorothy


  • cat

    I agree with Linds…. go RENEE!

  • Cece

    Have you seen some of her “naughty” pictures. Apparently she was a call-girl in Vegas or something like that.

  • Louise

    I find it laughable that people call Sarah a model. She’s a waitress and partygirl. The only modeling she has done is promotional pictures for clubs and events and got paid to attend them. She did a show for LA’s Fashion Week, thanks to dating George, but LA is nothing compared to New York, London, Paris, and Milan. None of the major models do LA’s Fashion Week.

  • Pink socks

    Makes you wonder what his mother thinks. His mother is such a lady and George picks such wh*res. He’s looking really, really old and washed up. And can he for once fix his damn teeth? They’re disgusting

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    Model????? That’s not what her former employer calls her- and he should know:

    she’s got a price tag on her a**

  • Tracy

    Cracking up at people who feel sorry for “poor George” and how Sarah doesn’t care about him. Uh, do you think he give a damn about her? He’s not going to marry her and lose his money. They both know what they’re getting out of this arrangement and love and marriage isn’t it.

  • Jay

    It’s good to have a chick proped up by your side so no one call you gay.

  • breezy

    nice beard

  • lydia

    Its so obvious George Clooney and Renne Zellewegger should be together…they are so in love and they don’t even know it!

    WOW i can’t believe george clooney actually takes his girlfriend sarah larson out in public after all those photos surfacing of her stipping, licking and hooking up with different men in public.

    Sarah Larson is a gold digging tramp…RUN GEORGE RUN!!!!

  • bejeebus

    first, let me say that i DO NOT think george is all that….not even close. but because of who he is, he could do a lot better then this trashy paid party girl (and god knows what else she’s done for money in vegas). doesn’t he know how stupid he looks dealing with this classless chick? i really liked that school teacher woman he dated from years ago….can’t remember her name. oh well.

  • bejeebus

    ohit was celine belitran or something like that. she seemed sweet….and honestly in love with him.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    Celine was/is not a teacher. She was a waitress and occasional student when she met George. After he brought her to LA she was billed as a law student (just like Sarah was billed as a model after hooking up with George). Celine taught French briefly at a pre-school (no teaching credentials required). She never went back to University after George and has no degree.

  • bejeebus

    A. Nonny Mouse,
    oh, okay. well, she was still better then this vegas bimbo!

  • pp

    Jared get your info straight. Sarah is not a model nor has she ever been a model. A striper and cocktail waitress is more like it.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    A blow-up doll would be better

  • peter

    don`t like the new girl on George side

  • bejeebus

    A. Nonny Mouse,
    true true….and a lot cheaper and easier to clean up…..(probably have the same level of conversational skills also)!

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I think I am going to start believing the gay talk.

    There are photos of her humping some guy in July and month after she met and fell in love with George. What kind of man stands for his girlfriend being photograph humping her ex-boyfriend a month after she fell in love with you? That’s public humiliation, screw the scandalous photos, she cheated publicly.

    He’s definitely gay, or any self-respecting dude would have dropped her.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    A gay guy would have chosen someone better looking. Obviously George wasn’t going for looks.

  • Miapocca much information about georges lifge…if sarah hadnt hooked up with him , she will not have had her arse plastered everywhere…hmm …its not going to last just like all the other holywierd they best enjoy for now!!

  • tom c

    I mean didn’t George Clooney do some digging up on this chic girlfriend of his before dating her? She’s so not classy with the things she’s done, and especially with the latest pictures of that have surfaced– and they’re recent, not old.
    She might as well be a porn girl. She was never a “model” like she’s been saying.

  • juju

    George knew what she was when he met her. Probably didn’t think there’d be so many pics around of her, though. Feel sorry for Renee and his parents to be forced to be around her. Here’s more of her on the job: =sarah+larson


  • Ira

    Shame for George, his ex- Krista Allen is pornstar and Sarah Larson is wild hooker. George: Shooky shooky,aaah! He isn´t serious actor,but wolf. His charakter is very bad. He hasn´t serious a girlfriend never.Ugh.

  • Ira

    Sarah Larson looks as share with carrot, she has horse teeth and is very ugly and Renee is pig woman.George hasn´t good taste.

    His ex: Renee Pig,Krista Allen-Porn,Teri Hatcher-gorgon Micko Jackson,Maria Betrand-waitress,Celine Balitran,Talia Balsam,
    Kelly Preston,Deedee Pfeiffer,Lisa Snowdon,Karen Duffy,Denise Crosby,Kimberly Russell,Elizabeth Daily, stripdancer from Vegas,
    Brooke Langton,Lucy Liu-horrible tin tang,Jennifer Siebel,Traylor Howard…….George,you are bitch, your ,, ,, is degenerate…I dont want you!

  • ari

    Sarah is now a model?? lol.

  • Tracy

    This chick is seriously a model? She’s gross. Such a disappointment up and close… I guess when you can photoshop someone, anyone could be a model. She needs to go back to whoring it out in Vegas… George can do so much better!

  • mina

    George loves trashy who@res, she is so uglie and she needs a boob lift….skanky.

  • jo

    she doesn’t have any boobs to lift up! maybe the doctors should just take those flaps of skin and turn them inside out. that way she can use them as pockets and keep her lipstick and credit cards in them. sounds practical to me!

  • justa mia

    George plainly does not want to settle down so he continually picks women who are not suitable partners. This one seems to be the trashiest yet in his lineup. Too bad. He would look great with Rene and vice-versa.

  • aNNA


  • anonymous

    so has george seen those pictures of sarah yet?

  • colleen

    I think her 15 minutes of fame are over. How could George’s parents even stand near her at the showing of his new movie? I would be afraid to catch something from her!!!! I’ll be praying for you George. You’ve gone overboard this time.

  • Clooney is

    just playing, as usual.

  • handbag love

    nice pair.

    love handbags?