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Jamie Lynn Fetches the Groceries

Jamie Lynn Fetches the Groceries

A solo (and pregnant) Jamie Lynn Spears picks up groceries at Blalock’s Food Center while toting around a Louis Vuitton handbag in Mississippi on Tuesday.

Recently, Jamie Lynn and her cousin registered for baby gifts at Babies ‘R’ Us ahead of Jamie Lynn’s upcoming baby shower.

The Nickelodeon star turns the big 17 on Friday! Happy birthday, Jamie Lynn!!

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Lynn still hiding that baby bump underneath that hoodie of hers…

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jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 01
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 02
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 03
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 04
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 05
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 06
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 07
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 08
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 09
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 10
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 11
jamie lynn spears grocery shopping 12

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  • iheartmi!eycyrus

    She loooks really depressed and u cant really tell she is pregnant

  • RIPheath

    People need to leave this girl alone! She’s 16 and pregnant. That’s already hard, but having people follow you all the time when you are makes it a lot worse I bet. It’s not right to do this to her. Yes, we all know she made a mistake but she’s a kid! The media is so cruel to her, Lindsay, Britney, come on guys! We know they have done bad stuff, and have had rough times. Everybody does. We know this to be true, so why does everyone have to just make a big deal out of all of it. It’s not fair to them. If they are trying to make their situation better for themselves then good for them. They’re human!

  • Laurenn

    on the sideview pic of her, her bump is reallyyy tiny, but you can sort of see it. and yea she does look depressed

  • Diama

    she looks cute

  • pinkrose

    Leave her alone. Hell, she is just fetching the groceries…no big deal. Let her have some peace, all the way in Louisiana. Do you all need to harrass a pregnanat girl to earn a living? Pathetic Paparazzi!!

  • freshragedyann

    where is her boy friend ?? why is she always alone she needs help…


  • millers-ex

    I hope the paps leave this poor young girl alone. Just look what they’ve done to her sister…

  • boing

    What a sh*tty life. Way to ruin your future, genius.

  • kenza

    I hate her !

  • kerri

    1st yeah i love her

  • Daphne


  • HEYya

    although she looks down n out a bit,

    i prefer this style over her red carpet get ups.

    she looks more natural here and it suits her

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    yay, more threads on girls under 21. thanks jared.

  • alalal

    i dont get why she hides her belly. people know shes pregnet.
    i still love you Jamie.

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    She looks really perfect with everything she wears :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • jo

    happy birthday, wh*re!

  • garbage

    Groceries? Really? That’s the kind of pictures you want to see? Lame.

  • visual

    What a travesty that this little girl is going to be someone’s mom!!!
    Old enough for sex, but too irresponsible to use birth control.
    Stupid girl.

  • annaversary

    People really need to leave her alone. So what if she’s pregnant? Sure, it’s a BIG mistake, but she’s learning to deal with it and learn from it. Just leave her alone, like someone above me said “just look what they did to her sister”.

    I hope Jamie won’t let RUDE people affect her.

  • Athinker

    I hope she gets some space but part of me think she is enjoying the attention – with the message shirts and then some of her playing with the paps she seems a lot like her sister was

  • :/

    she looks really depressed, it makes me feel bad for her :(
    & i agree she shouldn’t always be by herself like that–she looks so lonely.
    i dont even see a bump, just looks like an oversized sweatshirt.
    but i hate to be mean when she looks all depressed like that but somebody needs to call the fashion police :)

  • carola

    OMG i turns 17 the friday too! it was shocking to know that she has my same same really same age :|
    by the way, my english sucks ! lol

  • kors

    I can’t hate her, I think her mother could have tried to improve her mothering skills after all the events that Brit went through. But Jamie is young and nieve, it was an accident. At least she is keeping things low. She is trying to have a life. And I applaud her for that. Be strong Jamie! God loves you!

  • jbloveee

    shes doesn’t look 17 she looks so young i feel bad for her. But i still love her!

  • jbloveee

    I feel so bad for her she doesn’t even look 17 she looks so young. But i still love you Jamie!

  • me



  • Shannon

    No way is she with Casey. Why is she always out and about by herself. He is not support her in a loving way we have seen her out pumping gas, picking up food for her cravings and now shopping for groceries. When I was pregnant my husband was so happy to do those task for me. Pregnanat and alone at 16 is so disgusting.
    I think she got in trouble about leaking the engagement lie.

  • Jason

    she looks tired.

    —- Pumpkin will be chatting with fans live on wednesday april 2! check her out here —

  • M.E.

    Does she really need to be lifting that huge bag of dog food in her condition? I guess she’s learning to be independent now, many people say they’ll help when the baby comes along, but most won’t really be there. And big deal she’s pregnant at her age, people have been having babies a lot younger than that for many years. At least she decided to take responsibilities for her actions, even if she could have been more careful, she would look worse in the public eye if an abortion had leaked out.

  • carol

    love her hair

  • Vanessa

    i love Jamie Lynn and the way people are treating her is just cruel!!! she’s young!!! she’s gonna make mistakes!! why can’t people just realize that and give her some space!!! it’s already hard enough being 16 and pregnant!! but why do people have to follow her everywhere she goes!!! that just adds to the stress!!! it’s ridiculous!!!! i feel sooooo bad for her!!!

  • a realist

    Poor Jamie Lynn. She always looks for forlorn at alone.

  • a realist

    Correction: She always looks so forlorn and alone.

  • wow

    someone beat the crap out of that spoiled brat. and run her over with her gas guzzling range rover!

  • iza

    ew. she looks disgusting

  • 007

    She looks cute. Hope everything goes well for her.

  • Lisa

    If he won’t help her with groceries, he probably won’t be there for the baby either. What was she in 10th grade or something. She should have been thinking of the prom not buying baby clothes and equipment. Most teenagers have small babies because their own bodies have not fully developed yet. That would explain her small size.
    Just so sad.

  • sofiia anne

    she turns 17 the same day i turn 18!
    i didn’t know that haha
    that’s funny

  • dedudethatsaves

    The Truth is finally reveled
    Now what we know is documented
    as she picks up dinner- DOG CHOW the food of choice for the Dog she is in more ways than one.

  • http://deleted jamey

    i used to like her in zoey 101, wish she hadn’t gotten herself pregnant at such an early age, but idk, i feel sorry for her, with paparazzi following her and stuff. and she looks pretty depressed. poor girl.

  • eddie jones

    I think solo parent is what she’s destined to be. The PR advice for her to remain without the guy that raped her I guess is being done for that reason, to hide the fact that she was raped. Alot of young teenage boys are in jail for this very thing.

  • Just passing …

    What’s so newsworthy about a pregnant 17-year-old girl? She should have stayed with her textbooks and grown up first before she thought motherhood was another way to stand out. Some teens are surprisingly immature.

  • Raichill

    For some reason, she always reminds me of a much older woman.

  • katia

    doesn’t she have school? in my country no 16 year old drives a range rover jeep and goes for groceries… it just seems so strange for me!

  • Maria

    I don’t think she set out to be pregnant. She was to stupid to know that having $ex with a man would get you pregnant. She is just very-very stupid. Thats way men go to jail for $ex with a 16 year old. She is in hollywood were they are above the law. I agree it’s looks very wrong and lonely for a 16 year old out of school and shopping for groceries.

  • sam

    Lol.. Way to go Zoey. What would Chase say about this shanangigan you’ve gotten yourself into?

  • Media Chick

    I think Jamie is a woderful person…so what she has made a mistake..people make mistakes everyday!..and yet she gets talked everyday! mom had my brother when she was 14 !!…and to tell ya the truth..she says that she would not take it back for nothing..a child is a blessing and Jamie’s will not be any different !!

    God Bless you Jamie !!!

  • handbag love

    Way 2 young to be knocked up.

  • a

    I doubt she’s hiding her bump because she’s ashamed. It gets annoying having people always asking questions about how far along you are or whether you’re having a boy or a girl so you just hide it to avoid the questions.

  • amanda -

    own, i’m feel so bad for her! HEY BRASIL SAY HEY! i still love Jamie and Britney too (they are really divas) :*