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Jamie Lynn Spears is Phat

Jamie Lynn Spears is Phat

Zoey 101 star, Jamie Lynn Spears unloads some baby items from her car and transfers them to her cousin’s car in Mississippi on Monday.

Jamie has been flashing her new engagement ring and was recently spotted wearing shirts that read “The Rumors are True” and “Phat Lady.”

It has been reported that Jamie has a baby registry list at Babies R Us, with an event date of July 10.

Jamie will turn 17 this week.

15+ pics inside of Jamie looking a little phat…

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jamie lynn spears phat 01
jamie lynn spears phat 02
jamie lynn spears phat 03
jamie lynn spears phat 04
jamie lynn spears phat 05
jamie lynn spears phat 06
jamie lynn spears phat 07
jamie lynn spears phat 08
jamie lynn spears phat 09
jamie lynn spears phat 10
jamie lynn spears phat 11
jamie lynn spears phat 12
jamie lynn spears phat 13
jamie lynn spears phat 14
jamie lynn spears phat 15

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  • kitty


  • guste


  • ilaria

    pink stuff?Maybe a baby girl?

  • alèxia

    i love JLynn, she’s so brave to have her baby with 17 years old.
    And of course she’s turning fat, she is pregnant!

  • Nicole

    Brave? More like stupid. Good luck to her, she’ll need all the luck she can get, but I don’t see a bright future for her, rich or not.

    I was also watching one of those all-day news shows and they were saying the baby registry was fake.

  • Lish

    I was thinking the same thing about the pink colors. Britney’s boy might be getting a baby girl cousin.

  • http://justjared SAv

    i love jamie lynn. she might of made a mistake in her life but tha is ok because we all make mistakes nobody is perfect. duhh she is getting fat she is pregnant.

  • http://justjared SAv

    i love jamie lynn. she might of made a mistake in her life but tha is ok because we all make mistakes nobody is perfect. duhh she is getting fat she is pregnant.

  • me

    she did a stupid mistake but i realy wish her all the best
    i hope for her and specially her baby that she wll be a good mama

  • sistahc

    Why can’t her and her sister at least BRUSH THEIR HAIR when they go our in public.

  • Sheldon

    How’s about some RACHEL BILSON news?

  • josie

    Poor girl!!! shes suppose to have fun at 17 not getting pregnant!!
    shes ruinning her life… she should have an abortion ..


    she is so young to have a baby.look at the second pic.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    leave Jamie alone! :)

  • Maria

    she is pathetic. Look at her at 17 with this crap to deal with. The Spears are so stupid, lets see if this one care about her kid more than hanging out in the streets.

  • tee

    I really feel she has a long haul ahead of her. Having a baby is not like playing dolls. You have to make all your decisions base on how thing affect your child. I’m sure this is not something she planned or is completely ready for. I wish her luck and hope she does well.

  • sam

    Oh god, look at her in the second pic! She still looks like she’s 9 years old! I can’t believe she’s going around wearing shirts like “The Rumours are True” and “Phat Lady” .. what an attention seeking brat.

  • Aly

    Ugly as her sister

  • Zulema

    I think she should name her baby zulema if its a girl and if its a boy she should name her maxy-pooh well i also love the name sugarplum so she could have to options with zulema and sugarplum well yea iam just being supportive of her. so hopefully she chooses one of those names.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you jamie

  • Zulema

    aprils fools i really dont like her she is not one of the smartest kids out there. look at her she is pregnant at 17 that is not so smart.

  • Zulema

    april fools

  • Essays

    The gene pool needs more chlorine.

  • Brittany

    looking at the second picture makes it all seem so sad. she’s just a baby herself.

  • Erin

    Thats sad.
    But shes dumb for making such a retarded decision.
    her whole life is pretty much gonna be on hold until maybe another 14 years. when shes old and cant just go and party with her friends like she could be doing now.

  • Emily

    she cute and I support her
    come on
    16 pregant and engaged!

  • angela

    you people are seriously horrifyingly rude. my god, leave her alone. it’s her life.

  • tom

    thanks god she has money :)

  • Kikigirl101

    no duh she’s fat she’s freakin like 6 months pregnant!!!!

  • freshragedyann

    AWW she is so cute i hope she does well with the baby..


  • truvy

    She’s a good-lookin’ girl, too bad she got herself knocked up. Unfortunately, I think she’s an attention whore. She probably purposely got pregnant cause she was feelin’ left in the shadows.

  • Andrea

    wow.. that girl has ruined her life… if she only would have thought more instead of pretending she was britney.. then it wouldnt have happend.. and x17 online reports she’s having a boy anyway.. and congrats to her and casey on their engagment.. lets see how long they’ ll last.. im not even gonna say 2 months… he’s already hiding somewhere.. and her shirts she’s been wearing lately really do apply to her.. lmao…

  • tina

    Ok so now she is engaged? Just because your having a baby, does not mean your ready and mature enough to be married and a wife! WOW, i wish her the best!

  • so young

    Whoa! Without all that loads of makeup she looks like she’s 12! like the one of her driving looks like how she did years back on All That when she was like 9.

  • notamused

    I don’t feel sorry for her. Not one bit. I’ll reserve my sympathy for those teen-age moms-to-be that don’t have the resources to hire a nanny to raise their kid. Fuck Jamie Lynn and her retarded, pathetic, attention-seeking whore of a sister. And fuck Nickelodeon for not having the sack to cancel this trollop’s show.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m not going to deny that she has been very irresponsible. But she is taking the consequences for her irresponsibility unlike alot of celebrities and 17 year olds all over the country.

  • 007

    I’m proud of her that she’s at least keeping the child and making the necessary preparations to try to be a good future parent. Most people her age would either get an abortion or do what Britney Spears did when she had her kids.

  • i.cstupidppl

    To notamused: don’t even feel sympathy for those that don’t have the money to hire nannies…it’s their choice to have the child, or not or give it up for adoption. There should be NO teen-aged moms if girls were raised differently. JL was left to her own devices b/c her parents were too involved with themselves (and making bank off their kids), like teen moms’ parents weren’t involved (and not making bank off their kids). Talk to yer children, parents, instead of trying to be their friend.

    But I definitely agreed, sack the ho’s show. Bad role model for our girls out there.

  • jnjb

    a baby having a baby

  • MamaJoy

    looks cute when she’s phat

  • trystyn

    i will 100% bet that the baby is a girl hello pink chair and blankets so obvious

  • Angie

    God, she’s so freaking young. She’s practically a kid. Babies having babies. Insanity

  • britt

    it’s not like she’s the first teen who has been pregnant. i’m pretty sure a lot of you bashing her were born to teenage parents. being a teen doesn’t automatically make you a horrible parents. i’ve seen quite a few parents who’ve waited to have children, and they were total screw-ups.

  • Tracy

    My gosh! how can one be so judgemental, she made a mistake just like any God damn given human being. How many of you out there mother had you at teen age (alot) and would you like any one referring to her as a slut or Whore (NO!). so leave the poor girl alone HATERS!

  • LExxi-xo

    Why is she forever in shorts and a baggy sweatshirt?? I dont know why but it irritates me lol. I had a baby at 16 and it’s not easy but i’m not going to lie, my baby is the best thing i have ever done and Jamie Lynn won’t regret it. But unlike Jamie Lynn i have money and housing to worry about.. so she’s lucky to have thousands in her bank.

  • Lauren.

    Hi, anyone know what kind of Nike’s those are?! Thank you!!

  • http://verizon alyssa

    oh my god u people sericley have big problems to be saying things about her when guiss what u dont even now,u people are so much of a hoe no wander ur saying things.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha. bye bitches

  • ally

    I was pregnant at 17, had my son at 18 and am succeeding in life just fine. A baby is a blessing, not a mistake, and for her to have her child is showing a lot of maturity! So yes, its not what we want for our kids, but things happen, and an abortion is not the option. Maybe she planned the baby, has anyone thought of that??

  • http://none es

    JOSIE! How dare you say she should get an abortion! She is making the right decision by keeping the baby. From the time the baby is conceived it has a heartbeat. ITS ALIVE! Stupid people like you are what is ruining this world.

  • Gigi

    a) Jamie Lynn is not fat, she’s pregnant, and fat spelled phat is 90′s slang for cool for those who don’t know. b)it’s her choice, and if it was someone who was a non-celebrity teenager, nobody would make such a big darn fuss about it. c)she’s being wise enough to make her own decisions, like when her mom wanted her to put the baby up for adoption, Hamie Lynn decided against it and deserves respect for thinking for herself. d)she knew the risk she was taking when she had sex and was prepared for the consequences

  • jajacufa

    I can not believe she would even have sex unprotected slutt