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Leo & Bar's Broadway Adventure

Leo & Bar's Broadway Adventure

Leonardo DiCaprio and model girlfriend Bar Refaeli (backdrop) catch a showing of the Broadway musical In The Heights at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City earlier this week.

In the Heights: Experience an exhilarating journey into one of Manhattan’s most vibrant communities, where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music.

Leo took a break from filming Martin Scorsese‘s Shutter Island to see this Broadway production.

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  • Kelly

    He looks…alot older.

  • Kelly

    He looks…alot older.

  • Kelly


  • Sophie

    He looks…a lot older.

  • sonia

    Its a good musical!

  • herpescommunity

    He is great

  • canadagirl

    i just think he looks tired. its not a great picture of either of them.

  • canadagirl

    oh, i see now that’s not his gf pictured with them. thought it didn’t really look like her (duh).

  • Mika

    How old is Leo? In his 30′s right? Frankly he’s been looking like he’s in his 40′s for some time now. I guess he in doesn’t believe in sunscreen and facials…

  • itis

    Leo has gone the way of Vince Vaughn….and that’s not a good thing.

  • angelina_m

    He looks like Brad Pitt in this pic.

  • ****

    Wow…he got ugly.

  • alex p

    i didn’t see any bar in the pics.. anyway.

  • Bbw

    he looks older…and ugly

  • meagan

    FUG alert!!! Leotard looks grosss, ewwwwwww!!

  • kiki

    It’s an old news now. I’ve seen it before at myinterracialmatch.c o m There also has some hot stars profile with their photoes and blogs.

  • lilly

    Gosh, he looks horrible, at least 40. He definitely looks way older that he is. Thank God his gf is only in the background and I can barely see her. I can`t stand her.

  • Raichill

    He looks middle-aged just like Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Must be because his face looks bloated.

  • ihb

    Leo looks really old and awful on this picture. I do hope he is just tired… The age difference between him and Bar is even more striking, almost like father and daughter on this one. Isn`t it cute how she tries to `get on the picture` from the background?

  • Lynn

    I think Leo is nearly 34 and I think his gf is pictured behind him. It’s just not a great pic. Leo looks great otherwise

  • rose

    Lynn, I agree its not the best pic of Leo, normally he takes great pics. It happens to all of us. Do we look great in every pic?? nooooooo, I know I don’! I still love him as an actor. I just think Leo is very tired, he just came back from a big trip to Hong Kong.

  • Tom

    I think that is Mandy Gonzalez . She is in the cast of In The Heights. It is a good show.

  • ihb

    This is definitely one bad picture and generally he looks great ( couple of weeks ago at the Celtics game or in Hong Kong recently ) I think we all agree on that. But I have to stick to what I have written earlier, Leo rather looks like Bar`s father here than her boyfriend. He needs some serious rest…

  • naty

    he looks really old in this picture

  • Gerry

    hey! he is just tired ..!(he looked so good in HK last week ;) )

  • Helena

    This is a bad picture, but that doesn’t make him ugly at all. Stop being superficial!

  • Regina

    Out of all three of the pictures, you picked the worst?

  • Diane

    Leo is FUGLY – Glad Giselle is with Tom Brady now – he is so much better looking than Leo!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Never have I seen such hate for such a great actor and a person who seems so nice. Why don’t you go back to your Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale (aka coochie and nose job girl) threads!

  • Amy

    Leo is NOT a good looking guy!

  • Monica

    He is creepy looking – yuck!

  • Kathy

    He looks like an old man

  • lily

    i used to be in love with him when i was younger but for the last couple of years he is just gettin fuglier as he gets older. he is definitely not growing old gracefully

  • Helena

    Lol at you making all these names up so you can insult Leo. GROW UP.

  • Regina

    So basically you’re saying you used to be love with him because he was ‘SO HAWT’. Oh god, the society we live in today is so pathetic.

  • me

    He’s a fake, he’d do everything for a good image. Fratboy in the 90ies, now he pretends to want to save the world. Do us all a favour and shut up Leo!


    nhaaaaaaa luv luv luuuuv S2

    beautiful amazing person inside ‘n out always

  • Gina

    Diane, Amy, Kathy, etc…: give it a rest. You’re not fooling anyone with your several names to make Leo look bad! You all have the same writing style. At least try to make it look different. A complete failure! You that jealous Leo is talented and has 3 more oscar nominations than you?

  • Ali

    Shut up! He is not ulgy! Come on! Don’t be so harsh! Geez!

  • jennifer

    He just looks different in this pic it doesn’t mean that he is ugly, he’s a wonderful, talented and handsome actor. And it seems that you “haters” only care with the look you are very futile and envious, exist other much more importants that to care about than the look.

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    Leo lookin’ Hot….finally showing his Age, vs. principles…lol.

    oh, bar is with…must be the Once a Month dating schedule they have!!

  • meow…scratch…purrrrrrrrr..

    Doesn’t matter that he looks tired … he’s still very attractive and contrary to one previous poster’s opinion, I like him better now that he has aged a little and looks rougher. He always looked a hair too feminine on many pictures. He should get rid of the newspaper boy hat though… oh and of his girlfriend if possible.
    I am very much looking forward to the movies he is going to make when he’s in his 40s. If he keeps developing his acting skills like he did in the past (and he never was a bad actor to begin with) then we can look forward to many great performances. Good luck to him and good riddance to his girlfriend.

  • Dakota

    He just looks old in that particular pic/event. If you take a look at the pics from when Leo was in Hong Kong to promote local bank HSBC’s new “Green Credit Card,” he doesn’t look that old. You know, he’s likely just a little worn out.

  • It’s All About The Eyes

    So he looks a bit rough in the pic. He’s still hot!

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    @ #42 – Meow…Scratch…purrr… – You miss Interpret the Age vs. Principles thing… I too like that LEO is growing up, he is still Cute…

    Who cares if Leo looks rough. Next Time: Don’t be in such a hurry to “LET the CAT OUTTA The BAG!!!!” – >’.'<

  • scottdavis0676

    I won’t deny that he is a great actor, BUT looks wise, he is a bust! His best years are far behind him ( looks wise). He used to have that boyish glow, and WAS quite striking in TItanic, among other movies. Now he looks like a bloated pig. A few too many lines for a guy his age (my age as well LOL). He also looks horrible in a swimsuit. He appears to have never seen the inside of a gym. Skinny-fat is never sexy IMHO.

  • Lindsay

    Leo looks very attractive, but obviously he is going to look older, everyone thinks he should still look like he did during Titanic, that was over 10 yrs ago!

  • handbag love
  • Alexandra

    I thought he looked rather young! he doesn’t look 40. He wrikles when he smiles so what?

  • db

    This is my favorite Leo picture. I think he looks so handsome here. I just love his face and smile here – he looks so happy and genuine. I don’t know what these people are even talking about. He looks kind and gorgeous. I understand why he always plays the good guy. His face is pure sweetness here. oxox Much love and happiness to Leo.