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Miley Cyrus Shops 'Til She Drops

Miley Cyrus Shops 'Til She Drops

After a day at the recording studio, Miley Cyrus and her momager Tish shop to their heart’s content at Elizabeth Albert and Weekendz Only in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star walked away with five shopping bags after all was said and done. She must have had some extra energy to spend after drinking all of that coffee.

30+ pictures inside of Miley and Tish on a shopping binge…

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miley cyrus shopping 01
miley cyrus shopping 02
miley cyrus shopping 03
miley cyrus shopping 04
miley cyrus shopping 05
miley cyrus shopping 06
miley cyrus shopping 07
miley cyrus shopping 08
miley cyrus shopping 09
miley cyrus shopping 10
miley cyrus shopping 11
miley cyrus shopping 12
miley cyrus shopping 13
miley cyrus shopping 14
miley cyrus shopping 15
miley cyrus shopping 16
miley cyrus shopping 17
miley cyrus shopping 18
miley cyrus shopping 19
miley cyrus shopping 20
miley cyrus shopping 21
miley cyrus shopping 22
miley cyrus shopping 23
miley cyrus shopping 24
miley cyrus shopping 25
miley cyrus shopping 26
miley cyrus shopping 27
miley cyrus shopping 28
miley cyrus shopping 29
miley cyrus shopping 30

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  • zanessa99

    p.s she does change it a big 2 much…lol…j/k

  • zanessa99

    YES I WAS 1ST!!!!!

  • aosjg

    WOO 3RD!!!!!!!hehe

  • Cieex3

    Mileys’ a good person.
    I feel bad for her having to run around having a hole bunch of poeople with cameras following her 24/7
    Give her some space guys!

  • zoe

    she’s being photographed too often…its making people hate her. she looks nice here but wow, thats a lot of shopping!

  • the oc fansite

    Urgh, Miley, what a surprise. Im getting so sick of seeing her around!

  • B

    She has to do something with her hair.

  • peace

    i love miley <3

  • kate

    she looks so stupid…!
    I think she is very stupid girl!
    I dont hate, her! But i cant see her so often…
    I am sick of her, and her mum!

  • steph

    She looks like she’s starting to like the attention TOO much. You know how well that turned out for the Lindsays, Paris’ and Britneys of the world.

  • kate

    I am sure it will be so!…very soon

  • Princessmichaela90

    okay people need to stop bagging miley.
    If she starts to hateing the attention people will start calling her sour and rude.
    and now if she likes you people imeditly start saying shes going to turn out as the next Lindsay or Britney.
    What evidence do you have saying she is going to be like that!!! She will not turn out as a new lindsay or britney she is a TOATALLY different person to them. Like Lindsay and Britney are totally different as well.
    Mileys Parents will not let her go off the rails.
    People need to keep there negetive opinions to them selves about miley!! it achieves nothing but negetive attention. so SHUT UP!!!

    Keep doing what your doing miley you are awesome!! iloveyou xxx

  • kate

    I think you need some help!
    What mins you love her? For what?! To see she’s stupid smile everyday..?! Well, i am glad for you!

  • Ashleigh

    i’m so sick of looking at this chick…

    i really don’t get why she got so famous.
    hannah montana was balls…and her singing is terrible.

  • odierox

    ooh!i LOVE shopping! :D

  • Nina

    Really annoying child.
    But she has style – just a tiny bit.

  • Jay

    The hype continues. Lord we need more Britney’s, Lindsey’s and don’t forget Paris’s because we are running low on them. Britney and Lindsey probably will die out soon.
    Well Jared is doing it’s best to promote this cause by helping to hype her career.

  • Hello

    Haha, no she does not has style. but i do have to admit that she’s really growing on me since you make about 2/3 posts about her everyday!

  • dw

    meh boring, sick of seeing her all bout streets with her mother or dancer mandy, what with the photos of her everyday!? :S

  • Stacks101

    Did she get her teeth fixed?

  • sol

    Miley es genial! es linda, graciosa y talentosa. la adoro!!! bye

  • Julie

    At least shes only looking at clothes and jewellery, unlike jamie-lynn up there.
    As long as shes doing normal things 15 year old girls are supposed to do i dont mind seeing her pictures everywhere!

    id rather see that than girls almost the same age as her buying items for their baby!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    sorry to say – jared, you’re officially obsessed. lol

  • cheyanne

    love her hair ! and clothes

  • super sasha

    she is sooooo pretty in these pictures. i love her hair. but sometimes she does look like 25, in fact she’s 15!!! well miley, now i can see that you’re a real teenager. so if you dress that appropriate to your age, it would be nice

    but you’re still beauitiful miley.. as always… can i know what’s your secret????? PLEASE.. :)

  • siv

    i think she turned into a very pretty young adult , and hating on her will just make her fame even bigger !

  • sarah

    This girl tries too hard.

  • me

    miley looks nice here….i hope to see more posts of her in the future!!

  • Amy

    lookin nice miley…lots of pics of miley recently…kinda stalkerish but that wat they call paparazzi

  • alalal

    she looks cute with the head band

  • lauren

    Miley is so adorable, she is always so sweet I just wish people would grow up and realize that there is nothing to hate about her!

    We love you Miley!

  • Angel


  • Angel


  • Patty!

    Miley cyrus is completely amazing<3

    If you guys don’t like her that much then why do you come over here and see what she’s up too. so whatever. if you don’t have anything good to say about her don’t say it at all.

    I love miley forever and ever<333333

  • sam

    Wow, she looks gorgeous in these!

  • mileyfan

    haters spend ages on here bitching about her.. [: your wasting alot of your time for someone who dislikes her so much.

    cute outfit, as always [:
    not a fan of the too-long hair though.

  • essays

    Please make the obsession with her go away, please.

  • Jason

    she looks nice on those pics.

    —Pumpkin will be chatting with fans live on wednesday april 2! check her out here —

  • taylor

    i looovveeee her outfittttt

  • lauren

    essays go away your a waste of space.

  • jouness

    hi my nams is jouness layen
    my skyblog is ;
    i lov you milley!!!!!!!!!
    yes you milley!!!!!!!!!
    thank you milley!!!!!
    yes you !!!!!!!
    my friend!!!!!!!!!
    rock rock

  • danielle
  • Andreaa

    WOW you peiople must be pathetic,
    SHES 15 what else do you want her to do , theres nothing wrong in spending her money i mean it is hers she worked for it, well besides that
    i agree, i rather see a normal girl doing normal things, rather than a 16 year old buying things for her new baby

    you people just like hollywood screw ups thats why BRITNEY SPEARS still has some sort of a carrer even if it is lame and seriously pathetic
    and well Lindsay Lohan i bet she will get on track or lets hope she has talent

    well thats about it


    and haters are idiots xD

  • SickandTired

    she is a teenager and she is enjoying life – let her

  • u-g-l-y

    This girl cannot dress herself, why do her parents let her waste away money everyday on shopping??? She’s really ugly too she should wear a paper bag. Her mom is such a wannabe Barbie

  • yag

    Her headbands really gay

  • stop being mean

    you guys need to shutup whoever is hating on her
    like seriously I know you dont like her then shut your month
    no one wants to hear you hating on miley! Give her support
    like really! Who cares if paps are following her its there fault
    NOT her fauly like really! And if you dont like her then take it
    somewhere else gosh!

  • stop being mean

    you guys need to shutup whoever is hating on her
    like seriously I know you dont like her then shut your month
    no one wants to hear you hating on miley! Give her support
    like really! Who cares if paps are following her its there fault
    NOT her fauly like really! And if you dont like her then take it
    somewhere else gosh!

  • amy

    MILEY RULES!!!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted regina

    i’m predicting this girl is gonna end up like lindsay lohan. i dunno why, but i just see it. she should start bahaving properly cuz boy these days go for those clean, proper girls. i dunno. she looks wild.