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American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol



Ramiele Malubay! Ramiele Malubay!

Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White were also in the bottom three.


Dolly Parton performs Jesus and Gravity (Watch here)

Ramiele is voted off (Watch here)

Group song – Dolly Parton‘s “9-5″ (Watch here)

Group song – Run DMC‘s “It’s Tricky” (Watch here)

The Clark Brothers perform “This Little Light” (Watch here)

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  • mary

    First! And i’m sad to see her go, she was good

  • Michelle

    At least it wasn’t Brooke!!

  • dsnhbsfd

    it’s the Asian Chick btw

  • luv vanessa

    since when wud brooke be in bottom? i’m mad.

  • hershey

    she had a good run, but her time is up. Though she has a good voice, she just did’nt “spark” on stage. I keep waiting for her to do something fabulous and yet that moment never came…
    Oh well, good luck Ramielle.

  • Desiree

    I was crying when she got eliminated. I love Ramiele. ]:
    Kristy needs to go home!

  • lex


  • Kira

    FINALY!!! i hated her! next to go: Kristy Lee Cook

  • rosie


    actually, she should’ve been “next” weeeeeks ago.

    nice going, america. this is not america’s next top model, yo.

  • !!!

    LAME! that little overrated shy idiot with the stage dad should be voted off.

  • sdscs


  • me

    Kristy Lee Cook is obnoxious

    She’s OK as long as she’s still on

    That’s the second time she just wanted to go straight to the bottom three

    not even fighting for the chance

    Sad to see Ramiele go…

  • Amy

    I don’t care who leaves. But once David A is off the show (if he doesn’t win, that is) I’ll stop watching.

  • ro

    the irish chick might win it.

    the australian dude has a pretty good chance too.

  • Daniellee


  • Amy

    David A needs to leave. him and his littleness freak me out. everything about him freaks me out

  • Chris

    I fucking loved her.
    she was the only reason I watched that damned show.

    oh well.
    looks like the talent has left that show anyway.

    it’s not like that fag david archuletta isn’t going to win.


  • Pharah

    I knew it was only a matter of time. She did not perform as well as everyone thought she would. Disappointing!

  • Lianna

    I can´t believe Ramiele got kicked off and Kristy lee cook is still in the show, that for me is absurd!!!

  • marimar

    well, she could always try her luck in the philippines. that’s what jasmine trias did.

  • Ann

    It should have been Kristy.

  • Pharah

    She could have done better. I really had high hopes for her but she kept playing this shy little girl act which was so annoying because she is not like that in person. She kept picking the wrong songs, wrong outfit. Come one Ramielle, you were better than this and you know it!

  • diana

    love her

  • jane

    Dumbo aka Wizard of Oz flying monkey look-a-like aka David Sucka aka David A should GO THE FCUK HOME! I can’t stand him and his overratedness. He’s NOT a good singer, at all. And he isn’t cute, at all. People need to stop acting like he’s the fourth Jonas brother, because he’s definitely not.

  • pookie

    ISNT OUT?!?!

  • alexis .

    i am extremely happy to see ramiele go .
    she was a huge bitch and clearly always wants people to feel bad for her, and that shit is getting oldd .

  • laura

    she would always cry she was so annoying! but that white trash of Kristy Lee Cook needs to get out now like just drop out! youre not winning anyways

  • kaylie

    wow that country girl needs to be voted off.
    she has been in the bottom 3 every single week.
    ramiele shouldn’t have gotten voted off yet..
    and brooke being in the bottom 3..shes the best girl..lame.

  • Annaleigh

    awwehh she was my favorite one! I was so sad to see my three favorites in the bottom but if i had to choose I wanted Cristy to Leave.


    finally! David Cook must be win this season, he’s the best and he got so much talent!!!

  • Kelly ann

    I didn’t really like Ramiele but I think Kristy Lee Cook should have definately gone before her.

  • katie n

    Kirsty lee cook should have been the one to go. It is hard to get votes when you are not from the U.S., I guess.

  • doubledisaster

    thank god brooke is safe. next to go is kristy lee cook. its time people! brooke is the best girl and i hope she’ll do smthing great next week! let us all vote for brooke!

  • Rose

    uhm david cook sucks
    kristy sucks
    brooke should not have been in the bottom
    america is stupid
    DAVID or BROOKE need to win


    Ramiele Malubay is one of the best in the group why she was voted off? The people voted off a good singer. Unlike those two blondes, they too need to go!!! David Cook you will be our American Idol!!!

  • carrienae

    Well… I think it was really her time to go. She had not been a powerful performer and I always feel she wasn’t not giving her all. She didn’t attack her song as well as other contestants. She had a good run and she has learned a lot. That is the best growth she will have. Love her voice…. though.

  • carrienae

    NEXT… Kristy Lee Cook….

  • vanessa.f

    why are people hating? david archuleta is a good singer and is cute, if he doesnt interest you leave him alone. you wouldn’t waste your time talking sh!t if you didnt care, so leave him alone. there are people who like him, if you dont like him, its cuz hes not your taste, so whatever.

    be a true american idol fan and just support your favorite.
    there’s no need to bash on anyone else.

  • Anne Marie Graham


  • kiki

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. I saw her profile with photos and videos at m I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a young man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  • Kelly


  • Stacey

    That’s Bull!

  • Tata

    Carly, David C, Michael and Brooke *.*

    One of them has to win..

  • missphils

    Its obvious that Ramielle will not win this competition (acting childish, picking wrong song, wrong outfit) but I am sad to note that Kristy is still IN and Brooke figured in the bottom 3.

    For me… TOP 4 will be David A, David C, Michael J, and Brooke.

    Guys, lets all vote WISELY and remember, were watching a talent show and not america’s next top model search (m sure u know wat i mean!)

  • mary

    I am happy to see Ramiele Malubay go. She was not that good and there are two more that have to go soon. Yes Kristy Lee Cook has to leave is the next one. :)

    I am very happy that America is eliminating the wright people this season.

    Congratulation U.S. :)

  • juZt_A_fAN


    I’m very dissapointed that Brooke is in the bottom 3… why is she in there…

    and I’m very sad that Ramiele is eliminated, I know that she haven’t been that good, but it’s really the song choice, I just want to hear her sing her best and then I’ll let her go, but I think america got tired of waiting for her… But I know there is more to her than meets the eye, she’s a great singer, friendly as well…

    David A is good, at first I adore him, but I think his a bit gay, the way he moves in the stage really looks weird… I think he shoul go… AND I HATE HIS FATHER!!!

  • IdolFan

    ITA agree Amy (# 16)

    David Archuleta freaks me the Hell out too. I can’t stand him for many reasons: He has that freakish smile with those fish lips that look like they’ve just been burned by salted potato chips, he constantly licks his lips and takes deep breaths while he sings, and damnit, he’s just an average singer !!

    I really can’t see the big deal that’s being made over him. It’s highly manufactured with way too much hype. And I think with the extreme talents of the other contestants emerging week-by-week, the audience (not just the teenyboppers who have a cult-like following for David A.) are beginning to see this. There are quite a few more contestants on the show who are way better than David A. So I sure hope he goes home soon. The show would have it right then. And would be all the better for it.

    P.S. I’m glad that Little Miss Malobar is gone this week, even though I think she should’ve gone last week rather than outlasting Chickeze. I just don’t think that her voice or her stage presence matched the competition. Oh, and if she didn’t go this week, I still would have been happy with the other two on the stools. Kristy is a defeatest, which is insulting to her fans and the other contestants. And Brooke mouths off too much and doesn’t know when to shut up. Besides, her talent is becoming pretty mediocre in my eyes too.

  • jackie0


  • jackie0

    n ppl leave David and his last name is acrhuleta, and learn bitchsssssss

  • ingravida

    1. Kristy is so hot !!!!!
    2. Finally, some justice in this show, Ramielle is gone