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Matthew Broderick: Isla Who?

Matthew Broderick: Isla Who?

Dressed in another outrageously loud ensemble, Isla Fisher shoots more scenes for her new romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

Also pictured below: Isla‘s costar Hugh Dancy

Check out the conversation below between actor Matthew Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband), Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton and Isla. Radar overhead this at the after-party for SJP‘s new movie, Smart People.

Fisher: Hi, Matthew! I’m a huge fan of yours and just wanted to say hey! (To Lipton) Hi!! How are you?!
Lipton: [Looks at Broderick, clearly unsure as to who Fisher is.] Hello.
Broderick: Nice to meet you. [Awkward silence, as he is also unsure of who Fisher is.] So what brings you here tonight?
Fisher: I’m just running around seeing some people, but Sacha and I are huge fans of yours and I wanted to say hello.
Broderick: Sacha?
Fisher: … Baron Cohen?
Broderick: Oh? And how do you know Sacha?
Fisher: [Beet red now.] Um … he’s my finacée?
Broderick: [Redder] Oh, right. Of course. I’m so sorry.
Lipton: [For once not the one cause of embarrassment, he averts his gaze.]
Fisher: Okay, well, have a nice night.

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Photos: Doug Meszler/WENN/Splash News Online
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  • Ally

    first! for the 2nd time today!

  • _nika

    LOOL that conversation.

  • troy

    LOL That’s a hilarious story and how awkward for everyone involved. So much for the idea that everyone in the entertainment industry naturally knows who everyone else is. LOL

  • Helena

    LMAO, I feel sorry for Fisher.

  • sarah

    Whoever’s in charge of outfits needs to get b1tch slapped.

  • princess jess

    Please stop tagging the pics,you ruined her shoes!

  • JOANa

    They are ruining the movie!
    Becky doesn’t wear those awful clothes!!!!!!
    She is a shopaholic, she wears nice clothes, not those stupid things!

    Poor Isla, btw.

  • Helena

    I was gonna say #7…. Jared’s posting all these pictures of her in terrible clothes. It’s bad enough that the adaptation is now AMERICAN.

  • Life is good

    OMG how embarrassing, shows how much attention they paid to Sascha that they do not know he is engaged. Wonder if they know that they are actually new parents as well.. I guess it is just an age gap I think. They are much much older and Isla has done nothing to bring herself to the medias attention in a negative way so they have no idea who she is.

  • random


  • angela

    How about…MATTHEW WHO?

  • remember da truth

    They might have known who Sacha was, but in that instance, when someone says only his first name out of the blue, and they have no idea who this is, it could have been his publicist, how are they to know she’s his fiance?

    It’s a lesson in saying who you are when you are walk up to someone and start talking to them — don’t always assume everyone knows who you are! Even big stars will introduce themselves.

  • postwatcher

    A professional would have introduced themselves. She is not an A level star…of course they didn’t recognize her.

  • carol

    i really can’t wait to see her new movie

  • esther

    Three seconds after Fisher left :

    Lipton : Do you have any idea who’s that is ?

    Broderick : Amy Adam’s stand-in, I guess ?

  • MLW

    Seriously … does she think everyone knows who she is?

  • C.

    She’s adorable. And I doubt she lost any sleep over it.

    Who cares if Ferris Bueller knows her or not. He’s not exactly “A” list himself and nobody would even remember him if didn’t keep getting mentioned because of his wife.

  • suzy

    Love her. She has done well since home and away.

  • rachel

    Nobody should assume that everyone knows everyone and she should have at least said her name at the start. What an idiot.

    The Shopaholic movie is going to suck big time. Everything has changed and the majority of the book fans have expressed on many websites including Sophie Kinsella’s official website that they will not be supporting and seeing this movie.

    Also if you want to know why she looks like a try hard version of Carrie Bradshaw it is because Pat Field is in charge of the costumes.

    The character in the book is fashionable not a fashion victim. Her style is NOT described like Carrie’s.

  • look a like

    She really does look a lot like amy adams. They look like the same person.

  • bad girl

    Not good! I LOVE these books and she does make an attractive Becky Bloomwood, but come on, Becks does not wear customs! She is high elegant fashion! Also, what is up with Darcy as Luke Brandon….NO WAY! I am so utterly disappointed!

  • finickycritic

    That is hilarious. But you know if I ran into her on the street I would have no idea who she was either.

  • kiki

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. I saw her profile with photos and videos at m I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a young man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  • Mika

    I agree with #12 and #19 completely. Even though she acted a bit idiotic, I STILL think she’s the cutest thing ever. And I don’t think she really meant to come off in that “what? you don’t know who *I* am?” manner, I just think in her exhuberence & naivette over meeting Matt & James (although Lord knows why she would be over these two) she came off a bit like a doofus! Ha :)

  • celery gloss

    She’s not that famous yet. I didn’t know who she was until recently. If I saw her on the street I wouldn’t know she was famous. She is so cute though.

  • twisted

    “Who cares if Ferris Bueller knows her or not. He’s not exactly “A” list himself and nobody would even remember him if didn’t keep getting mentioned because of his wife.”

    Only morons like you know him because of his wife. He is very well known and respected in his own right. Whoever Sasha’s chick is, she will only dream of having half the career that Broderick has had.

  • nari

    who is she?


    Isla Fisher is a good comedic actress, but she isn’t aging well.. She has really gotten ugly!

  • zoe

    that outfit is hideous…seriously, its like going to a costume party. she’ll make a great becky but the costume designer should be fired! oh and btw, poor isla!

  • Rebecca

    Matthew Broderick is arrogant…..doesn’t surprise me…

  • maggie

    sigh–shes almost as patently see thru as Heather Mills—I give that relationship 12 months max….she got where she wanted to go at last eh??

  • remember da truth

    #26 Twisted — couldn’t have said it better myself! Probably Ferris Bueller is the only thing they know he’s done — never been to a Broadway show or even heard of any of his work!

    Well what can you expect from someone who thinks it’s the people this girl was talking to who are at fault for her rudeness and arrogance?

    And Rebecca #30, yeah, it wasn’t Matthew being arrogant, sounds like he was being gracious and polite to a twit who comes up to him acting like everyone should know she’s engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen and getting a career out of dating a TV comedian who’s made one movie.

  • Deela

    Big deal. Couple of ignorant people who are so big headed and entitled in their views, they do not know manners, let alone understand just decent human conversation and how to handle themselves.


    She was a nobody before she “broke into” America and England and this is perfect proof she is still a nobody after!!! Crawling from one English B list actor/celebrity to the next is the only way she has managed to prolong her embarrassing 15 minutes in the spotlight. A total non-entity.