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Nicole Kidman: Watts For Lunch?

Nicole Kidman: Watts For Lunch?

Always-the-gentleman, Keith Urban opens the car door for his actress wife Nicole Kidman after grabbing lunch at Paddington’s Jackie,s Cafe in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday.

The Aussie power couple ate with fellow Aussie star Naomi Watts (pictured below). I’m sure Naomi, 39, shared great mommy tips about her 8-month-old son Alexander Schreiber!

Nicole and Keith (both 40) expect their first baby together in July.

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  • buckeyegurl

    I’m very happy for her. I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well and she has a healthy baby.

  • zoe

    oohh, the bump is more visible now! nicole looks nice today but the hair’s a bit too perfect. i like the braid bun idea though. naomi looks really good too! happy for the couple

  • kiki

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. I saw her profile with photos and videos at m I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a young man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  • lennie

    I’m thrilled for Nicole!!! she deserves to be happy with a caring husband and a healthy pregnancy. and I don’t know how you feel about it guys, but I think that Nic’s legs are the most amazing and the most underhyped legs I’ve ever seen lol!!! not too thin like Angelina’s or JLo’s, not too chubby like Katie Holmes’, not too short and calvy like Jennifer Aniston’s or Jodie Foster’s kinda. They are perfect, and amazing for a woman her age.

  • giselle

    she is gorgeous! i just don’t like the sunnies, but the dress is very beautiful!

  • marta

    she is always so elegant and simple! very fashion! her flats are pretty fashion as Naomi’s!

  • gabrielle

    Keith is so sexy! and Nicole and Naomi are the most beautiful australian actress, i love both! Nicole’s bump is bigger now!can’t wait to see her baby’s face!

  • helen

    i want Naomi’s flats!!!! i love them!
    I think this friendship between Nicole and Naomi is very beautiful! they are so pure and sweet, there isn’t any type of acting here…
    tjhey are not acting like Katie and Victoria or Eva…

  • carl

    maybe i’m wrong but i think Naomi will be the mother in law of Nic and Keith child. it will not be surprising since they are friends for years!!! i’ m loving Nicole pregnancy style! simple, elegant and confortable!

  • jenix

    she is very beautiful here…and definetly happy than ever.
    and totally agree with the one who said Nicole has the most perfect legs in Hollywood, i have the same opinion!

  • fendi fan

    i don’t like to see Nic is black, i prefer her in other colors, but the dress is cute. i also don’t like the Prada sunnies, not fashion at all.
    but she is beautiful even tough, she always is…

  • Raichill

    fendi fan, I agree. Black is not a flattering colour on Nicole especially with her hair so blonde, which I am not loving either. She is so pale and black is very ageing. Her hair looks much better an auburn colour or honey blonde.

  • esther

    God I agree, Nicole has the most amazing legs in Hollywood next to Charlize Theron. So long and thin but not too thin because she’s got some muscles. That being said, Adriana Karembeu probably is the one who’s got the most amazing legs of them all.

  • annie

    to poster #4: yeah Lennie, legs are the most important thing to judge how person can be good or bed. Listen, you can wrap shit in the most expensive paper and try to sell it as a candy, but when you open it -you get shit -not candy! It is same with people, dear……

  • jj

    Look at Keith’s eyes and facial expressions in ALL recent photos. To me, it looks like he’s gritting his teeth and is about THIS –> | | <– far from a meltdown. Definitely not a happy face.

  • lydia

    Love her sunglasses and her dress, but her hair looks a bit to blonde..

    I’m so happy she’s finally expecting a baby because it doesn’t seem like she gets to see her two adopted children very much anymore.

  • C

    You can tell that her pregnancy is making her glow. SHe looks very happy. I think Keith is probably thinking ‘o great, another pap’ which I don’t think hes been liking lately, but you can’t blame him.
    Best of luck to the both of them!

  • JIm

    he’s opening the car door to her!!!! what a romantic man!!! I love Keith, he’s stunning and you can see how he adores his wife!!
    I’m so happy for Nicole, she’s so beautiful and happy…she deserves to be happy!!!
    Good luck to both of them!!!

  • really

    Pregnancy glow??? All I’m seeing is white! Along with her white hair. It looks horrible! Also, Kidman is too tall to be wearing such short dresses – it makes her body look odd. Once again, no smiles from Urban when he sees the cameras, but look how she poses as usual! Dress is ugly and don’t even bring up the shoes!

  • really

    Remember this bump from two years ago?

  • kensigton

    she is glowing! she shines hapinnes! i’m very happy for her and Keith, they deserve to be happy!

  • jeni

    How sweet! They are so adorable together. You can tell they care and love each other so much. I don’t like her in black either. I wish her hair was darker. I love her shoes too!!!!!! Keith is a sexy sexy man, so sweet also :)
    I like Naomi also, she is so beautiful, and I agree they are true friends til’ the end.

  • Urban Myths

    They look awkward and Keith looks as unhappy as usual. Of course she’s smiling smugly for her pap friends. Fugly dress, fugly shoes, fugly hair, fugly glasses. Yeah, total fashion icon. NOT! Where’s the bump? Really, she looks more pregnant in that pic you posted from two years ago.

  • Jobi

    I think Nicole’s legs are gorgeous! Long and shapely! I agree she need not wear those shorter dresses. Wish I could dress her!! lol!! Also wish I could have her sexy husband!! YUMMY!

  • gabriella

    I houp that baby will like Nicol and will be red hair.

  • helionor

    she is looking great lately! pregnacy is always blessing to all woman, she is not an exception. i like her outfit, really simple but feminine, and her shoes are very cute too!

  • fabio

    who says they are not happy, can only be jealous! no one can say this couple isn’t happy or in love! as a fan of Nic i cound’t be happier, because she finally found true happiness after her nightmare divorce.

  • really

    really @ 04/02/2008 at 10:01 am – Get a life! You must really want to be me. Don’t like hearing bad things about your Queen – TOUGH SHITE! I’m not leaving!

  • really

    well i really need to get a life! this job is annoying! well i’m annoying, because the only thing i can do is saying bad things about The Queen…

  • Ursula

    it’s incredible how Naomi and Nicole are so similar, even in the way they are dressed. i like very much both.

  • really

    It’s really not surprising how classless Kidman fans are. They have to attack people who don’t worship the ground she walks on. So I don’t drink the Kidman Kool-Aid, and I don’t listen when I am told to only believe and read everything that is good about her and her hubby. You can’t read or comment on any of the negative reports – I can! God it’s great to have a mind of my own, and I’m allowed to use it!

  • A to Z




  • A to Z

    Naomi Watts looks GREAT always…love Naomi

  • notbusy

    Nicole looks healthy. She seems to be having a good pregnancy. Her belly is growing. Keith is such a gentleman. The Singer Sting said he spent time with both of them recently and that they both are so excited about the baby. I’m happy for them.

  • Your Friend

    Hey REALLY,

    You are here again? Saying the same ugly things? What’s the matter with you? Don’t you have a job? I bet you have no friends; people don’t want you around because you are just miserable to be around. Get help woman. You seriously need it.

    I’ve decided to follow you around. You need me to take care of you ’cause you are a real danger to yourself.

    Talk to you later!

  • really

    I don’t have a job, friends and people don’t want to hang around me just because I don’t like Kidman? Yea that makes complete sense! Once again, I have a mind of my own. I don’t live for Nicole Kidman like some of you do!

  • Annmarie

    I think she is very pretty, he is soooo cute, but I think she should do something with her hair. I like it a bit darker, she looks to washed out with her pale skin.
    congratulations though, she must be so very happy.

  • Just don’t like her

    She is getting fuglier and fuglier as this pregnancy goes along.

    I think she is almost always wears the front of her hair, if not all of her hair, pulled back because that is her new way of keeping her fivehead pulled tight..since she isn’t using botox any more.

  • Kiwi

    She looks like a ghost…seriously. She needs more color. I’m not digging the uberly blonde hair. I loved her hair when it was her natural strawberry blonde/red or whatever.

  • Gasper

    I prefer Nicole with a darker hair, but it seems she likes to be blonde, so we should respect her decision. she can’t be
    I love her legs too, they are so long and fit!
    i really need to star doing some exercise like her!

  • jolie fan

    her belly is clear now. she blowes happiness, and i’m very happy she and Naomi are still so close as they were 20 or more years ago!
    i also wondering if Watts will be the mother in law of their kid!

  • TiredOfnutters

    Your Friend, spot on with the comments.

    Umyths is the delusional rantings of a mentally ill person.$37917

  • really

    Delusional is wearing your hair like Kidman did for this photo op!

  • Miller

    Now hold on. JJ was kind enough to ask for everyones comments, right? That is all anyone is doing – commenting. If you dont like what they say too bad because they have a right to say what they think. Show me where it says you can only post complimentary comments on these showbiz folks

    Sorry but Nicole just doesnt look right these days. Keith looks like hes about to snap in two. To bad he used to look like such a happy fella.

    *Your Friend* you might want to think twice about threatening people on the internet. You can be traced you know. Its done all the time

  • diane

    Well there is old tall grandma nicole and shorty

  • notbusy

    I didn’t even notice that one picture is Naomi. She and Nicole have their hair exactly the same. Their babies can be good buddies too since they will be so close in age.

  • JIm

    shut up!!! nicole is glowing and looks so happy!! people are just jelous…
    and I hate the people who think she’s not pregnant…she visitetd and obstetrician last month…

  • Robbo

    Why have 2 people said Naomi will be the mother in law??!

    I think you mean GODMOTHER people!!!!!

  • Helena

    She’s definitely growing a bump there. People being harsh over her not having such an existent bump…why? What has she done to you? She’s had a terrible past, with a few miscarriages. Kidman has been blessed with this baby, let’s leave it at that.

  • diane

    I think her legs look awful with her knoby knees her legs and feet like a mans