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Tom Cruise's Mission to Save Himself

Tom Cruise's Mission to Save Himself

Last week, Tom Cruise met with former boss Sumner Redstone of Paramount Pictures, who decided not to renew Tom’s contract in 2006.

According to, “The fact that Cruise groveled in public with Redstone would indicate that the actor knows just how bad “Valkyrie” is and that he’s trying to shore up his future before the eye patch hits the fan this fall. Certainly, a signed $20 million contract from Paramount would be insurance against this unavoidable disaster destroying his career.”

“More importantly, if Redstone allows Cruise back, he will be returning after the release this fall of “Valkyrie,” in which he plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, the real-life would-be assassin of Adolf Hitler, with an eye patch, a withered limb and – according to the $100 million film’s trailer – a California accent reminiscent of Jerry Maguire.”

Valkyrie, directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns), is set to be released this coming October, and follows Tom‘s recent box-office blunder, Lions for Lambs.

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  • kayla

    OMG Jared, why ar you posting this crap from foxnews???
    It’s true that Tom’s career isn’t in good shape, and I have no idea if he’ll be able to make a comeback, but c’mon….Roger Friedman is an idiot, and never really knows what he’s taling about.

  • Miapocca

    hmm…many people watched many a bad cruise movie simply because no one knew much about him and PR was tightly controlled…now that he has shown the public how looney he is its hard to forget

    Hey tom , I will watch you movie if you will medicate yourself so we dont have to see you looney self acting stupid in anymore videos

  • kayla

    OMG jared, why are you posting this crap from foxnews?? It’s true that Tom’s career is not as good as it used to be, and he might not be able to recover…but c’mon, Roger Friedman is an idiout, and never really knows what he’s taling about.

  • Jina

    Sounds like biased gossip and nothing else. Now that’s excellent journalism panning a movie before it is even seen, a big budget film with a very talented cast and crew I might add. And Lions for Lambs was a low budget film and in no way similar in budget and theme to his usual films.

  • +++

    TC had make some great movies in the past I enjoy and love some of his films. but I beleive he had already pass his prime , Will Smith seems to be the it person in HW right now.

  • A to Z

    Where is his daughter Suri??? I miss Suri…It’s already Suri month :smile:

  • rebel

    i can’t wait to see carice van houten in valkyrie

  • A to Z

    Suri used to be very polite when she was younger…but as she is growing up she seems not to be polite anymore…She is such a cutie

  • GCCC

    Yeah 16 more days to celebrate Suri’s 2nd Birthday. How I miss the little kid. Hope to get to see her soon.

  • Rob

    When is he going to realize that his “star” is burning out? People his age or older are tired of looking at him and the younger generation really do not care who the hell he is. To them he is the Jack Nicholson of our generation. It is kinda funny though, he is going back to beg and you know Redstone will have fun with that!

  • Carolina

    I call BS on this Fox report. From things I’ve read it’s the other way around-Redstone wants Tom back in the fold…Don’t worry about Tom-he’ll continue to make great movies!

  • Hello


  • Jina

    He is only making movies because he wants to, not because he needs to! He need never work again, and only just recently bought a new huge $20million mansion in Los Angeles.

  • CG

    He always looks happy

  • lilyanne

    That’s actually the best picture of him I have seen in years. That’s the Tom Cruise I remember.

  • KarenA

    Whatever. I think “Valkyrie” is going to surprise a lot of people., that writer hates Tom Cruise and has been trying to find ways to blast “Valkyrie” for months. Let’s just wait and see as far as its quality. did this before for “The Passion of the Christ,” too. Then he didn’t know what to do when the film turned out to be a box-office smash and in many people’s eyes, artistically brill. Just ask Quentin Tarantino. Argh, that writer, whom I refuse to actually write the name of!

  • dido

    ı can’t wait to see Valkyrie. Tom is the best of the best. I know the film will be from MCM and stupid Roger Friedman is from FOX. So it is very clear now. I don’ t like B.S. gossip

  • George

    Tom Cruise doesn’t need to grovel to Sumner Redstone. He’s got more money that you can shake a stick at and he’s also a power player in Hollywood.

  • Go

    He needs money!!!!????

  • George

    Tom Cruise doesn’t need to grovel to Sumner Redstone. He’s got more money that you can shake a stick at and he’s also a power player in Hollywood.

  • Garfield

    Ermmm, Tom Cruise has his own effin movie studio now “United Artists” its highly unlikely he’s going to go back to Paramount now.

  • Nanea

    Tom has no idea about European history, he couldn’t be bothered with consultants – as it seems $cientologists know everything better anyway. The trailer was beyond cringeworthy, clichéd – it seems he has another well-deserved bomb on his crazy CV.

    There’s only one way to redeem himself – break off with $ciento completely and admit that they’re a dangerous and totalitarian sect, not a “church”. No wonder many European countries don’t buy their “teachings” and never granted them the tax-exempt status like the US did.

  • aquarius

    The Cruise PR machine never hesitate to sue people or deny any report.
    Just wait. So far I haven’t heard anybody sued, including Morton.
    I think there’s some truth to the story. Anybody after the 2 major bombs, e.g. MM and LFL, should try something else.

  • Aquarius

    He may not need the money, even though KH’s shopping habit and taste are both pretty obscene
    However, anybody addicted to such fame and accolade, not to mention “the biggest movie star of the world” would try to revive his glorious days.

  • kayla

    uh MM was not a Tom movie…

  • lorenawoods

    OVER—-he is soooooooooooo OVER. i just love it when celebs kill their own career!!! and they’re droppin like flies now! just think, if will & jada have joid the lrh crazy farm, they can say bye bye too!

  • anonymousse

    In this country money is power. He, no doubt, has enough for many lifetimes, but he(and his wife also spend like there’s no tomorrow so it’s probably never enough.

  • Aquarius

    Well, too bad, after the intensive exposure and intervention, KH’s MM can never be separated from TC.

  • Jebe

    Who cares he’s rich.

  • pr person

    Don’t do it Redstone!!! Cruisazy is box office poison!

  • Miapocca

    Seems like they unleashed a bunch of Koolaid drinker from the slave ship today…and when pray tell has roger friedman been cnosidered stupid other than by scicnetologist..which tells me he is VERY VERY clever adn the first to question the wierdos on holmes dissapearance…

    The lunatic needs to get on his medication fast and stop the niacin trips//

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    tom has so many wonderful fans, i think its great that all of you are showing your love and support for him.

    t.i.c.k.s forever!

  • bet betty

    “California accent”?!$#%#^%$^$#&^&(*)

    Oh. Bomb.

  • McLovin

    #24, when was the last time that Cruise actually sued anybody? Esecially in the past three years where jokes and rumors about the star ran rampant?

    This story isn’t true (and Mission: Impossible 3 wasn’t a flop)

  • bet betty

    Buy. Buy. Buy.

    You. Followers.

    Buy. The. Fcuking. Tickets.


  • someone

    I’m still looking forward to watch Valkyrie, too bad it’s coming till October! And I was thinking it would be before the summer!

  • Aquarius

    So apparently you were away when Morton’s book was first published. The whole TC\Scieno legal machine claimed that they are going to sue the author and whoever publishes or distributes the book.
    Also when TC’s lunatic videos first leaked to the internet, didn’t the lawyers at Scieno tried to sue the Gawker? You didn’t remember any of those “rumors”?
    Well, good for you.

  • Debra

    Go Tom,
    Can’t wait to see trophic thunder & valkyrie!!!!

  • fran

    Wow fox news? truly the last bastion of truth and impartiality. I could almost watch it for entertainment if it didnt scare me so much that some people take it at face value. Anyway that was a bit OT! i find it hard to see tom as a character in movies now he’s in the media so much..

  • BauerGriffinOnline
  • BauerGriffinOnline
  • I know


  • Fox News is no Variety

    Hahaha. No one could be more out of the loop than some moron at Fox News. I don’t care how loony he seems, Tom Cruise is easily a bankable star and necessary for Hollywood. Also, Valkyrie looks awesome. Seriously, what a dumb ass.

  • esther

    The only thing that is right in this stupid artcle is the accent thing.
    Come on people, a movie about Nazis with Tom Cruise and a bunch of British actors ? They’re not even attempting a German accent for Fuck’s sake !

  • vi

    Tom’s life is a disaster!!!!

    He is bizarre.

  • Miapocca

    Intelligen critical think learn to analyze news from different sources…

    I read and watch all kindd of news irrespective of my affilitions, it helps to let you know what others are thinking even if you have different view point,..I detest scientology , yet I read their site to learn more about them

    You do yourself a disservice by stikcing your head in the sand and ignoring all media that you disagree with.,.learn to read critically is all..

  • junecleaver

    Amazing, how the same people keep coming back to defend Cruise. He is a complete jackass, who is a major player in a cult that KILLS people and he is certifiably nuts. His defenders are most likely lower tier dumbo Scientologist minions told to scour the web and debunk any bad stuff about their “star”. Your star is now a black hole and your “religion” has been exposed for the cult that it is. Tom Cruise is burnt toast and his “comeback” will happen right after your phony E.T., Xenu comes back to the planet. TOM CRUISE SUCKS AND SO DOES SCIENTOLOGY.

  • handbag love

    FREE sunglasses with any handbag purchase.

  • shiloh fan


    k n o b – c h e e s e

    stupid airhead wife too.

  • frances

    Friedman never says anything nice about anyone in Hollywood.

    Lions for Lambs earned big and got its budget back unlike

    the rest of the anti war films. BTW Stop Loss flopped too by actor

    Ryan Phillippe. Americans dont care for anti war films.

    Go Tom Cruise.