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Andy Baldwin & Marla Maples' Beach Romp

Andy Baldwin & Marla Maples' Beach Romp

Bachelor hunk Andy Baldwin and his current flame Marla Maples (Donald Trump‘s ex) enjoy a day of rest and relaxation on Laguna beach in Los Angeles.

The happy couple walked along the beach and stopped for a kiss before laying out their towel.

The couple has been reportedly dating since Andy returned from a mission in Palau late last year.

Marla is a great woman and I can’t wait to spend more time with her in the future,” Andy has said. “She’s smart, sexy and very genuine.”

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Photos: Louise Barnsley, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • joy

    OMG, they are copying Heidi and Spencer, lmao.

  • Jennifer W

    what happened with Tessa?

  • creativegirl

    you go Marla – he was seemingly one of the more normal and nicer bachelors. I think Tessa was the flake in that relationship, if he would have chose Bevin they’d still be together. So much for him caring about if someone was married and had kids before him.

    Him and Andrew Firestone, they were probably the nicest normalest bachelors thus far. This new one is adorable – but you can tell he is just naughty!

  • Riss

    Oh, goody … an officer and a slut

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    he’s a celebrity? if so, what’s lower than z-list?!?

  • eaby

    joy @ 04/03/2008 at 4:33 pm

    OMG, they are copying Heidi and Spencer, lmao.


  • Miffy

    I have never been so disappointed in a man like Andy, What is he thinking ,,,a married woman with a teenager. Oh well for Andy it’s always easy come easy go, wonder who the next female fool will be . He let the best one go when he or Tessa parted ways. Tessa is the luck one no more Andy . Think this is also a public stunt to have his pictures all over the place. Andy for your sake wake and face the REAL REALITY.

  • Liz

    End F-ing post on two idiotic nobody’s.

  • cougartime

    She is 14 yrs older than Andy. Go Marla, but surely you can find a nicer guy than this publicity hound. How staged and posed can those photos get? An officer maybe, but no gentleman!

  • Sara

    Lol Speidi in 15 years

  • lana

    No kidding. For a second there I thought it was Hoedi and Spencer. But the whole beach posing screams publicity stunt. Does she have a new book coming out or something?

  • annoxious

    Isn’t she Heather Locklear’s cousin? or somethin’…

  • me

    I agree with #9 and # 11. Publicity stunt written all over it.

    And what exactly qualifies Andy as a “celebrity”? And Marla for that matter, besides being the ex of The Donald?

    Like Paris, Lindsay and a few more, strictly famous for being famous.

  • Shannon

    I am very happy for the both of them. Andy in my eyes is a very nice, genuine, and very accomplished man. Look at all he has done and at his age, very responsible and I respect him and wish him the very best! Good luck Andy and Marla! I’ll support you!

  • Here’s The Deal

    Sara @ 04/03/2008 at 5:37 pm
    Lol Speidi in 15 years


    I thought he and Tessa were trying to work things out?

  • Barbara

    Whoa. Back up. Tessa DUMPED Andy a long time ago. He was not good enough for her. Then she shouldn’t have played the game. And play the game she did. fooled you ABC.

  • Miffy

    Was there ever an official announcement that Andy and Tessa broke up or is this just a front to keep their relationship private like Tessa always wanted. I also agree it sure looks a publicity stunt just look at the eyes you can tell they are both looking at the camera.

  • shorty

    how old is marla? she has a pretty rockin bod for someone her age, damn girl!

  • kors

    haha wow thats a show if I have seen one!

  • groundcontrol

    There is nothing wrong with the age difference. Some of you have braces on your brains.

    What’s wrong is that he is GAY!

  • emilie

    they’re like freaking Heidi and Spencer!
    and we do NOT need another lame fake ass couple like them!!!

  • linda

    They apparently deserve each other since they both seem to be media whores. I guess Marla is looking for some way to get her face and body back in the news. Whatever!

  • Andy punked you all

    andy is gay. this is obviously a publicity stunt for marla’s upcoming reality tv show.

  • Jen

    This is why he should have chosen BEVIN. They would probably still be together if he had chosen her.

    This chick looks like 60.

  • talula

    Totally pulling a Speidi.

  • anonymous

    Is he crazy??? He had a wonderful, naturally beautiful woman like Tessa and he blows it for a botoxed, middle aged wannabe like Marla??? Man, I thought he was intelligent!! He deserves the crap he will get for this stunt!! I do feel sorry for Marla’s kid though!! How embarrassing for a teenager!!

  • mj8

    You can tell they’re staged.
    They’ve even hired the same photo agency (PacificCoastNews) that Heidi and Spencer use!

  • anonymous

    Poor Tessa!! I feel so sorry for her!! These pics must be a reminder of the similar pics of her and Andy last May……..except she and Andy were in love…… is obvious that he and Marla are not…….bu t still, how insulting to Tessa………is Andy deliberately trying to hurt her??
    He is a total jerk!!

  • anonymous

    No way!!! Has Andy lost his mind!!! The reality world has sucked him up into its’ alternate universe!! He will lose many fans and friends over this stunt and he deserves no sympathy!! Marla is a media whore!

  • laurie

    good looking couple marla is so much prettier then donald’s snotty fug face wife he has now

  • Tracy

    Wow. At first glance, I could’ve sworn it was Heidi and Spencer.

  • vIvien

    So disappointed in Andy … I didn’t believe the naysayers at first, but now he’s proven them right. He is definitely a player … AND a publicity whore. Tessa is definitely better off! I think that maybe he’s found his “soulmate” and match in Marla … they can seek celebrityhood together – straight into the z-list.

  • remember da truth

    I can’t tell which is more pathetic — these staged shots, or all the people here who actually watched the Bachelor and not only know who this douche bag is, but who he dated on the show!

  • handbag love

    looks very rehearsed.
    girly goodies:)

  • whatever

    And who are they? 2 people whose 15 minutes ended a LOOOONG time ago? yeah that’s what I thought.

  • whatever

    Wonder how he’s going to feel kissing grandma in 10 years IF they last!

  • DDF (disappointed former fan)

    I was a die-hard fan of Andy, but this is the final straw. It’s one thing to move on, but this is shameful…and to think that I felt sorry for him because his heart was broken. Posing for pictures so reminiscent of previous pictures with Tessa is such an insult. It’s too bad for Marla that he doesn’t seem nearly as happy with her as he was with Tessa. Tessa you are smart girl! I guess you knew exactly what you were doing when you told him goodbye. Hope you find someone who truly appreciates you for all you are. I wish all the best for you and hope that you achieve all the privacy and love that you so deserve.

  • anonymous

    I am another fan who has had enough of Andy Baldwin. I have supported him through everything and felt so sorry for him because Tessa broke his heart……if he can recover this quickly with someone like Marla (GAG!) then he deserves what he gets I am done with him

  • anonymous

    How disgusting! She looks like she thinks she hit the jackpot but he doesn’t look too happy……..not like in the eerily similar beach pics last May with the much lovelier Tessa Horst……..he was glowing then. Wonder why he is allowing this woman to use him like this??? His heart obviously isn’t into it!! Unfortunately, I don’t think the Navy and his friends and fans will think as highly of him after this!

  • anonymous

    Andy is apparently NO officer and gentleman!! He acted like he loved Tessa so much and was so heartbroken…… he is hanging with someone like Marla?? She just needs publicity for her new reality gig and isn’t she writing a book!! What is it about? How to break up a rich man’s marriage?

  • Beautiful Tessa Got It Right!

    We all got pulled in “hook., line, and sinker”….Tessa discovered the truth before we even knew it was over! She must feel embarrassed and blessed to have gotten out with the publication of these photos today. Tessa was too principled, beautiful, intelligent, classic, monied, and private for this Navy doctor who has proven himself to be a true military whore.

    I don’t know if he’s gay, bi-sexual, or authentically heterosexual though he certainly has proven himself to be a narcissistic media hound!

    Those of us who followed the “love story” were attracted due to beautiful Tessa Horst so, basically, he holds no attraction now.

  • Yuck

    This makes me want to throw up. Tessa is MUCH better off without this fame whore. He is not all he was made out to be on the show. Tessa WILL do much better then this loser.

  • samara

    what does marla do??

  • anonymous

    I cannot begin to express how disillusioned I am with Lt. Baldwin!
    It is bad enough to be cavorting with someone like Marla Maples, but to flaunt it in Tessa’s face by posing for these beach photos which are so similar to the touching photos of Tessa and him last May is
    disgusting. It is like a slap in the face to Tessa ad his fans. I can only imagine what Tessa and her family must think, not to mention his own family!! Andy, you should be ashamed!

  • michelle

    laguna beach is in orange county, not la

  • sparky

    what’s that thing in her hand in the clinch shot? looks like a little water pipe to me but for the life of me i cannot figure out why she would display such a thing in such an obvious manner. thoughts, anyone?

  • palvasha


  • a

    Speidi?!?!?! Thanks, I really needed a laugh tonight!

  • MH

    She is holding sunglasses. So refreshing that you folks are FINALLY finding out the truth of AB. Many of us figured it out quite some time ago and just couldn’t understand why everyone couldn’t see through his whining, lying, posing, etc. Aren’t you glad we all paid for medical school for this loser?

  • Sheri

    Wow – I must say this one shocked me a bit! I know she is at least 40 – if not 41 – by now. And, no, she is not married … but has a boatload of “the Donald’s” money from their divorce and is raising Tiffany in L.A. – their only child together. I know she was on some reality show last year, but that tanked. I can’t imagine this “affair” lasting very long …