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Ashley Tisdale Shares About High School Musical 3

Ashley Tisdale Shares About High School Musical 3

Currently working on High School Musical 3, Ashley Tisdale has had her hands full with various projects, including producing a second album. She spoke to about High School Musical, her previous television experiences, and her campaign with Degree Girl deodorant. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

On High School Musical and her scariest and most exhilirating moments. “I think every single moment with High School Musical was nerve-racking and exciting as well. It was a whole snowball effect, starting with the ratings themselves, and then going into the Billboard charts and getting a Billboard Award for the No. 1 album of the year. Every single moment of High School Musical was an OMG moment. It’s been a crazy ride.”

On what we can expect from her character in High School Musical 3. “I don’t know much, because I haven’t read the script yet! But I have recorded the songs, so I do know a little bit about it. It is senior year, so there’s going to be graduation and prom, but I can’t spill much else.”

On the songs and music of High School Musical 3. “All the music is great. They’re much bigger productions this time – they’re huge – so it’s going to be really exciting.”

In an Extra interview, Ashley also commented on possible cameos. “I would love for Johnny Depp to be in it. He did say in an interview that his kids love High School Musical and he wouldn’t mind doing a cameo. We should really jump on that one.”

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    cool. i cant wait for the film

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    im soo excited!

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    Ashley rawks, thx just jared for posting all this stuff for uss, we are very greatful (: omg, all this hsm plp are just amazing. i cant wait for vanessas new album and movie.. one of her songs is supposed to be played on ryan seacrest this month.. <33333 i cant wait for ashleys new album eatiher, and not hsm3 .. I know it will turn out soo well.. omg love u all, u are the best, keep up the good work <333333333333

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    to lívia, if you read this :)

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    Ashley is such a gorgeous person, I can’t wait to see High School Musical 3 !

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    I can’t wait too !
    I’m crazy !!! hahahaha, Lara know what I’m talking about !
    Love you Lara, Beijos .

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    I love zac Efron [:)]

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  • bobbi

    OMG! I can’t wait either until all the hype for HSM3 nonsense is a thing of the past. So annoying to read about these overpaid spoiled brats and their pooches!

  • Laura

    Woo! Love Ash!

    Glad to see you’re still posting about the gorgeous and talented HSM cast. :D

  • Jenna

    Awesome! I love you Ashley! I regestered for Degree Girl I hope I win! Ashley you rock! Love you

  • Helena

    God she’s so hideous and artifical, now.

  • terry

    I totally agree with you #23! Here we go again with all this HSM garbage! Thank goodness it’s the final round.
    Hopefully hudgens and efron split for good and we will be rid of the Zanessa nonsense on this site.
    How will we ever live if the two of them are no longer exclusive…..gag me!

  • yanni

    Tisdale looks cute. Anyone else sick of HSM stuff? Zac Efron is so talented and to be stepping down back into this role after all his new found success is a shame. Loved him in Hairspray……now that was a movie musical loaded with talent and REAL stars!

  • Kirsty

    cant wait till watch it,
    i didnt think they would have recorded the song yet though lol!
    Ya learn something knew everyday with High School Musical :)

  • suggit

    I DON’T CARE !!

  • Laura

    I think that Zac is going to be the huge success story out of all of them – at least with the actual acting. Vanessa will probably be the biggest media darling. But it’s good that Zac is going back to do HSM3 I think. It wouldn’t be the same without him and it’d pretty much ruin the film. It’s what has got him where he is today so it’s kind of his duty to go back and finish the job of I think.

  • billie

    Yanni I’ll tell you why Efron is stepping back into that cheesy role……$3millon . Let’s face it, in the end I don’t care who it is the money grabs even the best of them and Disney fat cats can be very persuasive.

    This role will not give any credibility to his acting but will put him in demand because all the little girls are crazy about Zac Efron. Thus they will pay to see him. He is the biggest teen heartthrob in America right now so he will reap the profits of his good looks and talent and he’s taking everyone along on his coat tails even if they have little talent. Hopefully all of this does not ruin what appears to be a really smart and good guy.

  • melissa

    yay!! so excited! ashley rocks!

  • erica

    You know, it will never fail to amaze me that so many goes to a thread that state that it’s about High School Musical and then bash it, I mean, have anyone held a gun to your forehead and forced you to read, write and/or watch it? The answer is no, so if you don’t like it then don’t bother with it, and if you still like Zac then fine, I can understand that, but he clearly wants to do this movie, and he’s even said that he’s exited about it so there you have it, it might or might not got anything to do with money and the truth might hurt some of you, but these talented young stars (oh yes they are) enjoy doing these movies, they know that with all of them, it’s what got them started and their doing this final instalment with people they have come to know as family. And their doing it for the fans, Zac said that he didn’t want to be the guy that took HSM away from the fans, and I believe that.

    I also don’t think that only Zac will be successful out of the bunch, and I doubt that Zac thinks so either, besides, success is between person to person and as long as the person in question is happy with what he/she have accomplished then that’s all that matters.
    Zac got the role in ‘Hairspray’ because he was so popular with the younger audience because of ‘HSM’ and that’s what lead him on the path he is now, and the rest of the cast is following, and they are trying to break through in an unpredictable business, heck, some of them might do what John Travolta did, he did ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and a few other films that wasn’t as successful, so he took a break for a few years, then he did ‘Pulp Fiction’ which got him an Academy Awards nomination and BAM look where he is today, things could happen, an actor/actress carer could end tomorrow while others keep sky rocking. All we as fans can do is support them and not bash them (which I know is hard for some) but you should at least try, and think of how you would feel if someone whom you didn’t know or didn’t know you started bashing and bad talk you, it’s really not fun.

  • Jennifer W

    thats great and i cant wait. i hope they are all doing great in utah and that zac and corbin will show up there soon also with them.

  • Malia

    Wait!!! When was this interview? It had to be recent. And she hasn’t read the HSM3 script? Or maybe that was just to keep them from asking her to reveal plot secrets. Had to be.

  • Naomi

    To have auditioned along with thousands of others, got the roles and turned a DCOM into a worldwide phenomenon, my dears, all the HSM cast have talent. Nobody can tell as yet who will make it talentwise in the long run, the race is not to the swift or to the one who can create the greatest furor.
    Currently, in my opinion, Lucas has the most developed talent of the lot, but it’s not obvious because of the role choices he’s making. All of them are developing and will yet develop their talents but in the end, it will come down to the opportunities they get and the choices they make and sadly in Hollywood, it doesn’t always depend on the stars or their talents for that matter.
    Having said that, can we just allow these stars actually enjoy the opportunity they have now, by that I mean filming HSM3, if you don’t like the franchise, please get off the thread and go and comment on the gossip girls’ threads.

  • Ryanne;Brasil!

    I LOVE her!
    she’s perfect!
    õ/ ;*

  • Princentogril14

    OMG crazy Iam from Czech Republic…hihih

  • BabyVSupporter

    erica, I totally agree.
    Zac isn’t the most talented.
    You only say that because you saw 2 him in 2 different roles Link and Troy. But Vanessa, Ashley, Corbin, Lucas and Monique are going to do more movies and than you will be surprised with how much talent they all got. Not just zac. You can’t say he is the most talented. You first have to wait for Will, Upstairs and all those other films. Cuz you never know. Zac is a heartthrob right now. Maybe soon somebody else will come along and he will be forgotten. Not that it’s gonna happen but it can. You never know.

  • narf

    Erica and Naomi, well said ladies!

    If these people can’t wait for HSM to be over, all they have to do is stop paying attention and for them it will be over. :)

  • narf

    BTW, that is a great picture of Ashley.

  • Laura

    Can I just clear something up?

    When I said that I think Zac will be the biggest success story – it doesn’t mean I think he’ll be the ONLY successful one. I think that the rest of the cast have a good chance of getting very far within acting/singing or whatever else they may want to do, as long as they finish up with the Disney roles ASAP.

    The reason why I say that about Zac is that the roles he has chosen other than HSM, look to be incredibly good for his career, and we’ve already seen that Hairspray was.

    Will looks good for Vanessa, as playing a girl with a stutter can’t be easy.

    I’m a bit wary of They Came From Upstairs for Ash. It’s a kids film again. I mean, if this is what she wants to base her career on, then good for her but I’m afraid if she continues to take these kind of roles for kids, she wont be seen as a valued actress and she wont be winning awards at respected award shows. But maybe she doesn’t really want that kind of recognition, maybe she just wants to do roles that she enjoys – and it that involves doing roles for kids, then that’s good as long as she’s happy. But also a shame – as I think along with Zac and Lucas, she’s one of the best actors involved in HSM. Vanessa could be, but I don’t think Gabriella is the role to prove it, I’m sure I’ll be more convinced with her role as Sa5m.

  • http://justjared idk


  • erica

    Yupp, the only way you can really compare these young talented actors to each other is if they all would do the exact same role in the exact same movie, otherwise not really. Personally I think that ‘Hairspray’ was a great movie, and Zac did great in it, and he deserves all this success because he have been working hard for it, the same with the rest if the cast, I might be one of few who really, really loved ‘Thunderbirds’ and I think that Vanessa was amazing in it, and then her character Corrie in ‘SL’, wow, I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long, long time and she was incredible. Corbin’s ‘Jump In’ is another favorite, and even if that was another ‘DC’ movie I still loved the way he portrayed Izzy and he was brilliant, I have seen some stuff that Lucas have done and also some stuff that Ashley have done even if I’m not as familiar with their acting as I would say I am with some of the others, I still think that their good. I would say, and this isn’t mean, but Zac got his lucky break with ‘Hairspray’ and the same thing could happen with the rest, take ‘Will’ for example, I mean, I don’t think that there have been so much talk about a movie before it’s even started filming (unless it’s a movie based on a popular book like HP or LotR) that’s quite something, and then Lucas is working with Sean Penn.

  • Karen

    The cast of HSM is a group of wonderfully talented actors. Anyone who watches the rehearsals from HSM2—particularly the dance rehearsals—and then bad mouths these kids are just spiteful, hateful, and full of resentment. They just want to make them look bad but the only people looking bad are the people who post such dribble. I would dare say the ones complaining would never be able to do what those kids did in HSM3—sing, act, and learn all those dance moves which they did in 3 weeks! They may not have actually sang while they were filming scenes BUT they had to “kind of” sing those songs while the acted believably in the scenes AND dance. All of you who are nay-sayers, try it sometime. Just try getting on a stationary bike and singing or talking and see how easy it is. They had to remember words to songs, dance steps, and dialog. And some haters just HATE because they know this movie will be one big HIT!

  • tee

    I think the whole crew are good at what they do. Personally I like Vanessa as Gabriella. The reason you think its not much of a stretch for her is because she is a good actress. They have all said this is their finally HSM so just let us who like it, enjoy it. Lucky for you there are a thousand other actors and movies for you to watch so you don’t have to waste your time here on a thread about HSM.

  • Laura

    I like Vanessa as Gabriella too. She does a good job. But what I’m saying is is that it’s a fairly easy role to play. Gabriella’s pretty much a normal teenage girl, which Vanessa was a few years ago.

    As Zac said in the Access Hollywood interview about Seventeen Again, he could have took the EASY root and played another teenage guy.

    I think Vanessa is a good actress, I just don’t think she’s had a chance to prove it to the full yet – but she will get her chance and prove all the haters wrong, I’m sure.

  • BabyVSupporter

    I understand Laura, I’m sorry if you took my message the wrong way.
    I completely understand what you mean. I agree with what you all said about vanessa and the rest of the cast. I think Vanessa is an incredible actrees. And she is going to prove that to everyone. You are right about the buzz about will. Everybody is talking about it. And I think her album will be a big succes to.I just hope her luck in her career.

  • Karen

    Sometimes the girl or guy who plays the angelic lead role in movies like this fail to get the notice they deserve. The bad guy or the comic relief are usually the roles that get the most attention. Zac and Vanessa got a lot of attention because of their amazing chemistry on screen and the fact they are so beautiful to look at didn’t hurt any! LOL Ashley stood out because she is very comedic—which is a talent all in itself. I have always said however that Lucas is the unsung hero in these movies (I’m not taking anything away from Zac and Vanessa because they are the two people who made people sit up and take notice of this little Disney made-for- TV-movie) but he is a real talent. He didn’t have dance experience but look at that boy dance—he’s very enjoyable to watch. He’s extremely musically inclined—one of the best voices on those soundtracks—plus he can play many musical instruments. He’s also a pretty good little actor also as has been proven as he has not stopped working since HSM. He has worked with people like Penny Marshall and Sean Penn for heaven sakes. I think he will have a very profitable career as he will be one of those people who will be a character actor which will mean he can get a variety of roles and won’t be pigeon-holed into the leading romantic lead nor will his roles be centered on his looks or age. I commend Zac for the role choices he has made since HSM but he can clearly have trouble in the future getting roles if he is cast too much in roles where he has to play romantic leads and the good guy. If any of those roles start to bomb then his popularity could take a nosedive and then it will be a hassle for him to get the dim-witted Hollywood execs to take a chance on him for any other kind of roles even though the boy is a really good actor. The road of John Travolta’s career was previously mention on this thread and it shows just how high someone can be one moment and how forgotten someone can be the next. He also came from a very popular TV character like Zac is doing. I give John a lot of credit for laying low for a while and then coming back with a role nobody would have believed he could do to hit the bigtime once again. It takes a certain type person to keep on going. I wish the best for Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, Corbin, and Monique. What they have accomplished thus far is incredible but makes the road ahead a lot more difficult. And people ought to think about that.