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Candice Crawford: Chace is Doing 'Okay' After Breakup

Candice Crawford: Chace is Doing 'Okay' After Breakup

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford recently split with American Idol champ Carrie Underwood and his unofficial spokesperson (his sister!) Candice has once again opened up about her pretty boy brother.

(Candice seems to have a big mouth. She was the one to speak on the record about her brother officially dating. Chace and Carrie never spoke publicly about their relationship.)

“He’s doing okay through this whole ordeal,” Candice tells People. “He was upset about the breakup. It’s always hard when you lose a relationship. Chace will get through it. We love Carrie, too. They’re dolls and they’ll both do well.”

On April 11, Candice will compete in the Miss USA Pageant at Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in front of celebrity guest judges Heather Mills, Joey Fatone, Rob Schneider and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.

“The whole family (including Chace) will be there rooting for me,” said Candice, a.k.a. Miss Missouri. “My mom made T-shirts and little pins for everyone.”

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  • msbis

    Awwww! Chace!!

  • rebel

    ahh that’s good to hear!

  • shammi

    hey I’m one of the first people to post, lol.

  • chace is cute

    Chace is sooo cute!! his sister is cute too.
    Don’t think she really cares about this break up., maybe she just wants to sound like she does..

  • leticia (: miley ray ♥

    he is so cute and hoooot!
    love gg ♥

  • ok magazine

    In the same OK magazine same day there was another article which said

    “The Gossip Girls pretty boy parted ways with the country superstar after eight months together and is already out and about, moving on with his life. Chace was spotted chowing down at NYC fast food eatery Energy Kitchen last week where he looked anything but sullen.”

    How come you didn’t post this article jared?

  • Yeah

    Yeah, right! both these articles are from OK magazine April 3rd.

    I wonder why they don’t give the reason for break up

  • cutie

    Chace is a cutie. I am so glad he dumped that ugly country hick carrie..

    Yayyy chace!

    The whole article goes like this:

    OK Mag April 03:

    His relationship with Carrie Underwood may be over, but don’t think Chace Crawford is crying his heart out over the breakup.

    The Gossip Girls pretty boy parted ways with the country superstar after eight months together and is already out and about, moving on with his life. Chace was spotted chowing down at NYC fast food eatery Energy Kitchen last week where he looked anything but sullen.

    “He was really sweet and humble,” a source tells OK!. “He shook hands with everyone!”

    In the days since the split, the 22-year-old has also been spending time with his co-star/roommate/wingman Ed Westwick, who tells OK! the two are “Batman and Batman.”

    But don’t think the two are on the prowl for girls. “Nothing like that. Nothing interesting,” Ed says.

    And for the record, Chace and N-Sync-er J.C. Chasez are not dating. A rep for the actor tells OK! the reports are “absolutely not true.”

    Adds an insider, “They share the same manager and are friends.”

  • cutie

    Jared you should have posted the other article too..

    I liked what Ed says “batman and batman” Thats cute

    And also, the other article mentions how sweet and humble chace is.

    Please include this article also

  • anonymous

    Wow! Loved the article cutie! Thanks for posting that.

  • rooma

    Chace got rid of that ugly country hick about a month back.

    I was worried that carrie might be hounding him…

    I hope he’s gotten rid of her for good!!

    I think he has gotten rid of her for good….Yay! chace, you are a player!!

  • ali

    Chace’s sister is not as pretty as him

  • kirsten

    yeah, I think chace has got the beauty and the brains, poor sister is a little unlucky in both.. lol

  • anonymous

    when will anyone tell us the reason for break up

  • emma

    Reason is, chace didn’t have enough time for carrie. Thats what it was told in

    It seems that carrie is a hopeless romantic, and she likes to spend time with her man, but chace didn’t spend much time with her..

    Some people also say, that chace was too much into partying and clubbing, and behaved like he was single even while he was dating carrie.

  • wonder why

    Wonder why he didn’t have time for carrie. They broke up in february, and at that time he was off work and had plenty of time..
    He could spend a lot of time with carrie…if he wanted to.
    oh well..

  • anonymous

    You think she’s going to win the crown? i don’t think so

  • happy

    Chace dumped Carrie!! hahaha

    I knew it wont last long. I wonder why he even bothered with her.
    Of course he is okay, why won’t he be. I don’t think he was serious about carrie..

  • ashleyxoxo

    candice looks like katherine mcphee.. anyone agree?

  • lisa

    cutie, thanks for the article.

    I think chace dumped carrie in february or maybe early march. and I am sure he’s okay, i mean if he dumped her why wont he be okay..

    I dont think he was sad anytime, remember the waverly inn and other pictures. he’s been partying and enjoying

    Chace did not bother to visit carrie on her birthday, she spent her birthday alone. He had dumped carrie before her birthday…, but he would of atleast wished her if he really liked her..but he didn’t.
    and he was happily partying in newyork, single!!

    I think he was happy he got rid of carrie. LOL

  • lisa

    btw chace is prettier than her sister

  • kiley

    What, did they break up about a month back?
    Why are we hearing this now?

  • Helena

    Lol, how long were they even going out for?

  • anonymous

    We heard some rumors about a month back. Carrie was acting like a bitter dumpee and told her fans that she is single.

    Carrie thinks if she talks about the break up first, she can make people believe that she broke up with chace…
    She is trying hard to save face. Poor thing, all the guys she dated dumped her. She prolly didn’t think chace would dump her too..

    Chace is sweetheart, he is allowing carrie speak so that she wont lose face. sweetheart!! a gentleman! decent guy!!

  • anonymous

    I think they were friends since july 2007. don’t know when they started dating.
    even while he was dating, chace didn’t speak about carrie in any of his interviews. don’t know why.
    I think he liked his single status. LOL


    I wish chace talks about this break up.

    If he doesn’t the media is going to make up stuff…

    Why should chace put up with all the rumors and made up stories

    I understand, he’s being nice and allowing carrie to talk so that she doesnt lose face….
    but i wish chace speaks. Once he speaks, i think everything will be cleared.
    Please chace, time to Talk

  • cristy


    when i was looking up all the sites on the internet about the chace and carrie break up, I found an article where carrie herself said she spent her birthday with her music crew. she also spoke about the break up.
    she said she and chace kind of tried to date but it really didnt work.
    Poor carrie! LOL

  • tiff


    I know this is old, and that they broke up a while ago..BUT
    everytime i read this, i can’t stop laughing. pooor carrie. LMAO

    Chace is a player, really!

  • anonymous

    Frankly, when i heard the news, I wasn’t surprised at all.

    I knew it wont last long. I mean c’mon, chace’s hot, smart , and hip..and carrie is an ugly hick .

  • emili

    cutie what you posted is from OK magazine

    the one jareds posted is from People, I think

    They are both the same day though

  • emili

    I liked the OK article.

  • emili

    Candice is not pretty!

  • anonymous

    chace’s sister is NOT as goodlooking as chace. sorry candice!
    she doesn’t sound smart either.

  • anna

    I think Ed has hooked up with Leighton. ooohhh! Hot Hot Hot

  • the oc fansite


  • annie

    ITA Keira.

    Chace has to talk. He should stop being so nice, its getting him in trouble..

  • Love chace

    Its sad for candice, everyone is comparing her pretty brother.
    She’s not so bad. She sounds dumb though

  • anonymous

    LOL, She’s trying to be nice and sweet. sounds like she’s on the stage and the jury asked her this question. LMAO

  • anonymous

    Is it on the 11th.
    wow! we’ll get to see chace with his family. yayyy!

  • rebecca

    She looks like chace. chace with long hair. lol

  • Meggie

    I always knew the guy is a fool. On the show his character splits ugly with Blair, in real life he lost carrie underwood. it’s just written across his face and in his puppy-eyes: whiny looser. sorry, meant no offence.

  • carriefan

    reason for break up is

    Chace is a PLAYER and a CHEATER!

  • Jessica

    where is that picture of chace and candice from?

  • Jessica

    there was an interview with candice i listened to a while ago,
    she didnt come across as “dumb” in it at all.

  • Jessica

    there was an interview with candice i listened to a while ago,
    she didnt come across as “dumb” in it at all.

  • daria

    Chace is a young guy, he’s humble and nice by all accounts

    he didn’t cheat because they were never exclusive

    he’s not a player, he’s just having fun as he should, he’s only 22

    he’ll let carrie save face, because his mama brought up right and he knows what it’s like cuz he has a little sister.

    he’s a good guy

  • Milly

    I hope Chace doesn’t talk about it, he doesn’t need to. He is so above it at this point. It’s not like they were in a major relationship. Carrie’s PR machine spent so much time on it.

    Chace is from a good family and knows what to do. LOVE HIM!


    The Real Reason for break up is

    Chace was not serious about carrie. Yes, he was dating her, but, he didn’t want to be in a “steady realtionship” with carrie.
    I guess, carrie wanted a serious relationship, so, chace just walked out …

  • Natalie

    We’re all rooting for you in Missouri too, Candice. GOOD LUCK!

    Carrie and Chace were sooo cute. Too bad it didn’t work out.