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Gerard Butler Plays It Up For Paparazzi

Gerard Butler Plays It Up For Paparazzi

300 hunk-uh, hunk-uh burning love Gerard Butler hams it up for paparazzi as he hits up what seems to be his favorite lounge, Villa, in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

Gerry‘s new family adventure film, Nim’s Island, opens in theaters everywhere TOMORROW! It costars Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin.

ARE YOU GOING TO SEE “Nim’s Island” this weekend??

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler the ham…

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gerard butler ham 01
gerard butler ham 02
gerard butler ham 03
gerard butler ham 04
gerard butler ham 05
gerard butler ham 06
gerard butler ham 07
gerard butler ham 08
gerard butler ham 09
gerard butler ham 10

Photos: Ticket/WENN
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  • yeahhh


  • Me

    hes so damn sexy!

  • Pingy-ponga

    Oh bugger Gerry is friends with the guy from DWTS.



  • M

    These were not taken Wednesday. He was there Monday or Tue night as the video has been all over the internet. He was at DWTS to surprise Julianne Hough or whatever her name is.

  • kaka

    Love him

  • Grace

    Yes. Anything to see this Hunka-Hunka burning man. Give it to me Gerard.

  • Witch

    Mmmm… What a nice pair of the bloodshot eyes… Yummy.

  • anonymous

    Where’s Cameron?

  • anonymous

    Why is God being so cruel to me? I wannaaa…I wannaa…I waaaaannnaaaaa!!!

  • TiaBia

    Loves this MAN!!!

  • Eyewitness snooze

    There he is, ole Thunder Thighs himself! XXXOOO


    This guy is beyond gorgeous….I would NOT kick him out of bed for eating crackers that’s for sure!!!! Like to see more posts of him in the future….thanks Jared!!

  • O

    Thanks Jared once again for more Gerry pics. The man is so damn gorgeous and sexy!!!


  • MEL

    I thought that guy from DWTS hurt his neck, what’s he doing out partying, especially with my Gerard…

  • [marie]

    Gerard Butler = HOT!!

    And… WTF is Derek Hough for Dancing with the Stars doing with Gerard?!?! Weird….

  • Flisbeth

    luuuuuuuve this man! Thanks Jared :D

  • Sonya

    I watched the video on this and I have to say that Gerard and Derek look like a couple if you know what I mean. Cameron Diaz?! Justin Timberlake’s throw-away? Jeesh…get some class Gerard. We thought you had some class.

  • admin

    bleh. he’s so gay. why not come out already?

  • Della

    What??? What’s this talk about Cameron Diaz??? Is she and Gerry dating or what? Details, please! :)

  • Jess

    Life and Style says they hooked. But Life and Style said he was banging Naomi Campbell too.

  • Krissy

    I went to see Nim’s island today
    it was that bad Gerard looked hot, all tan and stuff
    P.s. I love was still wayyy better!

  • Krissy

    that is suppose to say “it wasn’t that bad….”

  • Jackdaw

    I am hoping that Gerard is just having a fling with Cameron Diaz. He can do MUCH better than that!

  • Jackdaw

    I meant to add that I think Cameron is using Gerard. Let’s face it, she’s pretty washed up now isn’t she? Gerard’s doing really well now, so I guess she’s just going along for the ride!! Just hope it doesn’t take him too long to realise…Ger, there’s someone really nice and special out there for you, you’ll see.

  • talia

    The sixth picture is funny. They are such odd pair to be out together. I wish there was a better pic of Christian De La Fuente up here!

  • Lonewolf

    I have yet to see any pics of CD and Gerry. But, check this out ( I wonder if she met this when she was with Justin Timberlake, which many thinks he did her wrong-funny, isnt there 2 sides to a story….what would he say? Also, in she was last with some other dude, though not as known as Gerry. BTW, the GQ pics comments sectionmany comment saying those arent her…..but I agree Gerry needs to slow down and quit grabbing at everything that comes at him……being used and abused isnt fun and if he gets screwed, he may turn away from the one that is meant for him. (Hope Im making sense)…I had to paste this though…one minute she is saying she wants to have fun, boy crazy….then she is intimidating because she is alot of woman-isnt Ms Piggy? (SP note**-insert via GQ interview)

    (I hOn boys: “I like boys — a lot. I’m boy crazy. That hasn’t changed since I was very young.”
    On dating: “I do get asked out. It’s fun . . . I’m a lot of woman — in a lot of ways. And I understand that can be intimidating.”
    On commitment: “When I’m in a relationship I’m very loyal and committed. I give a lot . . . But it’s been nice not having a boyfriend for the past year. In fact it’s the first time I haven’t had one in ten years and I’m enjoying what I’m getting out of this moment . . . I could be in a relationship if I wanted to be but I haven’t finished doing what I’m doing.”

  • Lonewolf

    I also want to add-in regards to CDs remark about being alot of woman, I wasnt trying to be nasty, but the way it sounds and comes across, conceit is not there, she is convinced and whatever due crosses her path I feel for him, but if he is that dense…, all women are alot of women in their own way, each shows it in her own style, hopefully not to hurt or use. I am sure Gerry wants to have fun as well but not at the expense of his rep or feelings. (if they are an item-because doesnt this sound like the Naomi and Gerry mess, and Gerry even said in an interview he never dated Naomi….the things we hear).

  • Jess

    He said he never dated Naomi, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t. . . well, you know. I love Gerry to death, but he is notoriously slutty and fond of his ladies of color . And this new hook up seems a little awkward considering he’s Mr. Quite as Kept. I’m inclined to think this is a publicity thing. Since when is he so public? No hand holding or smooches with anyone else. Now all of s sudden he’s fully out there with an A list actress who spreads herself over anything, and a movie due to release? He’s hitting up all the pap spots constantly and is making his way around the blogosphere. He wants to be famous. I get it. Just lay off the Buttafaces.

  • Lonewolf

    Gerry doesnt seem to listen to the wind-dont remember the magazine, but there was something about CD stalking her ex b/f (not Justine-the Miers guy) and she tweeked over the break up with JT. Isnt she supposedly dating Scott Speedman….yeah she is right when she says she is alot of woman…she might want to check her wording…..

  • Shygirl

    GB has so much patience with the razzi. I love his sense of humor!

    That’s so sad, the man can’t have a private moment with friends without cameras flasing in his face.
    And he talks about a perfect date…walking in the city streets…how private can that be? Poor thing.

  • arely

    love love love this sexyliciouse man!!oh gog!!why must you only make one???

  • Lonewolf

    Ok, 5 bucks says Cameron doesnt go to New York now (if she ever was) why should she-she has Gerry. Boy all themags and the paps r running with this one…yet still no pics. Does anyone know how long her and Justin was together? Chris? This girl, for one who just wants to date, seems to go for those who “stand out” and since Gerry did well in 300 well he is definitely standing out there Bottom line, my question would be to her…G/F who are you foolin’, you want more than to just date, but you just dont want any guy….so usin that line keeps them at bay…and that BS about going to New York what is the real deal behind that one? Is it because everyone knows of your tantrums for example and Gerry is to nice of a guy to go on what is said in the wind? (Sorry, it just bothers me for nice people to get screwed over because suposedly she has a sense of humor, is nice, etc. If she is why the string of guys behind her, who are probably saying the same thing why they arent with her.

  • Lonewolf

    It official, Gerry fans!!! According to he is in a relationship with CD….

  • Jackdaw

    I too thought that this thing with CD was a PR scam. I mean, Gerard is now in all the UK newspapers because of this. He wasn’t even spoken about before!!

    if it’s real then good luck to them both, but I’m not so sure…..?

  • Lonewolf

    The UK articles were removed, and even a pap said they left in seperate cars, hers was chaffeur driven (Chateau “gathering”). It goes to show you what 1 rumour can do-everyone has their own “rendition” of it, and problem is is that family members and friends can be hurt by all this and this is wrong and unfair. If you google CD/GB you’ll find he is spoken for and so on via all these mags, etc. How low and cruel can someone be….just because the truth dont always sell I guess. (incert: *Check out,) and you will notice several good points are made, ie car she is in is wet, and she is in the back seat….his isnt wet….so where the snoogling, etc comes from I guess is just to get ones attention and as they hoped for, hey got it. (crappy way of doing it…)one thing I have also noticed while just surfing and reading-the one thing that doesnt change is that she is a stalker, controlling and prone to tantrums…..everyone blames Justin for example, yet has anyone asked his side, or even John, who is the one she is to have stalked so, my input on this is, that true it may be media hearsay, but when the wind blows in the same direction, meaning everyone is saying the same thing, is it hearsay? Dunno. Sorry, all, I aint rumours, they can hurt alot of people and most of it isnt true and both sides are not included in it either. I dont comment much, but stuff like this, I have to put in my 2 cents.

  • Jackdaw

    The UK articles were PRINTED in all the newspapers!!
    They may have been removed online though, I haven’t checked.
    And I don’t believe for one second that Gerard’s mum, Margaret would dream of commenting on any of this.

    It’s all hype, just like before.

    If Gerard is happy, then that is great. I just secretly hope that if he finds a woman to be REALLY happy and content with, it’s someone out of the public eye, someone normal without any heavy baggage.

    I just think at this moment in time, he’s enjoying himself. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Tz

    #37, I totally agree with everything you said, the person he ends up with will be someone with no heavy gossip baggage, and quite normal for the most part, and no so much in the public eye until of course they get with him!

  • ayeoh

    Man, I bet Gerry’s over -the-top, erratic fans are popping the Xanax, now. Some of you treat Gerry as if you might have a chance with him, someday. Newsflash: There’s only one of him and there’s too many of you (although I’m sure he’ll try his best to run through the gammut of you). He’s a womanizer, plain and simple. I believe just about everyone’s been with him. Everytime I read posts about him, some woman from his past posts their dating experience (one even asked if anyone knew how to get in touch with him! WTF?!?!). This man doesn’t sleep alone at night, people. Don’t be surprised if there’s more than two (might be trying to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record for all we know). You sure you want to date him? The Cammie D. rumor is pure speculation until their reps confirm it. Then again, as long as there are razzi, you won’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a publicist when the paps are willing to spread your business for free. Calm down, fans. Wait until it comes out of the horses mouths before you react.

  • Lonewolf

    #39 and 38-AMEN!!!!!! all is was was a simple b-day party for Robert Downey Jr (who is a great guy also, BTW) on April 4, it was not just Gerry and Cameron there…….and look what happened!!!! the paps took it and ran with it and everyone s*** their shorts…you made the paps and the mags day, but not Gerry’s. NEVER believe what you read/hear until like #39 says…it comes from the horses mouth.
    So, which do u think Gerry looks better in-leather, a suit or scruffy, jeans and a partly buttoned shirt?

  • Jackdaw

    I couldn’t care less what he wears. Just want him to be happy.

    I am a great admirer of his. I enjoy his acting, especially the older stuff from 8-10 years ago. Very dramatic stuff. You should check it out people.

  • LaMarie

    It’s so funny how many JEALOUS people are on here talking about how Gerard is gay. How totally stupid.

  • Bailey

    Witch Gerry doesn’t drink so his eyes aren’t exactly bloodshot.

  • gina

    Gerard and Cameron are not dating,they simply just fuck for a couple of times and then move on to the next Body because both said that they don’t have time to settle down or to find the right Partner.So let them have some Fun.

  • gina

    Well last Months flavor is old,this Month it is Cheryl Burke? Can’t wait so see who you Guys are pairing him up with next Month.

  • Heather


    I will have one Hot Scot & Coke Please!

  • Ana alicia

    I love you Gerry, dream with you every night, I would like
    to meet you

  • Rhiann

    I prefere that he date whith everybody ,than think that his gay…Oh My God ,I can’t live whith that…What do you think……..I’m diyng for the truth.