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Kristen Bell Has an Outrageous Fortune

Kristen Bell Has an Outrageous Fortune

Heroes star Kristen Bell and actor boyfriend Dax Shepard walk his dog at Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The cute couple brought along two children with them. Nieces? Family friends?

Earlier this week, E! reported that Kristen might be re-teaming up Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

Bell, 27, would star as one of the daughters on ABC’s Outrageous Fortune remake, and that Rene Russo is very close to signing on as the mother. The central plot of the series is that a family of criminals decide to go straight after the father is jailed.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Bell‘s possibly Outrageous Fortune

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  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she gets a big fat L for dating that lame.

  • unnamed

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. I saw her profile with photos and videos at m I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a young man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  • Azzle

    Outrageous fortune is originally from NZ! When i lived in NZ it was by far the best show i had seen!!!!! Funny az hell, it’ll be interesting how they approach this…

  • Charlene

    I was just about to say that its a NZ show too, man us Kiwis are so great and now the americans are remaking something we have made so cool :) one in a million

  • tessa

    I want VM back!

  • ver

    Kristen Bell is awesome. Don’t care who she dates, as long as he’s good to her. Glad to see her getting more and more projects!

  • Jodie

    Love her!

  • odierox

    cute.i mis veronica mars.

  • Sam

    Kristen needs to break up with him, she can do so much better!

  • steffy

    This man is tooooo ugly!!! I’m from Europe and I don’t know him but she definitely could choose someone better!!! I hope that she comes back to work very soon with Rob Thomas…I loved very much Veronica Mars..

  • jack

    Outrageous fortune is such a good show, but like Kath & kim, I don’t think that this will go over so well in the US, as NZ & Austalia seem to have a different sense of humour to the US. And also being an Aussie who watches the show – and I love Kirsten – I don’t want to see her playing ANY of the daughters, unless they change dramatically one of hte girls, and then they would be changing the whole show, whcih shows that they don’t get it!!!!

  • a-dub

    I’m from the US and LOVE Kath & Kim! I wish it were more popular here.

  • ju

    love kristen she’s so gorgeous !

  • tilou

    I though that “when in rome” was supposed to start shooting on Monday 31th March in NY and Rome… Apparently not since KB is here seen in LA.

  • tilou

    I though that “when in rome” was supposed to start shooting on Monday 31th March in NY and Rome… Apparently not since KB is here seen in LA.

  • jill

    looovee her!…who’re the kids??

  • the shiznack

    bring backk Veronica Mars and while ur at it bring back Arrested Development as well

    two of the greatest shows; and yet crap like OTH and Gossip girl remain on the air

  • moi

    @Jack, let’s not forget though, they managed to West-ify Waverly!

    But in saying that, I feel kinda weird about America doing a re-make. You’re messing with the most sacred and holy order of the Oceanic Bogan here!
    I dunno, I guess it’s just cos I was incredibly underwhelmed over the American version of The Office…

  • FatDrunkAndStupid

    Hard to take her seriously with the whole Dax thing going on. He’s ugly, he’s incredibly untalented, and he has a reputation for being an unfaithful leech. She can date pretty much anybody she wants and she chooses a guy most trailer park trash wouldn’t even give a second look. With judgment like that I don’t expect her to last long in this business. She’s got the looks and talent to vault herself up in to Natalie Portman/Reese Witherspoon type roles, but I don’t think she’s got the brains.

  • mari guerra

    they seems so happy lately! and im so happy for her!!

  • ilovethecolouryellow

    awww… i love kristen bell… i love veronica mars… i want them to bring it back… the preview for the 4th season was so good. it would of been a great season… who cares who she’s dating.. she’s awesome

  • lISA

    Unless Dax got the same type of dog, it looks like they’re walking Sirius Black and he belongs to Ryan and Amy Hansen.

  • V

    WTF?? Does he wear that hairband in bed too??
    He’s the ugly!! Really, Kristen needs to really up her self-esteem if she thinks he’s the best for her. He may make her laugh, but all you have to do is LOOK at him and crack up – he’s a joke!

  • angelus799

    Normally I could give a flying heck about who is dating who in the celebrity world, it is their own personal lives and I think it should stay that way. But I am enraged with this particular couple. Kristen seems like a sweet girl, she is beautiful in both looks and personality. This Dax is a freaking womanizing loser who has had nothing but bad relationship after bad relationship. He is obviously using her because she was in a long term relationship and he figured he could swoop in and act charming and funny just to get in her pants. If she really thinks that is a good match she can go ahead and date him, but if he hurts the poor girl I will be the first to stone his arse.

  • cupcake

    wtf? Y is she dating a washed up hoe like dax shepard.hes fugly as hell and is a talentles nobody zach braff wannabe.just at the point wen bells career is soaring she allows herself to be seen with that loser who obviously is so washed up and a nobody without her.plain stoopid on bells part.shes gonna lose alot of fans by dating mchorny.bell had incredible chemistry with jason dohring(logan,)on vm.y not date someone tall dark and hot like .him.or atleast someone human.sheesh

  • the guy who killed darth vader

    Agreed, Dax’s a trailor trash pille of Crap….. but then again her choice… even thou i think hez way to lanky, and if it was 1970′s he’d b a perfect fit to be Chewbacca… no im not a nerd.. i just have a higher I.Q. then Dax. Lol. Nuf said. N’E ways Kristen Bell aye, on Outrageous Fortune (U.S) i kind of find it funny that she might have a role on that show…. but Dang i’d kinda rather see her on?…facebook, hahha. just playing nah, what ever they shove her in il probly watch it. coz im that kinda person… she’s a gud actress & ill support that… Dam do i sound whiped or what…. kafudimpha….

    -Plus, if u hav time check out her Co-Ed pic’s & thank me later… Way cute/hot for all the boyz & girls

    Out- “the guy who killed darth vader”