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Make Me a Supermodel -- WHO WON?

Make Me a Supermodel -- WHO WON?

The final four contestants for Bravo’s reality competition Make Me a Supermodel (pictured left to right):

Ben DiChiara, 23, from Nashville, Tennessee
Ronnie Kroell, 25, from Chicago, Illinois
Holly Kiser, 21, from Coeburn, Virginia
Perry Ullmann, 22, from Phoenix, Arizona

Click inside to find out inside who America made into a supermodel…



Good pick, America!

And favorite line of the episode goes to Ben! After three months apart from his wife, he greets her, saying: “WASSUP?????????”

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Photos: Barbara Nitke
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  • alli

    oh great another super skinny model that people say we shouldn’t try and look like.

  • lol


  • daniel512

    cool,shes pretty hott
    not that fit for a model but shee can get there

  • oh snap!

    one of the boys should’ve won, they ARE HOT

  • pinky

    Actually from L to R: It’s Ben, Ronnie, Holly and Perry.

  • ekaterina

    The guys were jerks. And Ronnie and Ben were consistently bad. I voted for Holly as many times as I could. SOOOOOOOO glad she won! She was definitely the best one there! And in response to the comment about Holly being another super-skinny model, you obviously didn’t watch the show at all. She was told a lot that she needed to lose weight. She was definitely not super-skinny, but just perfect.

  • aajwdhdj


  • Jeannie

    Ronnie so should have won. He is a great guy and is a real American Boy. Holly is just another Thin Model.

  • AAron

    I was really disappointed. Holly’s voice is irritating. Fortunately for her, models don’t say much. But she doesn’t even really have that great of a look. I can see Perry or Ronnie in GQ.

  • MIa

    Holly is a dumb, annoying cow.

    Perry needs to grow up and slap that cheatinglittletrashy “gf” of his.

    I sorry Ben for his ugly wife – he was embarrassed when she showed up.

    Ronnie is the true winner.

  • hhkj

    The four of them look like they’re in a new-wave/goth band and posing for their album cover.

  • ellelexi

    ekaterina… that’s soo funny… I did the exact same thing…I voted for HOLLY as much as I could..found every phone in my house to use !!!! lol!! she deserves to become that supermodel!! she’s genuine and you can tell she really wanted this !!!! brava Holly~~

  • AM

    I can’t believe I totally forgot tonight’s show. Good for Holly. I bet the guys just loved that!

  • ana

    Holly was the best. She is humble, beautiful, sweet, had the height, body personality etc. We don’t need another noami campbell so I take holly 100 times

  • Amanda

    I am soo glad Holly won. If you’re looking at it from a talent perspective as wellas personality…she’s the clear winner. She’s genuine, positive, and gorgeous. I think she’ll be a great role model. As far as her being skinny…I don’t think she is TOO skinny at all…she could tone up but she just looks healthy to me. And as far as her competition was concerned…the only one who came close was Perry and his ego tripped him up. The other two were inconsistent in performance and consistently awful. ESP Ronnie…how many times did the judges put him in the bottom three?? The real winner and only plausible winner is Holly. Good job Holly. (you could take advantage of those voice lessons though honey and get some range and inflection to portray some emotion in there;)

  • Yum!

    I am hoping Ben leaves his wife for Ronnie. You know Ronnie wants Ben to pound his bung hole all nite.

  • Petty

    Oh god,beautiful holly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jac

    I saw Holly on the Planet Hollywood building (outside of the mile of shops). It was like two weeks ago.

  • jocelyyn (: !

    she deserves it =)

  • Marieme

    THANK GOD! I was so worried those two dorks (Ben and Ronnie) were going to get the sympathy votes. Only Perry or Holly deserved to win. She is so beautiful and I don’t care what the judges say her twangy “accent” is so cute. She really is a natural!

  • kj


  • tangerine

    Like Cory Bautista said a few episodes ago, if he were Holly’s agent he’d make sure clients saw her portfolio before he’d allow her to talk to them. NO PERSONALITY, annoying voice, and surprisingly b*tchy to boot. SO Team Perry, that face is going to be on a billboard soon, no doubt.

  • tangerine

    I thought it was New York Model Management?

  • Nina

    Holly won become she is talented and was consistent the whole time, and is fierce in photo shoots and on the runway. The person with a fun personality (Ronnie) does not deserve to win because of their personality. Holly gave good deliverance EVERY TIME. Ben…let’s not even go there. And Perry has an annoying personality, even the photographer said she couldn’t stand his talking. Perry is not THAT HOT, he has weird soldiers and bravo to his “acting” with his gf

    Show is called Make Me A Supermodel, not Most Fun Personality. Naomi Campbell is a great model, that’s different than her personality which is a totally separate thing when it comes to modeling.

  • Riley

    but the winner got signed to New York Model Management, not IMG– and New York Models does have a men’s division. So… interesting inside information but irrelevant.

  • jake

    holly sucks and ben or perry should of won or at least ronnie
    shes very plain and not much of a model

  • vaneSSa

    wow, i wanted ben to win.


    okay i admit it holly is cute.
    but i wanted a guy to win.

    i wanted ronniee or ben to win.
    omg i hope ben leaves his [fugly] wife
    for ronniee, they’d beee soooo cuuute<3


  • Hotguy

    Ben and Ronnie should make a gay sex film together. that would be hot!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who has the biggest salami

  • jackwoman


  • angel hair

    the people that were on this show reminded me of zoolander’s model friends. (yah, the ones that were giggling and spraying each other with gasoline)

  • Carol

    I would like to know what agencies pick up Ronnie, Ben and Perry. I hope they don’t make it to the airport without offers.

    Holly looks the best in a dress, but I’m a Ronnie fan.

  • kj

    sorry, that’s what i york model management, not img. i’ve been watching too many top model marathons and got caught up in all the agencies. anyways, the back story is that tiger aspect productions is the company producing the show, which is part of IMG media. so, IMG is making money off the show, only wanting the money, NOT the model. this comes after IMG offering the ANTM season 2 winner, yoanna, a contract who had a great face but apparently didn’t have the look IMG was looking/hoping for.

  • kj

    also, another thing IMG supplied were special guest cameos by naomi and jessica, both signed to IMG

  • Jake

    I wanted Ronnie to win :(

  • natalie

    Ronnie was robbed.

  • Jeanne

    I wish Ben would have won.

  • sandie

    Holly was my favoritre from day one and I am happy that she won!

  • carrienae

    I watched every episode and I really liked Ben and Perry. They are hottttt and have grown so much as potential supermodels. Holly has been modeling for a awhile already so she was basically enhancing her talent. She does need to loose those flabs on her back and should have a little more personality. She got the face, though. Ronnie is a cutie. I’d like to see him in ads like Sport Calvin or Esprit.

    I think they are all winners to me. They all deserve to get some callbacks for modeling.

  • Stephany


  • deb b

    yea for holly, i seriously thought perry would prevail, but holly has the right stuff. congratulations.

  • Carol

    I am going to miss them next week….

  • celery gloss

    I’m glad Holly won. She became consistently good about the middle of the series.
    I really like Ronnie though but I didn’t at first. On the very first show I thought he was the cheesiest one and couldn’t believe he made it into the top 14 to be in the house.

  • Ben

    Let me just say this.
    Holly deserves to win, she has a great walk and a high fashion look. She is not stick thin, but actually pretty healthy so you have no right to say “oh great another stick thin model. I wanted ronnie to win” because everyone knows that all the gay men and women watching the show were voting for him because they were sexually attracted to him. Ronnie does have potential, he can also look too commercial and overrated and his walk pose is too thought out. Perry had a great face but I felt that his face was just one look throughout the runway. Ben adapted greatly but his walk is still stiff. Holly didnt come into the competition great but in the end, as she said in the reunion (about how the judges were talking about her weight) that they should accept her for who she is.

    So don’t say that there is going to be another person that is going to ruin our perceptions of beauty. She is a beautiful woman and now a supermodel. Don’t bitch and moan just because your sex idol lost.


    What channel does this come on.

  • Natalie

    Perry should have won. But if he couldn’t, then I’m glad Holly did. As long as Ben or Ronnie didn’t win. They were never consistent like Perry and Holly who were only in the bottom 3 once. Holly’s NOT the whole package, her voice needs work badly. Perry is the whole package! But congrats to Holly anyway.

  • susan nichols

    I am so glad that Holly won. She is beautiful and sweet. I watched project runway and was so disapointed in the winner. But am so glad that Holly won this.

  • val

    i agree one of the boys should have won

  • Lakeisha

    Thank God the right person got what they deserved! I am so happy for Holly because she truly is in this business because of her love for fashion.

    Not because she wanted to be famous, (Perry).

    Not because she wanted gay men to worship her,(Ronnie).

    And not because people in her neighborhood told her that she “should try out for that there modeling thang” (Ben).

    Throughout the season I became so frustrated with people’s obsession with the ‘Bro-mance’ which had nothing to do with their actual ability at all.

    And lets be honest with ourselves ladies… The only reason Perry got away with his arrogant, cocky, in your face behavior for so long, is because we mistook that for sex appeal, instead of recognizing it for what it actually was… unattractiveness.

    No wonder he and Tyson get along so well.

  • Let’s Hear It For The Girl!

    I hated this show. Totally boring people, but Holly was the prettiest/best one of the bunch. The two men flirting with each other was totally a turnoff – one was married and disrespected his wife so blatantly. What a tool! Didn’t those bums ever think that the way they conducted themselves was trashy? I don’t care how good-looking they are. Supermodels are total packages. These guys were not. It’s so great to see three men get blown away by one beautiful Holly.

  • oliveblossom

    I didn’t know which person I wanted to win. I voted for both Holly and
    Ronnie. If anyone is listening to the Oceans 12 preview for the upcoming show, I could swear that is Ronnie’s laugh. I think Ronnie could be the next Brad Pitt and Perry could be the next Richard Gere.
    As for Ben, he looks like a Nashville cowboy and not a Louisiana man.
    Can he sing????? I really wanted Ronnie to win. The judges criticized her voice, her stance and her weight. I can’t remember anything negative they said about Ronnie.