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Orlando & Miranda's Museum Date

Orlando & Miranda's Museum Date

Orlando Bloom and supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr walk arm-in-arm during a romantic date at The Getty Center’s J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Orly doesn’t look too happy with the paparazzi here! Smackdown!!

Playing third wheel was Miranda‘s mom, Therese.

Bloom, Kerr and Momma Kerr all seem to be art enthusiasts– everyone took home bags full of souvenirs!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr‘s museum date…

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521 Responses to “Orlando & Miranda's Museum Date”

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  1. 1
    pathetic Says:

    I guess Cabbage Patch needed another pap set up when the pics of Orlando and Jen Anniston got more attention than all the planted sightings and pictures from last week.

  2. 2
    melmel Says:

    i cant understand how can there be so much beauty in one person??..
    and together.. thaey are just too beautiful to look at.. WOW

  3. 3
    melmel Says:

    Pathetic.. u really are pathetic!!!!
    jealousy is what ruins this world…

  4. 4
    @whoever asked Says:

    can’t find the post but someone brought up earlier today about the post from “insider ex-friend” who mentioned her wanting ob to hang around for a while until she had some things nailed down.

    I found the post but jj isn’t letting me cut and paste for some reason.
    In the twister thread its post 120,129,156,171. They use two names but I think its the same person. That was all on that fun night.

    I don’t know what is true-or was true and might have changed but some of those people did know her.
    I don’t know for sure obviously but it does fit with how the whole davidjones writeups are playing this.Its all about the ob connection

  5. 5
    Jaded Says:

    Looks natural… NOT!

  6. 6
    @3 Says:

    what are people jealous of Mel?
    She is a sad sad mean girl.

  7. 7
    Debbie Says:

    Won’t be long and Orlando will be trapped in a marriage. Poor Elf.

  8. 8
    old news Says:

    sorry Jared, this is old news already. These pics have already been
    seen and discussed on the last Orlando thread at the kids show.
    Check it out -those of you who are just catching up.
    I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t say they were setups-and pretty much all agreed Orlando was throwing his career down the toliet by playing these games..

  9. 9
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    what’s that smell?

  10. 10
    @JJ Says:

    JJ don’t act stupid. You know they are set up too. Your comment about Orli looked not happy is a joke I hope or it shows you are either blind to it or not really paying attention to it all.
    How often do snappers hang out at the getty and watch you walk down the stairs like that?

  11. 11
    nooneimportant Says:

    Pap’s don’t hang out at Getty’s or any other of these places. They follow the actor or actress from their home on motorcycle or scooter and alert the other paps where they head to. It’s not wether or not the actor or actress sets it up!! Get a life people and grow up. Quit trying to stir s*** on Orlando Bloom and his new love! Leave him alone! Their adorable together!

  12. 12
    @11 Says:

    Now you are the naive one!!!
    If it was real pap pictures they wouldn’t be so perfect.Have you not seen real pap pictures? Do they always just get perfect shots walking down the stairs? Usually you see them trying to rush the star for a better pictures. Please, I bet they walked up and down a few times to get it right.

  13. 13
    to:nooneimportant Says:

    yep. you sound like the typical miranda fan around here-or should I say family member. Let’s see if you can go back over your post and find all the spelling errors.

    oh, and good move just saying “orlando bloom’s new love” so it didn’t sound like it was little randamay you were trying to defend.

  14. 14
    nah Says:

    interesting how even his diehard fans are admitting that these are probably set ups too but are spinning excuses for him now, at least publicly. but i know a lot of them from over the years and i expect soon itll start eating away at them too, and eventually they’ll fall away as well.

    heck. some of them may even join us here on the ole evol dark side!

  15. 15
    @11 Says:

    If they followed them from “home” where are all those pictures? What, no pictures leaving Orlando’s Black House? No pictures going to lunch or dinner? No one follows Orlando Bloom. He’s not that interesting. Or did they just decide to follow him because of randamay? Oh, that must be it. She’s the superfamous one, not OB!

  16. 16
    funny Says:

    Wonder what the prescription is for in the last photo with her mom from rite aid.

    wonder why he is never snapped with his mum. I also wonder why Miranda’s mom felt the need to rush to LA when Miranda is supposed to be back in OZ really soon, thats a long way to come when she is going to be seeing her soon anyway, unless she is finding out she is gonna be a grandma.

  17. 17
    PS Says:

    Aside from laughing or smiling with Mommy Kerr in some shots, he doesn’t look over thrilled here. Look how he is headed down the stairs and she grabs on to him. Nice of him to slow down. LOL. And Daughter Kerr doesn’t seem that happy either.

    Are the cracks showing so soon??? You know what they say, once you go public the writing is on the wall.

  18. 18
    @#7 Says:

    Sure looks that way.
    Sad sad sad.
    What a famewho** he’s turned out to be.

  19. 19
    @funny Says:

    The “prescription” if that is what it is says O Bloom. Probably his v**gra or anti depressents.

    Her mum has been in the states all this time. Probably in LA too. They were snapped in NYC on the 17th. Probably keeping randamay company for the rest of the 23 hours a day OB doesn’t spend with her between photo ops :D

  20. 20
    water Says:

    look at the way she is posing, tilting her head just so, walking just a bit behind so they make sure the get the pictures that show they are together, and she is on the side toward the photog to make sure they get a long clean line picture of her body. Mom stay dutifully in the background. At just the right moment he turns and smiles. They give each other sweet looks. Do you really think they got that in one take?

  21. 21
    lilly Says:

    Orlando and Miranda have been dating for months. They are just making it public now.

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    in one of them he looks right at the photographer, and he doesn’t look the least bit upset to be “found out”. I also wonder if she didn’t wear the white knowing the green bags would contrast so well off of the white, and moms in white too. It looks lilke they dressed just for these pictures, well everyone cept orly, he is only along for the name recognition.

  23. 23
    @17 Says:

    HAHA That’s right! We should pray they REALLY DO a reality TV show. That would mean it would be over in the blink of an eye then since that is the sure fire way to kill a cough,relationship, cough.

    I’m dialing vh1 now…..

  24. 24
    Me Says:

    Lucky *****

  25. 25
    So what? Says:

    Cute twosome! Who cares if it was a set up or not – it’s still obvious to me that he really does like the girl and enjoys being with her. Please note I did not say they were ‘in luv.’ That may or may not follow. And if it does, so what? Please – the guy has a right to love and be loved just the same as anyone else here. And WHO he finally decides to commit to, if and when he does, is really no one’s business but his own.

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