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Orlando & Miranda's Museum Date

Orlando & Miranda's Museum Date

Orlando Bloom and supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr walk arm-in-arm during a romantic date at The Getty Center’s J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Orly doesn’t look too happy with the paparazzi here! Smackdown!!

Playing third wheel was Miranda‘s mom, Therese.

Bloom, Kerr and Momma Kerr all seem to be art enthusiasts– everyone took home bags full of souvenirs!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr‘s museum date…

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  • pathetic

    I guess Cabbage Patch needed another pap set up when the pics of Orlando and Jen Anniston got more attention than all the planted sightings and pictures from last week.

  • melmel

    i cant understand how can there be so much beauty in one person??..
    and together.. thaey are just too beautiful to look at.. WOW

  • melmel

    Pathetic.. u really are pathetic!!!!
    jealousy is what ruins this world…

  • @whoever asked

    can’t find the post but someone brought up earlier today about the post from “insider ex-friend” who mentioned her wanting ob to hang around for a while until she had some things nailed down.

    I found the post but jj isn’t letting me cut and paste for some reason.
    In the twister thread its post 120,129,156,171. They use two names but I think its the same person. That was all on that fun night.

    I don’t know what is true-or was true and might have changed but some of those people did know her.
    I don’t know for sure obviously but it does fit with how the whole davidjones writeups are playing this.Its all about the ob connection

  • Jaded

    Looks natural… NOT!

  • @3

    what are people jealous of Mel?
    She is a sad sad mean girl.

  • Debbie

    Won’t be long and Orlando will be trapped in a marriage. Poor Elf.

  • old news

    sorry Jared, this is old news already. These pics have already been
    seen and discussed on the last Orlando thread at the kids show.
    Check it out -those of you who are just catching up.
    I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t say they were setups-and pretty much all agreed Orlando was throwing his career down the toliet by playing these games..

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    what’s that smell?

  • @JJ

    JJ don’t act stupid. You know they are set up too. Your comment about Orli looked not happy is a joke I hope or it shows you are either blind to it or not really paying attention to it all.
    How often do snappers hang out at the getty and watch you walk down the stairs like that?

  • nooneimportant

    Pap’s don’t hang out at Getty’s or any other of these places. They follow the actor or actress from their home on motorcycle or scooter and alert the other paps where they head to. It’s not wether or not the actor or actress sets it up!! Get a life people and grow up. Quit trying to stir s*** on Orlando Bloom and his new love! Leave him alone! Their adorable together!

  • @11

    Now you are the naive one!!!
    If it was real pap pictures they wouldn’t be so perfect.Have you not seen real pap pictures? Do they always just get perfect shots walking down the stairs? Usually you see them trying to rush the star for a better pictures. Please, I bet they walked up and down a few times to get it right.

  • to:nooneimportant

    yep. you sound like the typical miranda fan around here-or should I say family member. Let’s see if you can go back over your post and find all the spelling errors.

    oh, and good move just saying “orlando bloom’s new love” so it didn’t sound like it was little randamay you were trying to defend.

  • nah

    interesting how even his diehard fans are admitting that these are probably set ups too but are spinning excuses for him now, at least publicly. but i know a lot of them from over the years and i expect soon itll start eating away at them too, and eventually they’ll fall away as well.

    heck. some of them may even join us here on the ole evol dark side!

  • @11

    If they followed them from “home” where are all those pictures? What, no pictures leaving Orlando’s Black House? No pictures going to lunch or dinner? No one follows Orlando Bloom. He’s not that interesting. Or did they just decide to follow him because of randamay? Oh, that must be it. She’s the superfamous one, not OB!

  • funny

    Wonder what the prescription is for in the last photo with her mom from rite aid.

    wonder why he is never snapped with his mum. I also wonder why Miranda’s mom felt the need to rush to LA when Miranda is supposed to be back in OZ really soon, thats a long way to come when she is going to be seeing her soon anyway, unless she is finding out she is gonna be a grandma.

  • PS

    Aside from laughing or smiling with Mommy Kerr in some shots, he doesn’t look over thrilled here. Look how he is headed down the stairs and she grabs on to him. Nice of him to slow down. LOL. And Daughter Kerr doesn’t seem that happy either.

    Are the cracks showing so soon??? You know what they say, once you go public the writing is on the wall.

  • @#7

    Sure looks that way.
    Sad sad sad.
    What a famewho** he’s turned out to be.

  • @funny

    The “prescription” if that is what it is says O Bloom. Probably his v**gra or anti depressents.

    Her mum has been in the states all this time. Probably in LA too. They were snapped in NYC on the 17th. Probably keeping randamay company for the rest of the 23 hours a day OB doesn’t spend with her between photo ops :D

  • water

    look at the way she is posing, tilting her head just so, walking just a bit behind so they make sure the get the pictures that show they are together, and she is on the side toward the photog to make sure they get a long clean line picture of her body. Mom stay dutifully in the background. At just the right moment he turns and smiles. They give each other sweet looks. Do you really think they got that in one take?

  • lilly

    Orlando and Miranda have been dating for months. They are just making it public now.

  • @20

    in one of them he looks right at the photographer, and he doesn’t look the least bit upset to be “found out”. I also wonder if she didn’t wear the white knowing the green bags would contrast so well off of the white, and moms in white too. It looks lilke they dressed just for these pictures, well everyone cept orly, he is only along for the name recognition.

  • @17

    HAHA That’s right! We should pray they REALLY DO a reality TV show. That would mean it would be over in the blink of an eye then since that is the sure fire way to kill a cough,relationship, cough.

    I’m dialing vh1 now…..

  • Me

    Lucky BITCH…

  • So what?

    Cute twosome! Who cares if it was a set up or not – it’s still obvious to me that he really does like the girl and enjoys being with her. Please note I did not say they were ‘in luv.’ That may or may not follow. And if it does, so what? Please – the guy has a right to love and be loved just the same as anyone else here. And WHO he finally decides to commit to, if and when he does, is really no one’s business but his own.

  • So what?

    Cute twosome! Who cares if it was a set up or not – it’s still obvious to me that he really does like the girl and enjoys being with her. Please note I did not say they were ‘in luv.’ That may or may not follow. And if it does, so what? Please – the guy has a right to love and be loved just the same as anyone else here. And WHO he finally decides to commit to, if and when he does, is really no one’s business but his own.

  • @24

    oh,”me” wonder who you could be today during family hour.

    Are you sure she is really that lucky? Didn’t you read the last of the twister thread? Sure sounded like he isn’t that nice of a guy when you take away the fame.Someone was saying he forced things on people and saying he was horrible in bed. Whatever “me”.
    Randa baby is still being mocked bythose who know her from la to ny to oz for her antics.(wink, wink)

  • @so what

    Who cares if it was a set up or not

    because, if it’s a set up how can you trust ANYTHING you’re seeing? It’s obvious he likes her? You do know he’s an ACTOR, right? Maybed he’s…. ACTING!

    If its no one’s business why are they SETTING UP pictures to SHOW US his personal life?? He’s MAKING it OUR business. Can’t have it both ways. Either be private or don’t. Setting up pap pics isn’t being private.


  • Psychic me


    Because think about this for one teensy second- IF he loves this girl and holds the relationship as one of the most important in his life LOOK how he is is pimping it out for publicity- you think a man in love would do that? So if you admit what is wrong with set ups and he deserves love- hell yes of course he does, but how can you love someone and pimp them out all in the name of your career?

    If he loved her his first instinct would be to protect her and their relationship and keep it sacred- he is doing NONE of that.

  • whom

    wow someone from one of his other boards must have wandered over here to see what all of the crazy people are talking about, we must have given her a brain fart cause she posted her very indignant message twice. She sounds midly hysterical, omg he deserves to love and be loved (too much Moulin Rouge me thinks). If he doesn’t want a public life he sure picked the wrong career. And you can’t play it both ways. The most important people in his life he has said he will try to keep away from the cameras and the spotlight. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have seen his papped with his mom or sister, and yet Miranda who is so important is paraded around daily, she must not be so important

  • looky

    Mumsy certainly likes getting her picture taken too!

    His was a prescription, probably valtrex
    Hers looks like cosmetic boxes

    Having said that, and because I do like stirring things up, do you think that house they are stopping at is his? Or the CM?

  • @29

    Because it all fits so perfectly with what the rumors have been. LOL. I read those post mentioned above from the girl that said she worked with her before and I wouldn’t be surprised if its true that she did beg him to hang on longer until she got somethings worked out. Why else would they be pimping this out??? Its just too bizarre.

    bahahaha….oh well randa, looks like the ones that call you on your shiittee got to this thread before your paid …oop, i mean friends could get here. Looks like the first page won’t be filled with “omg, she is so hot’ post huh? lol

  • @31

    Looks like a hotel to me. Maybe the CM……… If that was his house you’d think the caption would have said so. However dropping mumsy off at the CM isn’t as exciting.

  • lol@25

    It matters because they look like bozos. How many setups does this make now in just over a week?
    six to eight I think.

    btw: they are begging people to make it their business. If he didn’t want people to talk about it they wouldn’t be acting like such posers.They just wish they could control what people say about them-these two nitwit famehos

  • mary beth

    Hey! I thought he was going out with Jennifer Aniston ,Don’t they have a hot romance going?Or is it another lie from Huvane and Jennifer?????

  • pigsareflying!

    LOL! So now all the delusional diehards are saying its perfectly ok for him to set up pap pictures?!!!!! After ripping the last one to shred for years?! And wait for it……because it shows how much in love he is?!!!!!!!!!! Setups as an expression of genuine love?!!!!!!


    Here’s the problem with setups darlings:

    Set ups by their very nature are PERFORMANCES. And the participants are putting on a SHOW for the camera and the audience/market beyond that camera! Like when you go to a play or a movie, nothing is real, it’s all to tell,or sell, a STORY…
    Do you see where I’m going with this deario?

    Does he deserve to love and be loved? H*ll no if this is the disrespectful lowlife way he’s going to treat it!! He deserves to be played and chewed up and spit out like the desperate fading fameho’ that he is !

  • @35

    lol. You would think he reall was going out with Jennifer the way the blogs and mags have picked up on it.
    No one is buying the cabbage patch craap no matter how hard this chicy pushes it. I was told NOW mag and HELLO mag in UK both ran with the JA thing this week as if MK didn’t exist.
    Sydney wake up-cabbage patch is trying to sell you a lie with her make believe boyfriend and he make beleive life.

  • @pigs

    I think I love you. Brilliant! I’ll never understand saying ‘oh its dandy to set up pics because you can see they’re obviously sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!’– well as pigs said, you’re seeing a lie. A scene, if you will.

    I like how some of the sad sad shippers used to say his “unhappiness” with kate proved it was real even if the pics looked like set ups. So then wouldn’t his “happiness” with randamay prove it’s fake??

  • ill

    I bet they are wailing and knashing their teeth at his boards, of course some of the old cow diehards will stay on board till the bitter end, or they will try to say as one of the old kate haters is doing, how fantastic Miranda is. Because there is no way he could have two relationships where the girl is setting up shots, then he would be an idiot or in on it. So, Kate is slime and Miranda is a breath of fresh air. although I am kinda thinking that fresh air is coming up from the pig barn and may not be so fresh after all. He doesn’t work, (wasn’t he supposed to be doing intense daily training for red circle and that is why he couldn’t do ecducation) he doesn’t live near family and friends, he has nothing to get out of bed for that he has to do, except maybe get slimmed where it was so obvious that half the kids had no idea who he was. Wonder if his managment team threw him that bone. People must have a purpose to stay healthy, phsycially and emotionally, and I have no clue what his is. And in the pictures with her mom at the drug store his man boobs are showing so he sure isn’t hitting the gym.

  • @33

    not sure where that is. It kind of looks like he dropped her off someplace as he walked away and left his door open and she pulled something out of her bag to give him.
    On the other hand the gate looks gunmetal grey like the rest of his house and they have those home trash cans there. I’m sure he would park behind the gates of his own home though.

  • mom

    they always say to a guy if you want to know what your girl will look like when she get old take a look at mom

    ouch that is scary, see the face of your future orly is. She has her mom’s nose, and her eyes and mouth, mom looks like she has some stretching and pulling done, so with all the work Miranda will have access to just imagine a more haggard version of mom, you will need to keep the lights off in bed for sure.

  • Psychic me

    Must admit he does look out of shape ot me, some people are saying he has pecs, but they dont seem to be pecs to me more like boobies, he has a bit of a tummy too so i really dont think he is working out- if Red Circle happens within the next 6 months I will be very surprised, people need to wake up and relaise he LIED to his fans on why he left An Education. And whats worse is he used a poor fan who they use as a go between to spread the lie, poor cow.

    Orlando always said he would stay true to himself, he obv cant stay true to himself never mind anyone it would seem.

  • @41

    doesn’t he just look so happy to be escorting her mom around, kind of drugged out of his mind, must have a refill of the good stuff in his hand so he can handle having both of the Harridans around. The poor guy must need something to calm his mind.

  • @41

    LOL. have you seen the pictures of her dad? she actually looks more like him and will probably age like him -similar cheeks.
    I think you can find some of him with her at getty images but I don’t have an account. There are some from when he picked her up at the airport at xmas time.

  • conch

    LOL he reminds me of those dithery old men who dont know what they are doing and they marry a much younger woman who bleeds them dry and then leave them,- and hes 31!!! LMFAO!!!

  • @43

    yes, to numb the pain. to numb him from the reality of what he is doing to his life and career by selling his soul this way for the cabbage kid.

  • cm

    of course they stashed mum at the CM, it probably gets way too loud when she gets the whips and chains out. He looks like a guy who would enjoy being dominated a bit, and she is sure the type of hard ass woman who could do it too!

    Makes me sad, he played such a beautiful elf, and this is what he has become.

  • georgia

    even 10 set-ups don’t equal with one pic of orlando with jennifer aniston. that’s the reality

  • staged

    it is so apparent that they know they are being snapped, her mom doesn’t have the training to ignore the camera, she is holding her self so stiff, and Miranda sure doesn’t look happy in these pictures, although Orli looks like he is trying hard to do his part. Maybe this is the last setup he agreed to, before she leaves, and he isn’t planning to do anymore. After all at some point he has to start thinking about doing something about his career that is currently in the gutter.

  • conch

    How true georgia.

    Funny how him and Jen and the pics spread like wildfire yet these PATHETIC set ups end up hardly anywhere. That is the reality

    Seeing as though he had a relationship with an older woman in the past he should’ve invited her to stay at his house as well. I bet he fuqs anyhthing that moves if it has a hole that is…so much for testosterone falling after the age of 30 in ALL men eh??