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Brady & Bundchen's French Bistro Brunch

Brady & Bundchen's French Bistro Brunch

A little bit of France in New York…

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are all smiles after sharing a romantic lunch at French American bistro AOC L’aile ou la Cuisse in NYC’s Greenwich Village on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, Gisele, 27, and Tom, 30, returned from their vacation together in Europe.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen‘s French bistro brunch…

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brady bundchen aoc restaurant 01
brady bundchen aoc restaurant 02
brady bundchen aoc restaurant 03
brady bundchen aoc restaurant 04
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brady bundchen aoc restaurant 11
brady bundchen aoc restaurant 12

Photos: Anderson, Bauergriffinonline
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  • random

    They’re kind of growing on me.

  • alli

    I liked her and Leo. It was love, you could tell.

  • Michelle

    I honestly don’t think he’s as hot as everyone makes him out to be….

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i feel sorry for brady, dude gets no r e s p e c t. he’s fugchen’s bish. lmaoo

    i bet he went to the same doctor that pitt went to, to have his balls surgically removed.

  • Jess

    He’s sooooooooo beautiful. Seriously. Ohh la la

  • anon

    I don’t think he’s that attractive. He looks like the average white frat boy.

    And personality-wise, he’s become more and more of a d*ck.

  • Len

    That’s Brady’s sister? Woooof…

  • ray

    she is brazilian right ?

  • JH

    Personally, I never thought Tom Brady was all that. However, compared to his gf and his sister, he’s downright gorgeous.

  • lilly

    I totally agree with alli ( #2). To me, neither Giselle nor Leo seem right ( and as happy as they used to be ) with their current partners. Giselle looks great, I never got Brady`s appeal.

  • ybgolbg

    I love to see Tom Brady

    Hate to see him giselle which is a fox porn

    Although it is as immoral as it is still very handsome

  • ihavenolife

    giselle is hot, love her sneakers & jeans look.

  • hhkj

    they’re both so AVERAGE looking.

  • anon

    The Brady Fug Bunch.

  • buckeyegurl

    I loooooove Tom. I think he is the epitome of hotness. Even if he did go to and play football for that school up north ;)

  • girliegirl

    I don’t think he’s “hot.” What I don’t dig, aside from him being a deadbeat dad, is how he dresses just like Gisele. She has him whipped.



  • anon

    Sorry but:

    Gisele looks anorexic.

    Brady looks like an inbred hillbilly.

    Brady’s sister has a mad case of thunder thighs and is rockin’ some cheesy earings.

  • Chris

    He NEVER sees his son. What as as*hole!

  • Maria

    gisele and brady look cute together.
    is that brady’s sister? wooooooooooof!

  • anonymous

    Hmm…wonder if his precious little baby son is saying “dada” yet? Oh wait…no, of course not, he doesn’t even know who is “dada” is. How does Gisele live with herself everyday, much less Tom? Sheesh!

  • K

    He spends alot of time in NY. Maybe he wants to play for the NY Giants, hahahahhahhahah, LOSER !!!

  • alex

    good looking enough, but still on the ordinary side — there are lot more good looking students walking in my campus than these two! They have no STAR quality either. Giselle only looks good on still photographs all dolled up and stuff.

  • lydia


  • lydia


  • bobbi


  • Elisa

    I am french me , and i don’t like brady –’

  • Anon

    Anything to save their ‘football hero’ – the Brady’s will even give up the grandson/nephew in order to please their son/brother. It’s all about Tom and has been his own life. As soon as Tom suffers a little stress – his sisters are there to try and fix it for him. So here’s his sister Nancy coming tothe rescue. This shows that baby John is not a part of his life. He could have stayed in CA and spent time with him if he wanted to – instead he is out to brunch back in NY. He didn’t see John at all because he doesn’t want to be a father to his son. This is one shameful family. How can his sister Nancy fix that? Then you have the super model ITT who is always hiding her face. She sure doesn’t have a difficult time standing naked in front of cameras, why does she hide her face walking down the street with her deadbeat boyfriend? He is just SO disgusting!

  • Anon

    He is the poster child for loser. This is a kid who plays football. He has done NOTHING for humanity. He has chosen to be a
    public figure. HE models for many products to make more money. He has stated publicly that he wants to be a politician. As a child he told his mother he wants to be a household word. He CRAVES the spotlight. He DEMANDS it. And then he stands in it and acts like a cruel, nasty litlle bastard. LEt me make one FACT clear to you.
    I live here in this area that he blesses with his presence. SO does Bridget’s family – the mother of his child he chooses to ignore. Many of us know her family and friends. MAny of us know the truth of the things that he has done to her and her son. We are so disgusted by this piece of trash. Now he thinks he has it made because he is dating a super model. Little does he know how far he as sunk. Most people look at him now and think pond scum!

  • Anon

    What are you smiling about Gislut? Are you happy now that you have successfully suceeded in getting Tom to ignore his child and give his undivided attention to you? Pretty smug about that, huh?

  • remember da truth

    You people are so weird! Unless someone puts a photo on the internet, do you have proof of time with your family?

    Tom is not a deadbeat dad — and he would have a right to be after Bridget tried to trap him when the relationship died. He pays for the boy, and does go to see him but DUH!! He doesn’t live in California. Bridget could move — it’s not like SHE has a career.

    Gisele has nothing to do with Bridget and Tom and their dead relationship that he was trying to get out of and Bridget went and got pregnant to try to trap him to stay in. She got what she deserved — single motherhood. Good for Tom for not staying in an unhappy relationship just to please a famewhore and making his son unhappy with unhappy parents.

  • compensating?

    Famous must beat the women in his life, when not beating off because he can’t get a girlfriend!

    Balls removed, because the man is happy in a relationship? Because he left a grasping woman sucking his life away to be with a woman accomplished on her own?

    I guess you can’t stand a woman who has a life and career of her own, and think a man who can must be whipped.

  • bad girl

    They are both so gorgeous!!!! The haters are Bridget and her mother Chris dising Tom and Gisele. Or Cindy from Splash! Hi Cindy!

    Tom looks hot and Gisele is looking great. Guess she wore sneakers so she wouldn’t tower over Tom’s sister, now that is sweet!

  • Miapocca

    WOW…SPECULATION HMM…Bridget doesnt want Tom, she doesnt even live in the same state..if she wanteed tom so badly wouldnt she have moved to the same state, but instead she sold her aprtment in NY and moved to LA…does that seem like a woman chasing after a man

    She does not appear in public excessively, she has a life, she acts she makes commercial…thats a lot more dough than the average single parents

    Bid Baby JOhn here is forever in teh media with Giselle..I say they deserve each other, after all in celeb land the life span of relationships are so short and past behaviour is indicative of furture behaviour so there is not much to be jealous about this relationship.

    I wish Bridgitte well with her little one and I sincerely hoep peopel will stop bringing her into the story when these two are photographed, she is out ejoying and walking her son…she actually has a great life as I see it…If you can get over being shunned during a very sensitive moment in your life ans its done publiclly in the media, you must one h-ell of a woman…so Kudos to Bridgette and I wish Little JET the best life and love from his family and friends.

  • AMY

    They are so cute! I love this man! He is not only a superstar football player, but could be a supermodel himself. What is not to like. LA Times gossip girl is reporting Tom was with baby John at Gymboree in Santa Monica buying loads of stuff. Alone with the baby he was holding John and the ‘source’ said John was as adorable as his Daddy and scary how much he looks like him. She said Tom was polite, and really happy to be with John. They were having some serious bonding. As reported, there was no Gisele or other people with them. Too cute! I love seeing hot men with cute little babies. Awwwwwww!

  • so fine!

    Tom Brady is a great looking guy, but he does not look great here. Hate his scarf for instance. He usually rocks that hat, but I think he just looks worn out in these pictures. Gisele looks as beautiful as ever. They really seem like a couple with staying power and sorry, but they are anything but average looking. Tom Brady on his worst day makes Eli still look like Komer Pyle!

  • Miapocca

    You dont really expect a family that produces children the size of Brady to produce any ultra femine skinny women.. All I can say is that if you marry footballer, pray that you only have boys .. can you imagine the size of Schwaneggers children….they have to diet forever if they even attempt to keep up with thier celeb counterparts….

    Jordin sparks if another…you should either be ready to pay a lot of pyscologist bills to rienforce the confidence of your daugther , marry extremely tiny short women or make sure you only have boys

    Hilarious…I bet youa re offended…so what its a gossip blog

  • gi

    Bridget did want Tom! She moved out of NYC so she would not be pained in seeing Tom with his supermodel at the corner in the West Village. Nothing like making Bridgies super size ego go crashing down then like seeing your hotter than hot ex (who was always way too good for your status and age) at the corner with freaking Gisele Bundchen! Anyway, who cares about Bridget. She got the kid she was desperate to have and she got the kid with the man she still has contact with for another 18 years (poor Tom!). I think by now she is over him, but she will always be bitter and think of what could have been if Tom ran back to her pregnant ass. Tom did the right thing! You don’t marry just because of a baby and you don’t marry someone who is so capable of lies and deceit in trying to trap you with a baby. Tom’s actions in not going back to Bridget speak volumes. He knew what she did and in not even attempting to make something work out says he cannot be with someone so depearate and so caniving as Bridget!

  • Holly

    bridget got what she deserved; shame and embarrassment in not having her BF of 3 years marry he pregnant ass. She is a loser and everyone knows it. Dlister, Dlister, Dlister. Only thing interesting about the bore Bridget is the Brady Baby John. Other than that, no one would even give a rats ass.


    Wow – a body language expert could have a field day with those people – those expressions, body lengths apart – well, that tells a million stories.

  • EE

    Tom and Gisele are gorgeous them!!

  • My two cents

    All you people who defend Tom or the Slut are:

    1. Deadbeat parents who are doing or guilty of the same
    2. a Slut
    3. From Brazil

  • grow up

    to the person that thinks giselle is responsible for making brady not see his child because she takes up his time: HELLO?!?! if he was a halfway decent human being / father, he’d MAKE time for his child. she’s too good for him.

  • anon

    lol, because everyone with children, knows all serious bonding is done at the Gymboree store.

  • Me

    oh please, its so obvious bridget tried to trap Tom by getting pregnant. first of all he is like 5 years older than him so she is trying to settle down and he just turned 30.
    How come they dated for 3 years then nothing. They broke up and 2 months later brigert is 3 months pregnant. Opps did she forget to take her birth control pill…how convinced. good thing Tom didn’t cave to her.

    He looks so much more happier with Gisele.

    The haters are all fat women that can’t keep their men

  • He must be stupid

    Brady defenders must think Bridget held a gun to Tom’s head to have sex with her. If he knew he was moving on, why was he still having unprotected sex with her? Is he that stupid? I guess so. Brady is 30, he should know this could happen, even with someone he hasn’t been in relationship with for 3 years.

  • me


  • Paula

    These two are really truly a happy couple! They seem to be together a lot.

    I really don’t get it when people pretend she looked happied with DiCaprio???? HELLOOO?? She has moved on and has found the right guy for her! When she was with DiCaprio, she looked like his older sister…..

  • me

    She looks like this guys mother..