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Happy Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

Happy Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

Jamie Lynn Spears spends the eve of her 17th birthday shopping at department store JC Penney with her fiance and future baby-daddy Casey Aldridge in Mississippi on Thursday.

Clad in his dirty work boots and pants, Casey supposedly came back from a long day of construction work.


Earlier in the same day, big sister Britney visited designer Christian Audigier‘s corporate office with her mom. Audigier is the designer of Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, SMET, Paco Chicano, CbarA, and Crystal Rock. Brit Brit came to check out his new spring collection but mainly discussed business. She wants to work on a line with Christian!

Brit Brit even picked up presents for Jamie Lynn including Christian Audigier handbags, scarves, Ed Hardy bathing suit, Ed Hardy cologne and belts. Pictures below!

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  • Desiree

    Um.. whoo? [:

  • maria…*

    happyy bdayy!

  • Bea


  • Bea

    happy b-day jamie!

  • Bea

    btw: why is he wearing that to go shopping with her?!? that outfit is disgusting! the boots are dirty! ew

  • joss

    when i read that Casey came back from construction work, lol, it reminded me of the o.c.
    just seems all too fimiliar


    Joey Fatone partied last Saturday at the Playboy Golf lingerie event in L.A…. sources at the event have now come forward (since they are back in Canada) claiming Joey “was drunk and obnoxious” the whole night and “he was flirting and kissing-up to every girl in sight. After he kissed me, he told me not to tell Kelly [Baldwin]. He was very drunk” –

  • JMHO

    This is all so sad to me. A child having a child with a child.

    Neither parent in La with JLS for her birthday.

    Just so sad.

  • lol

    happy birthday jamie lynn spears!!!

  • TIA

    in most pics i can forget that shes only 16 and pregnant but she just looks so young here! i think its cuz he looks alot older than her. I dunno. its really weird looking at her when shes so young and knowin shes pregnant…like im 18 and even though im close to her in age i still could not imagine having a baby!

  • _nika

    happy b-day, stay strong.

  • Taylor

    love ya britney

  • tom c

    Her family’s got so much money, but she’s shopping at JC Penny’s??

  • the oc fansite

    If she’s lucky, maybe he’ll knock her up AGAIN!!!!!

  • Stefanie

    Britney rocks!!

  • rachel

    Sometimes I believe, some people should never become parents! How can parents manage to let a 16 year old child get pregnant! I thought they live in USA. Don’t they ever hear something like sex education?

    the oc fansite, your comment is irresponsible, childish, and destructive. If you are a girl, I wish that you will never ever have the experience that Jamie Lynn is having. On the other side, her boyfriend stands by her. Do you ever consider what is it for a feeling, if she is pregnant, and alone?

  • ****

    All’s I can say is…bitch knows hope to pick her men! Yurm!

  • 007

    Happy B-DAY!

  • me

    happy b´day jamie
    wish you all the best



  • natalie

    “Jamie Lynn Spears spends the eve of her 17th birthday shopping at department store JC Penney with her fiance and future baby-daddy Casey Aldridge in Mississippi on Thursday.”

    Wow…. Livin’ the dream. LOL.
    Seriously though… happy bday to her,and hopefully she can get her act together and be a good mom once the babies born, be a stable adult, etc. I wish her the best of luck and happy bday to her.

  • Sarah

    it happen in so many girls in this world why are you blaming just JL? She’s so strong to keep this baby so just shut up and we’ll see if it happen to you how you going to through this …

  • laurie

    He’s such a cute kid why would he want to be with her and her wacky family…their all DIRTY looking.

  • Maria

    It doesn’t take much to ask him to go with her to pick out a girt.
    It’s so sad and pathetic and they think if they stick him in the picture that makes it alright. I understand why this child ended up knock-up, their mom is very-very stupid. Lynne Spears kids should have been taken from her. Britney and Jamie Lynn are messed up for life thanks to Lynne Spears. I don’t think they are getting married but if they are this marriage will not last.

  • Jasey

    A 16 year old child got pregnant. Saying he is cute just sounds pathetic.

  • Marissa

    Casey is HOTTTTT!! P.S. can we all look at how clear Britney’s skin looks? Kickin’ the meth will do that for ya! Keep it up, Brit!

  • me

    please cut that shit #23 and #24
    do you live in 1950?

    60% of all 16 year old girls in america have sex
    like shes the first 17 year old to be pregnent
    you just talk shit because shes famous, if she would be just a girl from the street you woulndt even look at her and her baby bump

    she was dumb for not using a condom but at the end its not your fucking problem!

    the baby will grow up in a 5 million dollar house
    it will have the best clothes, it will have the best food and go to the best schools!

    can you say that about you or your child?


  • Sandbitch

    Way to shag your future away. Bet he doesn’t see any action now. His child support debt for the next 18 years will be a fond reminder of his spent youth.

  • zoe

    Britney looks better! I hope in time she will be ‘back’ again and she can make the greatest music she did before. Come on Brit you can do it.


  • Alexandra

    HAPPY BiiRTHDAY JAMiiE!!!!!!!

  • manny

    Happy Birthday Jamie!!!

    Casey is HOTTT! lol

  • jammie



  • brittany

    Jamie Lynn Spears is awsome!!!
    She is a great role model no matter wut you say,really like how do u know that they didn’t use a condom,like get a LIFE…….
    I hope jamie lynn and casey do a great job on raising the baby,even though with all the attention on them i am sure they will do a great job they have alot of support from their family.I really don’t think she is a whore she made a mistake get over it like really at least she was brave to tell the hole world about her being pregant!!!
    Jamie lynn Rocks!!!


    felizz cumple jamie
    mi correo
    es haloha_myfriens_1000@

  • Chastity

    Those purity rings really work don’t they Jamie Lynn? Bad mothering + ignorance = unwanted pregancy.

  • BevFan

    Yeah but this time the girl is white.

  • Jamie lynn Spears

    Tank you very much guays!

    Well… bye bye!

  • lili

    happy b-day

  • tatiana

    hello and happy birthay