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Katherine Heigl is Glued to "Grey's"

Katherine Heigl is Glued to

Katherine Heigl goes to the Beverly Center with her husband Josh Kelley in Los Angeles on Thursday.

There had been some rumors flying around that Katherine, 29, would would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy because of her recent box office successes, but she insists she’s looking forward to returning to the show and her role as Dr. ‘Izzie’ Stevens.

She says, “When I come back to Grey’s, I am actually really excited. After nine months a year for four years, of course you’re going to think, ‘I want to be someone else for a while.’

“I landed really good things and I did them in my breaks. It broke up the monotony of the character and I’m very, very grateful for opportunities. But Grey’s is such a good cast. Everybody is amazing.”

15+ pics of Katherine shopping and pumping gas in her colorful apparel…

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katherine heigl greys anatomy 01
katherine heigl greys anatomy 02
katherine heigl greys anatomy 03
katherine heigl greys anatomy 04
katherine heigl greys anatomy 05
katherine heigl greys anatomy 06
katherine heigl greys anatomy 07
katherine heigl greys anatomy 08
katherine heigl greys anatomy 09
katherine heigl greys anatomy 10
katherine heigl greys anatomy 11
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katherine heigl greys anatomy 13
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  • Vanessa


  • Tami

    Who on earth lets her outside in these coats i mean really??

    Me thinks she needs a stylist to do her everyday wear too, becuase half the time she dresses like a 40 year old woman and the other half she has these fugly coats on.

  • laurie

    she’s awesome can’t wait for grey’s to return..

  • zoe

    great actress but too bad she smokes…
    i actually think she looks very nice! the jacket is quite horrible but it somehow works with what she’s wearing. love her on grey’s, she has a great personality!

  • natalie

    I dont think I’ll be bothering to watch Greys when it returns. It was so good in season 1 and 2.. but I think the writing has gone down drastically since then. Meh.

  • CJ

    She has such a bad fashion sense. Yikes!

  • visual

    I agree with Zoe, # 4. The fact that she smokes is such a BIG turn-off. Who in their right mind smokes nowadays?
    I am also surprised by her allowing photographers to see her smoke. I am sure that many Hollywood stars share her nasty habit, but you’ll never see them smoke publicly.

  • KC

    Greys has jumped the shark sadly. Its glory days are behind it.

    Like Katherine though. Think she is wasted playing Izzie. Looking forward to seeing her next movie with the gorg Gerald Butler !

  • marie

    You Amercians need to chill out. So what if a star smokes ? It’s their body ! Nobody posts when they see a star drinking alcohol !

    We Europeans still smoke. Yes it is bad, but it’s called ‘freedom of choice’.

  • hollyword

    She won’t leave this season but soon she will be gone, she won’t want to turn away the big money and become a movie star.

  • amanda

    GAH LOVE HER. Thanks JJ!

  • Acel

    I’m with #9!

  • Pop it up

    love her as Izzy :)

  • ………

    Tami, why don’t you stay in the EP section. I know you feel you need to rag on KH, but seriously let it go. You get pissed when people EP in her threads, but yet you want to be a hypocrite by bashing the other GA girls. Seriously, move on or grow the fuck up…..

    Not my favorite jacket, but it does kinda work with what she is wearing *nods*. I saw this outing on, and the paps even flat out asked her about leaving GA, and she flat out said “no”. I don’t see her staying on GA after the sixth season. She’s the breakout star next to Dempsey. She’s looking at other venues for success and she is getting it *nods*. Good for her. I can’t wait to see her new movie with Bulter which is going to be a Rating R movie :). I heart Izzie, and the show is going to fastly sink once Heigl leaves the show IMO….

  • jamie

    Katie looks great. I like the jacket it is colorful.

    Cant wait for her other movie to come out.


    ilove her soooooooo MUCH!!

  • visual

    We Europeans still smoke. Yes it is bad, but it’s called ‘freedom of choice’.

    Freedom to be stupid! I am European myself, but reside in the US. I used to hate to visit Europe as a non-smoker because you could go nowhere without inhaling second-hand smoke. Thankfully, the Europeans are catching on to the dangers of smoking and you can now eat in a restaurant without people blowing smoke in your face.
    I still thinks that Miss Heigl looks like a dope with a cig in her mouth.

  • rolling eyes

    GAH! What’s the appeal

    Still don’t like her… Hollywood does one thing best….promote the unappealing…

  • vilma

    she is just a B actress, she’ll never rise to the status of gwyneth paltrow or kate blanchett

  • tam

    #4….yeah im a hyprocrite…sure okay. I like the other GA ladies well the non poser ones……EP, CW, SO………and if people are allowed to bash EP then im sure others are allowed to bash KH as well……she just makes it so easy to do it :)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • shorty

    what the hell is with the jacket?

  • Angie

    Ugh. That coat is hideous!

  • Denise

    I’m with #9!

    Americans really need to chill. Sure, smoking isn’t good for your health etc. We all know this.

    BUT you will not find many Europeans who act as stuck up as many Americans. I can’t understand how you can view someone as inferior, really, just because they smoke. Hello? In what kind of world do we live?

    Smoking doesn’t affect your personality. Your kindness. Your skills. Etc.

    So, for the love of god, don’t take everything so seriously.

  • black


    Let it rest………..Bush is their president…..I mean, what do you expect?

    They would kill a person for less than smoking….

  • Kristen

    Does anyone know who makes her shoes?

  • DRA

    I LOVE her shoes, I have been searching the internet for HOURS trying to find out who makes them. I know I have seen them before, they are some big designer. If anyone knows speak up!