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Renee Zellweger @ Late Show with David Letterman

Renee Zellweger @ Late Show with David Letterman

Renee Zellweger leaves her Manhattan hotel and arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theatre for the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday to promote her new movie Leatherheads.

So far, the film has garnered an average 54% on Here’s what some of the top critics had to say:

Leatherheads labors so strenuously to approximate some of the old screwball spirit of the ’30s and ’40s that it winds up in traction.” — The New York Times

“Reproducing a period-piece screwball comedy for a modern audience turns out to be one playful, self-deprecating wink too many for [Clooney].” — Entertainment Weekly

“Disappointing period football comedy laterals too often without a clear goal in mind.” — Hollywood Reporter

“Aims only to please and proves perfectly amiable, but ultimate effect is one of much energy expended to minimal payoff. ” — Variety

15+ pictures inside of Renee Zellweger @ Late Show with David Letterman

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  • me

    What happened to her? She used to be so pretty!

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow, I thought she was looking better on the press tour thus far, but damn…she looks like helll here. Wow.

  • joss

    wow she looks horrible…she used to be so pretty

  • JMHO

    Oh no, she is not looking too good. Even her hair is terrible.

  • PArdyHardy

    Ahahaha! She looks like the ‘bad guy’ from The Incredibles!!

  • mimi


  • sistahc

    Poor thing does look like hell. It’s natural lighting. We all need a lighting team following us around. Plus ewww her hair, did she just shower and then comb it back and that’s it???

  • remember da truth

    Her hair is too short

  • kate

    So TIRED OF her AFFECTED poses.

    She makes herself look like an idiot.

    Hand on hip, look over shoulder.

    Head down, stupid vapid smile, like she supposedly shy with hand on face.

    Bizarre hand on stomach, “Who, lil’ me?” look on face.


    keep repeating as often as necessary.

  • kate

    So TIRED OF her AFFECTED poses.

    She makes herself look like an idiot.

    Hand on hip, look over shoulder.

    Head down, stupid vapid smile, like she is supposedly shy with hand on face.

    Bizarre hand on stomach, “Who, lil’ me?” look on face.


    keep repeating as often as necessary.

  • rien

    Jared, if critics said a film is bad, I intend to doubt it. Are we too stupid, or do they live somewhere on the cloud of dizziness? Many times I found out that the bad criticized films gave me a lot of joy. And a high praised film makes me dizzy. There are some films which won awards I throw away from my collection (Chicago, for example). But “Down in the Valley” or “Close Distant” are able to enlighten me. They are little gems, so to speak.

    So, I will give this film a chance.

  • Sheri

    I hate to say it, but my husband and I have said for years that this is by far the ugliest actress in Hollywood. Her face is Botoxed to the hilt – to the point her eyes squint and she can’t even smile anymore. She looks nothing like she did early on in “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. We know someone who was on a business trip to Australia and was staying in the same hotel as Renee. She was staying in the hotel apparently while filming a movie in the area. He ran into her in the lobby with no makeup on. I can’t even repeat what he said about how horrible she looked. She needs a make-over ASAP and she needs to give up the Botox!!!!!! She looks mean and freakish.

  • elea

    You guys are wrong! She is really a very pretty person IN PERSON.
    Yeah, she is older, but real pretty. The thing with people is that they don’t let go of the younger version of these actresses, they grow older and show some facial changes, and poof!! they get critized. She is still a terrific actress as well.

  • Sheri

    Elea, honey, she has not “shown some facial changes” by growing older – as you put it. She is Botoxed to the “nth” degree! She’s not even 40 yet and shouldn’t look this bad. Have you ever actually seen her in person like our friend has?? I’m sure she’s a lovely girl inside, but she does not look good on the outside. Let’s face facts …

  • sheryl

    So one critic said the movie “turns out to be one playful, self-deprecating wink too many”, huh?

    This is what I’ve often thought about Clooney in interviews, so it doesn’t surprise me. I’m going to see the movie anyway, either in the theater or rent it later…haven’t decided yet.

    Also, why do female celebs want to dye their hair the lightest shade of nothing they can, and thus wash themselves out so badly? Nicole Kidman does this consistently, and it’s like a pair of eyes atop some clothes floating around. Renee looks the same way.

    Note to Renee and Nicole: Step away from the dye and the botox, and it’ll all be good.

  • Ruth

    I really agree with the comments concerning the Botox and the hair colour. She really doesn’t look well, perhaps she has a medical problem. Personally I never quite got the whole thing with this actress who I find just average in most of her roles but I am sure that many will differ with me.

  • alex p

    Her face IS looking bad, but doesn’t anyone notice how great her outfit is? And it looks fab on her body. The shoes are terrific. Whatever you say she has style…

  • YT

    Renee Zellweger & Ellen Pompeo are interchangeable.

    Both fugly.

  • rachel

    I don’t know about you, Ruth. But as an actress who received Golden Globe (Nurse Betty), twice Oscar nomination (Bridget Jones’ Diary and Chicago), 1 Oscar (Cold Mountain) can not be called “average”, can she? Did you watch White Oleander? Again, she was a different person. I can not call her “average”, though.

  • Grace

    Renee is so overrated. She is the same in every movie. A friend of mine saw Leatherheads and said it was horrible.

  • http://SIMPLYBRAD M

    She needs to be more down to earth! like the Pitt-jolie klan for example.

  • esther

    White Oleander was on TV last night. I though she was very good in it, understated, no squinting or over-the-top crying. Her least mannered performance.
    Great dress, great body, she just needs to lay off the ‘Tox

  • esther

    White Oleander was on TV last night. I though she was very good in it, understated, no squinting or over-the-top crying. Her least mannered performance.
    Great dress, great body, she just needs to lay off the ‘Tox

  • Outbackchubbs

    It’s sad to see her like this. I remember her when she did empire records and how beautiful she was then.

  • um

    she’s just getting older. relax people. some people peak at their youth and some get more beautiful as they get old. Renee isn’t one of thsese women. The squinting could be a medical problem so lighten up on that.

  • mina

    She looks old, fuglie and too much botox and too full of herself. Needs to go away cannot act always the same in all the movies….overrated.

  • joy

    Was she stoned on Letterman last night? I didn’t see her eyeballs for even a split second. What’s with the squint? She’s gettin a bit bony in the shoulders as well…is she a tweaker now or what? It was hard to understand her and follow her during the interview.

  • Ha!

    Her eyes have always been squinty and she discussed her hair in the recent issue of InStyle magazine. It looks bad because it’s been damaged horribly being colored for roles she’s done over the past few years. She said she feels lucky she still has any hair on her head at all after what it’s been through. Lighten up.

    She’s far more talented AND intelligent than many of the vapid wastes of space usually covered on this site. Jared chose the absolutely worst picture of her in the bunch to lure us all into this thread. Looks like it worked. It’s absolutely amazing how a little anonymity will allow the cattiness come out in the people who post on here.

  • Moi

    I think Renee would actually benefit from an eyelift surgery. She has extra skin over her eyelids that if removed would make her eyes appear larger and less tired. Other than that, her features are not bad. I’d like to see some of you without your makeup. Most women look ugly in the morning.

    Also, Renee has a very fit body. I cannot get over how that woman pulled it together after Bridget Jones – twice!!!! She’s completely lean.

  • MIa

    She is white as a cottage cheese… She needs a man and a sunshine.

  • Ira

    Renee Zellweger is PIG-woman.She looks like as pig,look at,she is pig !!!! Ughhhhh…She is crap and hasn´t no man(husband) forever,
    because nobody wants her ! Such pig-woman and wife ??? UUughhh!
    Renee is not model,her poses are affected.

  • Ira

    Renee Zellweger is PIG-woman.Look at,she is pig !! Her poses is affected and apathetic,she hasn´t boyfriend forever because nobody wants her! She looks like as pig.Geoge Clooney had pig Max and he dated with Renee because she is pig!

    Hehehehehehehehe!! And Sarah Larson has horse teeth, she looks like as hare with carrot !!! Smile nonstop.

  • cgirl

    From the looks of her face in those pictures, they should have called the movie “Lemonheads.”

  • katie n

    Her red dress is fabulous and she looks good in it from a distance. Her skin is looking bad. But could be a temp. acne, peeling problem. We all get those. She is definitely not an average actress. Execute whatever role she gets wonderfully well.

  • Adoring Fan

    She looks great.

  • Ely

    Shes an ugly little woman

  • kittyluvin

    Never had a pretty face. Good actress and nice body. She is not my favorite, but I must agree that the chemical peel and /or botox is not helping her situation. Too shiny and makes eyes squinty like she is always looking in the direction of the sun.

  • Rory978

    Why is it that women that are gifted actresses are judged so harshly for their looks when men of similar or lesser talent are not – Renee Zellweger is a gifted actress but simply not beautiful by Hollywood’s wacky standards. Being talented is apparently just not enough –

    Women in Hollywood, regardless of age, are pressured into starving themselves, injecting poison in their faces and the list is endless – and it’s still not enough to keep criticism at bay — Grant you, she doesn’t have cascading masses of hair (usually fake or maybe real) she even tries to live up to the impossible standard of no wrinkles (looks like tons of botox and facial peels) and lord, she must have to exercise night and day and eat only lettuce to be so excessively thin – In this shallow “hollywood mind set ” her talents are over-looked and all anyone judges her by is her physical aging, skin and or a hair cut

  • I saw her today on tube

    On Rege and Kelly. Gawd, she is sooooooooooooooooooooo tiny!!! You have to see her standing next to Kelly to believe it. Kelly is fatless, yet her arms look almost twice the size of Renee’s arms. I couldn’t believe it. Kelly looks like a little mighty workout queen with short choppy biceps, but Renee’s muscles are sleek and long. I still can’t believe how petite she must look in real life.

    I agree with some that Botox is the culprit. Renee only has lines underneath her eyes when she grins. There are no forehead lines and when she smiles, her cheeks look paralyzed so her mouth doesn’t spread naturally and instead looks like she’s been sucking a lemon. Her face doesn’t move, so I know it’s been Botoxed.

    Renee needs to stop so much Botox. It’s unnatural on her and is giving her a harsh face. The forehead and frown lines are all she needs to get done.

    I disagree some of you who said she was never attractive, because she used to be. She was very cute when she did Jerry Maguire and dated Jim Carrey. She had a much softer-looking face.

  • Scottie

    For at least a decade now, Hollywood actors and mostly it’s actresses haven been slowly and steadily poisoned by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox-bind leaves actresses who are hitting the Hollywood-elderly of late thirties and early forties in a cruel position. If they refuse to have the face done, they can’t get cast. But if they have the face done, they can’t act. They are trapped by our creepy desire to have any sign of ageing banished from our sight-lines, even on the cinema screen.

    It is so sad to see the likes of Nicole Kidman, Renee Zwelleger and a legion of many more that have frozen their faces to the point that today, most actors in most movies have deliberately paralysed faces, incapable of registering anything

    Alfred Hitchcock once said, “The greatest special effect is a close-up of the human face.” Botox has stripped this effect from the movies – and left our films frozen.

  • remember da truth

    Rachel #19 GREAT POST!!

    I love how ignorant people who know nothing about movies or acting can’t face the obvious. If you don’t care for her personally, that’s fine, but seriously, the same in every movie??? You haven’t seen her movies, then!!

    This is a rarity in Hollywood — equally adept at comedy and drama. Check out her movie with Meryl Streep — she holds her own, and that was even early in her career.

    And her squintiness has nothing to do with Botox!! IDIOTS — Botox makes your eyes open MORE, not less!! Even in Me, Myself, and Irene, her squinty eyes are a comment in the movie — it’s her face, fools!

  • LT

    yes, actresses are between a rock & a hard place. With Botox, damned if you do & damned if you don’t. I thought Renee was great with Letterman. She is funny & charming & witty. I also think she has given some amazing performances. People are fickle. You can’t please everyone, only yourself.


    Everyone has a bad day…even in Hollywood.

  • bataglio

    blindingly horrendous from the neck up

  • Jonathan

    Am I the only one that thinks she was wasted? She couldn’t even introduce the clip…. AFTER Dave set it up for her!
    I mean, look… I’m sure the guests unwind before the show, as I would, because a million people watching you is nerve racking. But she literally asked “What is happening?” as Dave tried to introduce the clip.
    Seriously. How have I seen, or heard, nothing about this? Any other “celebrity” would have been roasted! Clooney is that powerful?

    No comments on my spelling please. I’ll never visit this site again anyway…

    Seriously, she was wasted. That’s fine. But for it to be so obvious and hear nothing about it? Really?