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Ellen Pompeo: I Sold Vodka at the Age of 15

Ellen Pompeo: I Sold Vodka at the Age of 15

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo had a very interesting childhood story to tell on Friday’s The Late Show with David Letterman. Apparently, as a 15-year-old, Ellen sold Vodka to baseball fans at Fenway Park, the home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

On selling herself at such a young age: “I made a great living at Fenway when I was 15-years-old. There were lots of guys in the neighborhood and there were always these great job opportunities at the time. They all seemed very nice, innocent and fun!” (The audience laughed because of her suggestive implications.)

On how she got away with selling Vodka in public: “When I was 15, one particular man asked me if I wanted to make some money. He said, ‘All you have to do is sell slush outside of Fenway.’ I thought, ‘Now that sounds easy.’ They’d drive me to Fenway, set me up on the street with this nice cart and nice umbrella. And inside the cart, there were two flavors: lemon and watermelon. And then beside the two flavors was slush inside one of those big ketchup bottles. But there wasn’t ketchup in it, Dave. There was Vodka.”

On how she sold her product: “I used to stand around saying, ‘I got the special slush over here. Special slush!’ I’d [usually] give them one pump but if they gave me a few extra bucks, I’d give them two pumps.”

On not feeling guilty about selling alcohol: “Listen, I just gave them what they want. I had the longest line. There must have been 12 slush carts on the street. No one else had a line. I was the only one!”

On the possibility of being arrested: “I could have been in prison but all of the cops that were standing around didn’t seem to mind. They clearly knew what was going on. I was giving them slush too! You know those Boston police. Have you seen The Departed?

Watch the video fo Pompeo on Letterman here.

Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new episodes on Thursday, April 24 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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  • Cec

    That’s funny!

  • mossy

    err, she wan’t really funny.. she seemed trying hard actually.

  • Sheila

    She is so FUGLY!

  • the oc fansite
  • Janie

    She looks like a transvestite.

  • Yum!

    Saw the show; she is NOT funny, NOT cute and tried way TOO hard to make Dave and the audience like her. Girl is so unattractive it hurts! I actually think she is just weird.

  • Amy

    She talks with a lisp. She is NOT attractive at all

  • Kris

    She is very, very ugly!

  • hi

    whats with you guys? why so spiteful? why are you attacking her? there was nothing wrong with the video unless of cos i saw a wrong letterman.

  • Molly

    Is there something wrong with her? She talks funny!

  • Sheila

    She is ugly. Some people think she is attractive. I just don’t get it.

  • Max

    Boring interviewee. The stories were rehearsed. And LOL @ her constantly calling him ‘Dave’, are they BFF or something !!

    She’s got a weird walk as well.


    No wonder she doesn’t do many interviews. She seems to play the same character on & off screen. Dull.

  • hmm

    wait a minute i still dont get it? what did she do wrong? i mean seriously… people are unbelievable

  • Lisa

    She’s got the biggest square flat face ever. Strange.

    And she too thin & scrawny. Girl is going to age quickly. The botox can only sustain her so long.

  • Annie

    What’s up with that lisp?

  • WTF

    What kind of parents let their 15 yr old sell Vodka? TRASH FAMILY!

    The scars on her face are really gross.

    Her voice is terrible.

  • Mike

    I like her but playing Meredith doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

    She’s not the most articulate interviewee ever, as someone said, she tries way too hard to be liked & comedy obviously ain’t her forte.

  • Tricia

    she is disgusting!

  • Mo

    she is strange looking

  • Kim

    Urgh. Terrible voice. Lispy & whiny. Poor man’s Renee Zellweger.

  • Kevin

    She is white trash!

  • Dan

    Why does she have so many scars on her face?

  • Claire

    She has really bad skin. And she looked like a puppet walking in, very odd. Not sure if it was the shoes or her walk.

    Not very interesting interview either.

  • ib

    You people are so shallow

  • Boston Police Department

    I am appauled that she would total discredit the Boston Police Department. My God, saying they were ok with a 15 yr old selling Vodka and bought if from her.

    What a bitch to turn a Police Department into a joke.

  • Laura

    She is nasty looking.

  • HI-JA

    Now I know why she doesn’t do many TV interviews, she is a boring guest ! The whole interview was scripted.

  • Ryan

    I can’t stand the sound of her voice. She has the worst skin – yuck!

  • Jen

    A 15 year old girl selling vodka? She is trash! She sounds uneducated!

  • Em

    dont watch grey’s but she is trashy and acts like a bitch.

    eww….scars on her face.

  • Kate

    She is so boring. I hate the character she plays on TV – also very boring. Does she have a bad lisp?

  • Rob

    she needs to do something about those bad acne scars on her face.

  • John

    she reminds me of Renee Zellweger with that whiny voice and ugly face.

  • kelly

    she would look better with a bag over her head! Can’t stand her!

  • pittjoliefan

    Something is not right with this girl. Her eyes dont open, scars all over her face, talks funny, and walks funny. I dont think she is mentally right.

  • Ex EP fan

    I was a EP fan. NOT ANYMORE!

    She acts STRANGE and seems MEAN and TRASHY!

  • Angelina-fan

    Staged interview. How awkward !

  • annefan

    Some of you are really shallow. I thought that was a great interview. I love Ellen and I can’t wait for greys to be back. I swear some posters of justjared are just as lame as the stupid members of

  • remember da truth

    Jeez, could you guys be more obvious that you are maybe two people posting over and over?

    What’s with the hatred of Ellen Pompeo?? If you’re going to hate someone, can’t you pick someone with more reason to hate than a harmless, non-controversial TV star?

  • lovergirl

    It seems that some red hair’s fans are here because they are jealous that Ellen POMPEO has been very popular this week!!!

    All the mags, blogs, websites and people were dazzled by her beauty and elegance.

    Ellen is very amusing and adorable!!

    Not everyone has had the good fortune of being born into a wealthy family, she began working young and she knows what a penny represents, I admire her enormously.

  • Marc

    The schizophrenic is back, 36 messages of hatred in so little time, it’s sad, you don’t have to change you’re name we know that you’re one and only person!!!!!

    The psychiatric service is waiting for you!!

    Ellen was funny and elegant, I love her!!!
    Thanks JJ :)

  • lovergirl


    Funny, beautiful, this week she was declared the best dressed by all the media.

  • Emily

    she looks like a skinny guy in drag


    If you have to be a red head, with the jaw of a man, long teeth, eyes globular to be appreciated, I am delighted that Ellen is not so!!

    I love her, she was smashing and her outfit very elegant, she was sexy and class.

  • J



    It’s sad there are way too many jealous people on here

  • MADGE34

    lol haha loved the interview

    Ellen rocks.

    whats with the hate people.
    jealous are we????

    thanks JJ
    Ellen rocks!

  • hmm

    i still dont get what she did wrong. She was asked if she was a smart street kid and she said yes….is that a crime? and i only saw one scar on her face, so?
    #41 you are right its one person that is posting this stuff.
    love ellen thks jared.

  • lilo


  • Louanne

    WOW , 40 hateful comments, I also bet that it the same person.
    Your life must be very sad!!!

    I watched her interview, she was very funny, she knows who to tell stories!!!
    I also love her blouse and pant, Ellen definitely rocks!!!!!