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Heidi Klum's Farm Frolic

Heidi Klum's Farm Frolic

Heidi Klum holds son Henry as the family goes shopping at Bristol Farms in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Heidi, mother of three has been named the sexiest model by, beating out Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen.

The German model, 34, commented, “It felt great, especially after having three children. It’s brilliant for all mums because women sometimes worry whether they can still be sexy after having kids or how they’re going to be perceived by people for being a mum.
I had employers who thought if I had a child I wouldn’t fit in the sexiest women category any more. But I think it’s different these days.”

Heidi Klum is the world’s sexiest model?

15+ pictures of Heidi Klum and the family on a farm frolic…

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heidi klum farm frolic 02
heidi klum farm frolic 03
heidi klum farm frolic 04
heidi klum farm frolic 05
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heidi klum farm frolic 07
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  • kay

    HAHA why is her son dressed like spiderman?!

  • katie n

    I just love these two boys. They are into the chubby side and such cutie pies. You just want to squeez their little cheeks. Yeah, it is funny about the spiderman thing. and it must be hot inside that costume.

  • kathy

    no! she is not

  • kaka

    I think she’s beautiful!

  • Willis!

    She is pretty, no doubt, but I don’t think she is THAT sexy.

  • Jughed

    Yes, she is a very sexy model.


  • lulu

    I think every last one of Heidi’s kids are good-looking. Honest.

    I didn’t say drop-dead gorgeous, but whose kid is? Even Shiloh is not drop-dead gorgeous. Milla Jovovich’s new baby is way cuter than Shiloh.

    I used to read a lot of negative comments about Henry on Jared, but the kid’s face is cute. He has nice features and I love his curly hair.

    Seal has quite a chiseled face and Heidi’s face is near perfect. What else can the kids look like but cutie pies.

  • jenny

    As Lulu said just because their parents are gorgeous babies do not look good. Shiloh is the prime example. All these babies may grow into beauties. But they may not too. But all babies are gifts from God and they are beautiful.

  • katie n

    I love his hair. what beautiful curls?


    I love little Henry.. He always looks pissed and is expressive..


    I love little Henry.. He always looks pissed and is expressive..

  • Rattlesnake

    She ain’t all that , I have seen sexier woman walking down the street in Los Angeles every day…. And Seal is a Savage ! A couple of weeks ago he was talking like a jackass in front of Madeo’s Restaurant, talking smack about one paparazzi ‘s Mother and calling them scum…. He’s a prejudice Ass ! !

  • peter

    Henry is so ugly!

  • alex p

    #13 it’s very mean to call a kid ugly, and very rude. besides henry is cute!

  • just me

    Yes! She is very sexy!! As for Seal going off on the paps-I’m sure he gets sick of flashbulbs going off in his face every time they are out! I love Seal,Heidi and their gorgeous family!

  • dewberry

    wow henry is sooooooooo seal,nothing like heidi,i like heidi but sorry to say she is not the sexiest model.i think it’s julia.i noticed
    that henry and johan have the same curly hair . i am jealousy coz my hair is so straight.i wanna have some curl lol

  • zoe

    love heidi on project runway. she looks good as a 34 yr old and yes she’s sexier than adriana or gisele. she’s a mom, model and a host on project runway! she deserves this title more then anyone

  • Angel

    How come this post is tagged under “pregnant celebrities”? Is Heidi pregnant again?

  • Jasey

    She has the most beautiful family. She is very lucky. Unlike that nasty Naomi Cambell that doing nothing with her life but acting like a spoiled piece of cr@p.

  • Maria

    How can you call Seal prejudice? I love the way he fell in love with Heidi and she was pregnant with another mans child. That is so unconditional love there. That man deservers praises. There are so many pictures of Seal and Heidi with the kids so he does not go off on the paps all the time. Now look at Chris Martin who is a real idiot.

  • Ivan k.

    that is one UGLY kid!

  • Josh braum

    No, she is not the sexiest model in the world. Adriana Lima should be #1

    She is pretty, but cant compare her with adriana in Sexiness.

  • tsk tsk

    To the men posting here:
    Your jealousy is terribly apparent. Seal got one of the most beautiful women ever and you got stuck with lumpy, dumpy, Ms. Frumpy. I know… it sucks big time. Life is never fair.

  • Pam

    That kid is very ugly. Ew!

  • http://yahoo ebony

    yes she is number 1 she always look great little henry is so cute

  • alex

    NO, she is not the sexiest model in the world! ADRIANA LIMA IS! alessandra ambrosio and gisele bundchen are also way more beautiful than heidi klum

  • cherokee

    I’ve never thought Gisele Bundchen was beautiful. She has a good body and an ok face, but it’s not pretty in a girly, soft kind of way. If Bundchen was an animal, she’d be a horse. Her face is too horsy. Who would I rather look like ——- Gisele or Heidi? That’s easy. Heidi Klum is beautiful. She photographs better. She’s a true supermodel. I don’t think she looks that sexy, although she probably is very sexy with Seal. From afar, she exudes more of a wholesome cuteness, which is fine since she’s a wife and mother of three. I think her kids are pretty too.

  • tsk tsk

    ….. now the men here are posting as females. How obvious, stupid and pathetic. Go away jealous, racist bstrds.

  • masha

    cant stand F’ing celebs who use plastic bags, what loosers. plastic bags are banned in san francisco cant wait till they bann it everywhere.

  • misskiss

    Heidi is pretty but ……Ana Beatriz Barros is the most beautiful model ever

  • cherokee

    The model Ana Barros is beautiful, but not supermodel material in my mind. Supermodel material is a Paulina or Christie. Barros’ features aren’t nearly as sharp as Heidi’s. Definitely a beauty, but I think many models look similar to her and many of those foreign models, especially ones modeling for VS.

  • courtney



  • selena

    She’s beautiful inside n outside,n most of all she knows the meaning of a family.Wonderful woman,wife,mother n model also…8-)

  • Shelly

    The way Heidi and Seal started out I figured she would be pregnant again by now. LOL

  • The Bobster

    Anti-racists are brain-dead.

  • piya

    i don’t know if the person making comments about the lil boy wearing the spiderman costume has children or not but thats what lil kids like to do no matter rather its hot or cold kids don’t care about temperatures like we do as adult remember when you could play in snow for hours

  • Brenlynne

    that kid is waaay too ugly to be hers – it barely looks human – dads ugly genes must have overpowered her pretty genes – but i’m sure dominance is what that relationship is all about for pock-head

  • Electricguru

    Well, she has had White babies, and a black baby. What’s next chicano, Indian, alien, monkey, or since she seems to want to still act in her old fashion, as a whore, she will just go straight to a horse. I have researched her for years now, and excluding a small portion of the people that think she really is a good role model. Most people, including the ones that think she is pretty, and deserves her super model recognitions, also think she is not a good role model for children, and that she is in basic terms, a whore.

  • Electricguru

    WH0RE, W H O R E , JEZEBEL, S L U T, broad, fallen woman, femme fatale, floozy, harlot, hooker, hussy, jade, loose woman, scarlet, s l u t, strumpet, tart, trollop, vamp, w h o r e.

  • Electricguru

    w h ooooooooooooo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr e

  • rationalman

    I don’t know how a good-looking white woman can produce a child who looks like THAT. I guess white fathers have a good reason to fear these sorts of relationships for their daughters.