Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's Saturday Wedding

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's Saturday Wedding

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel walk hand-in-hand after attending the wedding of Hollywood stylist Estee Stanley at the Oviatt Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Also at the wedding: Eva Mendes, Scott Speedman, Jason Bateman, Nia Long, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer.

Watch the video of Justin and Jessica here.

10+ pictures inside of Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel‘s Saturday wedding…

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  • http://www.justjared.com Pilar

    They both look like they haven’t bathed in a couple of days. Yuck!

  • yobs

    omg justin. youre soo fucking hot!!! jghkdfghdkg.

  • Sizz

    sexy hot couple! :D

    love them both

    JT is the man. lookin’ good

  • sari

    Oh gosh!! i don’t like jessica biel!! JT leave her!!

  • remember da truth

    Jessica Biel is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today. Anyone who says differently doesn’t care for her exotic looks, but you can’t say she isn’t beautiful.

    She looks a lot like Christy Turlington.

    I find it funny all the JT groupies screaming that Jessica Biel isn’t beautiful, as if that will make it true!! HA HA!! SUCK IT UP!!
    He’s never going to look at anyone like YOU!

  • http://www.ydzonline.com ydzonline.com

    CHeck me out @

  • Joseph

    kim your one who fug anyone can do better then you! Rose someone need dump your ugly ass anyone can do better then you!Sue someone need dump your ugly ass anyone can do better then you!Lisa your the horse with too many teeth! Jessica Biel is beauitful gorgeous woman and azaming talent actress.Jessica Biel is My favorite actress of all time.Jessica Biel is always cool!

  • victoria

    He is actually really talented, and he’s looking good here. Good for him. To the ones saying he looks like a boy… well, isn’t that good? At least he doesn’t look like a grandpa, right?

  • KRG

    Jessica Biel is not one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. The beautiful women in hollywood are Gabriel Union, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles, Nia Long. It is interesting how these white girls with ethic features (Big ass), (Big Lips) are considered exotic beauties but women of color who are been looked down upon or completely ignored cannot be considered to be most beautiful in Hollywood because they are not white. Jessica Biel is average at best. Nothing about her looks strikes me as being spectacular. Seen all before on more far more beautiful women. Justin Timberlake, I hate to say but the man looks like he is on drugs or is using alcohol more than he should. Feel sorry for him a little. Give it 3 years or less he will seeking some kind of help.

  • remember da truth

    KRG, you have some valid points but I think you also have a chip on your shoulder. What makes a white woman with exotic features beautiful is the fact that she is NOT an ordinary white woman. For Jessica Biel, it’s more than the ass and lips, it’s also those cheekbones!

    Don’t think it doesn’t go the other way, too. Halle Berry has very “white” features, and is considered extremely attractive. But you don’t have to be a white looking black or Hispanic, or a black looking white to be a beauty.
    I don’t think anyone will deny that Angela Basset is extremely beautiful, and yet looks very black, or Vivica A. Fox is a sexy woman. Salma Hayek looks Mexican and is beautiful.

    I’ve always found Naomi Watts pretty, but very ordinary. She took a long time to be a star despite talent because she looks like everyone else, nothing to set her apart, and I still have difficulty picking her out of a crowd and saying THAT’S Naomi Watts. Sienna Miller also — she made herself stand out with fashion, because her face is pretty, but ordinary.

    It’s the features that are NOT ordinary that create beauty, which is why some people don’t like them, but you can’t deny the beauty that is there, even if it doesn’t appeal to you.

  • lovely


  • bruna

    omg wtf?

    the wedding is supposed to be happy and with a white dress what happend

    i bet they will split for like about well 1 year and 3 months i determine that because i see nothing special in their relationship i never saw a photo of them laughing or like looking deeply in love

    it is sad how hollywood cant find true love
    only a few a lucky but many are not

  • lovely

    I agree with you “bruna”

  • Amy

    ew, i hate her. justin is hot as, he should go look 4 sumone else. if they are engaged im gonna rip my hair out.

  • http://none lolly

    yeah he looks bas like drugged out lindsay lohan bad. i pray jesus will save his soul quick. his life will so not be destroyed. jesus answer me now.

  • http://none lolly

    yeah he looks so bad ,like drugged out lindsay lohan bad. i pray jesus will save his soul quick. his life will so not be destroyed. jesus answer me now.

  • http://none lolly

    o Jesus help him. he looks horrible. i mean drugged out lindsay lohan horrible.

  • what else?

    oh justin leave her! you really look unhappy!
    i know she’s the problem

  • lola

    justin you look better with brtineyy you were great togetherr what happend..she miss you she is a desaster…pliss realizee that

  • lola

    justin you look better with brtineyy you were great togetherr what happend..she miss you she is a desaster…pliss realizee that

  • Mizz Piggy

    Yall need to leave him alone…of course he looks a mess in a couple of those photos…but i love him and thats my boo u ass whipes…yez jessica beil looks a mess…she is a mess…he needs to drop dat zero and get with this moco latay…Justin & Mizz Piggy 4life ALL HATERS GO TO HELL!!!!

  • Ro1_just1noula

    oh GUd___i’m wOrRIEd AbOUT yOUr GusTO….
    he is SO HAndSoME__I lOVE hiS sonGS aND thE waY he MovES_______!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • shirin

    i luv justin timberlake and i am soo happy that he got married to jessica biel and not britney spears i am happy 4 both of them lol xxxxx

    GO JUSTIN !!yay

  • hloni

    i think all of yall are jealous nd u jst nid 2 chill they make the best couple in the globe they are 10 times hotter than brangelina and lolol i think u nid a doctor i am sre u havnt bin feelin well nd i thnk hideous one I LUV U JUSTIN AND JESS BEST COUPLE AWARD WINNERS

  • rachel and natalie

    i hate jessica biel so much justin timberlake is the hottest man iv ever seen in my whole life he always looks so gud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and for all those who think he doesnt u must b blind if ye think he looks bad here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him and der not a cute couple !!!!!!!!

  • Pops

    justins lushh :P shes so lucky

  • yessy

    NAAAGHH i prefer BRITNEY!!! jessica will never replace her ..justin knew brit since they were kids

  • Jasmine

    i’m apalled! this is so disgusting! i don’t like her she is not pretty at all! Justin, honey u can do way, way, better than that! you’d b betta off going out with Brittney Spears.

  • Nao

    I personally don’t like JT – -”
    But Jessica was so beautiful :3

  • Gelmy

    Justin is a beautiful man! I hate her! she is so lucky to have him. she is pretty.

    but I hate her…

  • just&jess4ever

    for the people who has something mean about them, back the hell off!!! I for one are very happy for them…..

  • marquita r

    i have to say they look cute together.

    i love both of them and i think if there happy then ok do ur thing…

    i just wish i was jessica so it could be me and JT at our friend wedding and me catching the boka so we can start planing our own wedding…lol

    just a sill tennessee girl dreming 4 her tennessee boy…lol

  • Hafsa

    biggest f ing bastard of the century
    slutt bithch
    some couple

    need to get lives

    hate them both to bits and peices and shreds

  • Hafsa

    udliest bastrd retarrrrrrrrrd in da world

    feel like stabbin jis heart out

    bitch bastard slut mo*****fu****

    hope he dies in about 2 days.

    hideous fing monster

  • Hafsa

    bastsard bastaersd retard never gonna grow uo never ever ever vever perv reeeeeeeeetard bastard mummy’s little boy crap little man

    IIIIIIIIIDIO IDIO IDIOT fuck fuck cuck fuck


    hate him sooooooooo much

    wish he dies


  • Hafsa


    hate this bastard
    butch bitch butch

    wish she dies and goes goes to hell

    what a girl

    worst thing god ever created

    fucking jt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    h8 him sooooooo much!!!!!!!!



  • http://www.weddings.cm jasmen

    i love you justin timberlake and jessica biel,s you guys are the precert cople

  • M AND M



  • rizy

    menurut saya, Justin terlalu tampan buat jessica. mending sama britney…..

  • Edyta

    ouu… I don’t wan’t that Justin merried Jessica. Britney is more sexy, more beautiful. I still think that Justin loves Britney… :) I hope they will be together forever, no matter what will be :) They was so happy together, I don’t saw Justin more happy with no one of those girls… :p

  • Edyta


  • mwah

    jessica biel is toooooo damnnnn prettttttty and innocent for JT…..
    but hope they make it……